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Mistress Alani

“Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.” Kait Rokowski
I am a tactile, sensual sadist and a heartful hedonist, who delights in combining lust and trust to evoke a most eloquent form of eroticism.

Connected in my cruelty, I enjoy bringing an intimate, controlled warmth into a session. However, inside every warm-hearted woman rests the potential to become an Ice Queen, Bitch Goddess or Venus in Furs, and I relish in switching between these archetypes.
Not all sadism must be born of cold cruelty however, and my caring, sometimes maternal streak may be just the soul-soothing you need.

I prefer my authenticity to my arrogance, and as such it will not be unusual for me to smile while you scream, beam while you beg, or giggle while you gag… to then politely thank you for the entertainment!

I have a feminine, playful demeanour, and see no need to stifle this in order to dominate over you with ease.

My greatest joy comes from the connection and co-creation that occurs during a session, more so than any particular activity. As such, I desire your authentic commitment and energetic investment, more than your ability to ‘withstand’ – don’t tune-out, tune-in.

A shameless sapiosexual, I adore a good mind-fucking, and promise to use everything you say against you. I may be too smart for your own good, but it will be very, very good.

For me, power exchange is summarised through this:

I will give you my attention and intention, and you will give me your surrender.


Newbies: Where ‘Nervous’ becomes ‘Nurtured’:  It’s a daunting thing, your first foray into a Dungeon. Or perhaps not your first time, but the beginning of new realm of exploration… a virginal activity, a yet-untold fetish… there is so much potential for playfulness and excitement when exploring new realms, and I love it when we can both relish in the inspiration and electricity this creates.
Being chosen to fill the role of Initiator, Guide, Play Partner or Seductress is a privilege that I hold in high regard.

Anal/Prostate Play; Penetration & Learning to be Receptive:  There is something intoxicating about anal/prostate play. Seeing the intensity of feeling and waves of pleasure fall across your face, the intimacy and trust in your eyes allowing me to take control, watching your body tense and relax as you take me in, the unbridled moans of delight (and even surprise) echoing through the room…
I needn’t say more.

Sensual, Physical Dominance: Many of my clients state that they are ‘always the active party’, and would love ‘a woman to take control’.
I am a physical creature, and often prefer using the gifts Mother Nature has given me to man-made tools. Submit in body and mind as I use my words, my touch, my embrace to bind you, manoeuvre you, smother you, excite you and hold you, with the only expectation upon you being to yield, receive, and surrender..

Motivational ‘Humiliation’ and Responsibility: Shame, whilst potentially destructive, can be a valuable signaller to us – whilst not always the case, it can be a marker of our values and where we feel we need to improve our behaviour to meet them. All weaknesses and mistakes are an opportunity for transformation – to be better for yourself, to be better for Mistress. I prefer to see slaves who genuinely wish to improve their behaviour, their devotion, their value – I will call you ‘pathetic’, and then explain to you on how to be better.
I don’t tolerate wallowing.

The Taboo: Hedonism. Blasphemy. Filth. I relish taking pleasure in that which is denied to us – the sacred and the profane are intimately linked, and one cannot be explored with the denial of the other.
This will not accommodate: discussion, or otherwise, the abuse of animals nor children.

Sexual Embodiment & Ownership of the Self: From a young age we are trained to keep our sensuality a secret – for most of us, our formative years of sexual experiences happen alone, hidden in darkness under a bed cover, trying to be silent so our parents and siblings can’t hear… This has a lasting impact on how we experience and express pleasure, pain, submission and altered states. It is an honour to support people in creating mature, sovereign relationships with their bodies, their bodies’ potential.


– 5’4″ in bare feet (and I love to session barefoot)
– Size 8, D bust, athletic feminine build
– Late 20s
– Blonde hair, fair skin, tattoos
– Golden brown eyes
– Size 6 1/2 to 7 feet, with pretty little toes
– Light hair under arms

I thoroughly enjoy playing with people all of genders and orientations.


Below is the list of services I currently provide. If you do not see something on the list, please ask and we can discuss the activity further.

– Abduction/kidnapping (in house)
– Anal play (digital, toys, plugs, strap on, fisting, prostate play)
– Arse worship (intimate at my discretion)
– Ball busting
– Biting
– Body worship – not pussy/breast worship.
– Bondage – leather, rope, pallet wrap, chains, vet wrap, duct tape
– Boot worship
– Breast torture/pleasure/play (on you)
– Breath play
– Brown showers (Deposit and 48 hours noticed required. Mornings only.)
– CBT – hand, implements, devices, post orgasm torture, weights, crushing, stretching, whipping, binding, needles…
– Corporal punishment – spanking, flogger, paddles, crop, belt/strap, tawse, wooden paddles/brush, cane, misery stick.
– Cupping
– Cunt torture/pleasure/play (on you)
– Doubles sessions
– Electrics – violet wand, TENS (E-STIM)
– Erotic tie tease
– Face sitting/Smothering (intimate at my discretion)
– Face slapping
– Fantasies and role play (Need ideas?; School Mistress/girl, prison warden, army officer, vengeful girlfriend, princess, hotwife (cuckolding), boss, doctor/nurse, bratty schoolgirl, mummy, sister… and anything else your imagination can provide…)
– Fetishism (foot, boot, heels, stockings, scarf, panties… tell me yours, and let’s explore!)
– Fisting
– Foot fetish/job/Domination
– Gags
– Golden showers/Waterports
– Humiliation – Please read my note on humiliation below…
– Impact play
– Key-holding
– Latex (wearing)
– Menstrual play/Ruby showers
– Needles/Play piercing
– Nipple pleasure play
– Nipple torture
– Orgasm tease, denial, ruin
– Pet play
– Physical domination/Over powering/Rough body play
– Pinching
– Post orgasm torture
– Sadism without marking
– Scratching
– Sensory deprivation
– Sensory overload
– Sessions without Domination/power exchange
– Sounding
– Spitting/drooling
– Striptease/lapdance
– Tickle torture
– Toys (on me)
– Trampling
– Wrestling (light to semi-competitive)
– Vac bed

I also sell worn underwear, stockings/socks, scent-infused t-shirts, bodily fluids/products (ask me).

Submissive Sessions

I provide submissive/switch sessions to people of all genders and other Fetish House service-providers members. These must be organised directly through myself, via email.

– Bondage/restraint (light to heavy, I am an experienced rope bunny)
– Corporal (light-medium)
– Gags, collars, leash
– Hair pulling
– Humiliation (including semi-public)
– Tickling
– Toys (on me)
– Slave training
– Role play (ABDL, slave, incest, schoolgirl etc.)

“Let me lead you astray, down the path less travelled.”, Little Red Riding Hood cooed, taking Her wolf for a walk.

Personal Limits

– I will not session with you if you are intoxicated/unable to provide consent
– I do not provide farting fetish sessions, roman showers, kissing (on mouth), pussy worship, oral sex nor sexual intercourse. I do however allow arse worship and toys on me.
– I will not engage in any activity that obviously violates the right to consent of the general public. For example – I will not tie you naked to a pole.
I will, however, take you shopping for lingerie you can to try on and wear!
– Smegma. Do not disrespect me by presenting me an unclean cock, or you will re-shower at the expense of your session time. If it is still unclean, you will eat it. This is your warning.
– I cannot engage in role plays that denigrate women/femininity – if your session requires engaging in the following, I am not the provider for you:

  • Role plays that humiliate sex workers,
  • Role plays where dressing in feminine clothing is something to be ridiculed for (as opposed to played with and enjoyed), or ‘forced’ to do.
    I am however happy to play along and punish if you have been caught ‘stealing’ my clothing…
  • Role plays that involve me ‘putting down’ your wife/partner (who is not present to witness and consent). In contrast I will happily punish/retrain you for any demeaning thoughts you have towards your partner/spouse. ( see “Motivation Humiliation” above).

I can enjoy humiliation immensely, however to do so I need to believe and feel what I am saying.
I do not enjoy humiliation based around insulting a person’s being; be it weight, looks, race, gender presentation, genital size etc. Whilst I will include this if it is important to you, I personally do not find these things to be a reason to ridicule someone, and so do not feel I do so convincingly. I much prefer to humiliate based on actions, behaviours or beliefs.


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at [email protected]

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Follow me on Twitter: @AlaniSayuri

Please refer to our etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.

You may find my Rostered Hours here, however I may be available outside of these hours via prior arrangement.


“Hi Mistress Alani,
Thank you so much for the session we had on Friday, it was wonderful.
I was a little nervous with anal play and having someone take control in that area but with your calm seductive voice checking in with me, it made me throw those nervous thoughts out and relax.
Thank you for the talk and awesome hugs at the end of the session it brought me back down to earth and made me feel at ease/comfortable.
Thanks again for a wonderful time and have a Great Christmas! 😀
-S 24/12/19”

“Hello Mistress,

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience yesterday. The session didn’t feel rushed despite the short amount of time.
Thanks especially for being so attentive, looking back i think i had hit some kind of wall in exhaustion. The previous night i hadn’t slept too well either. As i went into a bit, work has been intense with hours & such and i was concerned it would impede on the overall enjoyment. I need not have worried with your generous nurturing. I did as you requested, i went straight home and then went to bed.

Lastly, thanks for the suggestion on getting in touch in regard to after-care. I don’t think it was needed in the end, however your care during the session i believe is what i needed to centre myself. After sessions i do tend to get maudlin, but that is much more to do with my personal history than anything. However, i wouldn’t trade all of my experience with Mistresses over the years for anything. and i intend there to be many more! 😀

Have a great weekend,

“Mistress Alani
Thank you so much for a life changing experience today. It was more than I could have hoped for and I am left completely exhausted and overwhelmed. You are as gorgeous and wonderful as Sir James said you were. I do hope that our paths can cross again.
With kindest thoughts & admiration
T x

“Dear Mistress Zoe and Mistress Alani,

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for yesterday’s session.
You are both warm, soft, sexy, mercilessly cruel and absolutely wonderful. The session was excellent from start to finish and I am highly tempted to do the same session again.
I was thrilled at how well you brought my session to life, even the parts that I wasn’t able to describe particularly well.
Your warmth and openness was also much appreciated and made me feel comfortable and welcome to explore my fantasies which is particularly special.

Once again thank you both and looking forward to when I can see you again.


A” 18/10/19

“Hi Alani

I had an amazing time on Friday night, I think Friday nights session will be etched into my memory bank for ever. I loved every bit of bit of the session, it was just perfect.

I was wired with excitement for the whole weekend, I really struggled to get to sleep Friday night due to the amount of energy coursing through my body.

There has been no emotional comedown, this is not a journey into my darkness. This is an exploration of my power.

Friday night session was very special to me, thank you for being a part of it.”
-D 7/9/19

“I had the most amazing I impact play session today, by the most amazing and supportive Mistress! She is a fantastic communicator and we enjoyed the session immensely! I let the cat out the bag that I am very ticklish and of course she pounced!

I don’t necessarily enjoy it but I don’t hate it either and I know most Dommes/Tops/Vanillas LURVE to tickle me, and the sheer joy they have tickling me makes me so happy I just can’t deny! I usually have to warn them to tie me down because I can’t help but thrash about! I probably had am exorcism when she ticked my balls! And it allowed me, along with her affectionate touching, to drop into sub space pretty quickly

She slapped my behind softly to warm up, and throughout the session kept reminding to breath deeply and be as authentically expressive as possible so that she can know what I need and what to stay away from. The gradual build with the hands combined with the affectionate touching and encouraging words was bliss! And then moving on to a bible paddle was so seriously thudding! As we stepped up in pain there were more breaks and loving strokes in between!

We then tried a cane, which unfortunately I wasn’t into, and Mistress knew straight away. She was so attentive! We then moved onto… Well it became a bit if a haze after that lol! But I do remember her touching me below whilst hitting my behind, and I actually orgasmed, which is EXTREMELY rare for me to do, I usually have to go home to finish myself. It was so amazing! I’m hoping to share a pic of my lovely behind if I can get a decent photo. I can’t wait to go again 🙂

-J 22/8/19”

“Hi Beautiful,

Just wanted to pop you a message after today. As always you completely blow me away, I won’t say this was the best session because every session with you is just phenomenal.

I’m surprised I’m saying this but I loved the wax play today, it definitely kept me on edge and really heightened the experience.
The E-Stim was incredible. It is definitely one of the best sensations I’ve ever felt, even being nervous about it.

Again I just want to say a huge thanks as I feel every time you go above and beyond what I was ever expecting. ”

H 17/7/19

“I just wanted to send you a email after today’s session as I feel it helps me process everything.

To start of I just want to say thank you for the amazing experience today. I really did enjoy every minute of it. I loved the outfit today I wasn’t expecting it but as always you looked the part and definitely helped me fall into my sub head space.

I can say honestly that the suspension was incredible I have never experienced anything really like it especially with the blindfold on. It really sent me into a headspace I’ve never been or new could exist.

The vibrator was a intense and amazing sensation and was definitely something I would love to try more off as I really did enjoy this aspect of anal play. Especially when you used the hitachi as well. I can understand why you wanted to use it on me after today.

Lastly the golden shower I was a little hesitant about it at first but I fully understand the enjoyment of it. As you said to me in one of emails before the session it really made me feel like you owned me and it was a real pleasure to experience. It is definitely something I would like to experience again as it really changed my mental state from being a little dopey after the suspension and CP to really being alert of the current moment.

Lastly before I forget thank you for my mark it is something I will wear proudly until it disappears and will really make me think back to the session every time I see it.

Just wanted to say thank you again for the amazing experience today and being a amazing teacher/dominant as I’ve said time and time again I really couldn’t of asked for anyone better to take me through this whole experience and I feel very lucky to share the whole experiences with you.

Thanks again”
Anonymous 14/5/19

“Mistress Alani,
I would like to start of with a massive thank you! As a complete newbie to this world I honestly couldn’t of asked for anyone better to guide me through this experience.
For me personally I have fantasised about this moment for along time, so as you could imagine I was extremely nervous yet excited walking into the building for a first time. After being put into the waiting room my mind was running wild and nerves really started to kick in. Then the door opened and there you were. I was stunned just by how beautiful you were. Straight away you put my mind at ease by knowing exactly what it was I wanted from this session. The fact you could read me just from speaking to me before the session even began was incredible. Your intellect is something I could of never imagined, cracking some light jokes to ease the tension was amazing.
After being lead to the room you could see I was a little uneasy and again you did what you had to do to ease my tension and make me feel right at home! After giving me instructions to shower and wait for you in a certain position, I physically couldn’t be prepared for what happened next. You came back in the room and I couldn’t help but to look at you. Straight away you told me to face forward. Then I realised this is it the fantasies and build up in my head coming into reality. I was told to close my eyes and focus on your voice and your touch. You are intoxicating, I couldn’t of expected what happened next but I was in a trance like state and from then on I was yours. Throughout the session I was in pure ecstasy.
The session was everything I had hoped for and more. After the session was concluded you asked me if I wanted aftercare. Me being a newbie and still dazed from the whole experience I said I wasn’t to bothered. I am now glad that you did it anyway. The way you could read my needs without me really vocalising them is incredible, seeing as we literally just meet an hour beforehand! Thank you for the cuddles and the talk after. This really brought me back to reality in just the way I needed.
That night I slept like an absolute baby, I was completely lethargic after the session and as you stated the day after felt a little bit of a come down for the adrenaline and mental state I was in after I left.
The one thing I would commend more then anything is the day after I wanted some advice and emailed you. The response I got was exactly what I needed and I didn’t feel like was abandoned after the session!
To Anyone who is thinking of exploring this world as I stated at first. I honestly couldn’t of hoped for a more understanding and compassionate person! You really know what you are doing and how to handle people. The time we shared together will be something I will never forget. I just wish I had decided to book a session sooner!
Can’t wait to exploring more with you and really allow you to control me….
H 2/4/19″

“Hi Mistress
What a great time I had today.  You were magnificent in the way that you punished me in so many ways.
I am still feeling the effects of your special treatment and loving it.
The obvious joy that you were showing when you used the cane, clamps and other toys on me.   Wow!
You were really into it and your smile just got bigger and bigger.  It just pushed me further to ensure that I would take whatever you wanted to give out.
I didn’t want to disappoint you.   Luckily this time you didn’t get me to my limits but did make sure that I was pushed hard.   The pain was delicious.
Thank you for spending some time with me today. I loved every minute.  It was even better that I had hoped.  You are a lot of fun.
I can’t wait to see you again.

K 22/3/19″

“Dear Alani,

I would like to start by thanking you again for Friday. I went home broke everything down in my mind as you suggested.
You not only met but far exceeded my expectations on every level.
I am ashamed that I neglected to compliment you correctly on the day. You looked absolutely amazing. You were charming, funny, and I had a great time talking with you. It really kept things fun and shifted my thoughts away from my nerves.
The only differences from what we originally discussed were my (shy bladder’s) fault. I feel that your improvised solutions were far better than what I had had in mind.

Thank you again for creating such a positive experience. I would very much like to see you again in the future.

Kind regards,

S 1/3/19”

“Hi Mistress,

I just wanted to say thank you for our session the other day. I’ve wanted to try playing out some of my fantasies for a while, but I’d never been able to summon the courage. I really wish I’d have done it sooner now. You’re a wonderful teacher and made it a really fun and memorable first time for me.

If it’s ok with you I might become a bit of a repeat visitor? There’s still a lot of things I’d like to try, so I’d like to book a session again sometime very soon.

Anyway just wanted to reassure you that Friday was a really positive experience for me, and I’ve been buzzing about it since, so thank you.

– J, 1/3/19

“A four year journey begins with a lucky encounter and continues to inspire and challenge.

Every time waiting in the assigned position of servitude is to be at the true centre of self.

Every time the door opens, the clicking of heels launches a rollercoaster of emotional overloads from delicate calmness (of you) to deep primal head-spin (of me).

From the privilege of worshipping boots, to the rush of powerful nipple clamps, to the pleasurable discomfort of weighted balls, to the life lessons from the perfect Prefect, to the thankfulness of counting cane & tawse strokes, to the wonder of the strongest climaxes, to the complete and utter jelly-brained exhaustion of happiness.

In some circles a milestone like this may be met with the catchcry ‘four more years’.

I simply hope for many more.

-P, 11/1/19

“Mistress Alani,
You have made the last few months amazing, you have opened my eyes even further than what they already were.
It has been absolute pleasure serving you and can’t wait to do it again and again.
Thank you for your recent advice,
Thank you for showing me more,

-S, 18/12/18 (in handwritten card)”

“To dear Alani,

I wanted to write to you to convey my deep admiration, gratitude and respect for you as a person and for what you gave to me this Tuesday past.
I have always been capable of giving; that part comes easily to me. In fact, I have been a chronic giver, and over-giver. I have lacked boundaries in what I offer people both in my personal and professional life. …For the most part, I have been totally incapable of receiving.

Id din’t fully understand the extent of my detachment until I began on my new path by making various positive changes and attracting better people into my lie. Learning to receive has been part of a rehabilitative process and my time in the industry, as well as my clients, have been instrumental.
There have been several key figures in this journey of mine and you have become one of them.
You have helped me, more than I can adequately express… Given my history, I doubt I could have engage in such an activity without a pre-existing connection; some form of trust.

I want you to know there have been few times in my life that I have felt so cared for as you made me feel. The service you provided was, by chance or by design, perfectly suited to my needs in every way; every step o the way I felt you understood where I was at – emotionally, mentally and physically – and acted accordingly.

The way you blend professionalism with your authentic self; compassion with humour; and skill with intuition is nothing short of inspirational. You created an held a space where I felt comfortable to communicate (albeit in a mouse whisper, but even that is something for me to be proud of and something you never shamed); to express my emotions, my boundaries and what I was physically feeling.

… As I’ve developed, I’ve become fascinated by the interplay between the roles of give and receiver. I have a hyper-awareness of this dynamic and it’s been helpful with work and learning to receive through work – going into ‘giver’ mode, going into ‘receive’ mode. Kink obviously manifests this in a more explicit and separated way – the receipt of pleasure/pain/sensation and so on by way of giving of oneself, against the receipt of someone and the giving of such things. It was a shock to feel how relieving it was to have these roles so clearly defined. Having that articulation, as well as your guidance in what to expect , what was expected of me and how to communicate facilitated a beautiful state of body and mind where I could easily be present, letting go of all the contingencies of my life. It was intensely meditative. Of course the contingencies trickled back in afterwards, but something was sheared off me during our time together. I don’t know what it was. I know that I’d been carrying it for a long time.

… I tried to come with minimal expectation, but I never could have anticipated such an effect. You are truly an artist.

I hope this work brings you as much fulfillment as it has provided for me (as your ‘client’) and no doubt for others. You deserve both recognition and celebration. I want you to know I see you, I see your work, and I see the intrinsic harmony that links you to your craft. You are a cultivated brilliance.

Thank you so, so much”
Received 10/12/18

“Hello beautiful creature,
I wanted to thank you for a few things and to let you know how I am doing in the storm of another lovely sub drop.
Firstly, thankyou for your attention, you really treated me with such kind and creative cruelty.
I was a bit apprehensive if my scribblings in my book would give a clear idea of what I wanted. But the apprehension led to an even greater pleasure when you took my words and embodied them beautifully.
Thankyou for your words too, you are a poet! I am feeling so much excitement in my capacity to give. It’s a bit difficult to process but I feel freedom in the way I express myself intimately and I’m excited about the shape that this will take as I get to know future friends and lovers.
Thankyou for the cuddles and the afterglow, again I went out to another spontaneous party.
This sub drop is a strange one. It’s lasted a longer while and I’m still getting the odd pang when I think too hard. I suppose that’s because this was a much more adventurous and virginal session…
I’m really relieved that you mentioned that the sudden intimacy with a stranger can cause a slump, I feel that now, especially from my memory of being underneath you and the mental image of your lioness silhouette guarding the entrance out of the shower…
The welts and bruises are also lingering with pride.
The golden shower is the act that I’m most fascinated with…
I’m experiencing another sense of freedom, this time, from the kind of anxiety that this very regimented and clean culture can bring onto me when I feel vulnerable.
Man i think I’m kind of nervously waffling again, sorry I’m just really excited.

I needed to say thanks a thousand times, it’s been a beautiful, transformative, empowering, sexy as hell surprise and privilege and I truly admire the way you work…..and your taste in kinky music.


“Hi Miss Alani, I really want to thank you about the experience that i had with you. It was really unique and special, i had a lot of fun with you and you was amazing! You made me feel real calm and i never felt so nervous next a woman like that before.
You are so kind and open minded and patient and with that so assertive and dominating.
I hope that in this year i will get to see or worship you again. Thank you

“I have been seeing Mistress Alani for 3 years. Each time she gives me lots of tight cuddles and lots of tickles which I love. We have often explored new things like orgasm edging and on one session she spear tackled me. On this occasion it was our three year anniversary. I had read on her twitter that she was qualified in tantric massage. I had always wanted to experience tantra and combine it with cuddles and tickles. As Mistress Alani was experienced in all three I thought she would be great to explore this curiosity with!

When I arrived she tied me up to the bed and blindfolded me. She then very lightly touched my arms and moved her hands down my body. At first it was more so light touches than tickling but the sensation sent tingles all over my body. She was able to touch one section and it felt like her hands were everywhere. Eventually she started tickling and then I burst into laughter. What really made me lose control was when she lay beside me, wrapped her arms around me to cuddle me and lightly tickled me. Being cuddle trapped and tickled while blindfolded made me very ticklish! I Kept trying to escape but she held onto me

Next she took the blindfold off. I could see her above my head. She was gently stroking my face which felt relaxing, only to use the tickles again to drive me crazy.

I was speechless after this session, it blew me away. Although every session with Mistress Alani has been great, this session was one of the best sessions I have ever experienced and was a fitting celebration to our three year anniversary. Thank you Mistress Alani for such an amazing time!

Mike aka the little spoon
19/11/18 ”

“Hello Alani
Just emailing to say thank you for an amazing session.
Also to say that I’m sorry that I didn’t give you a tip. I was going to, but because I was in another world I completely forgot. Really looking forward to another session with you as it blew my mind haha.

I had to message straight away because I wasn’t sure if you knew how grateful I am for the session

Thank you again and again

J 23/10/18″

“I first encountered Mistress Alani some time ago, when she gave me a golden shower as part of a booking with another Mistress.  I was stunned by her beauty, and totally loved the delicious taste of her GS.  Since then, the thought of having a proper booking with her has been on my mind; her description of herself on the Fetish House website fit my desires in a Mistress perfectly; I enjoy worship and submission, with a hedonistic, somewhat erotic twist.

The opportunity finally arose recently.  I follow Mistress Alani on Twitter, and she posted a tweet that just pushed me over the edge, feeding my fantasies into a wildfire; so I had to get in touch about a session.  I was delighted when she responded positively to my initial email. I proposed a roleplay, leading into some worship and submission, exactly what I will leave as a mystery but it was intense.  At one point Mistress Alani totally thrilled me by saying “I love this role play idea!”.

There were a couple of hiccups in actually arranging a date and time for our meeting, but Mistress Alani was wonderful in working around them.  When the date finally arrived, I was more nervous than I have been in ages–would I be able to live up to this Goddess’ expectations?  She did her best to put me at ease, but made it clear she did not expect to be disappointed.  Fortunately, I think she wasn’t.  I certainly wasn’t; the roleplay part of our booking went incredibly well, with Mistress Alani expertly improvising a really believable dialogue and actions, as I played along as best I could.  The roleplay set the stage perfectly for me to reach a level of submission I have never achieved before with any Mistress.  It was truly mind blowing.  At the end of the session, Mistress Alani did a wonderful job of helping me return to reality, too.  A totally fantastic experience; the only thing I would change if I could would be to have booked her soon after I first met her, rather than waiting.”

-Roger 11/10/18″

“Adorable Alani is the epitome of female beauty,

Michaelangelo on his statues could not have carved a more perfect booty.

Her favourite panties are adourned with lace,

It is always awesome to have Mistress Alani sit on my face.

As a seductive schoolgirl Miss Alani certainly is no dunce,
You are bound to get addicted if you session with her at least once

At Fetish House Miss Alani Sayuri is the Queen of Kink,

Her sessions are so much fun, they finish faster than a blink.


“Dear Mistress Alani,

Thank you for a mind blowing first session that my wife and I had with you this week. As your sub for the session and with my wife observing my torment, humiliation and pleasure it really was a emotional rollercoaster of pain and pleasure. Your use of eye contact and teaching of breath control with appropriate moans of pleasure was both a challenge and rewarding at the end.

As a couple in a part time FLR (female lead relationship) this session was a great extension of my wife deciding completely what experiences, both difficult and pleasurable, I have and with whom. In this regard you were a true professional before during and after the session.

The most challenging thing you introduced me to was the deep throat fellatio of your large strap on, both in the techniques you wanted me to perform and the training of my gag reflex- I am secretly hoping my wife will continue this training prior to her using her strap on in the usual way!

Thanks again for a unique and exciting experience, we would more than recommend you to other couples wanting to explore their boundaries and strengthen their relationship through the ultimate trust of giving over complete power to your partner.

F and b.

“Hello Mistress Alani
What a hot and happy session that was on Friday ! It has left me with an inner glow that is still flickering . The fun began right from the moment you entered the waiting room and rested your feet on my lap as you showed me the condensation inside your cute pink shoes. What a gorgeous and unexpected introduction to the foot worship that was soon to happen.
Mistress, it’s really wonderful how even a small variation or addition to the regular activities we do can turbo-charge the excitement : having me remove your socks and shoes for you; perfect. Worshipping your adorable feet while still in their shoes; perfect. Smelling the fragrance of your sox and not one, but both pairs of shoes; perfect ! Listening to the muffled popping sound as the shoes are pulled off at the heel; well this caveman has now exhausted his vocabulary and can only grunt. That was the first time I had used all my five senses in this wonderful activity. Oh, and being given step by step instruction on how to give you a foot massage was ssso much my pleasure.

Mistress, believe me when I say that the arse worship brought immense joy to my heart as did the bare – bottom face sitting which sent me straight to heaven. And what a ssspectacular gusher at the end of the session as you relieved yourself in my mouth and all over my face. Next time I will try not to cough and splutter it back up your legs . Your golden showers just get better and better.
I think that this session probably had the most laughter than all the previous fantastic happy sessions I have had with you. The laughter started right from the beginning through to the end . I love the carefree child-like feeling that our humorous sessions gives me.
Finally, thank you for participating in making my weird and perverse fantasies take shape. Mistress, you are very skilled in what you do and I so much enjoyed the playfulness and heart you put into the session.

“Hi Mistress Alani,

I just wanted to reach out again to say the biggest and most heartfelt thank you that I can… The session we had was everything I hoped it would be and more, you are incredible at what you do and the experience you gave me was one I certainly will never forget.

Like I said after our session, from the moment I first reached out to you initially to the wrap up of our session you have been nothing short of awesome! I honestly feel like I am understating exactly what that means to me, being a bit on the shy side, so I can’t thank you enough.

At your service,


“Good morning Mistress Alani

I had an amazing time last night, I have been up since 4:30 this morning and am still flying high and vibrating nicely .

I have given great thought about the home work you have set for me and I can see great opportunity for me to grow by continuing to work with you.

I have rated last night in the following ways on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being very low and 10 being very high.

Pleasure received – 20 you knock the ball out of the park
Appropriate levels of pain in flicked on me – 8
Appropriate levels of fear experienced by me – 9
Fun – 100 I have never has some much fun prior to meeting you

You did things last night that I never knew existed or would even be pleasurable, and you certainly took me out of my comfort zone, thank you and much love to you.



“Good morning Mistress Alani,

I had the time of my life on Friday evening and loved every bit of the session with you. I had so much fun and a side of my personality came out which hasn’t showed itself for a very, very long time, it was nice to witness.
I felt sensations in my body I have never felt before and pretty much spent the rest of the weekend vibrating.

You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, thank you. You are a lovely person.

– D

“Hi Mistress Alani,

It was nice meeting you.
Thanks for the wonderful session, I enjoyed it, hope you enjoyed it too.
You were very good in the role play, playing both the roles to perfection thereby creating a real time scenario of the roles, particularly the use of your eyes was incredible, I still can see your dominant eyes in my memory.
You also have good photography skills.
You were really sweet in real, and very dominant in the play, that’s a nice interesting combination to have. Thanks also for your kind aftercare talk.
I wish you a Happy Marriage.
Thank You
– Antonio”

“Hello Mistress Alani

Thank you very much for the amazing time I was lucky to have with you on the best Friday
The way I feel and felt is hard to describe, the way you touched and cuddled me while strapped to the table after the pain and pleasure you gave to me, was so nice, I didn’t want that to stop, and look forward to that feeling again, such a gentle calming touch.
I loved the strap on, by far the hardest I have taken, but I loved it!
I really enjoyed the sounding, thank you for introducing me to this and I can’t wait to explore it more
The way you let me worship your body was mind blowing, the cross dressing was exciting again, and I love the marks from the nice caning you gave me.
The orgasm was so strong, as I didn’t know when you would let me come, was amazing
Everything we done I absolutely loved and I look forward to exploring and learning more with you
Thanks Mistress Alani ”
– Dan, 30/3/18

“Dear Mistress Alani,

I wouldn’t have believed it but if you’d told me after my previous session with you, but you have absolutely outdone yourself this time.
Ever single moment I’ve spent with you has been a complete delight, and I am definitely going away drifting in the happiness of our meet.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my thanks for introducing me to things I never thought I would try, and enjoy them immensely.
I am truly and sincerely going to miss you, dear Mistress Alani Sayuri.
I wish you the best of luck with everything! Hope we meet again some day!”

– Y, 23/3/18
(Via hand written card, with permission to post)

“I have been seeing Alani for over a year now and i must say she is amazing at what she does. Always gives 100% to the session and makes it feel effortless. Never at any point in the session was i not absolutely in heaven, whether i was getting tied up and punished or being peed on (and i must reiterate another’s testimony of BEST GOLDEN SHOWER EVER because it really was).

But its here roleplays that are the best. Able to take my barely conceived idea for a session and fill a world with it. And then able to suggest new ideas from the bottom of her delicious twisted mind.

I have loved every second of it. ”
– J, 3/2018

“Dear Mistress Alani,

Thank you for a wonderful first session today.

As you know, I sought some tactile experience with impact play to plan my own amateur session for a kinky lady. First you said that “amateur” comes from a French word meaning “lover of” so it is a gift which education can enhance. Then you took me through the Fetish House philosophy on warm up spanking. Followed by a sampler plate of paddle, crops (leather and rubber) and floggers (rubber and suede tassels). All very helpful and a felt experience for what became my pink bottom (with photo snapshot proof).

I did all of that as an amateur for the future experience of another. And in another layer you also connected with me as we descended into the imagination and complexity of my own long term fetish. I felt very comfortable exploring this private fetish with you. You were so close to me as you whispered those fetish scenarios. My endorphins were surging and everything else was stimulated. Your fetish intelligence and intuition took both of us deeper into the experience. It was so satisfying and I feel we have only just begun.


“Mistress Alani,

Your authority

Your restraint

Your music

Your eyes

Your mind

Your body

Your lips

Your touch

The unbelievable electric static feeling that you somehow magically switched on inside me, that I seriously could not shake off, that lasted for over half an hour and felt like a heavenly eternity.

With your sensual presence and touch, it began with pulses of electricity rippling through my body like dancing sparks off a grinder blade. Rhythmically building up to a shuttering wash of static ecstasy from head to toe, and left and right from finger tips to to finger tips. You magically and mindfully found the undiscovered switch within my soul, and cheekily flicked it to ‘on’. An ‘on switch’ that held that unbelievable ecstatic sensation of micro pulsations in full suspension under your total control. From my chest to my finger tips to my neck to my ears to my eyes, you absolutely had me under your spell!

There’s that Pink Floyd song that I have never paid that much attention to before, but of which will now resonate with me for ever. It has the lyrics in reference to being high on drugs “… I…. have become…. comfortably numb….”. I’ve never felt that sensation before last night.

You had me truly floating, quivering, and submitting on a naturally induced high.

My words will never do justice to describe that sensation.

Thank you

And as if life couldn’t get any more magical, I’m sure you can imagine my smile of absolute joy and disbelief upon learning that such an experience had been appropriately book marked in time, by the marvelous magic of our universe, under the once in a lifetime sky of a triple lunar eclipse night boasting a super moon, blue moon and blood moon!

I will be forever grateful for the true magic you dispensed that night.

Thank you. Thank you ever so much.

I only hope that my efforts can somehow reciprocate equal value to you.

Yours truly

“Hello Mistress,

I just wanted to thank You for the most wonderful session You shared with me last Friday.

You truly went out of Your way to meet my needs. The predicament You placed me in was simple yet extremely effective. I truly for the first time in predicament bondage had to decide between my arse and my balls. Which to hurt and which to spare? A true predicament.

And then there were the needles. I’ve had needles many times before but never there and never in such a way. Thank You.

The golden shower You provided was absolutely THE BEST GOLDEN SHOWER EVER!! To be able to drink and completely cleanse myself in Your golden nectar was priceless.

Finally, You took me with Your Cock while crushing my balls, bringing me to the most secret of climaxes.

I can’t thank You enough for the thoughtful, passionate, sensuous and professional session You provided. It was our first official session but it will not be our last.



“Hi Mistress Alani

Just wanted to say another thank you, I had an amazing time to say the least with you on Tuesday
It’s still hard to describe how I feel, as it feels like a blur as so much went on in my mind and body, I still feel exhausted from it, the positions and predicament was great and intense
Both times seeing you I have tried new things, I really enjoyed having the ruined orgasm and look forward to exploring it more, and having someone watch me, really excites me to think back about it, I loved hearing you talk about what was being done to me.
 I loved wearing the collar and the cross dressing was a great experience for me.
It was all amazing so thank you again
The feelings I’ve felt after seeing you are hard to describe, as I’ve never felt them before, it’s difficult as I’m unsure why I feel them now and not before with my previous sessions
But you’re amazing!
– D
18/1/18 ”

“Mistress Alani,

The session we had Friday evening is still making me smile, I have been thinking about it all weekend, I had so much fun!, I can now understand why it was difficult to book a session with you. You have lovely taste in corsets as i thought it looked great with the boots and latex shorts.
I loved your rainfall of golden nectar, the predicament bondage of the anal hook pulling one way and rope pulling my balls the opposite way was a great idea, and yes I did enjoy the tension, combined with the electrics sensation was going in every direction.

You were amazing during the session, if being playful, flirty and dominant comes naturally to you then you have been gifted, you kept me heavily aroused all session, I had to really concentrate on not coming prematurely.


“Dear Princess,

I have had the honour of sessions with you for over 2 years now and I am fully committed to serve as your bum boy for as long as you Princess are willing to have me.

I shall mention just 4 activities as your bum boy which I enjoy so much:

1. Playing football. When I as a lowly bum boy score a goal you as Princess have every right to demonstrate your displeasure by kicking me in the testicles. Last session you got both my left and right testicles perfectly with only one attempt on each. Yes there was pain but it was a delicious pain because I understood the need for you as Princess to admonish me.

2. I love our walks in the corridor where you make sure that I keep up by tugging at my balls if I lag.

3. When you squeeze my balls I feel so close to you, nobody, but nobody else shares this intimacy with me.

4. Your grasp of the function of high heels is superb, both as screwdrivers on the buttocks and as exploring the geography of the Himalayas. The latter is intrusive but when I hear the giggling of imaginary school girls I know that it is very much worthwhile.


“To My Goddess Alani,
Words almost fail me in describing today’s most sensual, delicious session. In it you encapsulated all my desires and more. My jaw always drops in awe the moment you greet me. The sight of you in your skintight, shiny purple mini dress together with PVC thigh boots was simply stunning. Alani-licious!
I loved the way you played the role of sex therapist in so erotically helping me to shed my ‘inhibitions’. Being blindfolded initially heightened my sense of touch as you guided my hands. Its removal revealed the vision of you now only clad in your skin-coloured exquisite lingerie that decorated your gorgeous porcelain body. Lying bound and vulnerable on the dungeon bench with legs splayed apart thrilled me with expectation. Stretching my bound balls and tightly clamped nipples with rope heightened my journey into complete surrender.
Then came the milking! First one finger, then two, then three. I wanted your whole fist at that point- plumbing the depths of my body and psyche. Your magic hand and magic wand drove me to a state of ecstacy that I didn’t want to end. Lifting my head,the vision of the angelic face of my anal ‘invader’, smiling with satisfaction as you owned me, was sublime. Intuitively you knew I wanted you to unbind my dominant hand. Your magic hand and mine now working in unison released sustained waves of one of the deepest orgasm I have ever had. Absolutely anal-icious! Hedonistic heaven!
Your devoted servant,

“Mistress Alani

It has taken a few days for me to settle down after our session last Friday evening and I humbly apologise for the delay.

Your exquisite beauty, body to die for and commanding presence were the fantasies of my dreams especially when You entered the reception holding cell to take me into the dungeon in that VERY revealing Dominatrix outfit.

The ‘Mind Fucking’ and Humiliation You dished out to me are scarred into my memory as are the words ‘he took it like man’ about the ‘heavy as possible caning’ you inflicted during the 15 minute flogging you posted about.
I will also try to take it like a man when you inflict severe floggings on me.
I am also humbled by the lesson You gave me about The Clitoris being the only organ, female or male, existing only for sexual pleasure.
I already have some gifts for You which I will bring to our next session.
An 18 inch long black leather strap, two inches wide and nearly half an inch thick. (Lucrezia and DeSade)
An 18 inch long rubber cane (Eagle Leather)
Butterfly nipple clamps (Sexyland)
A Dan Murphy Gift Voucher
A metal chain black G String (Lovehoney)
I am also trying to source a genuine knotted leather Cat of Nine Tails as used for prison floggings and a black leather carry bag for You to hold your instruments of discipline and torture.
Are there any other gifts that You require?  Please let me know.
I commenced the Punishment Lines that You ordered me to do as soon as I got home from our session and have been writing them for about 14 hours a day since Friday.
Your humble servant
No Orgasm Wanker”


“Dear Goddess Alani
An ENOURMOUS Thank YOU for an indescribably blissful day ! Each time we play is better than the previous. You are magnificent.
Your thoughtful words in my birthday card will be treasured by me till the end of time !
Pastries delivered too.
Till I serve you again xxx

Your devoted pay piggy ”

“Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome fun and in the process making me feel quite good about myself, you’re super sweet and damn good at what you do. Might be a while till I’m back as I do plan to go overseas in aug so wish me luck:)

J x

“You are the single most beautiful and intelligent woman in the entire history of humanity !

In every way, through everything you do, by every word you speak, by every gesture, by all that comes from you…..

Mistress Alani, it is beyond even Shakespeare to describe your magnificence.

Thank you… those two words barely nibble at the foothills of the mountain of my gratitude.

Your ever adoring,
Pay Piggy”


“Hello Mistress Alani

Finally made some time ( I do not recommend burning the candle at both ends ! ) to say thanks for the wonderful session last Friday. I enjoyed every single activity that we did and thought I would give you feedback on the two new ones we did in case you are interested.
The main thing about the strap-on pegging that I enjoyed was the surrender and trust that it involved. I can’t say that the sensation was pleasurable as it physically felt a little too invasive for my back passage . However the consequent sensation of an imminent orgasm was pleasurable indeed ! So the achievement for me was that I had an experience of surrender doing a highly sexual activity that I had never done before. Let’s say it was not on my bucket list but good for a lucky dip 🙂

I absolutely loved the feeling of being owned by being led around the dungeon by my cock. I would never tire of this. And the digging of your nails gave Pinocchio a spine tingling shock and turn on at the same time. Again, it is the surrender and trust that does it for me. Talking about surrender, I got a real kick out of being led out of the dungeon to show Mistress Tash my outfit  because I do enjoy an element of risk and spice in a session.

Finally let me say that from the top of your head with the very chic haircut down to your feet wearing those sexy elegant pointy heels, you were an absolute bombshell !


“My Dear Wonderwoman,
Well, where do I start? Just checked twitter. Even a rank amateur photographer can excel with such a gorgeous, photogenic model such as you. Fantastic pics. Loved the beaming look on your face as you admire your outfit – and why not. No wonder you are getting so many likes. Can’t wait for the others.

Thank you so much for a totally DELICIOUS experience today. Such a special #10. A pity you didn’t record all my moaning on tape, but I suppose there is a law against that too! I would say it registered 11/10 on the moan-o-meter. The things you do to me with your weapons of mass delight make me feel so alive.

So glad you liked my catsuit. I had hoped you would want to strap on your cock as soon as you saw it. Was I right? The look on your face as you fucked me while strung up in the swing was unforgetable.

You said we should have a repeat performance. However not because you were focussed on taking pics. but because it was so damn fornalicious. Taking pics added such a fun dimension both because of the delight you took and the excitement I had in being such a slutty, little exhibitionist.

Thank you again beautiful one.
Your catgirl,


“Hi Mistress Alani
I wanted to thank you again for the great session on Friday. It was a pleasure to meet you and I’m sure I’ll be back to see you again before too long.

Btw, you are far better looking than your pic on the website. I really enjoyed our session.

Hope you had a good weekend,

Hi Mistress Alani

Just a quick note to say thank you for an amazing session today.

You were such an amazing mummy.

My favorite parts were your nurturing cuddles and bedtime stories as well as my discipline for being a naughty baby.
Your ability to take me into my special place was amazing.

Next time I’ll try to be a good boy

Baby C.

Greetings Mistress Alani!

Again, a long overdue email (I will get better soon, I swear!!).

Thank you for an amazing experience when I last saw You (and Mistress Arcana). It was just as perfect as I imagined it would be with my three of my most favourite Women! I think I could have handled the group of four for the entire time, but the one-on-one times are so incredibly valuable as a start and end point, and from my point of view they seemed to flow together very well (even with me changing from room to room- Alice seemed to have the easy option! Hehe). I enjoyed the energy in the room, the chemistry between Yourself and Mistress Arcana is infectious!

Our “alone time” together was incredibly special. I don’t know if it was the wedding/honeymoon “feels”, but I was feeling very tuned in to what was a fairly erotic experience! I wasn’t sure how the foot worship would translate in real life as opposed to in my head, but how can I resist Your cute little feet?!? And they are so talented as well! I think I am hooked.

I think I will try to add an extra half hour of cuddle-time for every session from now on – it makes everything wonderful and I LOVE Your cuddles!!!

Thank you again for another breathtaking time. It truly started our honeymoon off in the perfect way!


Dear Alani,

As a Mistress you are irresistible, not that I would try. Yes my thoughts were most heartfelt, however I would be honuored if you want to use these as a testimonial and trust you implicitly to choose parts to make it flow.
Thank you for again making me feel so special.
I love the conversation before, during and after. Today’s experience was phenomenal as usual. So glad I asked you to wear your catsuit. Stunningly beautiful – on you! Thank you also for permitting me to worship your legs, Goddess. Above all, staring into your eyes gives me the feeling that you are able to look deep inside me. I thought the mask framed your eyes beautifully.

Your devoted servant,

What a blast! Wow!

Thank you so much for Friday’s session – your care, sensitivity, attention, intention, execution – all with humour. I couldn’t have asked for more or even imagined anything so attuned to what was needed.

It unlocked doors for me that I thought were there and showed others that need to be opened. The most unexpected experience was being sent to subspace so quickly.

I’m not in need of aftercare – but thank you so much for offering. Its been a very gentle and kind return to reality. What I really need is more.

So. You are an artist. A proper one. There are so few.

Again, thank you so much.

See you soon.


“Dear Mistress Alani,

I know that by now Plaything would have written to you to pass on our thanks. However I felt it necessary to add my thoughts to the ‘thank you’.

Thank you so much. I’m amazed. Quite simply stunned at the incredible feminine power that you exerted so effortlessly in your dance of entrapment of my Plaything. It was both alluring and all encompassing at once. Just watching I was drawn in. Hypnotic!

You have given me an insight into the most incredible interpretation of power and authority in a way I could have not even imagined to exist without seeing and feeling it. I hope to be able to discover or build a knowledge and ability to exert a version of the control you wielded with such powerful effect for my use in my role as Plaything’s Sir as our partnership grows and deepens.

It was truly a pleasure to learn from you.
Cheerio for now,



Dear Mistress Alani,

My deepest thanks for your attention, energy and perception yesterday. Sir requested that I contact you to convey our thanks.

I thoroughly enjoyed submitting to your feminine dominance. You pushed me outside my comfort zone, which helps me grow. I love learning and growth!

I will remember for a long time the power of your energy directing my movements without words or sight, what an incredible experience.

Coordinating the session with Sir James provided a fascinating contrast between your intuitive dominance and his physical dominance, I loved it all.

I felt the most exquisite high for the rest of the evening. Thank you for making my first experience at a bdsm establishment, and sub to a female Domme so memorable, challenging and fun!

Yours submissively,



Thank you so much for today’s session Mistress Alani. You are a fantastic Dominatrix, thanks again for the best golden shower I’ve ever had.

-sissy slave.


Alani is a lovely, great body, un-hung-up, attractive Gen Y girl. Despite me being so far away in that of a baby boomer, our communication and understanding on first meet was wonderfully relaxed and efficient.

Not having much muscle to show and a nice soft feminine body, doubt flashed through my mind that she’d be able to do the job I was requesting i.e. totally overpower me in a floor wrestle with some restrictions. I might add that I am a tall, fit, trained, non smoking former leading try scoring footballer.

Immediately I was pleasantly shocked as in seconds she assumed supremacy squeezing my abdomen with her amazingly powerful, beautiful legs while her arms also had me in a bother. As for her restrictions, I was so controlled I doubt that I could have employed any if allowed.

Thank you Alani. You performed to the maximum a reminder to my once male chauvinest ego of how wrong I was. Even if that finally stays put in my brain I’ll be back for the whole great experience again.


Dear Mistress Alani,

From the moment you entered the reception room, the thought in my head was, ” I surrender”. I had anticipated our meeting but your beauty, warm and friendly demeanour and intelligence surpassed my expectation. The time you took to ensure our role-play was as planned was most appreciated. I’m glad I didn’t finish dressing as your cross-dressed anal slut/slave as the way you completed this, especially the lipstick, was so dominant yet intimate.

I loved the way that you came into my personal space, literally face to face, to tell me what devilish plans you had for your slave. Being lead by you down the passage and gently humiliated in front of the manager was fun. Back in the dungeon the way you switched from strict domme to playful,sensitive mistress and back was priceless. You were so good at connecting and relaxing me, I had total trust in you. You prepared me so well for anal play, that I was able to take the larger strap-on and the way you fucked me was unforgettable. The whole experience was the most sensual and memorable I have ever had.
The unhurried time you spent debriefing and chatting at the end of the session was also very special and made the feeling of connection even greater. And Yes my nipples are still deliciously tender. They can’t wait for our next meeting.

Your obedient slave,



Dear Mistress Alani,

What a session I had on Friday! You put me at such ease after I arrived cross dressed and the session that you had organised with your stunt cock was unbelievable. I had such a good time and can’t believe you had me so relaxed whilst I was performing on the stunt cock. I was thrilled that he came all over my skirt, what a way to have to walk back to the car, didn’t realize how far I had parked away!

I spent the rest of the evening just replaying the session over and over in my head. Brilliant.

I can’t wait for my next trip to Melbourne and whatever you can dream up for me next time

Cross Dresser Tina.


Dear Mistress Alani

My sincere thanks for a truly outstanding session.

You pleased me greatly by taking time in the waiting room before our session to fully discuss what I was seeking.

This meant that in the dungeon the fun began immediately.

Being the greedy and very naughty boy that I am, I asked for “the lot” and you skilfully and brilliantly fitted everything in. So to speak !

Such seductive evil as I have ever endured. The teasing was deliciously relentless and exquisitely erotic.

The magificence of your divine beauty is only exceeded by your imaginative cruelty

At the end of our amazing hour together I said that you were the most professional Mistress I had seen in 21 years of doing sessions in dozens of cities around the world.

These are the truest words I have ever spoken.

Please add me to your loyal army of devotees.



Recently I had the pleasure of quite a long session with Mistress Alani. We exchanged emails about our session so when I finally met this very pleasant and quite beautiful young lady I knew I had made a good choice. I liked the way she prepared so well, with her outfit as I had requested, the role play she had chosen from the three I sent her and the notes she brought to the waiting room so we could tie up any loose ends.

This was the first time I had ever been kidnapped from the waiting room. However this was done brilliantly by her and another Mistress. I found her to be very firm in the session and at appropriate times test my limits. Both her hand spanking and nipple play were amazing.

I would have no hesitation in seeing her again.

– D.


Hello Mistress Alani

Thank you for Wednesday’s session. Up until this morning, whenever I sat down my sore but happy bum reminded me of the strict caning I was forced to endure. My left hand also reminded me of this whenever I changed gears in my car, and the shiny black paddle mark has finally disappeared 🙂 Tying me to the chair for the hand paddling was a most exciting surprise, as was over the knee spanking. And I enjoyed the prolonged up close eye contact which you do so well.

I loved how you combined corporal punishment with the interrogation about the office attire. I really really enjoyed being pursued with question after question until I answered to your satisfaction . How I wish my school day’s discipline was that enjoyable, but sadly not.

Thank you so much for making the effort of having sweaty feet. Mistress Alani believe me when I say how this brought foot worship to a new level and how gorgeous the fragrance and taste of your feet are. And the very tantalizing teasing and making me wait before indulging, perfect !

The face sitting sent me into a most sublime state, and the kinky golden shower will be remembered for a very long time. Also, I loved the skin crawling stimulation caused by having my face slapped and various parts of my body bitten. After the session you mentioned smeared lip stick; well I have discovered exactly when that would have happened. I clearly remember feeling virtually every tooth in your very wicked mouth when you bit my left inner thigh. The blue black evidence remains 🙂

Finally, the way you made each activity flow to the next and how you repeated some activities to fit what was happening in a given moment , is the hall mark of a professional !


Hi Mistress Alani.

I just wanted again to thank you for an amazing experience yesterday. Every sensory receptor in my body has finally come back down to earth!

I was so gobsmacked by its brilliance that by the end of it I honestly couldn’t think of what to say.

Your genuine warmth and understanding of what I needed and your clear passion and expertise for what you do just heightened everything tenfold. For that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you as well for the wonderful advise. Pretty much everything you mentioned post session came into fruition, how I would feel both physically and emotionally. I hit a sad spot at dinner yesterday then had the best sleep ever as my mind and body were so buggered later on! Today is filled with nothing but happy memories.

One thing you didn’t mention was that my glutes (butt muscles) would be sore the next day.Smiling face with smiling eyes They were tensing up so much from the amazing intensity that it feels like I have just run a marathon.

Anyway, back to the busy life of work and study!!! Arghhh…

Regards G.

Hi Mistress Alani.

I just wanted again to thank you for an amazing experience yesterday. Every sensory receptor in my body has finally come back down to earth!

I was so gobsmacked by its brilliance that by the end of it I honestly couldn’t think of what to say.

Your genuine warmth and understanding of what I needed and your clear passion and expertise for what you do just heightened everything tenfold. For that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you as well for the wonderful advise. Pretty much everything you mentioned post session came into fruition, how I would feel both physically and emotionally. I hit a sad spot at dinner yesterday then had the best sleep ever as my mind and body were so buggered later on! Today is filled with nothing but happy memories.

One thing you didn’t mention was that my glutes (butt muscles) would be sore the next day.Smiling face with smiling eyes They were tensing up so much from the amazing intensity that it feels like I have just run a marathon.

Anyway, back to the busy life of work and study!!! Arghhh…

Regards G.

Dear Alani,

I just wanted to say thanks again for a really great experience on Friday. I really enjoyed it… a lot.

I learnt a lot, and enjoyed all the unexpected elements, and the chemistry.

Thank you.

I didn’t quite feel sub drop. I was tingling for the rest of the day and night. I slept really well but today I was tired. A relaxed tired.

Thank you again, my queen.



Hi Mistress Alani

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for last week’s session 🙂
Three and a half days later, the red marks and slight dull ache on my bottom are still keeping the session alive, woohoo ! I enjoyed every single whack , not to mention the bites, the caressing hands and your body on my back. I really appreciated that you left your feet unwashed before the session. Your subtle signature taste and scent really added to the “personality “ of your feet and hence to my enjoyment. I loved the copious GS. Only thing, there was so much of your delicious piss in my mouth that I found it difficult to swallow in the one mouthful. A good problem to have. And your thoughtful wiping of my glasses ……..
All the above activities are hot and exciting in their own right. However, it is your energy, perceptiveness, playfulness and heart that made the session so enjoyable.


PS. I loved the little chat we had while you were cleaning up after the session. Hope that opportunity may arise again as I have a question on other activities that intrigue me.


Hi Mistress Alani,

Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful session today. You are very very good, far beyond level of your experience . I think you are very smart and an excellent observer. I am very much looking forward to see you again 🙂



Dear Mistress Alani,

Wow!! what can I say. I am finding it difficult to wipe of the smile off my face. I had a wonderful experience.

I came in nervous skipping words while I spoke during our pre-session consult.But, the way you made me feel comfortable and relaxed was exceptional. There on once we were in the room within minutes you took me in a mind space where I was ready for anything. Walking up and down the corridor en_femme was something I had only ever fantasized about not knowing you are going to make it come true. Further to be able to do it in front of Apprentice Mistress Jazmyn was a sweet icing on the cake.

I must say you kept pulling rabbits out of your hat. The session was full of surprises. I was very vague and vast in providing you details of my ideal session, but the way you conducted the session was much better than what I had in mind. You made me try so many new toys and instruments. Also the concern and care I received post session was really generous on your part.

I am looking forward to scheduling another session soon.

Thank you once again!



Hi Mistress Alani,

This is a long overdue message to thank you for the absolutely incredible session that I had with you a few months back. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to write this but here it goes…

I had a fantasy role play scenario that had been on my mind for some time. It involved a bit of a cuckold/Hotwife aspect and incorporated strap on play with some body worship and touching and teasing.

I had pondered making a booking with several ladies over a period of a few months but always seemed to talk myself out of it at the last minute. Then I came across Mistress Alani’s profile on the Fetish House website and really loved everything that I saw and read. She came across as very intelligent, thoughtful and (super importantly to me) seemed as though she had a soft, feminine side to her personality. Almost immediately I felt as though I had found my perfect Mistress. Needless to say, I quickly called and made the booking.

When the day of the booking finally arrived, Mistress Alani walked through the door at exactly the agreed time. I was already feeling very nervous, but when I saw her walk in looking as stunning as she did, I was gobsmacked. I am normally fairly confident and am rarely intimidated by good looking women but this was seriously something else. The tight little pink dress that she was wearing really accentuated all of her sexy curves (and she has a smoking hot figure). She also has one of the most naturally beautiful faces that I have ever seen. I thought she looked gorgeous in her profile pictures but I can honestly say that they do not do her justice – she is much more beautiful in reality.

She must have sensed my nerves (I guess it was pretty obvious haha) because she quickly started making small talk, smiled reassuringly and made me feel much more at ease. I should stress at this point that Mistress Alani’s personality and demeanor did not disappoint. She is a lovely, intelligent lady with a great sense of humor and seemingly with a knack for reading other people. It is also obvious just how seriously she takes her work. She knew the exact detail of the session that I had requested (which was previously discussed via email) and went out of her way to ask me questions to ensure that we were on the same page in terms of the session expectations and role play personalities. I can honestly say that I don’t think I will ever be lucky enough to find another Mistress with such a perfect blend of incredible looks and fantastic personality. I am planning to return and see Mistress Alani for another session in the next few weeks and would give her a HUGE recommendation to anyone else.

The session itself completely blew my mind. I won’t go into detail here as I would probably struggle to find the words to do it justice in any case, but it was just amazing. I will mention one thing about the session which is that Mistress Alani is a very good actress. She went above and beyond my expectations in this regard and I am very grateful for her efforts!

Thank you again Mistress Alani and can’t wait to session with you again 🙂



Dear Mistress Alani,

First of all, thank you very much for a memorable experience at Fetish House. I’m writing my feedback as per your request so you’d know how I really felt about our session.

From the moment you introduced yourself, you put me at ease. You have a lovely personality, very polite and you are pretty as a Rose.

The session went exactly how I imagined it to be. You had planned it so well in your head to include everything on my list and it was executed beautifully. These were the highlights of the session for me.

– The foot worship. How you got me to massage and kiss your feat and make me lick and suck them while standing above me. I enjoyed you standing on me as well. You must have already heard this from other clients, but I will still repeat. You have the cutest pair of feat which I’ve every seen. I can adore them forever.

– How you teased me and how I got into trouble. My nipples kept hurting for two days reminding me of not doing it ever again. I loved having you near my face but I guess I learnt my lesson to not make any silly moves. So I held my feelings.

– The golden shower was great too. Next time I would like to have it sooner and more nector.

Although I didn’t list all the activities above, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them.

I surrendered to you completely during the session. I hardly looked at you as well (although I was craving to do so) Perhaps next time, I will be a bit less scared but still obedient. I have few ideas which I’d like to try next time.

You are so cute, and got a very nice toned body which is very clean with absolutely no marks on it. I struggle to get you out of my head 🙁

I will see you again in near future.

Have a nice day mistress Alani!

Take care,



Thanks for Wednesday’s session. You were delightful and so attentive. This together with your beauty made it an exciting and most positive experience.

That Wednesday morning, nothing existed outside that room.


Mistress, I just wanted to say thank you for an extraordinary session.

It was truly magnificent. I look forward to seeing you early next year, and I’ll e-mail you when I am ready to book another session, however I wanted to e-mail to let you know how extraordinary the session was. It really was amazing.

With reverence, D.

Hi Mistress Alani,

Every now and again you have a day that stands out and will be memorable for a long time.

Yesterday was one of those days.

What a session:
Those thigh high boots you made me hump and lick, were divine.
Being in the cage was super exciting. Had visions of being in there whilst you played with another slave.
Being told you had 5 clients to play with was a turn on.

I was on such a high when I got back I took my weekend car which hasn’t been out for two months, out for a mid week blast.

Epic day…….


Hi Alani, just wanted to say thanks so much for the session today, it was amazing. Your photo on the fetish house website doesn’t do you justice, you are absolutely gorgeous in person.

I cant get over how cute your belly button and feet are, they are perfect. I can’t wait for another session with you, can’t wait to hear your ideas on another roleplay scenario 🙂


Hello Mistress Alani,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing session on last week!! I also wanted to say an extra big thank you for the phenomenal amount of effort and planning you put into the session (I saw you had 2 pages of notes with you when you arrived!).

It was so wonderful to be able to explore what is fast becoming my favourite new fetish (age play). It was also fantastic to be able to get back into exploring an old and much loved fetish (pain), since you thought of all those super cool ways of inflicting pain without leaving marks!

I really loved the theme of the lessons! I also really loved all of the punishments! Especially the ear pulling and the pressure points on top of my toes, the ice buckets and also the chest rubbing (which was my favourite because it left a sore spot for two days after). It was so good to explore pain again without having to worry about bruises!

I also really loved the humiliation play, you were right when you said I probably wasn’t an easy person to humiliate but the things we did together were perfect for me. I find it interesting that the pacifier wasn’t humiliating. I have always fantasised about being forced to use one and it has always been a humiliation fantasy for me, but you promoted it to me as a source of comfort and that then became the way I felt about it. I always think it’s really cool that a Dominant has so much influence over a submissive’s mentality.

I should have figured when you told me I would be punished for talking it would lead to my downfall. Talking too much is the main thing my friends tease me about and it’s been that way since I was a kid. Once when I was a child my friend was teasing me for talking too much and I said ‘fine! I’ll never speak again!’, I tried really hard and lasted about 40 seconds. That being said, speech restriction is another fantasy of mine when it comes to age play, it just might take a few hundred knuckles to the chest to achieve. .<

I hope all is well with you and I hope I will be able to come and see you again very soon!

Thank you again,
little miss.


Greetings Mistress Alani!

i am such a terrible terrible person!! It has taken me so long to send a message of appreciation to You: the wonderful, beautiful, amazing Mistress!!

It’s even worse because it was an absolutely amazing session!!! It very much blew my mind… You definitely guided (pushed) me through harder corporal treatment than i think i have gone through before. i enjoy being pushed, and my tears certainly proved that to be the case. i still smile, thinking about how happy i am that i cried for You.

It was most definitely an honour to be Your sounding subject. It was a different “vibe” receiving them this time than i have in the past, i think due to the training aspect, but that was good. It made it feel like it was definitely for Your benefit, rather than my enjoyment, which is just the way it should be!

i have never confessed my enjoyment of crossdressing to anyone other than my partner, and it was very erotically humiliating- especially being made to walk/skip out and see Miss Tash and also having to sing that song… Still gives me chills now thinking about it! Definitely something i think i would enjoy exploring further with You next time.

It was great to get into a deeper subspace again, it probably doesn’t happen as often as i would like. Thank You for taking care of me when i was dopey- Your cuddles make me feel very safe.

Thank you once again for creating a perfect time together. i know i say this every time, but i wish i lived a lot closer so there could be more amazing times!

Always Yours,


Dear Mistress Alani,

Just want to thank you again for yesterday’s session. You made me feel very comfortable the moment you walked in the room and you kept me smiling throughout. Your natural beauty, alluring personality and impeccable professionalism makes you the perfect Mistress. I will be coming back for more…

Warmest regards

Your smiling submissive.


Hello Mistress Alani,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for our session on Friday!! I had so much fun! You are such a lovely person and I am so glad I got to play with you!

It was really great to tentatively explore age play humiliation, it is definitely something I would love to try more in the future! I really loved the way you spoke down to me when giving me instructions. I LOVED the riding crop too! I really liked it when you put the crop in my lap as a reminder to be good. I love it when I know there are no other options other than ‘obey or get punished’, because then I stop trying to think of ways to avoid doing as I am told and I just go into subspace. The visual of the crop did just that. 🙂

I think my most favourite part of the session was when you unexpectedly slapped me across the face really hard. I think you asked me if I was still awake when you did it too. My mind practically exploded with subspacey, endorphiny pleasure when you did that. It was amazing. I got a similar feeling when you bit me as well.

There was so many other little things that I loved about our session too but my email would be about 1000 pages long if I where to mention them all!

Thank you for taking such good care of me afterwards too! I am super glad we had that cuddle time and I’m extra glad for how patient you were when speaking to me after our cuddle time.

Sub space is really weird but it is such a cool place to be in! I had a truly fantastic time. You are perfect. Thank you again for everything!

Warmest regards,



Mistress Alani,

Thank you for your session on Wednesday and congratulations on graduating on strap on. It seemed like after your session you really wanted some feed back but I was way too dazed to think clearly. I had a really good time, for some one who is so new I felt like I was in control by a very knowledgeable mistress. I especially like how quickly your bubbly nature could change. It was fun to explore pain with yourself as it is something I haven’t really explored. Thanks for one of the best sessions I have had. Hopefully I can gaze into those eyes again shortly.

Regards M.

Hello Mistress Alani!

I just wanted to spend some time talking about the session, you were amazing. From the moment you cheerfully walked in and gave me a big cuddle I knew it was going to be a good session J I loved how your cuddles were nice and tight, my favourite type of cuddles! I loved how we cuddled in different positions too, especially when we were upright and I was laying back into you, that felt really nice. You gave great tickles too and you explored all my special ticklish spots! I loved how you attacked me around my neck and ears, my favourite part, and you took great advantage of this by pinning me until I was a giggling mess! I loved it. Everything about the session was perfect, I couldn’t fault it, not to mention your ultra playful personality. I can’t wait to see you again for more ultra tight cuddles and tickles!!

mike 🙂 *big cuddle* hehe

Greetings Mistress Alani,

I want to thank You for an amazing cuckolding session. It was far more than I had imagined and hoped it would be! The moment You burst in, asking why You didn’t have the floorboards You have been wanting for nearly a year, my first thought was “this just got real!!” It was then easy for me to get my own mindset locked in, and unwavering. It was quite an intense experience and definitely felt more real than a simple role playing game.

The session flowed easily, feeling very much like something that could happen. It wasn’t so much the activities in the session that “made it”, it was the little things: the right tone of voice, the perfect laugh, the turn of your lips with a slight grin, and the reward of seeing Your full, beaming smile. I really was remorseful about my behaviors, and just wanted to ensure You were happy again!! Your happiness leading to my own.

There are only so many words that I can use to praise You and the time that You have given me so far. You definitely make my trips to Melbourne a guaranteed success (sadly there are not enough of them). I also enjoy the chats afterwards, it helps me to readjust to normal, and I genuinely find your sense of humor very compatible with my own!

Thank you once again! I can’t wait until I am over east once more. With your continued development within the FH environment, I am sure our next session will be another varied and positive experience (should I be allowed to see You, that is)!

Thank you again, beautiful Mistress Alani!!!

Kindest regards,



Hi Mistress Alani,

I had a session with you and Mistress Jazmyn on Friday night, and just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time I had. It was a real slow burner and is still getting better with time. Even though I was nervous and explained what I wanted poorly, you interpreted and executed it perfectly. I’m already looking forward to the [next] session and thinking of ways in which I can take it further.

Many thanks and look forward to seeing you again soon.



Dear Mistress Alani,

I had a session with you two weeks ago, I have to say what an amazing session, that was unbelievable. I really cannot stop thinking of your body and the menstrual play. If possible would you please book me in for your next period cycle. I really cannot wait.
Thank you so much.

Your body-cleaning slave.


To Mistress Alani,

Thank you so much for the incredible foursome on Friday. You are a fabulous dominatrix. You are even more beautiful in person than what your pictures show, and your smile is absolutely infectious.

I especially loved the stories you where telling me, they where interesting and they turned me on a lot too! 🙂 I also really loved the way you dealt with my bratty side; quietly telling me ‘ok’ and then finding a way to force me to obey you. That sent shivers up my spine! I also really loved the elements of tantra you included. Tantra is something I have always been interested in but have never really tried. Despite your apprentice status you certainly hold your own amongst the experienced service-providers at Fetish House. Both you and Mistress Misty have such happy positive spirits and it was wonderful to see the connection you two have.

Alani, you are absolutely lovely and I hope to see you again very soon.


Dearest Mistress Alani,

Thank You so very much for an amazing session with Yourself and Mistress Misty on Friday. Being the first time that E and i had sessions together, we couldn’t have wished for a more prefect induction. The whole timeline seemed very well planned, and was packed with lots of variety. i quite enjoyed the competitions at the end, i’m just sorry i couldn’t win for You!! You and Mistress Misty seem to have a really good rapport, and it flows through to your interactions with Your submissives; Nothing seems forced or the verbals “rehearsed”.

i must admit i was in total awe when You walked into the waiting room. Even though i had seen Your photos on the website, You are even more beautiful in person. You are a truly stunning beauty!!! I just love the way You interact in session, the perfect mixture of tough Domme and yet incredibly sensual. i loved being close to You. Your petite body pressed against me, giving me a feeling that You were both trying to calm me, but also raise my excitement levels further. i still remember the feeling and it still excites me as a write this.

For a “first” session with a new Mistress, it was quite something! The whole vibe was- and I feel I’m starting to sound repetitive- perfect!! There was never a moment that I “zoned out” or had my mind think of anything other than You or attempting to please You. You made me feel completely like i was Yours, and I never wanted to leave!!

Considering your “limitations” in terms of activities that You are allowed to do, i was still amazed by the variety of our hour together.

i am very much looking forward to hopefully seeing You next time i am in Melbourne, if You will allow it. Having read Your list of interests (many times over), they are almost aligned with my own!

While i know i am not an expert, i am certain You are destined to being one of the greats at Fetish House!

Most kindest and warmest of regards,


Hi Alani

A brief note to thank you for a great session tonight. For such a new apprentice mistress and being so young you were amazing. I must say I enjoyed the session very much…

Take care beautiful lady you have great future as a mistress.

Naughty school boy ‘J’.

Dear Mistress Alani,

Omg where do I start? You are a most awesome mistress, albeit reasonably young and junior. (Totally gorgeous tho in and out do clothing) May I say I had the most incredibly sensual and satisfying session with you on 15/4/15. Totally amazing, loved every minute with you – your caring loving demeanour after inflicting pain was just amazing… Your ability to look deep into my eyes with your gorgeous brown eyes and totally get inside my head was a wonderful experience – all the while being focused on my sexual desires. What you did with the iced water etc was totally wild.

Thank you my gorgeous Mistress, I will be back,

Your slave, A.

Mistress, YOU ROCK GIRL.

Thanks for an awesome session.

I was nervous leading up to the day and very nervous in session. By the end of it I was really comfortable and will definitely be back for more.

You were well prepared and dressed to kill as requested.

I especially loved that you had me agreeing to eating my cum without hesitation (both from your foot and your cock 🙂

It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought and I am turned on now thinking about it!

See ya soon.
– 17/4/15

Hello lil Alani,
What a beautifull time I had today with the prettiest lil babysitter, what a thrill it was watching you explore my Dungeon, seeing you in your cute excitement. Testing my cuffs, quite a apt lil actress you are, I truly enjoyed your excitable giggles, I am sorry to tickle your cute belly button, no not really sorry hehe, but that was a highlight for me. a tickle tease I have never really had chance to explore, I loved it, I guess because it’s a very true emotion, your torment was a delight… I will be dreaming of my next visit, I hope it’s not to far away. Thanks again pretty lil one.

Big Daddy Hugs

– C.

Thank you Mistress Alani for the two wonderful sessions that i had with You last week. You are beautiful young woman and it was a real pleasure to be under Your spell. You have such soft skin to touch and a taut athletic body. i was able to get lost in the erotic scenario that we shared as an employee of Your father. i enjoyed every bit of both sessions, from the sucking of Your heels to gazing into Your beautiful brown eyes. You had me do things that i have not done before, like licking my come from Your boots and worshiping Your boots even before the session started. You were so polite and kind in discussing the sessions with me. You certainly know how to use that magnificent body of Yours. i have been to Fetish House many times, but these were the two most enjoyable sessions that i have ever had. i am glad that we could share some lighter moments as well as being intense. i hope to see You again soon. Thank You for a great experience.

Your new and eager slave, D.

Hi Mistress Alani. Just wanted to thank you again for the session you held with me on Sunday. The manner in the way you had me in a vulnerable state, and the energy you bought to the room was truly amazing. A most memorable experience.

Kind regards, T.

Wow what can I say!! You were absolutely brilliant last Friday, you were like you had been doing it for years, you have converted me into your total slut slave, I look forward to our next encounter… I also look forward to finding you some ultra sheer and sexy p/h for both of us for Friday. I am totally under your wicked spell.

– Slut Simon.