Fetishist Rabbit

Welcoming men, women, and couples, of all gender identities. Uncurb your imagination, as I invite you to live out your desires, and to delve into your darkest fantasies. I am imperious, demanding, sarcastic, and degrading. I am also nurturing, sympathetic, light hearted and kind. I can take you down veiled roads, or we an both travel the paths of pleasure, and discover what awaits…Do you want to toss the coin?


Mid to late 40’s and not a second has been wasted delivering me here.

168 cm, 70 kg, muscular, gym fit, and flexible.

Anglo Australian born man.

Steely blue eyes.

Short cropped hair, shaved on request.

Trimmed and well maintained body hair, extremely short pubes, can be fully removed on request.

6 1/2 inch beautifully proportioned circumcised cock, (perfect for bi beginners), with large smooth balls.


(At this time l am exclusively working with Mistress, individual sessions will be announced).

Forced bi: Introducing you to a world of Bi Sexual obedience.

Cuckolding: The humiliation of the living cuckold experience.

Anal play: enjoy, as l deliver Digital, light fisting, toys, penis.

Water Sports: Delicious golden showers.

Role play: Job interview, Sports coach, Tradie, Security Officer…Use your imagination, we can work on an imaginative scenario together.

Under consideration: Your requests, if they please me.

Availability and Contact

I am available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Contact Fetish house for booking inquiries: wabbit1263@gmail.com