• Fetish House Mistress Misty in black latex dress against a pink wall
  • Fetish House Mistress Misty in black latex dress against a white wall with long hair
  • Fetish House Mistress Misty laying down with thigh high black shiny high heel boots and black latex dress

Mistress Misty

I am intensely passionate about what I do. As well as a professional interest in fetish and BDSM I also very much have a lifestyle interest. I adore the intrigue, the intensity and the raw sexual energy of all that BDSM has to offer. I am intelligent, adaptable and imaginative and love to take on a challenge in a session in which I can push boundaries.

I have a good sense of humour and realise that not all sessions need to be on the serious side… BDSM is meant to be fun and sexy – as well as an intrinsic part of our psyche! Perhaps that is why beginners feel so comfortable with me… however, I can also be a strict bitch goddess too if required for the more serious or heavy players.

The sadistic mischief-maker in me likes to have a good laugh. I like to laugh at your pain in bondage. I enjoy being cruel. Defeating your pride is a form of amusement for me. Most of the time I like to tie my pets up. If my pets are extra good, I will put a latex hood and mitts on, and have my way with you. I am here to tease you, take control, make you the pay proper penance and then reward sins. I especially enjoy role play like kidnapping, classic themes like damsel (you) in distress. Being creative in my sessions is part of the reason why I enjoy my job so much. Trust in me to use my tools and knowledge to safely push your limits. I enjoy dressing up and fetish costumes. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have something in mind.

I love playing with other Mistresses and other women. Bringing other ladies to ecstasy is a treat for me.

For couples, I am here to aid you in exploring each other and to enhance your bonds.

I love tokens of affection from my playmates, heart felt tributes are always delightfully appreciated.

I will switch only for long term favoured playmates who are skilled in bondage and willing to respect my boundaries. Feel free to email me to articulate your desires.

Sophisticated, composed, gracious and intuitive are also words which can describe myself and my sessioning style. Allow me to take you on your own intensively erotic journey… You will not be disappointed! (You wouldn’t dare!)

I like to bend you to my will – to toy and tease you till you can take no more… or have you begging for more. If you are a woman all the better! There are just not enough opportunities to indulge my whims with another woman. I both invite and welcome women to spend some time indulging their more primal urges with me… but whatever sex or gender you are I do appreciate a sub who is responsive and communicative and, above all, respectful. I seek the thrill of hearing and seeing you react to my ministrations. I’m also thrilled to see you soar off into ‘sub-space’ and retreat into your own special world of intense enjoyment. If I had to say things that I dislike about anything it is rudeness, presumptuousness, lack of consideration and people who are late or do no-shows…

Latex & Rubber are special loves of mine. There is nothing more sensual and seductive than the feeling of skin-tight rubber. I have a full-body, glistening latex catsuit, hoods, dresses, corsets for Myself (if you’re lucky, I might use you to shine Me up!), as well as a catsuit and hood that will fit small to medium men. For those who also enjoy restriction, come be encased inside My latex body bag or compressed in the latex vacuum bed.

In partnership with Sir James, we welcome any sissy boy looking for a humiliation session. We make a great tag team for cross dressing, forced feminization fantasies and cuckold/sissy play. Making you dress properly in front of a real man like our Sir James (this masculine hunk can lift 260kg, that’s 5 sissies!) and watching you squirm would be my pleasure. Be prepared to be bound, blindfolded, gagged, and completely sissified in pink – we are also big fans of maids uniform. Following the transformation you will be taught how to serve, how to be feminine, to walk on high heels, you will perform task befitting of a submissive sissy and much more!


– Anal play (digital, dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons and fisting)
– Body worship (non-intimate only!)
– Bondage and restraint (light to heavy)
– Brown Showers
– Canine/puppy training
– Cock and ball torture (light to heavy)
– Corporal punishment (light to heavy)
– Cross dressing (complete and partial transformations)
– Fetishes (foot/boot/heel fetish, smoking fetish, leather, latex, PVC, etc)
– Golden Showers (water sports)
– Humiliation (public and/or private) (light to heavy)
– Instruments of pain and torture (electrical, temporary piercing, catheters, weights, clamps, hot wax, burning, abrasion/scratching etc)
– Kidnapper and/or extortionist
– Medical (doctors, nurses, patients)
– Nanny/Mummy (babyism/infantilism)
– Nipple torture (light to heavy)
– Sissy slut training (directed bi-sexuality, strap-on and anal play, instruction in deportment and etiquette)
– Role play, psychological play and fantasies
– Sensory deprivation
– School mistress, naughty school boy/girl
– Smothering
– Trampling


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at [email protected]

If you wish to speak with Me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our Etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.

Follow me on Twitter: @Mistylatex1


Thank you mistress for wonderful session..Really I’m flying high with happiness.. u made my day much more better and special.. lots of love mistress..Thank you


Dear Mistress,Thank you so much for the session last thursday, it was interesting and intense, fill all the different sensations as you used catheters, sounds, electrics etc, and the public humiliation was extremely embarrassing . You are a gorgeous person and the time spent with me afterward as I calmed down was great.Thank you again. I hope to be able to see you again sometime


‘As I was visiting Australia, I really wanted to discover a new side of BDSM. Official dungeons like this one are illegal in my country so it was a great discovery for me to experience. I contacted Mistress Misty because she was really into kidnapping scenarios like I am. Our exchange of emails were professional yet very welcoming and I already knew it would be 2 great hours of fun and pain.

When I arrived in fetish studio, the place was easy to find yet I did not have any doubts regarding privacy. I was told to wait and that mistress Misty would be there soon.  Even if we discussed a bit through emails, she took enough time in the beginning to make sure we were on the same page. She really took into consideration my health issues to make sure everything would be perfectly safe.

And then the fun and the pain began. She was very into the kidnapping roleplay we decided beforehand. As I was expertly tied up I could not move an inch and knew that I would be at her complete mercy for 2 hours. Our session was then a subtle mix between pain, pleasure and roleplay. She really used any information I gave her to make it an amazing experience for me and I really thank her for that. Once it was over (as you can imagine, time flew by), we had a really friendly chat before parting ways.

If you were brave enough to read all this through, I cannot recommend enough a session with Mistress Misty.’


‘Dear Mistress Misty,

I wanted to a take a moment of your time to say thank you for yesterday. Coming into everything I was a little apprehensive, but your demeanor and out going personality put me right at ease without breaking that notion of “Mistress” or “Dominatrix.” I’m not sure if it was the talk of toys, or seriousbondage (OH MY GOSH – great site BTW) or Mr. S, but something just clicked from the get-go that helped settle everything down. Thinking about it more, I realise (or so I think) it speaks to your passion for the scene and overall lifestyle. Thank you for sharing this with me, and opening up my mind.

Beyond your personality, which truly is something to be treasured, your perseverance and creativity is unparalleled. While I might have provided a few hard limits or guidelines, you really seized the moment and created a powerful, respectful, sexy, and most importantly fun connection between us. The more we talked and played, the more I wanted to commit to you and take your punishment. You would think that is to be expected, but you took it to a new level for me. As you might have noticed, I am a cautious and thoughtful individual and to feel that way so quickly is unusual for me. It must be your skill and passion coming through.

Once again, thank you for such an amazing and special experience yesterday Mistress Misty. You are a beautiful person inside and out with a drive and passion not commonly seen. Be well Mistress.


‘Mistress Misty,

I would humbly wish to thank-you for an amazing Friday morning.

Thanks for the filth and slapping that you inflicted.

I deserved all the abuse and humiliation, and I am looking forward to more of the same in the future.

Your humble servant,

“I had emailed mistress misty my current level of experiece and she was pleased to accomodate this and more. Prior to the session. we talked about the puishment and then I was led to the chamber where I took a shower.

Then the pain began with 60 strokes of the strap across my buttocks followed by 40 of the cane secured over the horse. During  this my balls  had  been noosed and weights attached. After the caning I was hung by the wrists and whipped. The rack was next combined with the ultimate in ball torture which involved application of the elastrator to my balls.
All through the session Misty was very professional followed by a debriefing after. I will certainly return for more.”

‘On the weekend I went to see Mistress Misty for a fairly heavy session. Mistress Misty was the consummate professional in my session with her. She took the time to listen to my requests, she took the time to get the details right, she checked up on me before and at the end of the session to make sure I was healthy and okay. She took the time to care for her client and understood the importance of that in such a heavy session.

With that said, Misty pushed and broke me in and made me bend to her will. It was so arousing to be pushed safely beyond my limits and taken safely back under them and be completely under her control and beck and call in the journey. At the same time of being afraid, you are aroused. It is a magical feeling, which leaves you with lasting memories and erotic stills in your mind afterwards. She has a funny evil insane laugh, which plays on your mind and you come to terms with the predicament you are in. It heightens the experience and makes you feel completely objectified.

So if you are wanting to do a heavy session, Misty will do an excellent job. You will be pushed and broken in and used, but you will come out of it safely, intact and able to go back to your normal daily life.


Another session with Mistress Raven and friend.
Mistrsss Misty involved till then end.
They opened a new door.
Led me through it and more.
A clear message that did not offend.

Left a reminder with which I did leave.
Feels oh so hot though it is unseen.
Came up with my new name.
Introduced to a new game.
They both made feel such a queen.

In a position I’ll be more and more.
Though I ended on my back on the floor.
Slid my undies to the side.
Misty entered her new ride.
Raven’s tool my mouth did explore.

And the end was such a surprise.
Following instructions is oh so so wise.
Submission to their will.
Is getting easier still.
Ivana continue, and that is no lie.


Today I booked a 3 hour session with Mistress Misty, the experience was mind blowing.

Mistress Misty is absolutely stunning and her warm personality and guidance during the session had me feeling that I was in safe hands.

My session started with Mistress Misty dressing me in a pink corset firmly laced and a pink maids dress with black lace and pink high heels.

This was followed with a wig and expertly applied make up.
After I was completely sissified I was shown off to all the other Mistresses and trained on how to walk in heels like a slut. Mistress Savannah joined us in the dungeon and the fun began. Firstly with Mistress Savannah warming up my ass with a leather paddle as I lay across the bondage table, then Mistress Misty joined in with a second paddle.

Next I was introduced to a sissy sluts fantasy as both Mistresses began to spit roast me. I was later dressed in a black maids dress and corset and placed in a sex swing….

Regrettably my 3 hours came to an end and I departed Fetish House after being de sissified.
I cannot wait until I am enslaved again by these two beautiful Mistresses.

sissy slut Angelina.

One of the first things that I would mention, because it is easy to comment upon, is that she is a beautiful and stunning woman. She is far more stunning in real life than she appears in her profile pictures. Her figure is breath-taking.

Any description of Misty would be incomplete without commenting on the fact that she is sadistic. If you want her to go hard on you, she will, and she will really enjoy it. When she goes hard, she goes against you really hard and really really heavy. That said, she also respects limits and can be lighter for those who need a more compassionate touch.

One of the things that really impressed me about Mistress Misty is that she does not create a false distance between herself and her slaves, or at least she didn’t with me. In the right scenario, she may get to know you personally, and can be quite charming.

If you would like a really beautiful Mistress, who can be both an angel, and a smiling and sweet demon, you are unlikely to find better than Mistress Misty.


Just wanted to thank you so much for today’s session. It was truly a memorable and awesome experience! I still cannot believe how good it felt to be under your feet like that!

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly express my gratitude for a great session, and I’ll be back in about a month.


Dear Mistress Misty,

As a novice I was full of nervous energy and anticipation at the thought of meeting you. You made me feel at ease immediately but salivating at what was to come.

Your warmth, intelligence and sense of humour were obvious. The way you introduced me to BDSM was instructive and respectful being a first timer. Most of all it was highly erotic, deliciously painful and a pleasure to be your sub. I had total trust in you. The nipple torture, wax, gloves etc. were fantastic and the play divine.I am sorry that I only had 10 fingers to indicate how enjoyable it was.

However, next time I don’t want you to be so gentle. I will suggest a role play for us soon if that is OK.

Your obedient sub,

I had a fantastic military interrogation session with Mistress Misty this afternoon.

She was a very professional Mistress with stunning looks, a sense of humour, a lovely streak of sadism and a sexy uniform. Exactly what I wanted. The role play was spot on – just brilliant. She almost made me crack several times.

I give her session several million points out of 10.

Do I have the nerve to ask for her services again? You bet I do!


Hello Mistress Misty!

Thank you again for another superb session on Monday!

As it was the first “role play” type scene i had done, i was a little apprehensive as to how deep my submission would be.. However i was very surprised!

You really pulled off the concept and it was probably me who sometimes let the role play down. Again Your enthusiasm was great and the variety of positions for my testing(teasing) was great. i loved Your scientific explanations for all the bondage equipment!

i was truly feeling well used at the completion of the session. And found myself still quite easily aroused afterwards! Your explanation during the session that my “partner was in on the experiment” turned out to be quite true- My partner has kept the blue balls going, having me edge myself repeatedly since we got home with no sign of relief in sight!! Although it definitely was jump-started by my incredible experience with You!

Thank you once again, You are an extremely talented Mistress and so much fun to session with (orgasm or not!!!)!!

Kindest regards,

May 2015

To Mistress Misty,

I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of our fabulous foursome on Friday. You are the perfect mix of sexy and scary. I really love how much you can push my limits with pain without leaving marks. 🙂
When you had the “blank” it scared me a lot but in the best possible way. 🙂 Looking up in the mirror and seeing you holding it with a big grin on your face was terrifying. But then you explained what it was for and the fear went away and I was pushed further into subspace because of it. I loved that I could simultaneously feel afraid and safe at the same time. It was a cool feeling and not one that I have ever experienced before. That was probably my favourite moment. I would love to try more fear play with you in the future. 🙂

You and Alani complement each other really well. You are both so happy and energetic and fun to be around! I cannot wait to play again. 🙂

Kindest regards,
May 2015

Hi Mz Misty,

I just wanted to pass on my thanks once again for your time yesterday afternoon.

Compliments on your imaginative rope work…being tied in a variety of ways was a most enjoyable and satisfying experience for me, as you no doubt noticed…

Many thanks
April 2015

Hello Misty and Alani,

Well that was memorable.

We consulted well before the session. It was needed.

After establishing who was boss, being presented in a scenario of masked CFNM in front of your female slave Alani expanded my experiences.

Being ordered to display ourselves in sub positions (amongst other labours) as part of going up against each other in competition, sent tingles through me. Especially the labours in the hallway.

You commanded well, she took well, yet I lost. Her promotion released her collar on to me.

Demoted, I was then to become both your plaything, discipline pending, reluctantly doing, whatever I was told amongst serious looks and teasing laughter.

Although 2 hours was packed, was glad to make your re-acquaintance and her acquaintance.

Thank you for another experiential/educational joint venture into debauchery.


Dear Mistress Misty,

Thank you for a wonderful session a few weeks back, I am still coming down from it. Your ability to play on my cuckold and submission fantasies and to expand on them was breathtaking. For example, locking me up in the ‘closet’ and then submitting me to further ass play while there was something else. It was a sheer pleasure to be dominated, humiliated and disciplined by someone as beautiful and intelligent as you.

Your submissive cuckold e.

Dear Fetishhouse service-providers,

Thank you for your straight forward and matter of fact handling of my bookings. I could not wish for a better first contact when making my bookings and asking questions. Also, being offered tea when arriving may not sound like much to some but it is something I value.

Thank you again,
Yours I-wish-I-could-come-every-week-to Fetishhouse.

Mistress Misty,

I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic, mind-blowing session today.

My first visit to a fetish parlour was a little disappointing and I was going to give up on the world of kink, but my second visit, this time to Fetish House, made me change my mind.

From the moment you walked into the room, I could tell this was going to be a time to remember. A lithe, willowy body hinting at a hidden strength and a bold, commanding personality combined for instant wow factor.

Taking control as soon as you entered, I was played with much as a cat might toy with a mouse. The perfect symbiotic balance of pleasure and pain scrambled my senses and set fire to my body.

I will definitely be visiting again, as soon as circumstances allow, to once again place myself at your mercy, as once with you will never be enough.

Thank you once again, and if I may be so impertinent as to correct you; To me you will never be Mistress… you are a Goddess.

Regards, Steve.


Dear Mistress Misty

I want to say how much I enjoyed our last session from the moment you walked into the room I noticed how beautiful you are and when you introduced yourself with a strong handgrip of my boys and looked into my eyes I knew I was going to enjoy this session

I enjoy CBT and like an informal session I enjoyed it very much and your kicks were hard fast and accurate as was your use of the flogger

The way you used the weights was great and your personality left me wanting more

Next time I will test myself with the cane and I know you will test me too and I look forward to another great session with you thankyou

Slave Ross 18/1/2013
Dear Mistress Misty,
Thank you for stepping in and conducting such a wonderful, professional and delightful BDSM session. It was worth it ,instead of having to rebook. Liked the wax, those special gloves, could have taken the single tail (or just tried it ) as well as the Japanese Clover nipple clamps. All other aspects of the session that you suggested that I try went very well. Once again Thank you so much. Do let me know if there was anything that you did enjoy from the session and maybe we could include it next time. You can include this in your Testimonials or have Mistress Tara include them.


Rex 26/9/12

A note to say how much I enjoyed my session with Misty tonight. It was the first time I had seen her and I assure you she did not disappoint me. She was strict but very erotic. I will definitely be seeing her again.

Thanks John 31/8/12

I’ve been away from Melbourne for a while but on return had to visit Fetish House again. Fetish House is the most amazing BDSM destination for me (I’ve tried everyone in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Thailand, but no where else compares). This year I have had sessions with Misty and Lauren. Misty is absolutely gorgeous and a gifted Domme. However she listens to you’re requests and is incredibly accommodating. If you want to be dominated by a stunningly beautiful and exotic woman who will cater to your particular needs, I guarantee you will have a wonderful time. If your tastes run to a brilliant domination or switch session with a tall and beautiful woman, Lauren is the choice for you. Trying to choose between these two incredible people is impossible and, no matter what your needs or desires may be, you will achieve satisfaction. I think a two on one session is definitely in the offing for me. To both Misty and Lauren I say a massive thank you. It’s not easy to explain my needs to anyone but both Misty and Lauren took the time to listen to and fulfill my most intimate desires. To anyone who has ever wished to explore their innermost and secret needs, but hasn’t had the courage to act, either Misty or Lauren would be an excellent choice to introduce you to the world of BDSM. To experienced players I promise you will not be disappointed. Generally it’s not easy being a bit “different”, but these lovely women make one feel accepted. Thanks to Tara for operating a business that makes my life happier. If you have any doubts about calling for an appointment, cast them aside and make your life better. You will never look back!

Paul 15/2/12

Hi Tara,

Could you please forward this email onto Katja and Misty to thank them for an unbelievable life changing session today.

I was a little shy and quite impressed at how accomadating you both where today and I am glad I ended up seeing both of you at the same time (I kind of felt rude when I first met Misty and asked to see the other available mistresses even though I was very tempted to just have my first session with her so apologies for being a inconsiderate slave I did not mean to be rude)
I hope I pleased both of you with my slutty anal antics, I alos hope i was adequately behaved in showed the right amount of respect for both of you.I will be back back in the next fortnight and prior to the next session I thought I could communicate a more specific scenario with the desires I wish to fullfil. Is it ok to be more specific?

I quite like the look of dungeon 2 with the Chase lounge.

I will shoot of an email a few day’s prior to my next visit with a bit more detail and maybe even some images of what you could dress me up in next time and in turn what you could wear for me. As stated on your site (money is semi tight) and I hope I will be lucky enough to utilise your current special with 2 mistresses at the discounted price on my next visit.

Have an excellent weekend & once again thank you both for pushing me to new boundaries and investigating my perverted thoughts.

PS Katja, ich danke Ihnen fur die Nitzung von zu Hause Sprache wie es sich mir wirklich auf was sehr gut.

J 2/4/11

Dear Mistress Tara,

A short note of thanks and the strongest possible recommendation for your establishment. I had my first ever session with Mistress Salina and Mistress Misty last week, airing a long held and rather intense interrogation fantasy. What could easily have been slightly disappointing in the real world turned out to be genuinely one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life (and I’ve had a good life). Both Mistresses were very considerate and good company both before and after the session. In session they weren’t so nice, and read me like a book, getting more from every second of a first session than anyone could expect. I’m sure your other Mistresses are fantastic, but Mistress Misty and Mistress Salina are perfection incarnate so I’ll be sticking with them in future!

Best wishes,

Tom 21/3/11

Dear Misty

Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed the way you handled the session last night.

The humiliation side of things was fantastic and i hadnt met a mistress who has done that part of bdsm any where as good as it was done last night. I especially loved the way you laughed and sniggered at my predicament(s) every time you did that it just got me closer and closer to sub-space and one snigger of yours is worth numerous hits with a whip or zaps with the wand-very well done.

The way the role play and storey line unfolded was perfect.

Choice of devices was really good-loved the mouth gag and your decision to get the violet wand.

It goes without saying that the shibari was so nice and loved every second.

I intend to get some more toys together for some tens unit play and hope to work on my flexibility a bit also.

Looking forward to doing this again soon. As you are right, i do need this. I am sure i wont forget this session as its probably my favorite to date.

Thankyou very much once again.

Take care.

your shibari slave chris 8/2/11

Thanks for a lovely session again. Now i know what is the real use of flip flops. 🙂
I enjoyed the session a lot. 🙂 Next time I would love to be your personal foot spa.
I still have a bit of pain but am loving it. Hope to see you again soon.
Thanks a lot

Your shoe boy
Nick 25/1/11

Dear Misty,

I’d like to thank you very much for Friday lesson. I had some fears before the lesson becuase of my not good English. But your attitude was really professional and your great scenario, you prepared in a minute, as well:-) I really enjoyed it, especially your touching of my body – sometimes painfully but sensitive and with respect of my feeling at the same time. Thank you again for the amazing experience, I’m looking forward next session.

Yours sincerely
M. 22/12/10

Dear Mistress Misty,

I would like to post this testimonial in your honour. If you are looking for a drop dead gorgous woman to fulfil your desires then Mistress Misty or Cuntsable Naughty as I like to call her is the one for you. A body made in heaven and a face to stop a man’s heartbeat. Then there is a laugh that can make a man smile or sent a chill up his spine.

Mistress Misty might my fantasy come to life. I walked in a nervous nubie and left a very, very satisfied sub.

I know I will be back soon to once more kiss your boots and feel your hand across my backside.

Rob 22/8/10

Mistress Misty

I saw Mistress Misty again today and she is so sexy and creative. She does great CBT and Golden Showers. Thoroughly recommended.
Max 12/10/2010

Dear Mistress Tara,

I would like to post my message as testimonial for Mistress Misty.

I have met M. Misty twice so far. She is young, gorgeous, perfect body with sweet Asian eyes. Very confident and has that nice sadistic smile.

During last two sessions, I can tell that some of her specialties include such blend of erotic control and strict teasing. She is also very, very sensual… but it’s not really about her physical appearance as young with beautiful face, it’s about her mind, and her ability to explore my needs, by giving me that sexual explosion which lies deep in my fantasy.

She invested big effort to bring my fantasy out and turn it into reality & explore my minds in such way I have never imagined being possible!

Just my advice for anyone who’s looking to meet Mistress Misty: “Don’t get shy, and just ask straight for what you need… Your dream will come true then :0)

Mina 26-06-2010

Mistress Tara

Can you please pass this onto Mistress Misty as I couldnt find her email address on the site.

Mistress Misty, you kind of half joined in on my session today with Mistress Onyx, and I just want to say you are amazing, and absolutely gorgeous. I really want to come back to see you again, and you have left me wanting more and more.

I hope to see you soon

Thank you

Jordan 29/3/10

Dear Mistress Misty.

I had the pleasure to see Mistress Misty late tuesday night.

Mistress Misty is a man’s “Girl Next Door”.

Mistress Misty i can hear your mind ticking of what you can challenge me with next,you know how the best way to punish me.

I would highly recommend other slaves too meet Mistress Misty.

Mistress Misty i am honoured to be able to kneel before you for your amusement & worship you.

Mistress Misty i want to be your servitude pet slave

Take Care

slave daryl 10/3/10

Dear Mistress Tara,
would it be possible to post the following testimonial to Mistress Misty, who I have now submitted to first time at the Fetish House. Thank you

Dear Mistress Misty,
just a big thank you. I was able to have the pleasure and honour of serving You where you took me to my limits. To let you know it was the most enjoyable session I have ever had at Fetish House.
I was under Your control from when I came into Fetish House. From when we discussed before our session, You took in what both of us wanted out of the session and used it perfectly for me to serve you. You made me reach my limit at a good pase for me to keep up with You.

I was very happy to kneel down before you and worship you for the beautiful, erotic, sexy Mistress that you are and the pain i went threw to please you was worth it to make you smile and to use me for Your amusement, Your very understanding of my needs threw the whole session.
Your touch was both painful and soothing and so rewarding and I was more then happy to go under anything you inflicked on me.

I really hope i can come back to serve you again to be your slave, because you have left me wanting more and I’d love to be more use to You.

Take care Mistress Misty and I wish you all the best.

From slave paul 9/3/10

I had the pleasure too see Mistress Misty on Thursday.Mistress Misty is a attractive young lady with two sides too her,she is polite,then she can be cruel and sadistic.I had a extremely good session with Mistress Misty and i cannot wait too see her again.

slave daryl 7/3/10