• Fetish House Apprentice Mistress Catalina with white blonde hair wearing short skirt laying on a bed looking at magazines with her long muscular legs one outstretched
  • Fetish House Apprentice Mistress Catalina muscular dominant sitting side on with very high black high heels
  • Fetish House Apprentice Catalina showing her soles of her feet
  • Dominant Catalina two versions of Catalina standing against a red wall holding a lead and chain and corporal punishment strap
  • Fetish House Mistress Catalina standing side on in front of a black bondage wheel
  • Fetishist Catalina sitting in a bondage chair with legs wide apart in black shiny thigh high boots

Apprentice Mistress Catalina

I am the girl who you always lusted over from afar but never had the courage to speak to. You exist only to be humiliated or used by me.

I’ll force you to a girly sleepover to be my plaything, dress you up in my clothes to entertain me, or make you my pet to walk around on a leash. You can kiss my feet while I scroll through my phone, completely ignoring you. Maybe I catch you ogling at me through my window as I get changed and have to punish you.

I can be unpredictable—one minute I will be tormenting you mercilessly and the next whispering encouragement in your ear (If you deserve it). I love to play games, especially the kind you will lose.

I am genuinely bisexual and I enjoy playing with people of all genders and sexual orientations, as well as couples.

Please feel reassured if you are new to BDSM that I maintain a strong divide between session time and negotiation. Upon arrival you will be treated professionally, never thrown in the deep end without warning. We will discuss limits and safewords, what activities you’d like to experience, as well as anything that might affect the session such as health issues.

As an Apprentice I offer:

– Ball Busting (Light)

– CBT (Light)

– Corporal Punishment (Medium; Spanking, Cane, Paddle, Strap, Flogging, Cropping)

– Cross Dressing

– Foot Fetish

– Light Bondage

– Nipple Torture

– Role play

– Tie and Tease

– Tickling (Giving/Receiving)

– Trampling

– Wrestling (light/erotic)

I am currently interested in a wide range of activities so hope to expand this list as I go.


– 5’4″ (166cm)
– Athletic feminine build
– Early-Mid 20s
– Size 7 feet.


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter: @dommecatalina


Dear mistress Catalina,

I hope you recall my recent session.

I sincerely enjoyed playing cards with you and losing every time. I have had a number of sessions at the fetish house over the recent years, but you were honestly amazing. I loved that you understood my game and took the time to tweak it to suit yourself. I wanted to submit to you, and you took that on. You spent time warming me up which was appreciated. Despite beating me heavily, the marks were not anywhere near what I expected from the sensation I received. I loved that you were able to use me to demonstrate your proficiency to mistresses Asha and Zoe. I enjoyed the challenge, and did not want to fold and see you not reach your potential. It hurt, but I loved taking it for you. I would have gladly taken it all again for you. I loved that you checked in on me constantly. I was being pushed. You sensed it, and you kept in touch with me. I would gladly delve deeper into my masochism and your sadistic streak knowing you understand. I would love to help you develop as a mistress. If I could ever be a training tool or a toy to consolidate your skills, please let me know.

Looking forward to another encounter.


‘I have been seeing Mistress Catalina now for twelve months and in that time she has always gone over and above to make sure your session is all you have asked for plus more. Always comes into the waiting room with the most beautiful of smiles and makes you feel very comfortable. She a wonderful, caring and lovely Mistress. Thanks for a fantastic twelve months looking forward to the next twelve and more.

Your slave. K’

‘Thank you so much for your time and a great High Heels fetish session today.

It was very enjoyable and I particularly enjoyed your hospitality and an attention to detail.
Being a fairly new addition to FH, your professionalism and quality shone through.
As soon as I saw your figure in your outfit, I could tell that you commanded respect and were in control.
I really appreciated the sensual element to the session that you and still can’t get the images of your amazing stature out of my mind!

Keep doing what you’re doing and I look forward to the next encounter….


– N’

Hello Mistress Catalina,

This is the dopey J whom you deliciously dominated today with your beautiful feet. Once again I want to thank you for a great session, which I enjoyed a lot.

You are fresh, have a spontaneous delightful laugh, beautiful with a mouth-watering physique, and strong. You can be polite and nice, as well as aggressive and bullying. And at times, during the session, a sensitive side of you flashed by on your face. You a delightful mixture of contradictions…

Thanks again for a great session.
With regards,

‘I immensely enjoyed my first ever session with Catalina tonight.
I hope to see her again.
Many thanks,