Rabbit/Fetishist Role Play available

Role plays can be the focus of a session or add something extra to a session’s activities. They can also include the opportunity to explore the usually forbidden or taboo. Below are a few role plays that Rabbit offers.

All Fantasies open to all genders, gender identities, singles and couples.

# 1 Caught in the act

Dad comes home to find daughter together with a neighbour (or work mate) The interloper gets shown what its like to suck dick and be judged if he is good enough to be with his daughter

#2 Sissy / CD seduction or going the extra mile

You have made yourself look beautiful for an interview for a job that need you really, really want .You are right in thinking that you can use all your feminine charms, to convince your potential new boss, that you can best suit his needs.

# 3 Playing Doctors and Nurses.

After a primary examination the Nurse / Doctor  calls in another medical professional for further investigation.  The patient may need a more thorough examination including prostate, anus, penis, testicles, erectile function, with some most unusual treatments.

# 4 The other man

He lurks, he takes, he pleasures your partner with tongue, toys, and all things at his disposal. Is it your partners moans or their taunts that you crave? Do you sit there restrained, force to watch or reclined and relax ready to enjoy the show?
There maybe a point when desire takes you as a participant in this scenario , like it or not.

If you would like to have Rabbit conduct one of these role plays for you, or if you have one of your own you may wish Rabbit to arrange, please let us know!