Mistress Lauren

I have been involved in BDSM in one fashion or another for the best part of my adult life and had an interest in it for as long as I can remember. Everything about this realm lures me in, intrigues me and leaves me wanting more.

I am a Mistress with many facets to my personality. I can be a vicious, unforgiving Mistress. A true disciplinarian with a sharp wit that enjoys watching you suffer at my hands. At times, I am also a sassy, cheeky Mistress that likes to play games. I am a temptress, who can seduce you with my eyes alone or command a room with my sexual energy.

As my personality is varied with many sides, so too are styles of play I engage in. I am not always strictly Dominant in every session I do, and not everyone I play with is a slave or submissive. I enjoy the opportunity to engage in different activities with like minded individuals who don’t necessarily ‘identify’ as a particular label. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a play!

As an absolute Sadist, I relish any opportunity to engage in play with masochists, from the novice right through to your most extreme. Pain play is where my creative juices really get flowing!! There is nothing like pushing the boundaries and seeing the reaction I get, or watching the blank canvas of human flesh turn to a ‘painbow’ of colours as my piece of art blossoms.

Although I am a highly experienced Mistress, not every session I do is deemed as ‘heavy’. I also enjoy the lighter side of kink! I enjoy a submissive with charm and a good sense of humour that I can share a laugh with. I love all forms role play and can transform into many personas and the natural actress in me will take over and transport you into whatever scene your heart desires.

I am a stickler for impeccable manners, and enjoy a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady. Good old fashioned manners and respect are a fetish of mine and there is nothing more erotic than a man who knows how to hold a door open for me and always remembers his please and thank you’s.

BDSM, kink, fetish and fantasy are a deeply ingrained part of who I am. When you play with me you get an authentic and genuine exchange. I strive to offer an environment where you feel comfortable enough to let me reach in and find your inner pervert.


I love all aspects of BDSM and fetish and look for any and all opportunities to perfect my skills. I do however take special interest in the following:

Corporal punishment: This is by far my area of speciality! I love the swish of a cane as it flicks through the air before it lands on your flesh. I adore the blush of your bottom as I have you firmly over my lap whilst I spank you. I have an exceptionally accurate aim, whether it be hand, crop, flogger, strap or my personal favourite the cane! I offer from mild to extreme depending on what you can tolerate.

Instruments of pain and torture: I am a true sadist and enjoy all play where I get to unleash this side of me. I am extremely creative in finding ways in which to push your masochistic boundaries. I am particularly skilled in inflicting pain without leaving a trace of evidence. SM scenes are but some of my favourite and highly erotic for me. For me, pain is pleasure.

Cock and ball torture: Including orgasm control, denial and post orgasm torture. I have a large range of equipment to tease, tantalise and torture those testicles! I indulge in every form of CBT. From bondage to impact play. Tease and denial to post orgasm torture. Needles and castration fetish. I am a Mistress who likes to have a firm grip on her gentleman.

Chastity and key holding: I am a Mistress who likes to control things. Controlling your desire is highly erotic for me. I will decide if and when you will get release. I don’t need a whip. I am your key holder. I can wait… can you? Daily teasing with no mercy in sight. Soon you’ll be begging to obey me. When you start to understand it the only way cum. It could take a week, a month, but there is only one possible outcome, unconditional obedience!

Bondage and restraint: I love all forms of bondage and restriction. I enjoy rope, leather, plastic and chains. I love to confine and immobilise you so that I can have my way with you. I have a particular interest in playing with “escape artists” as I have quite the reputation for my inescapable rope bondage.

Mummification and encasement: I love the sight of seeing someone’s body totally immobilised. The kind of restriction that only mummification and encasement can offer. You become my encased toy, to do with as I please. How long can you fight the urge to move? I enjoy saran wrap, bandages, duct tape, plaster bandages, body bags, the giblet or if you are really game the body box.

Sensory deprivation: I love controlling your senses. What you can see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. As I take away a sense to heighten another, or take them all away so that you are cocooned in your own personal zone. Hoods, gags, mitts, body bags, vacuum bags, mummification are just a few of my favourite toys.

Kidnap and abduction: Ever fantasized about being abducted off the street and held captive? I can make this a reality for you. A huge amount of effort and planning go into my kidnap sessions. I can create elaborate role plays where your dream fantasy can be realised. I also team up with other Mistresses to create an intense and forceful scenario for you.

Water bondage and torture: I like to use water in various ways. At times I like to bind you inescapably in rope and then submerge you into water. Sometimes, I might feel the need to hose you down for being a dirty boy. Maybe I am looking to interrogate you, and waterboarding is the best tool for that job. I also like to use water for temperature play, changing it for hot to cold and back again.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism: Do you like to watch? Or be watched? I enjoy sessions where I can invite other Mistresses in to watch you or maybe I want to walk you around the Dungeon and show others what you can take. Maybe I want to turn you into a display Item. Are you someone who likes to lurk in the darkness and watch others play?

Medical play: Fancy yourself a naughty nurse? Or maybe you have found yourself in the hands of a warped psychiatrist. Dr Lauren is well versed in all things medical from light role plays through to more elaborate faux operations. I am skilled with Sounds, needles, suturing, IV administrations, catheters, speculums, proctoscopes and much more.

Role play: This is an area that I can really let my creative side loose. We are only limited by our imaginations. I am a natural actress and love to immerse into any role, be it secretary, nurse, boss, School Mistress, fembot, medieval witch, succubus. I enjoy more unusual roles, so if you don’t see your fantasy listed here please email me to discuss.

Submissive/switch: I am an experienced light to medium level submissive (no marks or blood). It is highly erotic for me to be under the control of a Dominant and to feel my surrender to Him. I enjoy a creative and innovative Master, both experienced and the novice.

I am well trained and extremely obedient… unless you like a cheeky girl and then I will relish in the opportunity to unleash my bratty side.

Anything is possible all you need do is ask.


– Abduction & Kidnap
– Anal Play – Light only
– Bastinado
– Body Worship – at my discretion
– Bondage & Restraint – specialising in inescapable. Rope, leather, chain, etc
– Boot Worship
– Breath Play – Hand over mouth, Choking, Gas masks, Smothering, Water Torture, Bagging
– CBT – Sounds, catheters, bondage, needles, impact, ball busting and more!
– Chastity – Devices & Key Holding
– Corporal Punishment – OTK Spanking, Crop, Flagellation, Paddle, Strap, Cane etc.
– Cross Dressing and forced feminisation
– Electro Play – Violet wand, TENS machine, Cattle prod
– Exhibitionism & Voyeurism
– Fetishes – the more unique the better!
– Financial Domination
– Fire Play
– Foot fetish
– Golden Showers
– Humiliation
– Impact play – punching, kicking, ball busting, rough body play etc
– Instruction sessions – safety, how to spice things up sessions.
– Interrogation & military scenes – psychological, physical torture etc
– Instruments of Pain & Torture – lotions and potions, fire and burning, scratching, abrasions, nails, needles and so much more. Specialising in no marks.
– Kidnap/Abduction – extensive role play including off street abduction
– Latex/Rubber – body bag, vac bed, vac cube, clothing, hoods
– Lock & Leave
– Nipple Torture
– Needle play
– Medical – Role play, Urethral sounds, Cutting, Suturing, Catheters. Electrics. Needle play
– Menstrual play
– Mummification & encasement – Body bags, Saran Wrap, Duct Tape, Bandaging etc
– Objectification – fancy yourself as a piece of furniture for my pleasure? A lamp or table or maybe a piece of fine art?
– Orgasm Control, forced and denial.
– Role Play – I can transform into just about any persona your heart desires
– Sell used undergarments, items of clothing etc
– Sessions without Domination
– Sensory deprivation – hoods, blindfolds, ear plugs, gags, mitts, body bags etc
– Sexual Domination
– Silent Domination
– Slave Training
– Smothering – panties on or off
– Tie & Tease
– Tickle Torture
– Trampling
– Water sports – Golden Showers
– Water Torture – water boarding, submersion, dunking, just to name a few

If your particular interest or fetish is not listed here, please make contact directly with me!

All activities and sessions can be catered to from very mild to extreme by negotiation.


I like presents, all Mistresses do. However they are not expected. If you do wish to spoil me, please refrain from bringing me food items such as chocolate or wine. If you really would like to get me something special, I enjoy high heels, girdles and lingerie. Please contact me and I will let you know what is currently on my wish list.


If you wish to email me personally, you are welcome to do so via mistress_lauren@live.com.au

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our Etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.



I just wanted to provide some feedback for a session I had recently with Mistress Lauren at Fetish House recently. I communicated with Mistress Lauren beforehand via email to explain what I was hoping for from the session and she was both warm and professional. She asked questions to clarify what I was after, what my hard limits were and even went as far as organising some extra requests for me in the last hour.
The session I was after was a role play with a high dose of humiliation. One where she played the part of my stern boss confronting me over money that I had stolen from the company. When I saw her she took my breath away. Dressed to impress, she looked the very image of a professional working woman but wow. Absolutely stunning.
She led me down to her office where she started asking pointed questions and taking notes. Gradually she revealed that she was on to my game and that I had two options, the police or submitting to her will. I have to admit that my stomach was doing backflips as she glared at me from behind the desk – it actually felt quite real.
At that point she revealed to me what her plans were for me. I was to earn the money back the same way I had spent a lot of it, as a transvestite prostitute. I was dragged down to another room where I was made to strip. A collar was secured around my neck and a chastity device secured as ‘you’re not going to need that with what you’ll be doing.. or rather what others will be doing to you..’ I was quickly dressed in slutty clothing and makeup applied. My first lesson was to take place.
I was bent over and soundly spanked and whipped with a crop as, as Mistress Lauren put it: ‘you need to understand your place now’. After this the rest of my training began in how to service clients. This included a range of activities which culminated in Mistress Lauren pounding me with a strap on while barking instructions on what to do to make things more enjoyable for the many customers I would have to see to pay back my debt to her.
At this point she took photos of me for more blackmail material and tweeted them out as an ad (with my full consent) to attract my first client. I was then lead out to the Fetish House car park to be trained in how to attract customers in the street. The thought of being seen just about made my head explode with excitement. I was made to parade up and down for her until she was satisfied with me.
When we returned inside, I was leashed to the wall in the hallway. Moments later I could hear another mistress coming down the hallway giving someone a tour of the establishment. I nestled closer to the wall as they walked past. Moments later Mistress Lauren startled me as she appeared beside me to whisper in my ear ‘maybe we should see if he’d like you to suck his cock?’ I almost fainted at the thought as she giggled evilly at me.
Not long after that the last hour commenced – I was handed over to Mistress Lux for the last hour of my training. I won’t go into detail here but it was obvious that she and Mistress Lauren had spoken at length about the handover and the time with Mistress Lux was just as mind blowing as my first two hours with Mistress Lauren.
I just wanted to thank both Mistresses for the amazing time that they showed me. The whole time that I was there I was helpless like putty in their hands but I knew that they were both always thinking of both my needs from the session as well as my well being. I would heartily recommend anyone thinking of trying a session at Fetish House to strongly consider Mistress Lauren and Mistress Lux. They are both stunning and will have you eating out of their hands.
You will not regret it.

Hi Mistress Lauren,

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing session. You are truly skilful and very good in taking control. I like the way that you can make the corporal punishment so real, and I would highly recommend you to any submissive or masochist who is looking for a memorable impact play.

About the role play, I should thank you sincerely for attention to details. It was great to know that you have read my notes so carefully, and it was amazing to see you could get inside my head so easily.

Last but not the least, you have beautiful feet and an amazing body.

I am very much looking forward to have a followup session with you. Depends how the marks are healing, I might be able to take more canes, or we might need to find another way to punish me.

Looking forward to see again Alex
(June 2015)

Although I’ve only had 2 visits here, this is a very well run establishment. Not being resident in Melbourne I can only manage to visit at odd times and on both occasions the mistresses I’ve seen have accommodated me outside their usual session times. Both times the mistress has read my email regarding what I was wanting from the session.

Last Sunday I arranged a 2 hour session with Mistress Lauren. We had the customary chat before the session started. Communication was immediately comfortable. I could tell that Mistress Lauren really does enjoy her work.

We decided on a kinky play session rather than a full on submission session. Now that we know each other I will give in completely next time…

Not much later, Mistress Lauren has me tightly tied, a butt plug firmly strapped in place, weights swinging from my balls and, something new to me, peppermint oil applied to my sack. As she said it would, the intensity built up nicely over the next few minutes. At first I didn’t think I’d had anything like this before but I have a vague memory of a deep heat experience at Salon Kitty’s a few years back. She did distract me quite often though; she does like to play with her cocks it seems.

Next I’m strapped to the bench, ankles and wrists restrained. Mistress takes to my cock and balls with a slapper. I tell her my balls are very sensitive and I’m not sure how much they can take. Mistress leaves the room and returns with an acrylic ball crusher. Ok, I suppose we’re going to find out! This was the highlight of the session. I’d not used one before but already have one on order since the session. WE had a lot of trouble getting the second ball through, but with a fair bit of pushing and crushing by mistress and breath holding by myself she jammed it through. At this stage, obviously, neither of us were thinking about the physics of getting everything out once it had been there for 30 or 40 minutes, constrained at the neck!

I lay helpless while mistress used the pin wheel, slapper, her hand (did I mention she likes to play with her cocks?) and finally the violet wand on my balls (the sections squeezed out the sides of the crusher, shaft and cock head. She seemed to play particular attention to my cock head with the wand and enjoyed the responses she received. Every few minutes she would screw the crusher tighter until it felt that my kidneys were also being crushed. Then came the scary bit, the blowtorch. I won’t spoil it for anyone else who is crazy enough to trust someone wielding a blowtorch and coming towards your genitals.

Getting all my bits out of the crusher was a real challenge. I seriously though we were going to have to get a tradie in with an angle grinder! (p.s Mistress Lauren, I’ve though of a possible less uncomfortable solution for next time… then again, you probably prefer the rougher option).

My balls (and cock) released, albeit somewhat bruised, I was next strapped to a bondage horse for a thorough caning, one of mistress’ passions. I was happy to receive marks and she was happy and able to deliver. If not the most I’ve received then a very close second. Maybe that’s a bit of a challenge for next time…

Her aim was, as she promised, very good. She started with the heavy cane and progressed through a range of implements, each with its own special effect. I’d be happy to give her wider scope next time.

She finished with a “head to head” shower, including, after all of that, a very intense orgasm. Now I’m left trying to find time for another trip to Melbourne as soon as possible.

B. 1/9/14

Dear Mistress Lauren,

I write this more than 8 hours after the end of our session. I left you lost for words and I still feel the same way. So I thought I’d best write you this letter.
Thank you. I can’t say it enough.

I’m still amazed at the level of service you provided before I had even set foot in your mind blowing medical room. To be able to email you in the days preceding to discuss what exactly I was wanting to experience is to me unheard of. It meant that as a first timer in the “dark side” as you cheekily called it I was very relaxed. But at the same time extremely excited to be examined by you. It meant I was comfortable that you knew exactly what I wanted. And me oh my did you deliver.

You guided me on a journey that I have fantasised about for many years. I didn’t expect that it would exceed my expectations. There were times when you were asking me my medical history that the lines between fantasy and reality were well and truly blurred. Amazing. How did you do that? This doesn’t come close to explaining how I felt. It’s truly inexplicable.

Your realistic medical examination put me in the place I’ve always dreamed of being. Especially when you discovered what my condition was and that you’d like to perform some experiments on me. Inserting progressively bigger objects into my wanting anus culminating in being pounded with your strap on was this boys dream cum true! Being forced to deep throat your cock was an added bonus. I think I did a great first timers effort. I could go on and on. But being bent over the exam table while you pumped away at me with your strap on is a sight, sensation and orgasm I will never forget.

Thank you for helping me into the moment, right from the beginning. I was calm and relaxed and able to take much more than I expected. In retrospect I expected getting from the point of picking up the phone to having a life changing experience would be a difficult, unfriendly, awkward, process This has been to me the biggest surprise. How comfortable straightforward and caring the whole process was.

Thank you again for guiding me to the dark side. I can’t wait to see you again. This journey has just begun and I have some limits that Id like you to help me discover.

xx S 30/12/2013

Hi Mistress Lauren,

Thanks for the wonderful double domme Lady Boss role play session which I had with you and Mistress Salina on Last Thursday.

You played the Lady Boss role with perfection, right from the time you started asking me the questions on my wrong doings in the office room. I really felt like I was dominated by a dominant boss at work. You have a dominant face and figure, you can easily get into any bossy roles. Your voice and eyes adds to your dominance giving a great Domme in you. The way you used your eyes was very out standing, I can still remember those dominant eyes 🙂

I also loved the way you dominated me on the stocks and the bondage wheel. You also tried lot of equipments on me, I loved it. You are also very good when it comes to humiliation, your laugh, grin and gloats are your forte. You have long legs, perhaps you should use them effectively for some CBT I feel. The way you walk is also very dominant. Another thing about you is you like trying new things and doing things differently with some kinky creativity, one never knows what you would do with someone with something in your hand playing in your mind, that makes it interesting for the sub. Like the bucket over my head on the stocks.

On the whole the role play was perfect and enjoyable, it gave me a feeling like what some one would have experienced if he had done the wrong doings listed on the paper. You and Mistress Salina play well together giving an amazing experience. It was a very nice experience role playing with a dominant Mistress like you, who is very good in domination and humiliation. There are Mistresses who are good in domination with dominant skills by the dominant things they can do, there are also Mistresses who are good in dominance by just their dominant look or voice. You are a Mistress who is good in all three aspects of Femdom. I am not sure whether some one has told you this, you have a bit of Holly wood actress Angelina Jolie’s look in you particularly on your pic on the website. If I visit Melbourne again I will surely have another session with you 🙂

Shiva 27/5/13

Dear Mistress Tara,

Yesterday afternoon I had the very great pleasure of meeting three of your staff:- Mistresses Lauren, Salina and Lux. What wonderfully delightful ladies they are; devastatingly beautiful, with such fun dispositions coupled with a totally non-judgemental friendliness and a refreshing honesty.

On my arrival Mistress Lauren took the time to help me work out just what type of session would best suit my needs; I was obviously somewhat nervous but she explained the options in an open, friendly manner which certainly helped put me at ease. During the session all three ladies took special care to ensure I was comfortable at all times. I will certainly be coming back, soon!!

Mistresses Lauren, Salina and Lux are absolute gems and fabulous assets to your establishment & I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective client, especially anyone who is a little nervous and needs some reassurance.

Thank you for your establishment and especially your wonderful staff.

Kind regards

John 31/10/12

Hello Tara

As you know I have had the pleasure to share many a session with Mz Lauren but our session last Thursday night was both exciting and very fulfilling.

I am quite boring when it comes to the aspects of play I enjoy and in the words of Mz Lauren “not very submissive”.

The ingredients to my sessions are one fun outgoing and energetic Mistress mixed with a pinch of imagination a drop of a sadistic nature and a teaspoon of being wickedly naughty.

Over a period of time those same old boring aspects that I have enjoyed in sessions over the years have grown because of the ability of Mz Lauren to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

In our latest session Mz Lauren suggested a session of Sensory Deprivation.

Completely mummified in wrap I was bound in ropes from my shoulders to my ankles leaving me with no movement or escape.

Placed on the bondage bench I was then strapped down with leather straps and finally re mummified to the bondage bench.

This was by far some of the most restricting bondage I have experienced.

My cheeky protests were only met with a bondage hood to blindfold me and bondage tape restricting my head from any movement.

Any control was soon replaced by squirming and panic as I was forced to inhale a dose of Amyl.

Under the effects of …. light medium and at times heavy forms of breath play were included which only added to the excitement of the session.

Finally to bring a little fun to the session I became a piece of colourful art work as Mz Lauren and friends wrote best wishes comments all over my wrapped body.

It is such an overpowering and rewarding feeling to be in such a helpless position and a delight to explore new aspects of Kink and BDSM.

Mz Lauren thank you for a wonderful experience in opening my mind to new and exciting aspects.

I am already looking forward to our next adventure in Sensory Deprivation.

Darren 16/10/2012

I’ve been away from Melbourne for a while but on return had to visit Fetish House again. Fetish House is the most amazing BDSM destination for me (I’ve tried everyone in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Thailand, but no where else compares). This year I have had sessions with Misty and Lauren. Misty is absolutely gorgeous and a gifted Domme. However she listens to you’re requests and is incredibly accommodating. If you want to be dominated by a stunningly beautiful and exotic woman who will cater to your particular needs, I guarantee you will have a wonderful time. If your tastes run to a brilliant domination or switch session with a tall and beautiful woman, Lauren is the choice for you. Trying to choose between these two incredible people is impossible and, no matter what your needs or desires may be, you will achieve satisfaction. I think a two on one session is definitely in the offing for me. To both Misty and Lauren I say a massive thank you. It’s not easy to explain my needs to anyone but both Misty and Lauren took the time to listen to and fulfill my most intimate desires. To anyone who has ever wished to explore their innermost and secret needs, but hasn’t had the courage to act, either Misty or Lauren would be an excellent choice to introduce you to the world of BDSM. To experienced players I promise you will not be disappointed. Generally it’s not easy being a bit “different”, but these lovely women make one feel accepted. Thanks to Tara for operating a business that makes my life happier. If you have any doubts about calling for an appointment, cast them aside and make your life better. You will never look back!

Paul 15/2/12

Hi Mz Lauren,

I met you tonight. I had so much fun thankyou thankyou thankyou….you are an amazingly sexy woman.

Tom xox 1/7/11
Over the past few months I have had the pleasure to share many session with the delight full Mz Lauren.

As a man who enjoys and has a passion for the world of BDSM and Kink Mz Lauren is like no other Mistress.

The backbone to Mz Lauren’s sessions is her fun and playful nature and her outgoing and energetic personally.

A stunning and skilled Mistress Mz Lauren’s sessions are full of imagination erotic, sadistic and wickedly naughty.

In our latest session Mz Lauren suggested a session of sensory deprivation and breath control.

I was quite nervous at the thought of being sealed inside the latex vacuum bed however one of Mz Lauren”s strengths is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

For those who don’t know a latex vacuum bed is an intense bondage device that allows a person to be sealed inside a latex envelope.

Vacuum beds usually are supported with a rectangular frame of piping and a vacuum source (such as a vacuum cleaner) is attached to the frame of pipes with the vacuum turned on for the duration of the play session.

A breathing hole is built into the wall of the bag allowing me to breathe safely after the air within the bag has been removed

As usual it didn’t take long for Mz Lauren’s wicked nature to take control.

Mz Lauren sealed me inside the latex vacuum bed by locking the entrance to the vacuum bag with a metal rod making any escape impossible.

Inside the vacuum bag it was quite warm with an erotic feeling of being inside an envelope of latex.

Mz Lauren turned on the vacuum cleaner and suddenly the air was completely sucked out of the bag forcing the latex to wrap tightly around my body leaving me with little movement.

Trying to keep control in the latex vacuum bag was impossible as such a scenario is excitingly intense and I soon found my mind starting to lose control.

Suddenly a cloth with Amyl on it was placed over the breathing hole by Mz Lauren and as I was forced to inhale the Amyl losing all control and panic setting in.

Time and time again Mz Lauren would release and re tighten the vacuum bag while I was unable to focus or keep some form of control as my mind was racing in a state of panic.

It is such an overpowering and rewarding feeling to be in such a helpless position and be taken to the point of panic with Mz Lauren completely in control.

To Mz Lauren thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Thank you for pushing my boundaries and limits and for taking me to places that I thought I could never go.

Mz Lauren, I would like to thank you again for a wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing you again very soon

Darren xxx 27.05.2011

Mistress Tara,

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying a session with the delightful Mistress Lauren and while this session was an hour of fun and pure excitement I would like this testimonial to serve as a warning to all men.

I could tell you that Mistress Lauren is a complete knockout with a body and legs that would spellbound any man.

In other words my first warning is simple – Mistress Lauren is smokin hot..

For those men new to the world of Kink or like myself looking to build a professional connection Mistress Lauren ticks all the boxes.

Mistress Lauren’s warm and friendly nature will relax and put to ease any nerves but a word of warning.

It is Mistress Lauren’s fun and playful nature and her bubbly and energetic personally that will lure you under her spell.

Men – a session with Mistress Lauren will leave you completely at her mercy and have you wanting more and more as your mind and body is taken on a journey into your deepest fantasies and desires.

Evil and wicked Mistress Lauren’s most dangerous weapon is her imagination.

Lured into a dungeon with the tease of being tied to a bondage bench I soon found myself completely trapped in Mistress Lauren’s web of ropes.

Bound in ropes from my shoulders to my ankles while standing there was no movement or escape.

It was in this helpless position that Mistress Lauren’s evil streak became clear.

Mistress Lauren wheeled in a full size box very much like a coffin and teased me that I was to become her next victim as once locked inside I would be powerless to escape as my air supply slowly ran out.

My protests were only met with Mistress Lauren’s wicked laughter as I was forced inside the coffin.

Blindfolded and gagged with bondage tape there was no room to struggle.

Suddenly without warning a cotton ball soaked in amyl was taped underneath my nose and its effects were instant as Mistress Lauren sealed me inside the coffin.

Weak helpless and under the effects of the amyl Mistress Lauren poisoned my mind with wicked and evil thoughts while padlocking me inside the coffin.

Powerless to move and under the effects of amyl I was left with no choice but to submit to Mistress Lauren and beg for mercy.

Released from the coffin Mistress Lauren showed no mercy by forcing me onto a bondage bench while still bound and re drugged myself with amyl.

With my mind in a spin and my body completely helpless Mistress Lauren filled my mind with future wicked and evil plans.

Mistress Lauren thank you for an awesome experience.

It is a pleasure to share such adventures with you and I look forward to sharing many more wicked and evil adventures.

Men a final word of warning Mistress Lauren is a powerful drug of fun and excitement a drug impossible to resist and very very addictive.

Best wishes

Darren xxx 15/3/11

Hi Mistress Lauren.
Thank you for your time today. Although I came in with no defined senario about my cuckolding session, you made it a very satisfying and enlightening time. And thank you for letting me speak about those ideas I think about when I think about my wife.

Honestly, I have been to other establishments (twice) in the last two years and the Mistresses that I saw, only saw the humiliation side of it and not the lifestyle/emotional side of cuckoldry. This was not satisfying as this is not how I primarily view the beauty of cuckoldry. I actually didn’t think that I would be able to find someone that understood and have had real experience in the type of sensual cuckoldry that I enjoyed.

I especially enjoyed when you sat on top of me (in reverse) and we talked about my wife and her lovers then sat on my face. This was my first time at smothering and I enjoyed it. For a cuckold, it is a reminder of the aroma of something that he gives up to enjoy the sensuality of this lifestyle.

Thank you for sharing your personal experiences as well.

Thank you for your time today and I hope to see you soon.

K. 11/3/11


Thank you for a wonderful night of fun and kink.
Your relaxing and fun nature not only only helped me to relax but to enjoy every minute of our sessions.
I look forward to falling under your spell and all your wicked and evil plans.
Looking forward to catching up soon.

Darren 11/3/11

Hi Lauren,

Thank you so much again to you and Salina for the time of my life last night. This is just something you can put up on the site if you like:
I’ve had the obscene good fortune of being with Mistress Lauren twice in three days. If that’s not extremely lucky enough, the second time was shared with the breathtaking (at times literally so) Mistress Salina. A solo session with Mistress Lauren is like being a volunteer in the most erotic circus act ever made. You will not believe the death-defying feats that she will subject your body to. As you can imagine, when Mistress Salina joins in, the chemistry makes for a highly combustible sensory explosion to say the least. Every step I took for the rest of the evening on the way home produced a nice little shudder of pleasure running through me. I felt blisfully drained for hours and it took me 10 seconds to cum the next morning just thinking about the experience.

Heaven filled with a harem of girls is a pathetic myth. I’ll take a hell where these two have their hands (among many other things) all over me anyday.

– Jason 28/1/11

Hey Lauren,

Thanks for the kick arse session last night we had an AMAZING time, yourself and Salina put on such a great show.
We were all so nervous, seeing that it was our first time seeing BDSM live, but seconds after meeting you both felt so comfortable and ready for a new and thrilling experience.
We haven’t shut up about it haha, and will definitely be booking something again with you both at a later date.

You RULE!!!

Rob 23/1/11

Hi Mistress,

I’m just writing to say thank you for yesterday’s session, I had a really great time. The ideas you had for the physical challenges were spot on and I particularly liked the one with the egg and spoon.

I also enjoyed my time blindfolded in the cage with yourself and Mistress Salina picking on me.

But, my favourite part was being tied down and tickled by you both, it was INTENSE! I have never felt so helpless and so excited at the same time. No one has ever made me scream like that before, it was GREAT!

Thank you once again,

Matt. 12/1/11

Hi Mistress Lauren,

Just wanted to thank you again for the great session on Thursday night. The marks (I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know) were actually still visible next morning in bright red colour, someone in the office even asked me if I have burned my hands (I blamed it on the hotel iron).

I think I was lucky to have you as my first contact because your attitude towards these things a lot like mine… you prefer to be fun rather than serious and so do I.
So it all went just the right way for me.

Please pass my thanks to Salina as well. She is wonderful, smart and very sexy. I wish I could’ve touched those breasts! (and I tried really hard…)
As I said before, I am hoping to be back in Melbourne next week, most likely from Wednesday till Friday. If you are available, maybe we could catch up again and try something new.

Bond 😉 31/10/10

ps. I was wondering if it was at all possible to videotape the session? Not sure what your rules are on this, so please let me know. Thank you.

Hi Mistress,

I was your client on Oct 13th around noon and I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for an awesome time. I apologise if I didn’t give much outward feedback at the time on how the session was going – I was enjoying it so much that my brain was pretty much in overload processing everything internally 🙂 If it’s any consolation, I’ve been replaying the session in my mind every day since last week!

I hope to visit again sometime in the future!

Ben 19/10/10

Dear Mistress Tara,

I spoke to you briefly by phone last week to arrange a session with Mistress Lauren 10:00 Wednesday 6th to fulfill a near lifelong fantasy of mine and also to complete a lets call it , bucket list, after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, and overcoming my fear of drowning by scuba diving the one thing I feared most was having to make that call to you , now thats not to say I feared BDSM as such, more that, why would I, an intelligent man want to do such a sick and perverted thing, what a dilemma , so when I drove though that roller door still thinking ” stop turn around you idiot, with intrepidness I parked the car and rang your bell. I was greeted with a smile by Lauren even more beautiful than the staff web site pics, we sat down and intuitively I think Lauren new in was my first time, she put me at ease in no time and I found myself telling this beautiful creature my innermost fetish fantasies, to my surprise she didn’t think I was sick at all , and I felt safe in her world, but still had butterfly’s in my stomach as we walked of to dungeon 4. For that one hour my life changed, my attitude changed, my perception of BDSM changed, I even didn’t care if someone noted me leaving Fetish House as I did entering it. Tara I left smiling in fact you can’t wipe the smile of my face when I think back at the events that took place between Lauren and I ,”I feel alive” could you please pass on my thanks to Mistress Lauren for looking after me and thank you for your Establishments existence.

Sorry for the long winded story, but if you think any of its worthy please feel free to use any or all as testimonial but could you please omit email address .

Cheers, till next time,

L 7/10/10

I had the pleasure of seeing Mistress Lauren a few days ago. The session was easily one of the best, if not the best I have ever had. Mistress Lauren is mean yet caring at the same time as well, and I really felt under control and easy to submit to her.

I cannot wait to see her again and think she is the best.

slave puppy flea 7/9/10
All the best Mistress Lauren. I will hopefully see you again soon xxx

I would just like to pass on my thanks to Mistress Lauren for my session a couple of weeks ago.I have had a passion for handstrapping for a long time and seen many mistresses to fulfill this passion.On my first session with Lauren I received the hardest and most accurate handstrapping – it blew me away.I am very much looking forward to another session with Lauren where she can take me to yet another level.Her passion to achieve a successful connection with me was very special.I can’t wait to again experience the power of her strokes with her strict command to “put your hand out!”The intensity of the session was something I have been looking for for a long time.Could you please pass this email on to Lauren as I would like her to know how much I enjoyed the session and can’t wait to have another session with her.I will call shortly to arrange a session.

Steve. 12/4/10

Dear Mistress Lauren,

I am writing to say thankyou so much for yesterday’s exciting and very fulfilling session. What was really satisfying was the way you discussed things beforehand and then made sure that nothing was overlooked. All my fetish fantasies were made reality. Plus you came up with something new – what a surprise for this sissy! All this and you are so gorgeous to look at and as a person.

I’m too embarrassed to sign off with the sissy name you gave me so I’ll just abbreviate!

Thankyou once again, S.T. 24/2/10
PS I’m happy for you to use this in your testimonials but can you make sure the email address isn’t used, thanks.

Hi Mistress Tara,

I am writing to thank you, but particularly, Mistress Lauren for a great time when I visited 22nd December 2009.

I was visiting from interstate and decided to shout myself an early Christmas present, and Lauren did not disappoint. She is friendly and professional with a tasty evil streak. Her body is to die for and being her sub if even for a short time, was an experience I will never forget. After an hour with her, I could not walk straight back to the motel; a sure sign that I had been fully satisfied. I will definitely try to visit her whenever I am in Melbourne in the future.

Could you please pass on my gratitude to Lauren?

Kind regards,

Adam 07/01/10.

To the establishment.
i would like to say a very big thank You to the Ladies at the Fetishhouse and especially to the beautiful MisLauren of which i had the privilege of spending some little time with. i wish the Ladies all the best with the new year and a very merry Xmas.
(pss. By the way what’s wrong with the rollerdoor? i have some electrical mechanics experience but have left the trade many years ago.)

pete 11/11/09

Dear Tara,

Although i never had the honour of meeting you, i would like to send you this note regarding one of your wonderful employees Lauren, whom i had the delight of staying with today.

Firstly i am one of these guys who has always wanted to explore a little on the wild side but never had before…I have looked at your site on many occasions over the past months and finally built up the courage to come visit your establishment..

Although i was very nervous to begin with, I have to say Lauren soon made me relax, feel comfortable and very much at ease…

Lauren is an absolute darling and you should be very proud of her as she is not only gorgeous but extremely proffesional, bubbly, energetic and open minded.

I would really appreciate if you could pass this note on to her and i also want to advise any men or women out there who are considering a visit to fetish house but are a little frightened to actually make it a reality, there is nothing to be scared about as it is very proffesionalIy run and you will miss out on a very electric rewarding experience.

I know i will definately be back!!!!!!!!!


Darren x 21/10/09

Thankyou again and i hope this message is passed on xxx

Mistress Lauren,

I would like to thankyou for a really great introduction into the world of fetish during today’s ½ Hr session.

I was extremely nervous when I arrived and wasn’t sure if I could go through with it as my expectation was that I was completely at your mercy, but after talking to you I felt extremely at ease and enjoyed my time immensely.

You are truly a stunning and skilled Mistress, and I look forward to seeing you again.


Corey. 13/10/09

Hi Lauren,

I just had to tell you how fuckin fabulous you were. You’re definitely a quality girl in all capacities. You made me rock hard and gave my ass a complete workout. You kept me entertained and bottom line, it was alot of fun. And, you are absolutely delicious. Next time I might need to worship you all over with my tongue you and see how I can pleasure you…but thats for another day. Until then, I’ll maintain these wicked memories of our session from yesterday afternoon and look forward to playing another time. Also, a special thanks for having your trainee sit in on it. Was a total trip.


R (Lucy) 7/10/09

Hi Mistress Lauren,

A short note to Thank You very much for participating in my medical fantasy on Wednesday morning. To say i was nervous at the start is a understatement. Once i had met with you and we got chatting i felt at ease.I found you to be very professional through the whole process from meeting me at the door to walking me to the exit. I’m very pleased indeed.

I have been thinking of what i would like to do next all day. Lucky i had an easy afternoon as my mind was not on job that for sure..

I loved playing doctor today,

Thank you once again and i will be back soon.

Kind regards,
A very happy Cam….. 7/10/09

Dear Mistress Lauren,

Thankyou so much for the group session that we had together. You and Mistress Salina are certainly a dynamic duo. You work perfectly together and the sight of the two playing together naked will keep me happy for a very, very long time. You have an amazing personality!!! That playful side of yours is so devilishly wicked!!! You can be a seductive young Mistress that makes me want to beg to worship your hot young body, or so seductive that you could make any man cum by just looking at him from across the room. You have so much energy in your sessions that it’s hard to keep up. I would like to warn anyone wanting to have a session with you that being with Mistress Lauren is seriously addictive!!!!! (and thank God for that!!!) You definitely take control when you enter a room. You kept me wanting more and more, teasing me until I felt I was going to explode. Then it ended with a mind blowing release that only you can give – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankyou so much Mistress Lauren, I will definitely be coming to see you again very soon. I would be a fool to miss out.
Mathew. 25/9/09

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Lauren,and her apprentice Mistress Selena, I was treated to two hours of the best CBT I have had for a long time,Mistress Lauren put me completely at ease,and I was putty in her hands.I experienced needles for the first time,and enjoyed it,I cant wait to try a lot of other things ,which I have been to frightened to try before ,with this lovely lady.At the intro I told her I would like to leave with a very sore cock and balls,And I did,with a big smile as well.Thankyou lovely lady cant wait to see you again.
Bigpete 5/5/09

Greetings Mistress Tara,

Congratulations to you & your staff on running the best BDSM business in Victoria.

If it is possible I would like you to post this message as a testimonial for Apprentice Mistress Lauren.

Firstly, a couple of things about me, so as those who read this will know a bit about where it came from.

I have visited Fetish House on numerous occasions and enjoyed myself every time.

I am a mid forties male.

I have never provided a testimonial for anyone.

I am a Fetishist with a semi Dominant personality.

I generally prefer ladies with long dark hair who are very busty.

That said, here goes.

On Tuesday, I found myself with some spare time and decided to visit FH and meet any of the girls I had not met before.

So after a quick phone call to Mistress Tara, I drove to FH full of anticipation about who I might meet.

First submissive Deeahna came in to say hi and we had a good chat about her services. (Lovely down to earth lady). Then I met Apprentice Mistress Anya, whom I had read so much about. Anya was very pleasant and offered a vast array of options.

The last lady I met was Apprentice Mistress Lauren. (WOW). Lauren is a knockout looker with legs and feet to die for. As well as a great body and looks, this girl is extremely warm and friendly as well as confident, without being over confident. It quickly became apparent to me that I was going to have to get to know her better.

One thing you will quickly learn about Lauren, is that she has a great sense of who she is and takes the time to listen to you.

These attributes absolutely shone through in our booking and although Lauren was on only her 3rd shift, she more than exceeded my expectations.

Lauren, I would like to thank you again for a wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Although I suspect it will become difficult to get a spot, once word gets around about you.

Best wishes my sexy real estate agent.

Barry C. 5/2/09