Sir James

Sir James is available by prior email arrangement only.

Sometimes you just need someone who does what they want with you.Sometimes you need a Masculine Dominant who can put you in your place. Sometimes you need a force from whom there is no escape, no chance of resisting.

Sir James is that man.


Rough, Dominant and Imposing, Sir James will gladly teach you how to enjoy being submissive. If you need to discover the joy of letting go, or if you need to be faced down and taught your place, then do so with the certainty that comes from obeying a man who is stronger than you can imagine.

Book today to find pleasure in the simplest form of submission which is surrender to a power you can trust.

Sir James enjoys the following activities:

  • All forms of corporal punishment.
  • Domination through Manhandling.
  • Rope Bondage.
  • Leather Bondage.
  • Spanking.
  • Orgasm play and denial.
  • Ball Busting.

And now after much demand Sir James is offering Wrestling.

Enjoy being gripped, controlled and dominated by a man who knows how to use his body to restrain you in a more up close and personal way than ever before. Feel your body pressed against his in a sweaty and heaving wrestling session.


Varied forms of pain through impact: Pain from impact can be gorgeous and intoxicating or brutal and vicious, it all depends on you. My extensive equipment includes formal canes which leave lasting marks, wooden paddles for that school girl and boy feel, beautiful crops, long heavy floggers and more.

Bondage: There is something indescribably potent about strapping someone to a table, seeing them prostrate on a spanking bench, gagged, or even just bound on the floor helpless in rope. Our dungeon is stocked with endless rope, leather and even more intricate harnesses and hoods if you love the tight secure hold of bondage.

Physical Domination and Manhandling: There is Domination that can only be expressed through strength. An iron grip says more than any words can. I will gladly put you in your place, drive you against the wall or floor and assert my will on you.

If what you want is not on this list then don’t be afraid to email me and ask about it.



If you would like to enjoy time with Sir James Bookings are essential.
Email today to inquire about spending time under his command.


Quotes from visitors to Sir James:

“Thank you very much for yesterday, I am still reminded of you each time I sit down!”

Miss A

“Delicious memories of your iron grip on my throat, arse, body…”

Miss Plaything