Mistress Asha Luna

Mistress Asha is available via arrangement on days where she is not rostered on. Please note: To book Mistress Asha during her ‘By Appointment’ hours, an appointment must be made before her shift begins. For Saturdays bookings must be made by the Friday previous.

A highly skilled Dominatrix and Fetishist, the world of BDSM, Kink and Fetish has captivated and thrilled me from the very moment I entered into its realm. For me, it is an intensely satisfying part of my life!

My passion is facilitating experiences utilising BDSM and Fetish. I want to explore every facet, every tier and every corner of your deepest craving. Your innermost secrets and desires are safe with me and you can confidently put yourself in my hands knowing you have a Mistress of the highest integrity and standards.

Conducting sessions as a Professional Domina has enabled me to develop a broad skill set and a vast amount of experience in numerous areas, which I continue to add to through both professional and personal explorations.

I am exceptionally skilled at reading even the most subtle nuances of body language, which enables me to be both Intuitive and Empathic in my sessions. I play instinctively whilst still conforming to Risk Aware, Consensual Kink (RACK).

I enjoy conducting sessions with those of all genders and abilities, including couples that are wishing to learn. Whether you are a complete novice or someone with greater experience, I enjoy the opportunity to adapt to any scene or intensity that you seek.

I am many things: a seductress and insatiable tease, a sadist, a femme fatale, a strict and firm dominant, a divine creature to be adored and worshipped, and a tour guide to the exploration of your body’s senses. I am sensual, tactile, playful, devious, energetic, carnal, intense, erotic, and divinely wicked… and much, much more!

Some of these traits will forever be present within my sessions, whilst others only come out to play if I wish it so. Which parts you get to see will depend on what I want to elicit from you and the chemistry of our interaction.

“Let me strip away your daily masks to reveal the deepest, darkest urges of your primal self. Welcome to my world… a place to explore your most intimate fantasies and desires.”Mistress Asha


– 5’4 (161cm) tall -bare foot
– Size 7.5au feet
– Medium build with sensual curves
– Facial Piercings

*If my vital stats are integral to you or if this is the first thing you sought out, then it is most likely we are approaching sessions from very different perspectives and therefore going to be incompatible.


Sensation play: Where the sensations of your flesh become my playground. Deprivation… enhancement… pure exploration. I like to use all the body’s senses available to me. All can be ignited, over stimulated or suppressed at my whim.

Nervous Novices, Newbies and New Adventurers: Welcome! BDSM, Kink and Fetish have a huge array of activities to choose from. This can be both exciting and overwhelming to a new comer. It may be that you have a specific activity you wish to try, generally explore what BDSM is all about or simply want try something a bit different. With many years experience, whilst still continually exploring new adventures myself, I am able to guide you on the possibilities that await.

I am experienced and passionate about assisting those that identify as shy, apprehensive or incredibly nervous. I have many techniques that can assist you with navigating first adventures with more confidence and ease and my aim is to have your first experience be a safe and pleasurable one.

Instructional Sessions: BDSM, Fetish and Kink have given me some of my most enriching, pleasurable and mind blowing experiences. This in turn has created a passion for guiding others in their own explorations into this realm. Whether your focus is to add some spice into the bedroom, explore a particular desire within your personal relationships or add to your own repertoire and knowledge base, learning can be structured to assist you in your adventure. I have a particular interest in personal empowerment through BDSM and believe that anything being entered into should be done in the spirit of enrichment and enjoyment for all involved. Safety, negotiation and consent are fundamentals to any session I conduct. I enjoy creating learning environments that are safe, comfortable and fun. My desire is to enable participants to be at ease to explore any topics that may be of interest.

Instructional sessions are available to individuals, couples or groups as private or group sessions. They are also open to those interested in entering into the professional field. Instructional sessions are tailored to meet the clients purpose or are run as a set topic that clients can attend.

Bondage and Restraint:
Leather, rope, chain and more. I love to watch my captives bound and restrained. Awkward positions, predicament bondage, suspension or just pure restriction. I weave the web, struggle to your heart’s content, or surrender into its grasp.

Anal Play: Every part of the body has it’s own unique sensations, and this particular area can yield some of the most intense. Sensual, slow, hard and fast, I have seen those that have given themselves over to receiving this type of play transported to new heights of pleasure. I have a passion for anal play in all forms, from fingers, to a variety of toys, fisting and of course strap on. I have a particular interest and penchant for exploring prostate play.

I enjoy guiding those new to this activity in pleasurable first experiences and exploring further with those that are more advanced with their play.

Orgasm control, denial and forced: I enjoy playing with your pleasure. Keeping you right on the edge, denying you your release and taking what I want from you when I want it.

Erotic Tie and Tease: Be seduced into my domain with sensual strokes of my fingers intertwined with soft teasing whispers into your ear. So close that you can almost taste me, but I stay just out of your reach. Skin brushing lightly against yours… teasing glimpses of the forbidden. Will I use you for my carnal pleasure? Or will I forever remain just out of your reach?

Sensual Corporal Punishment: Whilst I excel and enjoy strict and heavy CP, my passion leans more toward erotic and sensual administrations. Over the knee spankings, paddle, strap, cane and more. I enjoy taking my time with each stroke, delivered with precision and care. I delight in savouring each and every response I elicit from you. The sound your flesh makes when it receives my hand and the sound of your moans will have me smiling sweetly.

Fetish: I love exploring the many Fetishes that exist. Being a Fetishist myself, I am someone who understands the pure exquisite indulgence of them. I love my feet being worshipped and worshipped well. The look and want in your eyes as you worship my delectable feet is a powerful aphrodisiac for me. Crushing and trampling are also favourites of mine. If you have a particular Fetish you wish to explore then feel free to email me to see if it’s an interest I have also.


All are able to be performed from very mild to heavy unless otherwise stated.

Both non-marking and marking sessions available.

If you don’t see your interest here – ask!

– Anal play (erotic, prostate play, digits, toys, butt plugs, strap on, fisting)
– Bastinado – Foot Torture/Whipping
– Biting – I love to bite! Erotic or for Pain
– Body Bag – Latex
– Body Worship – at my discretion
– Bondage & restraint – leather, rope, chain and more. Restriction, awkward positions, predicament, decoration, suspension
– Breath play – hand over mouth, re-breathing, gas masks, smothering, water torture, bagging.
– CBT (Cock and Ball torture) Medium only.
– Couples – Instructional only
– Corporal punishment – OTK spanking, flogging, paddle, strap, cane etc.
– Crushing – heels, flats, boots, bare. On: You. Objects-including food and dolls.
– Electro Play – violet wand and TENS.
– Erotic tie and tease
– Fear play – the mind fuck
– Fetishes – tell me yours and I will let you know if it’s something I would like to partake in
– Foot fetish
– Gags – ball, hook, dental, panties (all my own and cared for using the highest standards of hygiene practices)
– Golden showers – (at least 1hr notice)
– Human furniture – be my at stand, foot rest, kitchen bench
– Humiliation – objectification, display (private or semi-public only)
– Instructional sessions – open to those wanting to learn “how to”.
– – learn the techniques of BDSM and power exchange from the basics through to advanced
– – learn how to add some spice into the bedroom safely with your partner
– – mentoring is available upon consultation
– Instruments of pain and torture (electrical, needle play, weights, clamps, hot wax, etc)
– Latex and rubber focused sessions
– Leather focused sessions
– Nipple play – tease, sensation play, finger strokes, nails, light biting etc
– Nipple torture – pegs, clamps, biting, needles etc
– Needle play – temporary only
– Mummification – glad wrap, tape
– Orgasm control – forced, denial, edging
– Ordeal work – Regular clients only
– Pet play – puppy, kitten, piggy, pony, or anything else you can dream up! (non-sexual only)
– Pleasure and pain play
– Scratching
– Sessions without domination – just to explore sensations without the need for becoming a slave or submissive
– Sensation play – where the sensations of your flesh become my playground
– Sensory play – deprivation (blind folds, ear plugs, mummification, body bag, vac bed, etc) – enhancement or over-stimulation
– Silent domination – where words are not needed
– Sounds – rosebuds, straight and curved (I have my own collection that are very well cared for using the highest standard of hygiene practices)
– Taste testers – for those that are not sure what they want and are new to BDSM, fetish and kink
– Tease & sensual play
– Tickle play and torture
– Torment and torture
– Trampling
– Water torture
– Vacuum bed

*I have qualifications and experience in the disability field and therefore I am experienced with individuals with specific requirements.

Hard limits

– Smoking
– Amyl
– I will not session you if you are intoxicated.
– I will not session you if you are unwell without prior negotiation.
– Paedophilia themed role play.
– Ball busting/Crushing/Banding.
– Outfit requests unless they are part of a Fetish session.
– I do not do exact scripted sessions. I am happy to explore particular interests and even to recreate particular fantasies that you may have, however if it’s an exact sequence of words, events and actions that you are seeking then I find that it goes against my instinctual style which restricts my ability to partake in an authentic exchange with you.

I encourage you to email me prior to your session to make sure it is a session that will be both enjoyable and compatible to my interests.

“I want to explore every facet, every tier and every corner of your deepest craving… and then see if we can discover more!”Mistress Asha


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at mistress.asha@hotmail.com

Please note that I answer emails at my convenience. If you have an enquiry that requires a response within a short time frame, please call me at Fetish House.


Gift vouchers for fetish clothing/lingerie. Implements I can use on you! I also like interesting books and living plants.


I have included an etiquette section here so that you know how to best interact with me, therefore increasing the likelihood of receiving the best responses from me.
– I prefer to be addressed as Mistress Asha, Mz Asha or even simply by my name. If you address me as sweetie, hot stuff, sexy or the like, it will result in you forever being addressed by me as cupcake.

– I encourage open communication to ascertain that we have interests that are compatible. Please note that whilst I am happy to discuss your desires, I will not discuss explicit session content.

– I am not a commodity to be haggled over. I offer a highly specialised and personalised service and as such do not offer discounts. I am happy to advise you on how we can adapt your session time and/or content to stay within your budget.


Hi Asha,

I think you’re an exceptional person (even when you’re being evil…) 😊 – A person of ‘shibumi’.

Thank you again for taking me through one of the most intense psychological experiences – almost shamanistic in fact. I’ve had glimpses of ‘sub space’ before, but I’m pretty sure I got there on an express train yesterday. I slept like a log to awake bright-eyed and bushy tailed this morning feeling extremely ‘at peace’. You know I meditate and I can tell you it normally takes ages to achieve what I experienced yesterday.

Thanks so much for opening a door for me.

Best wishes,


Hello Mistress Asha,

I finally got home yesterday. I really wanted to thank especially yourself for all the effort you have gone to in order to make my session wonderful. You made the session so realistic and surpassed any expectation I had. Without going into to everything, I would rate my session as 12 out of 10. I would also like to pass on my thanks to all the supporting Mistresses whom were awesome. I really do hope to get back another time.

Thank you for everything, with my respect,


Day 1:

Hi Mz Asha,

Now that I have come back down to earth I just wanted to say thank you for an exquisite experience and especially the care and attention you gave. It was everything I had hoped for and more.

As I sit here feeling mellow together with the delightful after effects not to mention the locked chain, I know that under normal circumstances I would have taken the easy way out and asked not to proceed with a 2nd session so soon. However I am loving the fact that I have no choice but to return now and the dread of what may come of that.

You are wonderful,

Thank you!


Day 2:

Thank you again Mistress Asha, for minding me and teaching me a few things about myself. you have left some yummy residual sensations today for my flight home.

I love your relaxed style – You are wonderful.

Kindest Regards,


Dear Mistress Asha,

Thank you again for your time and artistry today!

Part of the exhilaration for me is not pre-empting the activities too much.

I loved where you took me in the session today and am excited for where further you can take me in the future. I am so pleased you enjoyed the session as much as I did.


Dear Mistress Asha,

i want to tell You how much i enjoyed our last session together, the mind fuck and focus on sucking Your cock while semi cross dressed was more than i expected and i have relived the actions in my mind many times since. my mind was jumping all over the place but i wanted to follow Your commands as best i could and can only imagine how i must have looked on my knees before You trying to take Your cock in as far as i could while You looked on and encouraged me to try harder.

It took a few days before i realised how much i had enjoyed it and how it had really made me happy that You had set this up in our session. As always i truly enjoyed everything we did, the sounds, electrics and wax. Your amazing prostate play that just leaves me breathless and wondering how much massaging it takes to milk a cock like that. You have me feeling like i will explode but it never happens and it just goes on and on until it is almost unbearable, not from pain but from pure over stimulation, an orgasm that won’t stop or start is the only way to describe it.

The ending of our sessions is really the icing on the cake, the forced orgasm leaves feeling both elated and drained ( in more ways than one 😉 ).

As You can hopefully sense i am aching to come in and see You again, and am counting down the days till i can be with You again once more.


Mistress Asha,

You were absolutely fabulous and I can’t thank you enough. -You read me like a book!! Also a special thank you to Apprentice Mistress Jazmyn who was a wonderful foil to you and if you keep tutoring her will one day make a special Mistress in her own right.

Your Devoted Slave,
P.S I still haven’t come back to “earth”.


Dear Mistress Asha,

Thank You for making me Your fuck toy. You pushed me to my limit, showing me levels of
pain and humiliation I’d only ever dreamed of.

I held off on masturbating until 3am like You instructed. Shortly afterwards (while
handcuffed) I spilled a large load all over myself, with memories of You and Mistress Zoe giving me a tasty warm drink still fresh in my mind.

I look forward to serving You again.

-Your new fuck toy

Hi Mistress Asha,

Thanks very much for the time you spent with us 10 days ago. A’ and I have had a number of discussions now about the session and the information that you gave us. I was really impressed with the way you got A’ to relax in the session as she has always been a bit reserved with new people!! And we are both very much new greenhorns to this! She really loved the restraints and the hair pulling and even you spanking her. She especially enjoyed it when you got me involved too. I learned a lot with the different techniques and the “go and no go” spots made a lot more sense, I feel a lot more confident in what we try since your session. I know A’ would like to make some comments as well, so here she goes:

Mostly, I would like to thank you for the reassurance that what I need is normal (I have felt that I was strange for enjoying the feeling of someone restraining and smacking me) and for helping me understand that Martin can safeword as well if he needs. We both gained the confidence to explore further.

Thanks once again for a great and very informative session (which went way overtime, thanks we appreciated that too). Look forward to hearing from you soon.

M’ and A’

Hi Asha, just writing to let you know what a hot erotic time myself and G had. You exceeded our expectations by giving us exactly what we wanted with a few more exciting twists & turns. You handled us with professional and considerable care and thoughtfulness without making an erotic time feel clinical and contrived but very natural, fluid and of course HOT and very enjoyable. Most importantly we were comfortable and at no time felt out of our depth or in any distress. It was a great way to break the mold and start somewhere, so of course I am very happy I chose you to help
us enter the world we’ve always fantasized about but could never quite decide how or when to do it, much less what to expect. Thankful to be in your more than capable hands (no pun intended) You will be seeing more of us in the future I’m sure, hopefully this will be agreeable to you also.

Cheers and happy thoughts~~

P & G

In a word, our last session was ‘fantastic’, and one from which I pulled up very well.

The manner in which you took things further in hand, at a time when I was simply waiting for you to free me at your leisure, was all of the things that I look for in such a session.

In pursuing my second coming in such a focused and determined manner, you were unpredictable, non-negotiable and absolutely in control of all that was to follow. I have never felt so vulnerable and out of control.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe it when you returned to the room, quietly positioned yourself behind me, and then without any communication whatsoever, took things in hand.

I thought that you were just ‘playing around’, and had no idea of what you were intending to do.

About five minutes into proceedings, a mistress came into the room to ask you a question, with her unexpected entrance giving you something of a surprise. I remember hoping at the time that you might have had to leave to address her concern, thus giving me a break, but rather than being distracted, you continued your course of action without missing a beat. It was as if I wasn’t even there, as you talked to your visitor without missing a beat.

Being treated this way, ‘as a job to be done’, in front of another woman was very humiliating; and therefore perfect for what generally ‘pushes my buttons’.

I really didn’t believe that you would be able to make me come a second time, especially when my body started to give me very mixed messages in relation to other less than desirable alternative bodily functions. All of which you chose to first patronise, and then simply ignore.

How wrong was I, as you proceeded to relentlessly milk me; in the true sense of the word. I had always associated the concept of milking with the basic hand relief provided at the end of a session, but the way in which you clinically continued until you got what you wanted, took my understanding to a whole new level.

I now have an excellent understanding of how it feels to me milked against one’s will; although believe me, there was a point when I seriously considered asking for mercy. Looking back, thank God, I didn’t!

You looked great, and your manner was absolutely perfect; with the only concern for you being where you might take me next.

I honestly can’t think of a scenario that could have all of the ‘ingredients’ noted above; especially now that you have literally milked me.

Thanks again, and I look forward to again spending time in your care.


Hi Mz Asha,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail to thank you for a fantastic session, I’m looking forward to doing it again sometime. I’m still a touch in awe of you! The perfect blend of sexy and scary.


My partner & I recently visited the lovely Mz Asha as a couple to gently introduce us to the world of kink.

To say we were nervous is an understatement, however, the nerves soon disappeared as it quickly became apparent that Mz Asha is a highly capable & skilled Mistress.

It was thrilling being shown how to properly use various pieces of equipment we’d demonstrated an interest in. Mz Asha’s explanations of the technical side of play were clear, concise and easy to follow. She really is an outstanding teacher.

To other couples wanting to take the leap & learn with someone patient, friendly approachable – Mz Asha is great choice.

It was a fun experience & a perfect way to begin our BDSM journey.

Thank-you again Mz Asha,

E & D

Dear Mistress Asha

Thank you for such a thrilling session I was kept on the edge the whole time whilst not expecting where you would inflict pain next! Those marks which were left is such a nice reminder that you did this too me.

Thank you so much

Dan x

Dearest, Most Perfect Mistress Asha,

i had such an amazing time today, Your are without a doubt an extraordinary woman, a gifted dominatrix and frankly, a really, really lovely person. thank you so so so so much Mistress. You took me to places i had dreamed about but never been and made me feel like i’d been reborn.

hope to see you again when circumstance and finance permit, in the meantime You will remain in my naughtiest of naughty dreams!

lots and lots of respect, gratitude and love

Your little panty slut, and now fuck toy 🙂

Hi Asha,

Thanks for a mind-blowing session! Even a couple days later I still feel all warm and tingly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to understand a part of me that I once wouldn’t have dared to share with anyone. Demonstrating how well you understood me in our session has made me feel a little more comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you so much for having an authentic interaction with me as well as playing a role. I loved the way you messed with the boundary between role play and reality.

Thank you so much for your concern that you might upset me by bringing up an ‘off limits’ topic for embarrassment. You need not have worried, but the fact that you did was touching. It made me feel safe and protected.

You really do come across as being passionate about your work, I could feel it throughout the entire session. Thanks again for taking such wonderful care of me.


Hi Mz Asha,

I just had to email you and thank you for a truly outstanding session yesterday. I’d been trying to arrange a session with you for some time and from what I’d read on your bio – I have to admit, my expectations were quite high. Well you certainly didn’t disappoint. Whilst I was quite descriptive
in what I wanted – you managed to completely surprise me with other elements which literally blew my mind. I’m still trying to clear my head.

What have you done to me? I’m counting the days till we meet again.

Kind regards,


Thank you Asha for delivering an outstanding session that really did meet all of my expectations, and then some. After very clearly establishing your authority at the start of our session, you left me in
absolutely no doubt that you were in total control of virtually every aspect of my ‘training’ over the ensuing hour or so. While I always felt safe, you managed to create an atmosphere whereby I knew that I had no chance of changing your chosen course of action. I would certainly recommend Asha
to anyone looking for a totally believable B&D experience where submission is demanded and enforced, and not merely play acted.

Thank you also Tara for taking the time to understand the sort of session that I was looking for, for matching me with Asha, and for then providing her with initial guidance and advice that ensured that my expectations were well and truly met.


Mistress Asha,

Thanks for providing me with a glimpse of your persona, during a mind blowing session under your control and influence. The skill, passion and knowledge you introduced and inflicted – via rope, nails teeth and other fiendish implements and equipment left me spent and metaphorically floating on a cloud of endorphins. Your an artiste within your field of endeavour.

One phrase, now etched in my memory is: “When a Mistress places you in a comfortable
position – Look out. ”

Till our paths cross again, I’ll wait in anticipation.


Hi Mistress Asha,

I want to thank you again for the session yesterday. You were brilliant. My nipples are still a bit tender. As I am writing this I am wearing my rubber hood, a thick chrome ball stretcher ring, and a very large butt plug stretching me nicely. I loved it when you forced your fat black strap-on into my mouth in the hall way. The nipple clamping and pulling and piercing was just perfect, you kept me exactly on my edge of what I could handle for so long, it was magical.


Mistress Asha

I need to let you know how amazing my session with you was yesterday. Every touch is still so clear in my mind – I am still in another world. Your understanding of what I needed was quite brilliant – thank you and what you did with your hands and “tools”. My body is still in a state of quite what I
don’t know but I will be back to please you more very soon.


Dearest Mistress,

I wanted to thank you again for our session last Monday. I hope I served you well.

I loved being bound, and having you place and use me as an object of your pleasure. The thought that you may ‘share’ me around with your colleagues only increases my devotion.

I hope that I may serve you again, I am at you whim.

My best wishes


Dear Asha, thanks for Monday, it was my first time. It was great especially being blind folded and not knowing what was going to happen next was very exciting. I’d love to come back soon for some more fun and games.

Love Ralph

Dear Mistress Asha,

I just wanted to thank you for the delicious session you and Mistress Onyx gave me this afternoon.

I just thought the sadistic side of your persona would like to know I have extremely sore blue balls – they are aching like mad. Thanks to your rule it looks like I endure them for 2 more days. Its an exquisite and under-rated torture. Ive just got to keep my hands in boxing gloves!

Thank you again so much. You and Mistress
Onyx will hear from me again.

Take care,


Hello Mistress Asha,

Just a quick note to thank you for the awesome session yesterday.

I found it to be mind-blowing to say the least!

Re my ‘homework’, I think you will be proud to know that I ended up coming three times last night! I couldn’t stop wanking as I reminisced about how hot you are and how wild the session was! mmmm.

My ass is still very aware from the thorough fucking you gave me – I felt like such a slut, but I loved it! Can’t wait for you to give me a golden shower one day soon, mmmm!

You’ve got a incredibly wicked but sexy laugh too 🙂

Take care
Kind regards,


Dear Mistress Asha,

I had a great time yesterday! You were amazing, and gorgeous in that outfit. I felt a bit spaced out for the rest of the day, but i’m good now. I really enjoyed the vacbed (the breath play was great) and also the violet wand is something i’d really like to use again. Also i enjoyed the flogging and the rope was very nice too. It was a bit of a shame i couldn’t get my enormous head in the gas mask, but the bodybag felt good. I’m going back to Adelaide on Wednesday, so if i don’t see You again, thank you so much for your attention and patience, and kind words afterwards.

Sincerely Andrew.

Hello Mistress,

Thank you for taking the time last week to see me.

I was somewhat nervous before making an appointment but really enjoyed the experience once I placed myself in your capable hands. You were able to tease and torment in the right balance. I was very happy with the naughty schoolboy role play and enjoyed the judicious use of strap and cane and also the nipple clips you used once my bottom was suitably punished.

I have completed my homework you set including having a ride on my horse. The bumping of the saddle against my still tender bottom was quite delicious!

Warm regards,


Most Esteemed Mistresses,

As a first time visitor to a BDSM dungeon, I was nervous to say the least, not really knowing what to expect. Reading and imagination can only take you so far. The actuality was, in a word, ‘Awesome’.

After a simple conversation with Mistress Asha about the session, I was led to my fate.

I had requested the Violet Wand along with CBT and her use of this implement was masterly. If I hadn’t been restrained to the wall, I would have been climbing it and, as it was, I tried to anyway. Mistress Asha knew exactly how far I could be taken, she took me there several times, and backed off just as I reached my limit. Each time finished with a delightfully wicked laugh. All other elements of the session were of the same intuitive high standard.

I am looking forward to being allowed the honour of serving Mistress Asha again soon.

Thank you Mistress Asha

Your most humble slave


Dear Mistress Asha,

i’m afraid sometimes i tend to verbally express my thoughts poorly (especially when speaking to beautiful women and especially when they are dressed as evocatively as You were today) so i shall try to do a little better in prose.

Thank You for a wonderful session today. I very much enjoyed the different ties, particularly the semi hog tie at the start and I was amazed at how well You were able to judge just how much pain to administer. You also seem to have a sixth sense as to how much time to leave between each stroke
or jolt of agony. The sensual nature of the session thrilled me intensely. The gentle touch of Your fingers and the pressure felt when you pressed part of Your body onto mine was incredibly stimulating as a counterpoint to the sharpness of the cane or the jolt of the violet wand. The denial of relief until the very end and the sound of Your laughter at my predicaments was sinfully humiliating and totally marvellous. i very much look forward to sessioning with You again when i
next visit Melbourne.

Highest Regards from your humble slave,


Dear Mistress Asha,

Thank You so much for our session on Friday, it was beyond amazing, You have taken me to a new high of what it means to be a slave.

Right away from the beginning You kicked me down and put Your heel right into my back and simply said, “This is where you belong, beneath Me.”, and from that moment on i knew my life was in Your hands.

You owned me during that session Mistress and as You said You will torture me to an inch of my life, and that you could very well take it. There was so many times that i truly truly felt you might have.

The CBT, nipple torture, slapping, choking, bondage, the smothering (i particularly enjoyed that even more so), absolutely everything, i could not have wished for more.

Mistress Asha from the bottom of my heart (and under you boots) Thank You so much.

Yours truly slave dan.

Dear Tara – can you please pass on my appreciation to Mistress Asha for the session we had last Monday. She was AMAZING and knew just how far to push my limits. She took me into ‘sub-space’ with total ease. I have seen many Mistresses but never have been able to make quite the same connection. She exhibits the expertise and understanding of a Dom with many, many years of
experience… I have been on a high ever since and can’t wait until I can come back for more.

Yours in servitude – John 17/3/08

Dear Mistress Tara,
firstly let me thank You. i appreciate the time You spent with me on the phone going over scenarios and outlining the costs, secondly i must thank You for outlining Mistress Asha’s abilities and likes You were spot on….. WOW!!!!! i can safely say that the session i have just completed with Mistress Asha was the best session i have ever had with any Mistress before, my head is still spinning from being able to let go all my inhibitions and be lead through 2 hours of fantastic BDSM.

i was looking for a session that would be full of please and pain, sensual and erotic and what did i get, pain, pleasure, pain, sensuality and did i mention pain? it was glorious! i cannot wait until i have the time to come back for another session with Mistress Asha.


david 1/10/07

Dear Mistress Tara

Yesterday evening I had a really enjoyable session with the lovely Mistress Asha. The session was fun, relaxed and covered all the areas discussed in the pre-session chat. Mistress Asha’s understanding of the needs of her slave was very intuitive and as a consequence she had her slave eating out of her hand in no time. As Mistress Asha doesn’t appear to have an email contact
would you please pass on my sincere thanks. I look forward to another similar session in the near future.

Best Wishes

Colin 31/7/07