Master Kai

  • Fetish House Apprentice Kai with long blonde hair wearing a black suit with white shirt and black tie
  • Fetish House Apprentice Kai androgynous man with high chiselled cheek bones and long blonde hair wearing a vest that shows his defined chest
  • Fetish House Apprentice Kai looking to the side with a cheeky smile wearing an open white sh
  • Fetish House Apprentice Kai with long blonde hair wearing a high neck black jumper standing outdoors

In addition to weekly shifts, Master Kai is available 7 days a week by arrangement via [email protected]

Hailing from Sweden, I am a 6’3 tall, unique specimen that will Dominate whilst towering over you, and seduce you with my exotic accent. Come and be hypnotised by my piercing blue eyes, my porcelain skin, my long blonde hair.

Charming, androgynous and very versatile, I have developed a broad array of skills from my now 8 years of working with all aspects of the sex industry. I love getting close and personal, using every part of our bodies for maximum enjoyment, and offer sexual services to people of all genders and sexualities. Being an androgynous creature myself makes for unique, unrepeatable encounters where we lose ourselves in the heat of the moment, not knowing who or what we are…

Let me add some spice to your life while we get engulfed in pleasure and pain. I enjoy indulging in your fantasies, guiding you deeper into the unexplored, and relishing as you share your little secrets with me.

You will receive my full attention as we engage in your very own personalised adventure. I pride myself in perfection and wouldn’t want anything less for you… this means that every encounter is special and unique.
I live outside the box; I am not only a creator and sculptor of realities within the halls of Fetish House, but also as a designer of my own costumes and toys – if unique role plays appeals to you, you will be thrilled by my activities list.

I am very confident and open-minded, with an urge to learn and expand my skills.. My evolving love for rope and floggers allows me to connect and explore new realms.

I currently provide:
– Adult baby
– Anal play; digital, sex (giving and receiving)
– Ball busting; medium
– Bondage; leather (incl. spine), metal cuffs/shackles
– Corporal (light-heavy); spanking, paddle, crop, belt/strap, flogger, cane.
– CBT/Cock & Ball Torture; bondage, pegs, balms/ice, pinching, scratching, slapping, squeezing, pinwheel, weights/stretching.
– Cross dressing (giving and receiving)
– Cuckolding (with sexual interaction)
– Electrics (TENS)
– Fetishism; feet, hands, hair, or name your own!
– Forced bi
– Gags
– Golden showers
– Hoods
– Intimate body worship
– Nipple torture/play
– Role play (incest, school boy/teacher, police officer, vampire, unicorn (hehe), gothic)
– Sessions in Swedish
– Sexual services – oral (giving/receiving), vaginal sex, anal sex (giving/receiving)
– Tickling (receiving)
– Tie and tease
– Trampling; shoes on/off weight assisted/unassisted
– Wrestling (light/erotic)

– Brown showers/scat