Mistress Maddox

Mistress Maddox is available on Saturdays by prior email arrangement. Please contact her to arrange a session.

My boots kissed, licked, cleaned and polished will see you stay on My good side. As will good manners.Mistress Maddox
I am a Lifestyle Dominant, Sadist, and Hedonist of many years. I live and breathe BDSM. It is a core value of My daily existence.

I am an energetic, tactile, sensation seeker fulfilling My insatiable lust for pleasure through BDSM. BDSM has given Me the opportunity to create deep personal connections, explore fetish, and enhance sensual pleasures. I can be a harsh Dominant or I may wish to hold you while I lead you on a journey through submission with or without pain.

My interests and fetishes are vast. I am partial to tease and denial, bondage, fetish and explorations. I adore anal, corporal punishment, CBT, Dominance and submission. I have a wicked medical fetish. Be it precise and clinical, role play, an introduction, or for the medical play connoisseur.

I am also very much a Sadist, exploring various facets and trajectories in pleasure and sensation without Domination, or using pain as a way to reach and transcend submission. I specialise in seeking sensations whether physical, emotional, psychological or a heady mix of all three, or simply as an indulgence in the fun and the absurd.

I thoroughly enjoy playing with men, women, couples and people of all ranges of the gender spectrum. Delving into your fantasies and desires, I can bring you to the precipice of bliss using sensual, Domination and submission… or by sadistic means. I provide light sensual exploration through to the more heavier side of S and M. I believe that the human body and mind can be played like a beautiful musical instrument.

I switch only for those that I know and have negotiated and previously sessioned with.

Seeing: Men, women, transgender people, non-gender conforming people, and couples.


I am heavily tattooed and pierced. Bisexual. I am lean and fit with long, strong legs.

A few of my favourite things

– Anal play and enema play
– Creative Cock and Ball Torture
– Corporal punishment, especially caning
– Endurance sessions
– Filth play from light sensual to heavy humiliation
– Humiliation and degradation: physical and verbal, both public and private
– Mummification and heavy bondage
– Needles and sharp things
– Fantasies and taboo (I am very open minded)
– Sadomasochism without Domination
– Tactile sessions


– Anal play
– Ball busting
– Boot/shoe worship
– Bondage, Restraint, Lock and leave, Mummification – body bag, gags, vacuum bed, pallet wrap: leather restraints, rope, wrap, latex, tape, and chain
– Breath control/play
– Caning – sensual, cold/judicial caning, endurance
– Catheters and enema play
– Chastity
– Cock and ball torture: crushing, stretching, weights, pegs, ball busting, needles, sounds, electrics, temperature play, binding, tie and tease
– Corporal punishment: spanking, flogging, straps, paddling, belt, quirts, crops, endurance, face slapping
– Couples of all genders
– Cuckolding
– Electro play: violet wand and E-stim
– Exhibitionism
– Fantasies and fetishes including taboos, abduction, castration, dirty talk, leather
– Filth play (from light sensual to heavy humiliation)
– Forced bi sessions
– Gender play
– Humiliation and degradation: physical and verbal, both public and private
– Medical: urethral catheters, sounds, enemas, anal examination, needles, suturing, role play, prostate examination
– Needle play
– Nipple torture and teasing
– Orgasm control / denial / edging
– Objectification
– Rough body play
– Sensory deprivation/play: hoods, blind folds, ear plugs, endurance
– Sessions without domination: sadomasochism and sensory exploration
– Sissification
– Slave training
– Sadomasochist switch session
– Tie and tease
– Women: I love to session with women!

Hard Limits

– No amyl


Prior Arrangement Sessions: On Saturdays I am available via prior arrangement. This requires 24 hours notice. If you wish to book me on a Saturday please email me directly (below).

If you wish to email me personally you may do so at s.m.maddox@outlook.com

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.



Mistress Maddox is panther like. That’s what I remember from our first meeting. Lean, fit, striking. Exuding strength through her torso and long lean muscular limbs. Carrying herself like a hunter. I can so easily imagine Mistress Maddox bringing her quarry down in the night jungle.

As Mistress Maddox surrounds me in her Dungeon, I feel an erotic charge as if a bolt of electricity has gone through me. For the next 2 hours every movement and every moment has this same electricity running through it. I am permitted to worship Mistress Maddox’s boots and I do so with more devotion than I have ever done to anything before. Cleaning the soles with my tongue feels like the greatest of rewards.

Some have called me a player with interests in the heavier aspects of bdsm but I am putty in Mistress Maddox’s hands. I completely bend to her will and voice. I can imagine how easily Mistress Maddox could take both beginners and experts on an amazing journey. My thoughts on this are confirmed as Mistress Maddox takes me through severe cbt and nipple torture, culminating in the most brilliant and imaginative needle work. I say Mistress Maddox would be perfect for beginners as everything she does is so precise and exact. Nothing is left to chance, including absolute adherence to hygiene and safety. I also felt totally at ease communicating to Mistress Maddox at any time.

For two hours I let go and fly. I scream with pain and moan with pleasure. The two become blurred as I disappear into the fantasy world Mistress Maddox has created for me. I am left breathless and shuddering. I end on the floor, licking my cum off Mistress Maddox’s boots. I am still in disbelief at the most shuddering orgasm delivered through the blur of deepest pain and highest pleasure. Thank You, Mistress Maddox. You totally blew my mind.


Maddox is exciting and powerful yet also sensitive to what you have asked for. She is very skilful in many areas and puts these skills to good use. I had a very successful and invigorating session with her and would go again and again to try some different activities. I would recommend her to anyone for a great session. Thanks Maddox.


I have wrestled a lot of beautiful, strong and formidable women over the last 20 years. Maddox is very lean with a 10 out of 10 gym fit perfect body. Along with her attractive face she is also very pleasent in communication. Upon stipulating her wrestling limits and my following close behind to the matted wrestling room, I had great doubts that this nice little petite body could put up a worthy opposition.

Boy! Did that suddenly change when we came in first contact. Feeling the toned, beautiful strength that seemed to sensually pulsate out of her body I knew immediately that she was going to dominate me in the manner of my dreams. And that she did. Mainly by use of her exceptionally strong legs, I will never forget the moment towards the end when with my strength zapped, she held me still in time, captured in delight.

Thankyou Maddox. I am now hoping to bring forward a revisit to melbourne before the end of the year.


Mistress Maddox is so widely experienced and creative.  Ask her about the needles she is so good at and “stairway to Heaven”.  I had various sized sounds inserted and I rose to the occasion.  Her outfits are stunning and her body art is a sight to behold.  I had a great session with her.


I had the most fantastic session with Mistress Maddox last Sat night. Her skill with the cane put me in my place. She provided all fetish fantasies that evening. We discussed and explored my wants and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is willing to supply all kinds of fetish and I look forward to future sessions. A very experienced apprentice.