La Femme Terrible

I am Audrey Fatale, a classical Dominatrix and Psychosexual Dramatist.

Carved from the depths of your boyhood fantasia, I will embody your wickedest desires; your seducer, your tormentor and ultimately, your liberator.  Imagined in your darkest recesses, I am a classic beauty with a coquettish charm. Strict yet compassionate, I bring a unique disposition to my role; a bewitching brew of gravitas, seduction, and cruelty.

A panacea for the mundane, I will emancipate you from your circadian bondage and initiate you into the beauty of mine.  I will teach you that pleasure does not exist without pain, that liberation cannot come without sacrifice.

​With porcelain skin and a figure reminiscent of the most classic female forms, my womanhood is fully realised in my classic fetish attire. An articulate conversationalist and a creative thinker, I am a woman of many talents and many appetites.

A graduate of the psychological arts, I bring a finely tuned understanding of human nature and behaviour to the art of Female Domination, and in doing so have carved myself a niche amongst the masses.

For the discerning gentleman, an encounter of true class and intensity awaits, an authentic exchange in which the lines between fantasy and reality will melt away.  In my hands, you will be impelled to reach the limits of your body and mind, caress the edges and return transformed.

​I am La Femme Terrible.


My Favourite Things

 Bondage: From light to heavy, I revel in rendering you powerless. As well as using my calm and controlling demeanour to mould you to my will, I enjoy employing all sorts of restrictive devices to break you down. Whether for the purposes of erotic tie and tease, sadistic torture or sensory deprivation/overload, I will entangle you in my grip. I have an abiding love for mummification and sensory deprivation and find the administration of the materials to be hypnotic. With a personal interest in catharsis through ordeal and psychological transformation, I encourage you to experience the transformative effects of therapeutic bondage and submission.

 Slave training/Obedience Training/Behaviour Modification: Are you desperate for someone to take control? Relieve you of the burden of your lowly, base desires? Come to me with your afflictions and lay them on the floor before me. I will cajole, caress, manipulate and beat them (and you) into submission. I will own you for an hour or a lifetime, only your true commitment (or lack thereof) lies between you and total liberation.

 Corporal Punishment: 6 of my best? Or a good old over the knee spanking? Present your posterior for my firm hand and let me punish you for your indiscretions. In between strikes, I will stroke your tender flesh, expertly blending pleasure and pain.  Let me leave you marks to remember me by, from a rosy hue to the deepest cuts.

 Psychosexual Roleplay: I wish to own your mind, as well as your body. True satisfaction only comes when I’ve dug deep into your psyche and unlocked your wickedest desires. Step outside of the social mores and indulge your forbidden fantasy. Teacher/student, Boss/employee, Doctor/patient, Torturer/prisoner, Mommy/little – the list is endless and truly, deeply arousing.

 Fetishism: Don’t be shy, I promise I won’t tell. Tell me your secret yearnings, the things that make your heart sing. From the everyday to the bizarre, your unrivalled passion for your object of yearning has my interest piqued.  Is it my stockings and heels that have you glassy-eyed and short of breath? Perhaps it’s my latex or leather-clad body that makes you perspire. A little more bizarre? With a penchant for the perverse, there’s little that would shock me. My mind is wide open and waiting for your revelation. Confess your deviance and be free.


My other interests include, but are not limited to:

– Age Play
– Anal Play: light to heavy
– Ball Busting
– Bastinado
– Bladder control/wetting
– Caging
– Chastity: stand alone key holding available
– Discipline
– Electrical Play
– Forced/Coerced Bi|
– Face Slapping|
– Fantasy (blackmail, castration etc)
– Feminisation|
– Financial Domination|
– Flogging
– Forced Orgasms
– Food/Eating Fetish
– Humiliation
– Kicking/Stomping
– Medical Play
– Mummification
– Menstrual Play|
– Needle Play
– Nipple Torture
– Objectification
– Orgasm Control – forced, ruined, post torture, JOI and CEI
– Punishment
– Sensory Deprivation|
– Shaving
– Slave Training|
– Small Penis Humiliation
– Smothering
– Spanking
– Spitting
– Sploshing/WAM
– Tickling
– Tie and Tease
– Trampling
– Watersports|
– Whipping

My interests in BDSM and fetishism is broad and ever growing. If you are interested in something I haven’t listed please contact me via email to discuss.



 Where possible I request that prospective clients communicate with me via email before our booking takes place. Whilst I do require that you make the booking directly with Fetish House I prefer to have as much notice as possible with as much detail on the content of the session you would like so that I can prepare accordingly. I guarantee that you will have a better session if I have more than 5 minutes to prepare.

In your communication with me please be as detailed as you can. Include things such as session length/date, things you would like to experience, things you’re curious about, hard limits and previous experience.

 For sessions requiring specific equipment and/or outfits, it is essential to contact me via email in advance. If you do not, or you make a same day booking, I can’t guarantee I will have everything available to you.

In some instances specialist equipment may need to be purchased in advance. Whilst I am happy to bear the (reasonable) cost of some purchases (if it’s something I will be able to continue to use in the future), unusual or expensive items/outfits may need to be provided by the client.



I choose not to participate in review culture. Every session I conduct is unique to the energetic exchange between myself and the client and therefore does not present as an outline to what might transpire between us.

If you wish to get some insight into my style or personality I suggest following me on my social media platforms (twitter/instagram) or schedule a consultation via phone or in person.

I am also more than happy to provide references from other highly respected Dominatrices who will be able to attest to my expertise and professionalism.

The only way to truly ascertain our compatibility is to offer yourself to me in submission.


My Limits

 I do not offer nudity, intimate body worship, sex, brown or roman showers.

Hand relief is a standard inclusion.

I do however encourage you to think outside the narrow confines of normative sexual practices and let me show you how erotically charged a session can be without direct genital contact. Let me prove the adage that the mind is the most powerful sex organ.


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at:

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.