Mistress Ryoko

With 10 years of femdom experience, in both
lifestyle and professional work: I have a twisted sense of humour, and revel in most battered forms of the strange and perverse. I have many varying complex layers, from sadistic to masochistic, from prude to lewd, from sweet to nefarious debauchery…

My passions and specialties lie in creative bondage and restraint play in rope, leather, straps. Do not doubt my ability to turn you or an object into a form of predicament and humiliation. I have years of training in Martial Arts under my belt, and I love nothing more than getting slaves in scenes of Take Downs, Abductions, Psychological Role Play, Power Exchange, Aggressive Sexual Rough Play and Ball Busting. I am also well versed in light to extreme precision Corporal Punishment, and take great pleasure in making you flinch or having you turned into a private or public performance, as well as conduct various levels of CBT, Objectification, Cross dressing & Instruction in Deportment & Etiquette & all forms of articulation, Pet play, Edge Play, Directed Bi-sexuality, Strict Slave training and discipline, Human furniture, Domestic Servitude, Dungeon design, and everything leather / latex.

What excites and titillates me endlessly is Japanese Bondage, from sensual Shibari and suspension, kinbaku to abduction and hard takedowns in Hojojutsu; with a focus on aesthetics, movement, and malleability over one’s form, hinging from singular or multiple points; I will restrict your pulse & energy flow, only to be more intensified by the continuous movement of binding. I will combine rope elements in places where you least expect it and love to watch you squirm with discomfort. You, the bounded, will become art and my personal plaything.

I am the ultimate thinking man/woman’s Mistress, intense, unwavering, and precise. I particularly enjoy sapiosexual subs who are fueled by the journey of dynamic BDSM, challenging limits and exploration of emotionally intelligent sub space and boundaries. I will consider switching ONLY by negotiation, particularly if we have the right chemistry and will personally undertake your master in training sessions. Otherwise, don’t expect me be calling you Sir under any other circumstances. I also dislike soft fluffy BDSM scenes, and have zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use in sessions.

All LGBTQI gender expressions welcome.


I am the kind of Asian you will fail to define: I do a lot of extreme sport, am in my 30’s, 5’5 (165cm), body size 8, flexible, lean with sensual curves on a statuesque and athletic physique.


Whether it’s kink to first timers, or introductions
to new interests to an experienced player, these are a few of my favorite things:\

– Anal play
– Abduction/kidnapping
– Body worship (non intimate only)
– Boot worship: light to heavily forced
– Bondage and restraint: ropes, leather, chains,
tape, latex body bag, vac bed, pallet wrapping and much more
– Breath Play
– CBT: light to heavy, including sounds, fire
& needle play
– Chastity: devices, key holding
– Corporal Punishment: light to extreme, spanking,
canes, straps, whips, floggers etc.
– Couples: private lessons and sessions with
– Cross Dressing: part to full transformation
– Cuckolding
– Electrics play: violet wand, TENS machine
– Face slapping
– Face Sitting, Queening, Smothering
– Fetish Mistress Double/Triple/Group Sessions
– Foot fetishes
– Gender Liberation and Gender Expression sessions
– Gags
– Humiliation: from the playful to very heavy
and even personal
– Impact play: light to extreme
– Interrogation play: Military, Police, Espionage
– Instructional/Facilitation Sessions: come
alone or with a partner and learn how to top/bottom.
– Instruments of pain and torture: including
Electrical Play, Sounds, Needle Play/Temporary Piercing, Weights, Clamps, Hot Wax, Burning, Abrasion/Scratching
– Kicking & Ball busting
– Latex: I wear or force you to, or vac bed
– Lock and leave
– Mummification
– Nipple play
– Objectification: light to extreme, solo, couples
or group
– Orgasm control: tease, denial, ruin
– Pet play
– Pinching
– Post orgasm torture
– Reading/Dirty talk
– Role play: Psychological Play, Psychologist
and Patient, Prison Guard Scenes, Schoolgirl, Teacher/Student, Boss/Employee, Wife/Girlfriend… let’s get creative.
– Sensation play
– Sensory deprivation: hoods, gags, blindfolds,
earplugs, wrapping, body bags…
– Sensory overload: taste, touch, smell, sound
– Sessions without domination
– Sessions in non fetish-wear
– Sexual domination
– Shibari & Suspension (I prefer a minimum of 1-2 hour sessions for these)
– Silent domination
– Smothering/Facesitting/Queening
– Spitting
– Sploshing: BYO food.
– Strict Sub training
– Switching (Prior negotiation only)
– Tickle play/torture
– Trampling: barefoot and heels
– Water sports
– Water bondage
– Water boarding (interrogation play)
– Weight loss & Flexibility training (If you
take on a program of this format I will make you work for it and hold accountability. I like my slaves FIT)
– Wrestling (please contact me over email to
discuss whether you are of a suitable weight class)
– Vac Bed & Body bags (latex)

Please note I am not interested in: Adult baby
play, Medical Play, or any role-play involving paedophilia or incest, brown showers / scat play.


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at Rryoko.dom@gmail.com

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.