• Fetish House Apprentice Mistress Jenna wearing a black patterned top and latex skirt laying upside down on a bondage bench
  • Fetish House Apprentice Jenna with curly brown hair wearing a black patterned top and shiny black skirt with one long bent leg and one long straight leg
  • Fetish House Apprentice Mistress Jenna sitting looking down with long strong legs and black high heels

Apprentice Mistress Jenna


DSM has been a crucial part of my lifestyle relationships back in my homeplace, the UK, and I am relishing the opportunity to enhance my skills alongside the incredible Mistresses surrounding me in this apprenticeship. My subs often comment on my approachable style when meeting; in session I will bring forth sensual pleasures or intimidating roleplays. For me, playing with aggression is highly erotic. Come and feel the charge with me.

My strong, athletic stature will be the first thing you notice, my disarming smile the second. Looking upon Me – 5’11” barefoot – you will not fail to notice an empowered woman. Gifted with broad, strong shoulders you’ll find me pinning you down, smothering and flexing my thighs and biceps around you. I put my all into my wrestling sessions, working up a sweat whilst putting you to the test in any way I desire. As a horserider I have the consistent ability to bend horses to my will using just my thighs – nothing pleases me more than watching some poor sub think they can get out of my grasp. Trust me with that body of yours until I force you to inevitably yield to this physical power of mine.

I thoroughly enjoy casting spells of the sensuous – nothing turns me on more than hearing moans of pleasure or pain from a plaything securely tied immobile, be it via bondage or my muscles. I delight in orchestrating your arousal through teasing skin-to-skin, warm, tingly skin that could flinch to my touch – should you be a welcome receiver of pain.

Some of my favourite things include erotic and semi-competitive wrestling, bondage, CBT, corporal punishment, foot fetish and anal. I am available for sessions outside of my rostered hours. Speak to me via email and let’s explore the possibilities.


I am currently able to offer in one-on-one sessions:

– Anal Play: digital, buttplugs, dildos, strap on
– CBT: cock/ball ties, pegs, pinching, slapping, squeezing, weights
– Corporal (heavy): spanking, paddle, crop, strap, cane
– Cross dressing
– Face slapping (light)
– Fetishism; feet, hair, height, panty
– Intimate body worship/breast worship
– Menstrual play
– Needle play
– Smoking fetish
– Tie and tease
– Trampling (barefoot)
– Wrestling and Rough Body Play

I provide sessions to all genders.


– I do not provide kissing, sex or arse worship.
– I do not provide submissive sessions.
– I will not session you if you are intoxicated/unable to give consent.


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at [email protected]

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.


‘I wanted to give myself a few days between our session and sending this email.

Firstly you’re a very warm and welcoming person. Even with the emails in the week before i felt good about talking to you and was really interested to meet with you. On the day i nearly blurted out WOW when you entered the greeting room at FH, your profile pic doesn’t do you any justice.

You’re a wonderful person Jenna, and a great playmate. Last Wednesday afternoons exam session is the BEST one i have had the pleasure of conducting. Your input and involvement was second to none !

I hope you got as much pleasure from the experience as i have, looking forward to see you again in a few months time, and i hope this is the start of a long lasting connection/friendship in the world of medical play and what ever else we try…’

C – 17/6/19

‘Hi Mistress Jenna,

Today’s session was very enjoyable. Thank you.
You are a warm, genuine person, and I like you. You are professional, and discuss the details of the session with me beforehand to make it an enjoyable experience. You are open to good ideas, and is interested in learning and trying out new stuff.
You have a wide infectious smile, and your eyes crinkle as you smile :). You are a beautiful amazon, you are strong and fast. And you can do some serious wrestling and domination moves. You can be erotic too. I greatly enjoyed when you smothered me with your body, feeling your soft, sweaty, skin against mine. And your feet are gorgeous; shapely, fleshy and soft.
You like cuddling, and me too!
Sessions with you are dynamic, energetic, interesting and enjoyable. Looking forward to many more sessions with you :).
With regards,

M 1/4/19’

‘Thanks again for an amazing session today. It was awesome being beaten up by you! You are very strong and also nice and friendly which was great. I will definitely be back as soon as I can. You sapped my energy at the end so my expression wouldn’t have shown how much fun I had.



‘Dear Mz Jenna

Many thanks for an amazing session yesterday. I have explored this a few times but never with someone quite so into it like yourself. I really enjoyed our time, and especially respect how strong but sensual you are. Thanks for being open minded with the toe wrestling and definitely enjoyed our sweaty thigh squeezing contest 🙂

Look forward to definitely more thigh squeezing and maybe some oil wrestling with you soon!



‘Had an awesome session with MzJenna for the first time.
Involved was roughbody play and wrestling.
MzJenna has an amazing personality, pleasurable to talk to, has real personality and oh gawd! Her accent, loved it.
Physically she is absolutely stunning, she has an amazing fit body that looks very strong and statuesque.
I myself am very fit and strong but during our session she demonstrated a lot of raw strength. During the roughbody play she laid into my abs, first with gloves and then bare fists. Many time’s causing my body to bend inwards because the pain from her strength and accurate punching was overpowering. If she was to continue hitting I would probably be on my knees holding my stomach in pain begging for a breather. Actually almost did ;p
When wrestling I found myself being forced onto my back, I was not expecting for her to have so much strength. She was able to continually ragdoll and pin me down and sit on top, laughing.
At time’s when I’d have her in a body scissors she would punch me in the body causing me to release her so she could get full control.
She was a hell of a lot of fun, she fights dirty which I loved and I couldn’t ask for a better time.
I highly recommend her. Go on treat yourself, you won’t regret it.’

K, 5/11/18