Mistress/Switch Tash

I‘m a petite, curvy, dark-haired switch with a cheeky grin. I have soft pale skin and natural DD-cup breasts. I am heavily tattooed with beautiful Japanese designs. I’m articulate, intelligent and have a wicked sense of humour. I have a fetish for vintage lingerie, PVC and leather and I’ve got the curves to fill them out.

As a dominant, I slip along the gauntlet of demeanours: from light hearted, fun, or kind Mistress to stern and strict, depending on the scenario. Whatever the mood, my sessions are always highly erotic. I like all forms of torture – torture doesn’t always need to be painful. It can be a state of high arousal, or all in the mind, or an overload of sensation. I look forward to leading you through a session, and all the infinite possibilities of your body and mind.

As a submissive, I am a changeable creature; at times cheeky, bratty and bold, at others a quiet supplicant. I am often in need of a good spanking, flogging or caning from light to heavy (heavy only with proper warm-up). I adore bondage and love to try out positions from the light to the strenuous. I’m a very responsive, vocal and enthusiastic tickle sub. I love pee desperation and holding on until you say the word, then wetting my knickers. Please note – I do not offer sexual services in my submissive sessions.

I also enjoy meeting as equals to explore sensation.

Special Interests

As a dominant:

I adore all forms of corporal discipline especially spanking, paddling, crop, strap, flogger, hairbrush & cane. I love to lead you through a CP session, building up intensity, exploring the limits of your body. I enjoy CP sessions from light to extreme.

Bondage is a passion of mine. I enjoy honing my skills and creativity. Let me truss you up in rope, leather, or chain.

There’s nothing I like more than CBT – from light slapping, pulling, to ballbusting, electroplay (I have an Erostek electrical box and a number of attachments), binding, devices and whatever my mind can conjure to punish your junk.

I have a deft hand for Needleplay – making beautiful rows of spikes down your body or most tender of places.

I’ve a soft spot for AB and Diaper-lover play. I can be your babysitter, mummy or auntie.

As a submissive:

I am always needing punishment by way of corporal discipline for my many transgressions. Flogger, crop, strap, paddle and old-fashioned OTK spanking. I am quite partial to handstrapping, if you have the aim for it. I also receive caning, though you must have experience with this skill and impeccable aim. I provide CP from light to heavy (with proper warm-up.) I accept and relish marks.

Let me be your bondage bunny! From a light rope around the wrists to more complex and strenuous positions, I love bondage of all kinds.

I accept humiliation to varying levels and styles. Impress me with your wit and the lash of your tongue.

I’m an ethusiastic, responsive and vocal tickle sub (and it is torture for me, I’m extremely ticklish!) I will squeal the house down and lose my senses in a tickle session, so prepare your ears!

Please note, I do not offer sexual services in my submissive sessions.



– Abduction Role Play
– Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Sessions
– Anal Play (digital, toys, strap-on, fisting)
– Body Worship (non-intimate)
– Bondage (leather and rope)
– Cock and Ball Torture (slapping/hitting, weights, cock bondage, devices, electrical, post orgasm torture, ballbusting)
– Confinement
– Corporal punishment – spanking, paddling, crop, strap, flogger, hairbrush, cane – light to heavy
– Cross dressing – up to full transformation
– Electrics (Erostek, Tens and Violet Wand)
– Erotic Tie and Tease
– Fetishes – Boots, stockings, tattoos, scarves, panties, smoking, etc
– Face Slapping
– Financial Domination
– Gags
– Humiliation
– Kidnapping
– Latex (outfits)
– Leather fetish
– Lock and Leave – up to heavy and extended
– Needle play (cock and ball, surface)
– Nipple play & torture
– Objectification
– Orgasm control (denial, edging)
– Pet play
– Restraint (leather, rope, etc. Spine, wheel, giblet, stocks, sling, swing)
– Role play (Nurse/Patient, Teacher/Student, etc)
– Sensation play
– Sensory deprivation (Hoods, blindfolds, earmuffs, Lycra bodybag)
– Sounds
– Smothering/Face Sitting (panties on)
– Spitting
– Sploshing
– Tease and Denial
– Tie and Tease
– Tickling (giving and receiving)
– Light Trampling (bare feet, seated)
– Voyeurism and exhibitionism
– Light Erotic Wrestling
– Watersports – Golden showers, panty wetting, pee play


I think the best sessions come about with planning and negotiation, so please feel free to email me with a polite introduction and inquiry about your session: tashtacular@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter: @Switch_Tash



‘Much like the Sirens of Greek mythology, her seductive song sings out to you and lures you right into her territory where you will drown in her erotic energy whilst begging to sink deeper.

Upon meeting Mistress Tash you will be taken back by how immeasurably attractive she is and her non-judgemental understanding & genuine warmth will clear any pre-session jitters or concerns.

Her sexually charged nature is simply out of this world and her soft sexy voice will turn your brain to blissful mush. Mistress Tash’s expertly trained skills and her love for corporal punishment become very evident from the get-go and had me spun me into a state of sweet painful ecstacy and the negotiated marks she leaves are truely something to admire and feel proud wearing throughout the following days.

After a session with Mistress Tash, you will leave Fetish House feeling like the luckiest……no, wait…..you will leave Fetish House THE luckiest man alive.

Thank you Mistress Tash and I look forward to more sessions in future.

Humbly yours,

‘Thank you so much for a mind blowing session this evening. I asked for a severe caning and you certainly did not disappoint. 24 of the very very best which I’m sure I will be showing with honour for at least the next week.

The switching of canes and positions was great.  It was an incredibly erotic session and you were just fantastic all through. I do look forward to another session in the future.

You are a legend.


‘Mistress Tash,

Thanking you for an amazing CBT Survivor session along with Mistress Salina and Mistress Neve who also partook in my torture and humiliation.

You turned my junk into junk. You made my ugly bits uglier. What was white is now blue and a little black. You took me to the edge and dropped me off it.
I can stiil taste your beautiful piss Mistress Tash, and when I close my eyes I can feel my cock being pounded and zapped by you while submitting to Mistress Neve.

Once again thank-you, and pass on my humble and pathetic appreciation to Mistresses Salina and Neve.

Humbly your servant in anticipation,

‘Driven just as much by curiosity about whether I could really make myself spank a woman as by the prospect of some titillating voyeurism I presented myself at Fetish House on Wednesday 26th August to meet Mz Salina and Apprentice Switch Tash. Accounts of testing, intense experiences generated by skilful Mistresses are not lacking on the FH website. Here I would like to testify to the concern shown by two Mistresses to meet me where I was at and allay the diffidence of a newbie spanker.

At the pre-session conference my prospective participation was realistically discussed in terms of my own previous experience as spankee from which, they pointed out to me, not without a smile or two between themselves, I was well acquainted with what was to be done.

It remained for them to encourage me to do it. This was accomplished as the session proceeded by the easy rapport between the two Mistresses and their friendly manner towards me.

Once in the dungeon I was invited to take a seat to spectate but the friendly tone already established made this seem unduly formal. I stood up with Salina, moving as necessary to keep out of her way. Tash followed Salina’s directions, not given without consulting Tash’s preferences, lying on the whipping bench at first and later standing in a bent-over position beside it. Dialogue between them was largely for my benefit and some remarks were addressed directly to me by each. Tash told me she was enjoying being spanked and she did indeed sound regretful that work considerations dictated that she avoid excessive marking. I was eased comfortably into following Salina’s directions, joining in the hand-spanking and after that in the application of suede flogger, leather strap and wooden paddle.

I was already acquainted with the state of elation that follows on being beaten by a charming Mistress and had learned how quickly strong feelings of attachment to her can issue from this. I had now been gentled over a daunting threshold and enabled to experience the feeling of closeness to his spankee that can be experienced by a spanker.

My thanks to two supportive Mistresses whose encouragement was so critical to success on this – for me – pivotal occasion.


‘On Wednesday I had a great session with mistress Salina and tash, both of them were fantastic, very friendly and really sexy in their stockings, suspenders and heels. I had a great time, and hope I was a good slave for them.

I would like to give Mistress Tash a great recomendation, she is so sexy, has a great commanding voice and a nice pair of everything! She is very playful and going to be a great mistress, thankyou Tash (and Salina.)’


‘Dear Mistress Tash

After our first session together I was very excited to return for another. When you appeared in the room, I was stunned by your presence. You exude such incredible sexual energy.

From the moment you touched me my body responds. I feel the excitement build & the tension rises. Once restrained, I could hear & feel your warm breath as you walked around me slowly.

Then you took total control of me. It was amazing to feel you test my pain threshold repeatedly. Taking me from one level then onto the next, then up & up again.

Finally, I reach a state I would best describe as a sexual trance. I’m completely restrained, you have taken me through the pain barrier. I have surrendered to you totally, I’m yours completely, to do whatever you like.

The feeling is total ecstasy! Time seems to stand still. It’s you, me, the restraints, the chains, nipple clamps, the crop, the cane in the dungeon. Thank you for such a memorable night, it was an amazing experience.

As I type, my body aches for your touch! I can’t wait until next time.

Yours respectfully,
Sub M’


‘Dear Tash,

Just want to say another awesomely wonderful experience at fetish house, thank you so much for ensuring my loose end of a night was filled with excitement, pleasure and of course not loose… Thank you so much I enjoyed your care and attention greatly.

Thank you, kindest regards, G.’


‘For a pure sub, Tash is the perfect Mistress. She takes absolute control, but she also shows so much empathy and understanding before and after the session.

Plus, she is sexy as hell!’