Fetishist Mars Kaiyote

Iam a statuesque and intuitive being with breath-takingly long legs and endless brunette tresses. My playfully erotic nature is met with eroticism and sensuality. Be careful not to be fooled by my poised, disarming demeanour, this is matched equally by a tendency to cruelty.

Infatuated by fetish, I believe such fixations should be celebrated and traversed. Our time together will be fuelled by my passion for self-exploration, and an instinctive hedonistic inclination.

While I enjoy all aspects of BDSM, my main interests lean towards psychological torment, such as humiliation, degradation, and fear play. These activities are great accompaniments to forms of play that focus on physical sensation, and can produce not only a release of pleasure inducing endorphins, but an adrenaline response – for the thrill-seeker.

I hold creativity in high regard when it comes to play and this will be incorporated into sessions to ensure originality. I relish in role play. My vivid imagination and creative nature inspire a fondness for performance. I am interested in role play ranging from impromptu/naturally occurring speech following a theme, to structured, scripted scenes acted out in session. I will happily engage in even the most unusual scenarios – nothing is too weird.

I believe communication is an incredibly important element to all sessions. This said, I will not session with you and/or your partner if I do not believe we can communicate effectively.


6’1″ in bare feet
Size 10, D bust
Early 20s
Long brunette hair
Fair skin
Brown eyes
Tattoos & piercings
Size 10 feet


Age play
Anal play (excluding fisting)
Ball busting (light)
Breath play (light)
Bondage & restraint
Body worship (intimate and non-intimate)
Cock & ball torture (light)
Corporal punishment (light – medium)
Cross dressing
Double sessions
Electrics (violet wand)
Face sitting
Face slapping
Fear play (light)
Foot fetish
Golden shower
Nipple play/torture
Orgasm control & denial
Role play/fantasy
Sensation play
Sensory deprivation (light – medium)
Smoking fetish
Pet play
Tie & tease
Wrestling (light/erotic – medium)

Submissive/Switch sessions:

Corporal punishment (light – medium)
Bondage & restraint (light – medium)
Hair pulling
Humiliation (by negotiation)
Nipple play (light)
Orgasm control/denial
Pet play
Role play/fantasy
Spitting (not on face/genitals)


Please email me on: marskaiyote@gmail.com or call Fetish House to make a booking.


Mistress Mars,

In everyday life I am a suit wearing vanilla that blends into the mainstream, and only recently have I been brave enough to explore my Kink. So when the Senior Mistress that I booked with, asked permission to invite an apprentice in to ‘observe’ the session, I hesitantly agreed. My completely incorrect assumption was that an apprentice is somehow lesser. My customer satisfaction survey is 10/10 for your performance..

You joined the session part way through, confidently walking into the room with myself having already been rendered very much helpless. Your tall stature gave you a presence that I was not anticipating. I appreciated how well the senior mistress blended your arrival into the theme we were role playing within. I definitely felt a nervous apprehension as she described aloud what she was about to do to me…

Then the twist, I was not expecting the senior mistress to ask if you would like to take over. Without skipping a beat, you picked up the tools and went to work. Wow!!! Absolutely no complaints with your capable use of the said ‘tools.’ You responded immediately to my minimal feedback, and were rapidly giving me tingles in all the right places…

My brain was a little overwhelmed by all the sensations.. I did peak a look at your face a couple of times, and you genuinely appeared to be enjoying your work. The cheeky banter was also a notable highlight…

If you are at the beginning of your career, you are likely to go far. Typically people improve with practice of skills and you are already surprisingly good. I really enjoyed double the attention, and appreciated how the senior mistress made your presence part of the bigger scene. I did feel a touch of disappointment when the senior mistress thanked you and you left the room…

In summary you were brilliant. I enjoyed and appreciated your enthusasim. If you can repeat that performance, I am definitely going to be cheeky on my next visit and ask if you require additional training…. It was memorable, but I’m pretty sure you know that already, having watched me squirm with pleasure.

Oh, and thanks for coming back to say goodbye as I was leaving.. I appreciated being able to give you a hug and say thank you as I was leaving.


Hi Mars

Thanks for session today. I had a wonderful time even though we had very limited time. I loved the way you kept the shoes in the box and took them one at a time.

I will book a longer session this time and would love to see the shoes you mentioned.



I can’t begin to express how much fun I had in my most recent session with Mars. In a torture/interrogation scene we had devised together, Mars had agreed to extract some information “by any means necessary”, not that being with such a beauty would require much extraction. While I had sessioned with Mars in the past, I have never seen her in latex before, and when I arrived I was met by the site of Mars in black latex leggings which truly accentuated every beautiful curve from hip to toe. Dear god, I wanted to confess on the spot! Her beauty was only match by the sadistic streak I had yet to encounter with Mars…until today.

We went in to the session where Mars proceeded to tie my hands above my head and elevate me so that my toes barely touched the ground and a spreader bar separated by legs preventing me from shielding myself *gulp*. Mars having been so nice prior to the session, then proceeded to blindfold me and the session changed. Where once Mars was so friendly and inviting, she now proceeded to prowl around me, throwing objects to distract the senses from one side of the room only for me to feel the crack of her whip from another direction while her stern inquisitions rung in my ears. She spoke with the confidence that she was always going to get the information she was after, but the desire to inflict as much pain as she wished along the way. Mars moved with purposeful intent, like a lioness stalking its prey and I was overwhelmed with the desire to surrender to the session, and surrender to Mars. Suffice to say, Mars was successful in extracting the information she was after, and my nipples and balls continue to feel “the love of Mars” days after our session. Mars sessions with a confidence and maturity beyond her years but the alluring and seductive charm that come with youth. If you are unsure as to whether you want to session with Mars, I urge you to book today to try a session because I cannot imagine any man or woman who would not fall in lust with this beautiful vixen as she proceeds to torture and torment.

Thank you once again Mars, it was an experience I will NEVER forget!