Mistress Miko

Mistress Miko is currently on leave until further notice.

T he thrills of BDSM and Fetish excite Me immensely, from the sharp sound of the crop, to complete mental and physical domination, to the intricate creativity required in role play. What type of Mistress am I? I can be strict and stern, light and playful, sensual and seductive or any other persona we can dream up – after all, variety is the spice of life!

I am often misjudged by the youthful appearance I hold – a common mistake, but let Me reassure you now that I am more than capable of bringing any slave to their knees before Me, whether it is with fear, desire, or both. I am a highly intelligent Mistress and truly well versed in the etiquette of Dominance and submission.

A tall, statuesque Asian Mistress, I stand at 5’10” without heels, and have a slender, hour glass figure with ivory skin that is silk to the touch (should you ever be granted such a privilege!). I am very sympathetic and understanding of My submissives’ needs, although you will find that I can be just as cruel as I can be accommodating.

The sessions I deal in vary from as light as a very erotic, sensual tie and tease, to as heavy as required (I’ll let your imagination run wild on that one) and I thrive on responsive slaves; play-things that just melt at My touch and tortures.

“I will delve into your inner-most wants, needs and desires to exploit every pleasure… Dare you come play in My realm?”Mistress Miko

I particularly adore CBT, nipple play, and corporal (I have excellent aim!) but My skill, experience, and interests go far beyond just those three. I love almost every type of session, but please note that My strict limits are intimate body worship, nudity and brown showers/scat play.

Latex and rubber are special loves of mine; there is nothing more sensual and seductive than the feeling of skin-tight rubber. I have a full-body, glistening latex catsuit, hoods, dresses, corsets for Myself (if you’re lucky, I might use you to shine Me up!), as well as a catsuit and hood that will fit small to medium men. For those who also enjoy restriction, come be encased inside My latex body bag or compressed in the latex vacuum bed.


– Anal play (from digital and strap-ons right through to fisting and double fisting)
– Bondage and restraint (light, medium and heavy)
– Canine/Puppy training
– CBT (light, medium and heavy)
– Corporal punishment (light, medium and heavy)
– Cross dressing (complete and partial transformations)
– Erotic tease and sensual play
– Fetishes (Foot/boot/heel fetish, smoking fetish, leather, latex, PVC, etc)
– Golden showers (water sports)
– Humiliation (public and/or private) (light, medium and heavy)
– Instruments of pain and torture (electrical, temporary piercing, catheters, weights, clamps, hot wax, burning, abrasion/scratching etc)
– Kidnapper and/or extortionist
– Medical (doctors, nurses, patients)
– Nanny/Mummy (babyism/infantilism)
– Nipple torture (light, medium and heavy)
– Role play, psychological play and fantasies
– School mistress, naughty school boy/girl
– Sensory deprivation
– Sissy slut training (directed bi-sexuality, strap-on and anal play, instruction in deportment and etiquette)
– Smothering
– Trampling

Hard limits

– Intimate body worship
– Nudity
– Brown showers/scat play


Toys that can be used for sessions (clamps, CBT and corporal equipment, etc), latex, lingerie, or you could just ask Me over the phone or via email for other suggestions.


If you wish to email Me personally my email address is mistressmiko@hotmail.com

If you wish to speak with Me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our Etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.


To Fetish House,

I’d like to submit a testimonial to Mistress Miko after a breath-taking and unforgettable first experience, last Sunday.

As it was my first time submitting to a professional Mistress, I was visibly nervous about what the session would entail. However, after the initial greeting, Mistress Miko was able to put my mind at ease by understanding my curiosities and utilizing them to tailor a uniquely entrancing experience that left me speechless and mesmerized.

It was the first time in a long while that I was so immersed in such a spicy scenario that I momentarily forgot where I was!

Thank-You, Mistress Miko.


Dear Mistress Miko,

Thank you so much for our recent session, our fourth. I wanted to write you a testimonial, but it feels like some of the things in our session were very private so forgive me if I abbreviate them.

Your beautiful appearance and dress are the first thing to strike. There is a big contrast between your demeanour in the meeting room- warm, friendly and accommodating- and the dominant control you take when the session begins. I enjoy agreeing the overall parameters beforehand then letting you take the session where you wish to.

Thank you for wearing the xxxx, and letting me wear xxxx, top and bottom, for our session. The feeling of anticipation waiting for you to enter the room was remarkable. I was excited, and slightly scared, throughout. You let me worship parts of you, then tied me to the xxxx to start to punish me with the xxxx. I loved the way you dripped xxxx onto my xxxx. You spanked me with xxxx, which hurt but aroused at the same time. And the way you ran the xxxx back and forward over my xxxx was another highlight. The slow finish to our session, when I was able to touch but not penetrate the xxxx, will stay in my memory for a long time.

Thank you again, Mistress, and I look forward to our next session.

Mike, 30 August, 2013

Hi Tara

I just wanted to say thanks and well done for running such a fantastic operation.

My first visit in Australia to see a Mistress and after much searching on the internet I choose The fetish House. You web site is great – quick and easy to use.

I choose Mistress Miko and rang last Wednesday to make an appointment. The lady who answered the phone was both polite and helpful guiding me through the process and helping with all my questions. Your premises were easy to find and I liked the discreet parking. I was expecting the waiting area to be like a doctors surgery with all the clients sitting together wondering who was going to get up to what! My private waiting area made me feel more relaxed.

I sat quietly waiting for Mistress Miko with that sort of sick feeling you get when you have to wait at the dentist. Only here I knew it was going to be painful!!

I had sent Mistress Miko a brief outline and had requested some sexy black lingerie – for her not me!! I did not expect her to bother as I thought she would prefer to wear her own outfit. When the door opened and she walked in I was thrilled. She looked fantastic and was so polite and easy to talk to. My session was fantastic and she worked very hard to meet my requests. I cannot thank her enough for making my Sunday afternoon into the best I have ever had.

Thanks once again to both you and Mistress Miko.

I am going to book another session this weekend. Just have to come up with some new ideas.

Kind regards

chris 10/9/12

Hello Mistress Tara

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Mistress Miko with whom I had the priviledge of having a session with her today. Firstly Mistress is absolutely stunning, even more so than what her pics suggest. While I have visited the Fetish House on many occasions, this was the first time I had met Mistress Miko. I guess it is somewhat of a gamble when visiting someone for the first time, as neither party has any idea of what either can handle/dish out, but I suggested a hard corporal session, and hard it was, there certainly wasn’t any fluffy getting to know you. I have no idea how this compared to other people’s definition of hard, but to me it felt like Mistress was trying to get the floggers right through me – and OMG is she accurate. My backside is definitely sore and hard (although unfortunately not well marked – but then I don’t tend to mark easily or for long). I also could not believe just how sharp her fingernails were, it’s like they had been sharpened to points. This was also the first time that I had been dominated in a foreign language, which just added a totally new and amazing element to the session. I will definitely be making an appointment with Mistress Miko again.

Also thank you to you as well Mistress Tara. You run a great establishment, and it has been for many years – so kudos to you as well.

Many thanks
Chris 5/8/12

Dear Mistress Miko

Thanks for the session yesterday, enjoyed it so much. Must say you looked absolutely stunning, really turned me on. Just want to let you know my bottom(SO SORE) is covered in black, blue and red stripes. Never ever had such a hard caning. Take Care. Paul 05/03/12

Hello Mistress Miko,
So I was somewhat dazed after my session with you today, and I don’t feel as though I expressed my gratitude properly. Though it was probably fairly stock standard for you, for me it was absolutely amazing and it was precisely what I was looking for. I’ve been walking on clouds ever since, thank you so much.

M 21/12/11

Dear Mistress Miko,

Iám really enjoyed my (first) session with you . After that i was so dumbfounded. Thank you very much .

It was so unforgettable. 🙂

-Frank 19/12/11

Dear Mistress Miko,

Thank You so much for today. It was amazing. i loved every second of it.

You are amazing.

Your slut 7/7/11

Dear Mistress Miko,
i would love to have this testimony up for You.
Thank You so much for Your time Yesterday, it will be unforgettable.
i have learned my lesson about cumming without Your permission. But the combination of no relief for 5 weeks and vibrator shoved into my cock hole (a new first for me) there was no way i could hold it.
But i have learnt a new meaning to pleasure and pain. Even thou i had cum You didn’t stop stimulating my extremely sensitive cock. i was so dazed i had no idea what was going on. Even when i thought i had cum again.
It felt like You could have made my cock literally explode or even snap off. i was so daazed i probably would have let You.
Mistress Miko thank You so so much.
i could not have dreamt anything better.
Your pet dan 5/8/11

Hello Mistress Tara I just had a spanking session with Mistress Miko yesaday and she is bloody good for a very young Mistress she hits very hard and I had my fist ever birthday caneing my birthday spanking are always over the knee hand spanking but thank you for a good Mistress I am going to try to get to vic more.

s 17/1/10

Dear Mistress Tara,

Would it be possible to post the following testimonial to the amazing Mistress Miko, whom I have now submitted to twice at the Fetish House.


slave paul

Dear Mistress Miko,

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the 2 mind-blowing sessions I have had with you. You are simply the most outstanding Mistress. The first session was the best first session I have ever had with a Mistress. You totally captivated me. First, you put me completely at ease with your initial interview but then in the dungeon it was something special. Everything you did was with the highest possible skill. Technically, you were brilliant. But it was your manner, your skill with seduction, the way you took over my mind that was quite beautiful. Of course it helped that you did such amazing nipple torture. The clamping, the scratching, the slow dripping of hot wax. The electricity that was applied to my nipples and my cock and balls. And the exquisite discipline. So accurate. So painful yet I wanted more. I loved your caning.

I’m still amazed that I would willingly submit to chastity but it seemed so natural to surrender my chastity to you. I was locked up for 2 weeks before the second session, the most mind-blowing of my life. You put 67 needles in my back and each one pierced my skin 3 times. I know because I counted them on the photo you sent me. There is no way I could remember such a thing as I was floating in submissive heaven the entire time the piercing was taking place (even though I squealed quite a bit from the pain of the piercings – sorry). The picture was amazing, a giant S, on my back. It was such an honour to be used as your canvas.

But then you continued on. Whilst I was lying on my stomach my nipples throbbed in pain from the intense use of candle wax, clamps, electricity and your razor nails. After the piercings I was laid on my back for more intense nipple torture. The clamps were so, so painful but I couldn’t believe the reaction they caused. Combined with amazing breathplay, perhaps being locked in chastity for 2 weeks but the amazing pain of nipple torture and the sensory overload I was suffering. I was brought me to the most remarkable, shattering orgasm I have ever experienced. I felt severely embarrased, having cum without permission, but you soon had me locked in chastity once again.

Mistress Miko it has now been 3 weeks and I am bursting to see you again. I want to kneel down beside you and freely give my mind and body for whatever sadistic wish you desire. I do hope you will use me for the most bizarre and kinky fetishes you would like to inflict upon a slave. You have taken me.

slave paul. 13/12/09

I came to fetish house very nervous but wanting to explore an area that I’d not had the chance to explore before. I picked Mistress Miko off her profile page and WOW, it was even better than I’d have ever thought possible! I’m not usually someone who displays much emotion, but Mistress had me BEGGING her to keep going. Thank you for a wonderful session and next time I can afford it, I will definitely be back!

Your slave,

Matt 10/7/09

Dear Mistress Miko,

Wanted to say a big thank you for today’s session. I enjoyed it immensely. It truly was what I wanted even though I probably didn’t articulate it that well. One of the best parts was looking at that huge weight.

Thanks very much and should you come by Singapore, do say hi. Happy to take you out for all the hawker foods.

Best regards,

Ian 20/4/09

Hi Mistress Tara / Miko


I felt it about time that I send you a Email in support of Mistress Miko , in the 12 months that I have been to fetish house most of my visits have been with Mistress Miko . On all visits she has been nothing but amazing , charming and very elegant all ways with a smile . Anyone who has not been to fetish house yet, could not go wrong in having Mistress Miko as your first Mistress . Thankyou very much Mistress Miko and yes I will back .Great Session on the 18/4/09

Please use this as a testimonial if you wish without my email address


Kev 18 / 4/ 09

Dear Mistress Miko

A brief note to thank you for our session today. I was scheduled to see another Mistress, however when I saw you I just knew I wanted a session with you. What a choice I made – brilliant! You didn’t push me quite as hard but other than that the session was perfect. The face sitting; the humiliation; the caning was great. I have at last found another mistress at Fetish House after the lovely Abbey. I trust you will allow me to serve you again. Next time with some Tabasco sauce. Apologies for changing my booking, but I made the right choice.

John 9/3/09

Tara \ Mistress Miko,
Just brief line in support of Miko. I thoroughly enjoyed some sessions under M istress M iko. This lovely well rounded dominatrix was no passive Geisha or madam butterfly. She is a highly skilled stylish mistress with a charming wicked elegant smile and for those who enjoy sensual domination you can’t go wrong. Even the most discerning Mikado would have to be pleased. Sayonara for now.
Tony W.A 23/1/09

Hi Tara,
It was lovely to see you again on Monday and thank you very much for arranging my new experiences.

I was a little late in getting your further email, but what you had planned for me instead was fantastic.

jacks time with Mistress Miko was particularly stretching and pushed his boundaries to the limit and beyond.

submissive shaya was also amazing and the joy of new partners was a delightful experience to share. I also consider it a priviledge that shaya allowed me to explore parts of her that were not tried before. That displayed a absolute trust and responsibility that I do not take lightly.

Please thank both of these beautiful ladies for sharing their time with me and for giving me a special Xmas present.

Also pass on my kindest regards to Mistress Lee for considering me on her holiday.

Finally, I wish you and all the members of the house all the very best for Xmas and the New Year.

Please look after yourself and do take care.

Beat wishes and I hope to catch you again soon.

Mistress Jackie 23/12/08

Hi Miko,

I have to admit that when I first meet you in the waiting room that my initial thought was that you had a British accent. Though I dismissed that idea after a few minutes and decided that you just sounded very well educated.

Now that my birthday is pretty much well and truly over I can say without a shadow of a doubt that our time together is the most I’ve ever enjoyed a birthday. In fact, there was one part, where for a few minutes, I’d possibly say that it was the most I’ve ever enjoyed a sexual experience with anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to give up regular sex, but if I did, at least I know what I would want to exchange it for. Take care of yourself and I hope to see you again soon.

A. 1/11/08

Hello Mistress Miko,

I had the pleasure of seeing you for my first time tonight.
It was everything I had hoped for. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

I am sorry for cuming before you gave me permission to.
As promised, I will practice my self control for our next interlude.

Thank you again, until we meet again

Your devoted slave

Steve 8/8/08

Dear Madam Miko,

I would like to thank you for the session last Friday.

I was so overwhelmed by your beauty, intellligence, and professionalism that I was hardly able to say how absolutely amazing you were. What a stress relief!

Thank you so much.

I feel that I will book another session with you in the near future.

Thank you again.

Best regards,
slave p 6/8/08

Dear Mistress Miko/Tara,


Just a quick thankyou and testimonial for Mistess Miko whom I visited today. Mistress Miko is the 4th professional Mistress I have visited and the best to date! Not only did She take ownership of my body but of my mind as well. Mistress Miko pushed me to limits I did not know I possessed in terms of accepting domination, pain and sensuality. I covet the marks I will carry for the next few days (marks I obtained at my request). For any true submissive, a Domme with Mistress Miko’s level of ability to humiliate, stimulate and flagelate at the same time is a rare Gem. Thankyou once again and I hope you will accept me as a slave the next time I am in Melbourne.

Highest Regards from your humble slave,

Paul 2/8/08

p.s. no email address please if you deem this a worthy testimonial

Dear Mistress Miko,

Thank you Mistress for the great time I had, the experience was awesome. Would it be alright to book another session but for 1 hour next Saturday if you would have me for a slave. I finished my homework.

Thank you Mistress Miko

from slave G 1/7/07

Dear Mistress Tara,

Can you please pass this email onto Mistress Miko. Every time I have seen her I have had such a wonderful time. You were right when I first spoke with you on the telephone so many months ago when you said she was young but no push-over. Mistress Miko had me like a puppet on a string right from the word go. AND she is absolutely GORGEOUS. Oh wow!!! I just had my 20th session with her last time I was in and so felt it appropriate to write to you to mark the occasion. I look forward to many more.

Thank you once again to You and all your wonderful Mistresses at Fetish House.

Mark C 25/6/07

Dear Mistress Miko:

thank you for such a great session yesterday. that was so good and im spechless, i will visit melb and accept another session from you my goddess once i got a chance. thank you a lot

Cobe 29/07/06