Mistress Arcana

I am deviant and creative by nature. I am an intuitive, erotic and powerful Dominatrix.

My name is Arcana.

Creating consensual intimate exchange is a key element of My life both professionally and privately. The essence of these exchanges empower and reward Me, these interactions give Me strength and ground Me.

Your fetishes, your fantasies, your carnal urges intrigue and inspire Me.

I can elicit and own the depth and mysteries of your mind and body throughout a session. I want to experience these things that are so very exhilarating, cherished and personal. I use My ever-growing repertoire of BDSM skills to take you further into your intricacy and thrust you beyond what you imagined to be possible.

I am strict, strong and very determined. With dignity, I command honour and appreciation. I am intoxicating. I am enchanting.

I have passion for all elements of BDSM. I can be extremely versatile, so come to Me with an open mind. I love all forms of fetish, from the familiar to the very unique. I am naturally dominant. I love kink. I love tease. I use My electric sexual drive and feminine power throughout all of My sessions. I can be cruel and unbearably seductive, I can find your boundaries and push them. I can break you. I am a sadist who takes immense pleasure from your pain. I always enjoy Myself. How far we go will depend on our genuine connection and capacity.

With empathy and respect I facilitate your release into My Domain. When you surrender, I transform you.

I love to play with people of all genders, sexual orientations and body types. I love sessioning couples. I love sessioning with other Mistresses whether they too are a Dominant or a submissive; I truly enjoy doing lesbian double sessions. I also have a variety of different males (some submissive, some cross dressers and some totally sexy kinksters) that I can bring into sessions for forced bi, cuckolding or kinky threesomes. Name your flavour and I will find the male to fit. You are only limited by your imagination and the rules I put on you.

I do partake in sessions as a switch or submissive, I enjoy being in the hands of Mistress or Master however I only ever agree to do so once I have met you in person and had the opportunity to discuss your desire and intention. I always stay true to My boundaries, and I will most likely start out light and only work toward something heavier if I get to know and trust your skill set. If you wish to meet Me for a consult regarding a submissive session, please email me and we can arrange a time.

I pride Myself on being professional and discrete.


I am in My late 20s, 169cm (bare feet), body size 8, bra size 10c (natural), I have sensual curves on an athletic body. I am a natural fiery red head. I have beautiful fair and soft skin, some bold tattoos and hot piercings. As you know from My photos here; My enticing eyes will draw you in. Once you have sessioned with Me, My perceptive, intelligent mind and imaginative sessions will lock you in. My beauty, power and calibre will bring you back for more. I am addictive.


I love all of the things in this list and many more that aren’t… I gain a great deal of satisfaction when I introduce kink to first timers, or a new activity to an experienced player. Read the list below and be inspired…

– Anal play: I love anal play; including dildos, strap-on, fisting and heavy fisting. I am very good with my fingers and fists. I have a very diverse collection of cocks and anal toys of all shapes and sizes, whether you are a beginner experimenting or absolute slut, I have the right size and shape for Me to use on you!
– Abduction/kidnapping
– Ball busting
– Biting
– Body worship
– Boot worship: light to heavily forced
– Bondage and restraint: including leather cuffs, ropes, chains, tape, latex body bag, vac bed, pallet wrapping and much more
– Breath Play
– CBT: light to heavy. I am highly skilled and will smile as you struggle
– Chastity: devices, key holding
– Corporal Punishment
– Couples: lessons for couples or sessioning both of you at the same time, I love it all
– Cross Dressing: part to full transformation
– Crushing
– Cuckolding
– Electrics play: violet wand, TENS machine
– Enema play: sexy or nasty
– Erotic tease and sexual play sessions
– Face slapping
– Face Sitting, Queening, Smothering
– Fetish Lesbian Double Sessions
– Fetishes of all flavours: I really love all familiar and all unusual fetishes
– Fear play
– Filth play
– Financial Domination: $$$ you are lucky if I accept your money
– Fire play
– Fisting
– Foot fetishes: I have perfect feet and am very creative with them
– Gender Liberation and Gender Expression sessions
– Gags
– Golden showers: I have excellent timing and a lot of control
– Humiliation: from the playful to very heavy and even personal
– Impact play
– Interrogation play
– I love to session you and your partner: together or separately
– I love to session women: cis and trans and of all body types. Women, come and play!
– I love to session you with another Mistress: Double trouble!
– Instructional Sessions: come alone or with a partner and learn how to.
– Instruments of pain and torture: including Electrical Play, Sounds, Needle Play/Temporary Piercing, Weights, Clamps, Hot Wax, Burning, Abrasion/Scratching
– Kidnapping-the braver the better
– Latex: I wear or force you to, or vac bed
– Lock and leave
– Medical play: naughty or dismissive nurse and everything she might do
– Menstrual play: I bleed lots and heavy
– Mummification
– Needle play: Beauti and release, torture and pleasure
– Nipple play: clamps, biting, licking, sucking, flicking, pinching
– Objectification: endless and break free or just a taste
– Orgasm control: tease, denial, ruin
– Pet play
– Pinching
– Post orgasm torture
– Prostate massage
– Reading/Dirty talk
– Role play: Schoolgirl, Naughty nurse, Strict teacher, Boss, Wife/Girlfriend and any thing else you would like to try
– Scratching
– Sell personal items: including clothing-even under garments for the right price
– Sensation play: I play with all of your senses, I love the suspense and anticipation
– Sensory deprivation: hoods, gags, blindfolds, earplugs, body bags and more
– Sensory overload: taste, touch, smell, sound (including earphones)
– Sessions without domination
– Sexual domination
– Silent domination
– Smothering/Face sitting/Queening
– Sounds: curved, graded, rose bud
– Spitting
– Sploshing: food, taste, texture and temperature of all kinds
– Sub training
– Tie and tease: I am highly seductive and an expert at tease
– Tickle play/torture
– Trampling: barefoot and heels
– Water sports
– Wrestling: light and erotic only
– Vac Bed

If your desired activity is not listed just ask Me if I will do it. I will most likely try it, at least once. Some activities require an additional fee. Please contact Me directly via email if you have any questions regarding this.

Hard Limits

I am not interested in or driven by: adult baby play, any role-plays involving paedophilia or incest, brown showers or scat play and unfortunately for you, MY kisses are not for sale.


You can buy Me My dream home. Failing that… I enjoy receiving props/tools to be used in our session. I always look good and like receiving fetish clothes and shoes (email for correct sizing). Be creative and if you would like to ask first you may email Me.


You may email Me directly at [email protected]

If you wish to speak with Me via telephone, you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our Etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.


‘Hi Mistress Arcana,

I wanted to thank you and Xochi for bringing my bisexual fantasy to life. I didn’t feel like I was just another client and that you were having just another day at work. You really listened to what I was looking for (which was admittedly a lot) and brought it to life in a way that checked off the key boxes while still feeling fluid and in the moment. You balanced a stern, in charge demeanor with an honest caring for me and my experience. I am especially thankful for the way you handled my body hitting a wall. You assessed the situation then took the care and patience required to have me taking it like a pornstar.

Anyone who reads your ad and feels like you’re a match for what they’re looking for would be a fool to go elsewhere. You are beautiful, highly skilled, and professional while still being fun and personable. Thanks for giving me a mental movie to last a lifetime.


Hi Mistress Arcana,

Just writing to say that you are absolutely amazing! OMG you blew my mind torturing me last Thursday night. You are physically stunning and beautiful and an amazing Domme! By far the best BDSM session I’ve ever had, really, by far, it had everything I could ever image and not even imagine!

You are now the One and Only Mistress for me.
Thank you so much again, looking forward to our future sessions.


Dear Mistress Arcana

Thank you so much for our amazing session last Thursday. As a beginner I had very little idea on what to expect from our session and while I was extremely excited and keen, I was a little nervous; but upon meeting you and having our talk, I was instantly put at ease! You were so understanding and knew exactly what would be best for me.

Our session was truly amazing! It exceeded anything I could have imagined! I put all my trust in you and you were truly just mind blowing! Not only did your amazing skill set amaze me, but your beautifully, stunning looks truly captivated me! You also knew exactly when to push me and exactly what I needed to keep me coming back for more and more!

I could not have been more thrilled and overjoyed with my experience with you and I can’t thank you enough! You truly cared so much for me and my experience and that just made my session so much more fun and exciting!

Now I am counting down the days until I can see you and your magnificent beauty again, and I can delve deeper into this amazingly mind blowing rabbit hole with you!


“I have had several sessions with Mistress Arcana over the years which involve a schoolgirl fantasy/roleplay and every time I have been left spellbound by her convincing acting, attention to detail and 110% dedication. Her tattoos, piercings and rebellious manner provide a fantastic contrast to the prim and proper private schoolgirl outfit she wears in our sessions. Just watching Arcana having a true ‘hissy-fit’ over getting detention, missing the bus etc is as much fun as then getting taken to task for daring to grab her bum – being slapped, spanked,punched, having your own cum wiped on your face and especially having Arcana sit on your face offers you a wonderful out of this world experience of kinky and hedonistic pleasure.

I have also had double schoolgirl roleplay sessions with Arcana and Miss Alani – the genuine and powerful chemistry between these two Mistresses is one of a kind, being a witness to their enthusiasm and lively interaction gives you the impression that you really are in the company of two naughty schoolgirls.

I highly recommend Miss Arcana on her own or together with Miss Alani for schoolgirl fantasies – either way you definitely won’t be disappointed.”

Kinky regards,

‘I would like to express my deepest gratitude for a magnificent double session with Mistress Tash and Mistress Arcana. Their chemistry was so enthralling to be a part of. They were both very attentive to my many desires and made me feel very satisfied in their fulfilment of them.

For anyone considering a double session, I would highly recommend sessioning with these two stunning Mistresses. They are definitely worth hitting the piggy bank for. In play, their personalities were very different, yet in perfect sync, like yin and yang. They each took turns being the star of the show at different points in the session, while the other still managed to play a very influential supporting role.

It goes without saying that sessioning with either one of them alone would still give great satisfaction. I’m just a greedy fetish pig. I look forward to building up my Fetish House fund for another visit. Until then, I have many fond and pleasurable memories to draw upon.

That was a truly amazing experience,


Dear Mistress Arcana

Last week’s session marked 5 years since I first saw you.

Back then you were still an apprentice and initially I had only planned on seeing you the one time. I originally chose to session with you based on your stunning looks.

I (shamefully) had the audacity to think I’d know more then you as I had seen dozens on Mistresses over 10 years and you were only a relatively new apprentice. That was 5 years ago and I am still your client and in that time I had never seen an other Mistress for session.You have taken my on a wild journey and I’ve experienced things with you that I never thought possible.

You easily have the greatest scene of empathy of anyone I know. In our very first meeting, I was too scared to look you in the eyes so you sat down next to me, held my hand and made me feel comfortable enough to communicate with you exactly what I wanted out of our session.

I still have the same butterflies every time I see you. (Something that you notice and exploit to both our benefit). The difference is now everytime I see your eyes I draw comfort from the knowledge that I am in your hands.

Writing this sends a shiver up by body with the knowledge that I’m lucky enough to have such a passionate, caring Mistress in my life that genuinely makes me happy and makes me a better person everytime I see her.

Wheather you beat me, tease me, humiliate me, encourage me, nurture me, you’ve always left me excited and begging for more.

Even though everyone of one of our sessions had been a unique experience, the consistencies of that nurturing and genuine care have always been there.

Thank you for taking me on this journey Mistress and I look forward to many more years serving you.


Dear Mistress.

You recently suggested a session with body work and caning, I know you have my interests at heart.

Your soft, sensual, caring touch made me feel calm and at ease. The tickling made me excited to the point where I wanted to cry laughing. The pressure points made me forget where I was, all together you bought me to the edge of mercy.

It speaks volumes of your skill that you knew exactly how hard to beat me.

I trusted in your skill and as a result I totally let myself go. It was total surrender to and full submission to you.

I had literally never cried so hard in my life. It actually felt great. I didn’t even know it was possible to cry that much. I had no idea it would feel so good. As men we are conditioned not to cry even when we are alone. you gave me an opportunity to cry, I let out so many tears, pent up sadness and emotion. I let go of things I didn’t know were bothering me.

A burden has been lifted from me. I’m no longer carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. As always during our sessions, you knew what I needed. You cared enough to give it to me.

You’re more then a Mistress/Dominatrix.
You’re a healer.

I don’t know how you know the things you know or how you’re so good at everything you do.
I’m just grateful I’m your client.

Thank you Mistress.

We would firstly just like to say thank you so much for taking the time to accommodate us on short notice, and giving us the extra time (after my body gave out on me), so we could have a great experience with you. Which we did.
We couldn’t have been happier to have you as our Mistress. We both believe you were perfect for us.

S and A

I still don’t really have words for how amazing the experience was for me. To have my fantasies actually played out like that was terrific and so much better than I thought it’d be and way, way more intense which was great. The whole session was terrific, it was everything that I wanted. I especially liked not knowing what you and my partner were going to do next, leaving my mind to its own devices. It was great how well you and my partner worked together, I was unsure how it would be, to play out my fantasy with my partner and someone else, but you made us both feel comfortable, allowing us to have a great experience.


Entering FH I wasn’t really nervous, I was more anxious and I was concerned about not knowing how the session was going to play out; I really wanted it to be everything my partner and I had imagined it to be. After discussing what we both wanted from our session and constructing a plan with you in person, you totally put me at ease. I was surprised at how comfortable and confident I felt. Because of the role play I felt my partner and I stayed connected as a couple throughout the whole session and I feel the experience has brought us closer together.

Thanks for the great experience.


Dear Mistress Arcana

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for last Thursday evening. From the very first moment I met you, I felt totally at ease and sensed a genuine warmth and understanding. Whilst I have been a guest at Fetish House a couple of times, I am still amazed by just how plain nice you ladies are and it was certainly an added bonus that you are a stunningly beautiful woman with a knock out figure and highly desirable. You captivated and beguiled me. I loved the way your generousity of spirit allowed me to fulfil my fantasy and more importantly, sensed you were an active participant rather than a feigned or bored token interest. Thank you, it was simply wonderful.


Hi Mistress

I just wanted to send you a short note of my appreciation for your time today and the energy and fun that you put into our session.

I had a great time and am already looking forward to seeing you again for more fun times.


Hi Mistress Arcana,

Thank you for our great session last Monday. I really enjoyed myself at your expert hands. As a beginner, I truly feel you have dominated me beyond my expectations. You took me to the world of unexpected submission and pleasure. Mistress Arcana you, not only met my expectations but got me to expand my horizons and try a few new things that I wasn’t expecting but thoroughly enjoyed and looking forward to repeating. I experienced new things that I had’t done before. And It was because of your beauty, expert hand, and just the way you knew how and when to push me further that was amazing. Mistress Arcana, you are absolutely stunning! I can’t stop thinking of your mesmerising eyes. Looking forward to see you soon.


Good evening Mistress,

Thank you for spending your time with me recently. I have spend many quiet moments during the last couple of days reflecting on the wonderful experience.
I am not one to shy away from a challenge or run from my fears, this means I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. You created a safe space and were able to turn my apprehension and nervousness into anticipation and excitement. I appreciate you helping me challenge my boundaries.

You also helped me to find a space inside the surrender where my mind was wonderfully clear. I felt safe to give up all thought about myself and just follow your command. It was liberating to melt into your words and just serve. I felt on the edge of euphoric crying or something at one stage and I think I wouldn’t let go of that last bit.

So mistress, thank you from the bottom of my heart for using me, thank you for making me your toy, thank you for all the gifts you gave me in your service. You are a queen among lessers and if I’m lucky I may one day be a throne.

Hello Mistress

I just want to thank you again for last Thursday! It was so much fun!

I can’t wait for next Thursday when I get to see you again! It is the highlight of my fortnight every time I come and see you! I have so much fun when I’m with you.


Hello Mistress Arcana,

I hope all is well with you.

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for our wonderful session. It was perfect and exactly what I needed that day!

You’re awesome!

Warmest regards,

Hi Mistress Arcana

Thank you for the amazing session yesterday. Really It was all just amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of worshipping your feet and licking your toes while we squeezed each other with our thighs. Thank you for the chance to interlock our toes and thank you for the toe-wrestling. I loved the end of the session the best…

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


To Mistress Arcana,

I hope you are well.

Thank you so much for our amazing session last week. I enjoyed it so much. It was probably the first time in my life I didn’t care about not having an orgasm. I think you where right in that the screaming was a release for me. I think that was my favourite part!

Kindest regards,


Morning Mistress Arcana,

Thank you for a wonderful hour. I thought we got on and connected really well. You immersed yourself into the roll with ease and passion. I loved your soft touch on me. Your medical exam was fantastic, the way you touched, caressed and pinched me, Melted me. The cock and ball exam was a great, i must admit it felt like nothing i have felt before, i was tingling. It was delightful. The prostate exam was a fantastic experience.

I loved examining you, you have the softest skin ever, your ass is beautiful. Having you sitting in the gyno chair, long luscious legs in stirrups still puts a lump in the throat. Touching you was a privilege. Amazing..

Thank you Mistress Arcana. We will meet again. I was lying in bed the other day thinking of you, and what to try next.

Thanks again,


To Mistress Arcana

I must say I was very nervous when you first walked in, I have being thinking about this for so long that it was a bit of a wow this is actually happening, but you made me feel very comfortable and those nerves slipped away. It was very easy to tell you what I wanted and it felt like we had a mutual respect for each other which made me feel very safe.

I realised how immersed I was and how in love I was during the golden shower. I had no restraint but I still kept my arms back and drank your pee willingly. It was a moment of pure ecstasy.

Overall I could not have asked for a better entrance into professional BDSM, it was everything I hoped for and more, so I thank you very much for the whole experience. And I must say I almost died when you kissed my cheek.
Cant wait for a months time.
Thank you

Hello Mistress Arcana,

The session we had was one of the best I have ever had at Fetish House, and you are one of the best Mistresses I have ever seen in my 6 years of coming to Fetish House.

Your breathe play was so amazing, i cant wait to go even deeper with it with you.

Hope this email finds you well and I look forward to your reply.


Greetings Mistress Arcana,

Our individual session was a perfect start to proceedings. Laying inside the vac-bed was a relatively relaxingly torturous experience, could easily have spent much longer at Your mercy! I do look forward to furthering this exploration next time.

Thank you for a fantastic experience when I last saw You (and Mistress Alani). It was an amazing experience with 3 of the most wonderful women in the world. I enjoyed the set up of the one-on-one sessions as bookends for the group session (although i could have handled being in that for the entire time as well). The energy in the room was incredible, the chemistry between Yourself and Mistress Alani is very infectious!!! I felt thoroughly used!

Thank You once again for another breathtaking time – every session just keeps me wanting more!

Yours respectfully,


Mistress Arcana

I was going to email back a few weeks after, but I didn’t because I was unsure how I felt about exploring my fetishes for the first time. I know now, it is feeling free. Thank you for the amazing session, and I hope to see you soon.


Mistress Arcana,

Thank you so much for our session earlier today. I am so grateful you where able to juggle things around for me, thank you so much.

Our session was AMAZING, I was legit on cloud nine the entire time.

Again thank you for the session, i love how our sessions go and I feel more like your slave, rather than just a client, and i love that.

Hope this message finds you well.

Mistress, Mondays session was amazing…still coming down from it!! You are amazing, i feel like i should tell you that every day! 🙂

Hope you’re well!


P.s you’re amazing

Hello Mistress

I just wanted to email you and thank you again for Thursday it was everything i fantasied about and more.

You were amazing with your strap on and i cant wait to see you again and continue our fun together!


Hello Mistress.

I just wanted to share with you some thoughts about last night as well as what life is like subbing for you…

I even cherish the darkest parts of life because without them, times like this wouldn’t be so special. You’re such an amazing human being and I’m so lucky to have you as my Mistress. You go far beyond anything I thought possible. I really do cherish our dynamic. Thank you. And as always I’m still in amazement that someone like you even exists.

Loyally yours’

On behalf of E and myself we would like to say a huge big thank you for our session on Monday night.

You made us feel so comfortable and confident and helped us through a very new experience with total control and experience.

We understand that the type of experience you supply is different to most everything and the way you helped us and conducted our session was totally professional and with care and concern.

As you may have guessed it was a different thing for us to take on board and do.

Normally I am the talkative one but I must say I have never seen E let her guard down and talk with anyone so quick or so openly as she did with you at the end, if you knew E you would realise she takes a long while to relax and feel comfortable with anyone and then let her guard down and expose herself, so thank you.

To wrap up we really did enjoy ourselves and your wonderful approach is to be commended. You were sensational and very professional.

Thank you again and hopefully we may see you in the future for a bit more fun.


C & E.

Thank you Mistress Arcana for a very fun session yesterday. It was everything I had imagined and more. I really enjoyed our tangled leg wrestling and interlocking our toes. Hope you would be up for that again sometime.


Hi Mistress Arcana

First of all after a couple days I can still say I had a lot of fun and it was awesome meeting you. I was super nervous at first but you were sweet and charming so the nervous quickly dwindled to something more manageable. you made me feel welcome and wanted.

With the playing itself I loved it, the humiliation was great.

I liked the worship, it was fun although frustrating I couldn’t see but that’s the point I guess, this was exciting.

All in all I came away feeling more confident (which I needed) and wanting more.

Thank you for the awesome time,

Dear Mistress Arcana ,

Just a short note to Thank You for a delicious First Date. It was a great privilege to wear Your collar and i appreciate the trouble You went to.

Slave’s Honour,

Dear Mistress Arcana ,

You looked magnificent in Your tailor-made PVC outfit. I am fortunate to be able to gaze upon Your Beauty. Dominatrix is such a beautiful word, so appropriate for You. What I adore most about You, is Your Magnificent Physique. I love the fact that You are so obviously Strong and Powerful. Every second of the Session was precious to me and things You said to me will live with me forever.

I would crawl behind You forever. I loved You gagging me with Your hand, being fed my cum and You wiping it all over my face, I loved the taste of the latex glove and lube and cum . i loved sucking Your cock and the Divine Moment You entered me.

I enjoyed being dressed in the maid’s outfit afterwards and cleaning up for You . After the Session I enjoyed talking to You, and the thing I will always remember is Your Hearty Laugh. You are ALL WOMAN.

Your Dirty, Filthy Whore,

Hello Mistress Arcana

You are the best Mistress I have ever seen.

And your breath play was so amazing! I cant wait to go ever deeper with it with you.


Hi Mistress Arcana,

Thank you for your session on Thursday. I was very nervous to start but I loved your domination to start our session, it put me in my place, something I’d never done before.

I loved the caning I received and having to say mercy was a first. I loved being gagged and commanded to get hard, and my 2 orgasms were so good, I can’t wait to come back and aim for 3 orgasms.  Your toy in my ass was so good.

I felt very lucky to be given this opportunity.

Thanks again

Hello Mistress Arcana,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for our session on Thursday. It was absolutely wonderful. I really loved all of the hitting and the biting and the yelling. I had a few sore spots the day after on my head and vagin- oops I mean outer labia; which was fantastic. There are too many things about the session that I loved to list them all individually, all I can say is wow! I am very glad you are back!

I was especially grateful for our big cuddle afterwards too. Braving the outside world after a session is always surprisingly confronting for me so I am very very glad I didn’t have to put on my big girl pants and take care of myself.

I have tentative plans to travel to Melbourne again in November so hopefully we will be able to play again then!

Kindest regards,

Dear Mistress Arcana;

I had an amazing time during our session on Thursday, and im still feeling good, now a few days after.

When I was given the option of taking on a session with you or rescheduling i was extremely nervous; having read your profile on the website before, the idea of having a session with someone as intimidating as you was somewhat scary, as i thought i may be out of my depth.

But I am so happy with how you went about the session; and while you were very intimidating, i didn’t feel completely out of my depth, i enjoyed being at your mercy, and you pushing me, and i appreciate how confident you were in everything you did. I was so happy with how rough and physical you were with me throughout the entire session without it feeling forced, but it felt more organic.

I was also totally encapsulated with how you looked and how you held yourself from the moment we met.

Im extremely happy with the marks i still have as a reminder of the amazing session, and i am very grateful for you taking on a last minute session with me, and also in taking the time to ensure that im in a good headspace after the session.

I can’t wait to organise another session with you, and to see what other things we can incorporate into our sessions.

And i am so happy with my experiences at Fetish House and all of the service-providers there.

Thanks for your time Mistress,


Mistress Arcana, I just couldn’t wait to return and once more you took me to places I had never been or experienced before. Who knows what road we will travel down next time, one I’m sure I will enjoy yet again. I look forward to seeing you and your wicked ways again soon.

Dear Mistress Arcana and Mistress Neve

Just wanted to thank you for the mind blowing double session last night, I am still buzzing from the afterglow. Both of you looked devastatingly glamorous all decked out in tight leather and lipstick, sexy dark glasses and heels to die for. From the beginning I was trembling with intense desire under your sexy leather gloved hands, caressing one minute, then stinging from a swift slap across the face the next. After being blindfolded and bundled into a car, I was overpowered and engulfed by the soft sensation of your skin and leather, the silky smoke of your cigarette smoke and the sweet touch and scent of your bright red lipstick. In such a confined intimate space I had no escape, no choice but to surrender to the intensity of your domination and I was rendered helpless…

A session that I will never forget…

Until next time,


Hey Mistress Arcana.

I’m have finally stopped shaking. That night has left me feeling amazing and craving for the next one. Hope u r well.

Hi Mistress Arcana,

Thanks for Thursday it was another awesome experience and will hopefully be back very soon to continue the journey. Actually I can’t wait to come back. Take care


Mistress Arcana,

The poem I wrote for you…

Her dark cruel mind with hair of fire
ignites in me a great desire
Her perfect body defined by waist
Her supple breasts I long to taste
oh, my Mistress loves to tease
and all I wish to do is please
in any way that She can use me
bound and gagged and then abuse me
both pain and pleasure by Her hand
my will is bent to Her command

Eternally in your dark service.


Hi Mistress

Just dropping you a note to thank you for the great session last week.

I will definitely see you regularly.

You played the role perfectly, thanks once again.


One week after an amazing session and what sticks in my mind the most is the teasing and the sensuality of our session.
While you were teasing me all I could think was “this is so cruel, how am I going to be able to stay away for a month”…

Thank you so much.


When the needle first when through my scrotum it felt painful, it was a similar feeling to being ball busted but this lasted longer, I felt that I had to push through it and of course it was minor in the grand scheme of things. I absolutely loved the look of the saline infusion. By the time I woke up this morning my balls were down to the normal size again.

I felt so vulnerable with you but comfortable at the same time. The blind fold was interesting in that all I could see was perfect black. While you were teasing me I kept holding my breath, all I could think of was wanting more…

That was a session that did not feel like 2 hours, time flew by, I will one day have a very prolonged session with you.

PS: I actually think I’d be mentally strong enough to try a cuckolding session with you.

Warmest regards.


Hi Mistress,

Thank you for the session yesterday – After the intense sensation of your fingers constantly on my prostate, I know how to use my metal prostate massager a little bit better now (I definitely cannot massage my prostate for even a fraction of the time you had your fingers in me). Also the spanking was great, your stinging hand spanking was very hot… and it goes without saying… you have a very sensual body. Your smiles and laughs at the end were also great!

Thank You Mistress


Hi Mistress Arcana.

i was so pleased to finally meet and spend some time with you recently. I was soooo nervous, you were so incredibly beautiful. I think after that shock subsided I expected you to react a certain way with me. You didn’t. You calmed me and led me to a place so much better than i could have expected. You allowed me a taste, without seeing to much of anything. It wasn’t like i imagined but everything i could have wanted and more.

Thank you.

Hi Miss Arcana, Thank you very much for a great session. I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

Hello Mistress Arcana,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you properly for such an amazing time yesterday. Allowing me to worship your tired aching feet was truly divine and making me pleasure you whilst denying me the pleasure of taste was as cruel as you said you were going to be :). I did enjoy the challenge of such conditions. As for the ending; it was truly one of the most satisfying orgasms I’ve ever had.

Thank You Mistress.

Hi Arcana, Just a quick thank you for Monday night. It was very very enjoyable and the thought of not knowing what was going to happen next was so exciting. i will see you again soon.

Take care

i just want to tell you that a few months ago i was feeling miserable.
Not depressed or anything like that, just felling un-motivated and uninspired.
After seeing You so many times i’m felling like myself again.
Confident and happy.
i’ve began my regular sessions at the gym again have set myself some major and minor goals.
i can’t begin to tell you how grateful i am for our time
You are an amazing human being
i wouldn’t know where to begin to show my gratitude
i just wanted to tell you that I honestly believe that the way we play is a release for me but more important it has helped me to get better.

Hello Mistress.

This Monday will be 2 weeks since I visited you last.
I am excited (with trepidation) to see you again tomorrow.
Last session was very intense for me and it took a while to get off cloud 9.
Any time I was stressed I was able to think back and go to that place.
It is crazy that I’ve been playing on and off for 10 years but this is the first time I’ve experienced anything quite like this.

Thank-you Mistress Arcana for the two sessions i had with You recently.

After the first session, which really put me in my place, i just had to meet You again as soon as i possibly could!

The first session was great. After reading and discussing my interests, You also offered to help me experience some things that i never would have in my personal life. And WOW, they are now some of my favourite activities!

After leaving, i was already wishing i had stayed longer, so booked another, longer session.

This one was about the most complete experience i have ever had.

After some discipline to make up for some of my misdeeds during AND after our first session, You then used my body like nobody ever has before. i think it was at this point that i really took the deepest trip into subspace ever. Once You were done with me, Your aftercare was fantastic; i was brought back to a somewhat coherent mind, before You even let me do anything!

You are one of the most beautiful, intoxicating and addictive Women i have ever met, and i just wish i lived in Melbourne so i could see You more.

Thank-you again Mistress Arcana.
i will keep You updated on the tasks You assigned me as required.

Kindest regards,

Greeting Mistress Arcana
I just want to thankyou for the wonderful session today
it was pleasure to meet u, im looking forward for next session.

slave m

Thank you for tonight’s time together.
The place I went was phenomenal.
I did not know I could go somewhere like that.
I have NEVER been so intimidated by someone in my life as I was of you tonight.
By forcing me to keep my eyes open and on you, really put me out of my comfort zone.
And by forcing me to admit what was in my head was amazing.
I don’t think I would of admitted that to anyone else.
Today was beyond orgasm.
Thanks for everything.

in chastity. j.

Dear Mistress Arcana

I’d like the thank you for another wonderful session. I had a great time. From the tasks given prior to the session until I was sent home with a pussy as wet as a slut like myself deserved it was a fantastic time.

I’m really looking forward to our next session that as you suggested needs to be a girls day out with shopping, lunch, a trip to the nail salon and possibly more.

I’m glad that you liked the paddles and I do hope that they get some use on the bottoms of all the naughty subs lucky enough to have a session with you. Likewise i hope that you like the necklace.

The photos taken during the session now have their place in my room and are a reminder of the fun we had and a promise of the fun that will be had in the future.

Respectfully Yours,

Dear Mistress Arcana.
Today was the first time I saw you since November 5.
I described the last meeting with you as perfect. The problem with having such a perfect session is that it makes it next to impossible to follow up. But you did.
After today’s meeting I know that what you have is pure talent and I defiantly look forward to meeting you again.
The first time was sensual and strict, today was cruel and humiliating.
Very different sessions, very different outcomes but both have left me in a very good head space.

I appreciate you giving me the time of day at the end of our time to make sure I was ok and to make sure that I would be ok in the next few days.

Regards, J.

Dear Mistress Arcana
I saw you for the first time last night and I wanted to thank you for the experience.
I’m usually nervous during the initial talk with a Mistress but the simple act of putting your hand on mine made me feel at ease and I was able to talk to you comfortably.

Admittedly, out in the real world I’m definitely too shy to talk or to approach someone who looks as stunning as you so that you were able to make me feel so at ease shows how well you can read people and know how to make them feel relaxed, (or intimidated)

Once we were in the dungeon and within your realm I was actually nervous again most the time, not as a lack of trust but because I truly believe that you are that good looking and I was Intimidated to the point where I was shaking. And that for me was a feeling that I haven’t had for many years but in last night’s context, it was pure ecstasy.

As for our session that had to be one of the most memorable moments of my life. It was just that good.
I’ve only actually entered ‘sub space’ during one other session and she was an experienced Mistress so the fact that I was able to go to that place with someone who is only ‘an apprentice’ really a credit to you.

In my head I’m actually looking forward to exploring new scenarios and fantasies with you.

I’m very grateful for our time and extremely grateful for taking the time with me to make sure I had the time to get my head together afterwards.

Thanks again for everything and I definitely look forward to submitting for you again.

Sincerely, John.

PS: Sorry for the long winded email but I just had to share this.

Dear Mistress Tara

I had a session with the wonderful Mistress Arcana on Monday. It was my first time both seeing Her and coming to Fetish House. While i’ve also sent Her a personal email thanking Her for the great session. As the Owner of Fetish House i wanted to let you know about my experience.

From the pre-session discussion throughout the session and the post session chat it was a fantastic experience. There was nothing that i felt was missing from what was arranged, nor did i feel like there was any clock watching which has been the case when I’ve sessioned elsewhere.

The level of care and attention to detail Mistress Arcana showed was great, She was able to mould the session to suit the desired play style but still being able to work everything into the session in a way that felt organic and allowed the session to flow from scene to scene.

I’ve played both privately and professionally with a quite a few different Mistresses and it’s usually taken at least a couple of sessions before being able to feel as we are both on the same page during the session however, by the end of the session it felt like i had been seeing Mistress Arcana for years.


Dear Mistress Arcana

i would like to once again thank You for a wonderful session, it met and exceeded every expectation i had coming in. The way You were able to mould the session to suit the desired play style and keep the organic flow to this session was amazing. While there are other fantasies and fetishes i’m hoping to try with You in future sessions, there wasn’t anything i felt was missing or rushed during this session.

As stunning as the photos on the website are, in person You are even more beautiful. i’m not sure if i mentioned it but i do have a fetish for women with tattoos and piercings which was one of the reasons i originally contacted You to arrange the session.

i do sincerely hope that you were able to get at least as much enjoyment from the session as i did. While, i’m not exactly sure when i will be able to come in again hopefully it will be either after Christmas or early in the new year.


Dear Mistress Arcana,
Thank You so much for another mind blowing, ball busting and nipple torturing session.
Being locked in a cage where You control my freedom had really put me in a state of mind that i would do anything to please You.
i feel so privileged to have been allowed to worship Your feet.
And your scent, so intoxicating.
You are so amazing Mistress.
pet dan

Dearest Mistress Arcana,
Thank You so much for a really mind blowing experience. Trully talented. i could not believe You are an apprentice. There is not one moment when You were busting my balls or torturing my nipples that i would have wanted You to stop.
i would love to come and see You again and again… and for longer.
pet dan

Dear Mistress Arcana,

Thank you for what are now several great session where you have enabled me to explore so many things I have only ever dreamt about before; you are not just strict but professional too. Being totally under your control was extreme and my ass and balls felt the pain and pleasure for days afterwards. You always look fantastic and I really hope to be able to see you again soon.

e from Scandinavia

Hey Mistress Arcana,
I’m feeling fantastic, I’m still pinching myself to believe what happened last night really happened and wasn’t a just a dream. It was that unbelievable. You did a fantastic job at making me feel comfortable, me being a very nervous first timer. The temporary bruising and redness, the thought of what you put me through, your amazing good looks and the touch of your soft feet certainly is implanted in my mind. I will be back in the near future and ill be looking forward to presenting you my balls for more punishment!
I also have a few more things I would love to try with you!


Good afternoon Mistress Arcana,

I’d like to thank you for yet another amazing session today. Following the awesome session with you last week, I had some big expectations today, for myself as much as you. Needless to say, you did not disappoint. The role-play also added a whole new dimension to the session, it was incredible.

I will definitely be back to see you soon.


Today I had an amazing first session with Mistress Arcana. She is flexible and inventive and extremely sensual. Her red hair is spectacular and her wardrobe is tantalizing. Look for the piercings and cheeky tattoos.
I would recommend a session with her and I look forward to my next one.


Dear Mistress Arcana,

Thank You so much for giving me a session last Sunday, it exceeded all my expectations. You listened to my desires and then combined them skillfully and professionally into a session that was fantastic. You were kind and cruel when it mattered and you considered my inexperience, it being my first time with a Mistress. i have thought of little else than You and that session; also reminded by my warm bottom when sitting down. i will defiantly travel again in the hope that i can have another session with you. You were fantastic, thank You again.


E from Scandinavia

I have to say that i can’t stop thinking about my time with Mistress Arcana and i am completlely besotted with Her. The mix of sensual pleasure and pain were the perfect mix for me at this time. I have expressed to her that I would like to see her exclusively in the future (if She will have me of course). At this point i am looking forward to exploring my new found love of S&M with Her and i especially look forward to pushing my limits with Her as time goes by.

Mistress Arcana; i give myself to You completely. i will obey Your commands both in and out of our session times together. i look forward to seeing you again in four weeks time.
Yours always,