• Mistress Olivia looking with blue eyes and wearing red lipstick

Apprentice Mistress Olivia Devine

I am Olivia Devine, a lifestyle fetishist with a sensual sadistic disposition and a love for the exploration of experiences. Surrender your body to Me to achieve new physical and mental heights. Earn greater awareness of your body and mind that comes with trusting Me to take control. I enjoy people with willingness to experiment and those that come to Me with an open mind.

While I’m a new to professional work, I have several years of lifestyle experience under my belt. Don’t be fooled, just because I’m an Apprentice doesn’t mean I’ll be going easy on you.


– Medium build with strong thighs and slim waist
– Waist length black hair and glowing olive skin

– Gorgeous natural plump lips
– 168cm / 5’6
– Size 9 feet

Special Interests

Corporal Punishment & Discipline
Whether you’re a naughty submissive in need of punishment, a slave requiring training, or a diehard masochist craving pain, Corporal Punishment is My preferred way to dish out a thorough punishment. I delight in finding out what implements work best on you.

A newfound love. Cock and Ball Torture. My mind is always working away trying to find new ways to bring pain and suffering to your most intimate areas. Feel your strength drain away as I have you in an iron grip. Or perhaps I’ve subjected you to a tormenting session of pain and pleasure, bringing you right to the edge before cruelly crushing any hope of release. CBT fuels the Sadist in Me.

– Bondage
Bound by rope, leather, metal, or mummified in plastic wrap. Either way, you’re Mine to do with as I please. Feel free to struggle against what binds you or let it calm your mind and submit to Me. I enjoy incorporating some form of restraint into sessions where possible, and getting creative by making it work with the other activities.

– Needle Play
Needle Play has been a love of Mine for years. The almost ritualistic atmosphere of preparation, the smell of antiseptic filling the air along with building anticipation of pain to come. The focus and mental energy and heights of natural endorphins will have you flying almost instantly. Creating beautiful patterns in needlework, taking you into a trance like state, or causing intense sensations to sate the masochist within you. I adore all levels of this play.\

– Orgasm Control

Writhing in ecstasy and groaning in frustration. Your orgasm is Mine until the end. You might be granted an orgasm if you’ve been good to Mistress. I take complete control of your pleasure, teasing you to the edge but not quite over it, denying release even though you’ve begged so sweetly.

– Humiliation
I have a fast growing appreciation for humiliation. Watching how My words alone can send My slaves deeper into submission, arouse their body and expose emotional vulnerability right before My eyes fills Me with satisfaction and appreciation. Reveal to Me what perverted desires may bring you shame and I will find a way to make you squirm.

– Face sitting/Intimate Body Worship
Let the weight of My body ground you, take in a deep breath and delight in My scent. The very air you breath is now under My control. If I have granted you the privilege to worship Me, I expect you to pleasure Me thoroughly; failure to do so will result in quick correction. I will use you as I please.

– Foot Fetish
My feet are extremely sensitive, so I particularly enjoy having My submissive’s worship them and spark pleasure from the tip of My toes up to My intimate areas. I also have quite a collection of heels, boots and stockings to share with My lucky foot slaves. Worship My shoes and stockings to My satisfaction and you may be rewarded with the taste of My bare toes. My feet are regularly treated to pedicures to maintain their delicate beauty, and I appreciate any tributes to go towards my nail salon visits.


I‘m currently under formal training for a wide variety of services.
This list will be updated frequently as I go.
Don’t see your kink listed? Please contact Me to see if it’s something I offer.

– Anal Play (digital, toys, strap-on)
– Bondage (rope, leather, metal, pallet wrap)
– Cock and Ball Torture (slapping, squeezing, weights, cock bondage)
– Corporal Punishment (floggers, paddles, strap, crops, canes etc.)
– Cross Dressing
– Cuckolding (email enquiries a must)
– Electrics (TENS unit)
– Erotic Tie and Tease
– Face sitting (with kickers on)
– Face Slapping
– Fetishes (boots, stockings, lingerie, smoking, high heels, panties)
– Gags
– Golden Showers (min 30 minute notice)
– Humiliation
– Impact Play (sensual, endurance, punishment)
– Intimate Body Worship
– Latex (outfits)
– Needle Play (Surface, nipples)
– Nipple Play (pegs, clamps, pinching, weights)
– Orgasm Control/denial/edging
– Pet Play
– Play as equals (no power play dynamic)
– Restraint (leather, rope, metal, pallet wrap, spine)
– Role Play (headmistress, schoolgirl, nurse, slutty wife/girlfriend)
– Sensory Play
– Sensory Deprivation (hoods, gags, blindfolds)
– Spanking
– Spitting
– Tease and Denial
– Tie and Tease
– Tickling
– Trampling (barefoot – weight assisted)
– Voyeurism & Exhibitionism
– Watersports (golden showers, panty wetting, piss play)

All genders, races, sizes, sexual orientations and levels of experience are welcome. Sessions are tailored to your own personal needs and desires. Let Me guide you in finding what makes you tick, or confess what you have already figured out for yourself.

Switch Sessions

I also offer switch sessions. I’m well versed in receiving Corporal, Bondage, Erotic Sessions, and tickle torture. Please contact Me for details.

I love playing alongside other Mistresses and being pansexual, I genuinely enjoy seeing men, women, transgender and non-binary people, as well as couples.


If you desire to email Me personally to discuss a prospective session before making a booking, send a polite introduction and inquiry about your session.

*Be sure to include your name, activities you’re interested in, and the duration you have in mind.

Tel: 03 9544 8384
Email [email protected]

My regular shifts are:
Mondays from 11am – 9pm
Wednesdays from 11am – 6pm 
*I may also be available on the weekends with prior notice.


Wish to spoil Me?
Tributes are a surefire way to gain My attention and make Me smile.

I appreciate Beemit (@MzOlivia) tributes for massages, nail salon visits, fetish clothing or lingerie and implements I can use on you. Visit My Wish List (Wishlistr @Olivia Devine) and trill Me with a more personalized gift.

I also enjoy chocolates, interesting books and live plants.