• Fetish House Mistress Andrie wearing black shiny latex catsuit holding a crop standing with one leg up on a chair
  • Fetish House Mistress Andrie wearing long leather thigh high boots sitting back on a couch
  • Miss Andrie smiling with head to the side looking down
  • Fetish House transgender Mistress Andrie laying on a bed wearing red lingerie with a white lace robe and black high heels
  • Dominant Andrie wearing black leather gloves and pants with black bra and black leather unzipped jacket standing against a bondage bench with cage
  • Fetish House Mistress Andrie sitting on a wooden ledge wearing black pants and bra with a floral top holding a stock whip
  • Andrie sitting on a chair naked and covering breasts with her hand
  • Fetish House Mistress wearing red and black leather sitting on a red and black motorbike
  • Fetish House Miss Andrie transgender woman sitting back in a chair holding a chain leash

Mistress Andrie

There is a powerful force within me to dominate, overpower, torture and enslave, leaving you helpless and lost without my control. I derive pleasure from getting inside your head, pulling strings and making you my own obedient puppet. Once I have you under my spell you’ll be aching to suit my every need and meet my every desire. Your body is mine and will be used as I please and I have been known to have some very sadistic desires that I expect you to tend to. I love to hear your desperate cries, your muffled screams and your moans of absolute pleasure.

My divine cock is to be worshiped, you will be thanking me through your moans of pleasure and pain. Soon you will become addicted to the sweet taste of your goddesses divine cock. With flexible session tonality I can be strict, sadistic and torturous while being a caring, loving presence needed to help push limits and achieve more than ever before under my guidance.  Please note: I do not and will not ejaculate on or in any part of your body.

With a sleek presentation, a perfect cock, an overwhelming demeanor, and a head full of dark fantasies, you will regret it if you ever try to defy me. Whether you book a session or not you are already mine.

Specialities Include:

Ballbusting and cbt: Trampling, kicking, urethral sounding, needle torture, cock and ball bondage, castration fantasy.
Impact: Skilled with a range of implements including floggers, whips, paddles, canes or spanking.
Sensory control: Working with temperature, sensation, anticipation, emotion, pain, pleasure I know how to work your body with the slightest touch.
Needle play: Whether it’s hard, clinical torture or sensual, artistic and intricate, I will provide an experience not soon forgotten.
Anal Training: From finger to cock to fist.
Bondage: Combining rope with leather, toys and devices. Creating inescapable, humiliating, predicament, sensory controlling, imaginative positions and scenarios.
Discipline and slave training: Molding a submissive into my perfect slave gives me no greater pleasure
Toilet slavery: Golden and brown shower, human toilet and toilet paper, bathroom cleaning service

This list is not the limit of my capability, if your interests are beyond what is mentioned, I’m always open to discussion and exploration.

There will be no discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, nationality, colour, age, sex, class, size, religion or disability.

Hard Limits:

I do not and will not ejaculate on or in any part of your body.
I do not offer cross dressing in sessions.
I do not engage in gender related humiliation.

Please email at: [email protected]

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