Victorian Liberal Party want to SHUT US DOWN!

The Victorian Liberal Party has officially endorsed the “Nordic Model” of sex work.

Under this structure, to be a client of a sex worker will be a criminal act.
Yes, this means YOU.
It will also be illegal to run an escort agency or a brothel – which means the closing of our beloved Fetish House.

This means you would no longer be able to see your beloved Mistresses and Masters.
It means that they will need to start again in a new career.

A vote for the Liberal Party is a vote AGAINST YOUR MISTRESS/MASTER!

Whilst masquerading as an act to minimise sex trafficking, these laws will only create criminals out of consenting adults “regardless of how well meaning the client or empowered the worker”.

In fact, these laws will make it LESS safe for sex workers – “We have spoken to workers in Sweden who’ve told us that working under the Nordic model has made them incredibly lonely and isolated: people are afraid to rent them houses or even be their friends because anyone who associates with a sex worker or provides them support is at risk of being criminalised. We’ve even seen adult children charged with pimping because they live off the earnings of a sex worker, or sex workers charged with pimping each other because they work together”.