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Mistress Zoe

Mistress Zoe is available via Prior Arrangement on the weekends – please email her to arrange this.

To book Mistress Zoe during her ‘By Appointment’ times on Fridays, she requires bookings be made via the Fetish House reception, prior to 4pm.

“I love working with contradictions: right/wrong, soft/hard, kind/cruel, serious/playful, pain/pleasure. These are all areas where we can build intensity and sustain it throughout a session.”
I am an experienced seductress, tease, torturer and play partner. In all aspects of my life, I strive to create intensity. In my opinion, intensity is what makes a sexual experience satisfying. More often then not, my sessions tend to be highly erotic. I include lots of body contact and seductive whispers in your ear. I enjoy teasing you until you can’t possibly take anymore and then I will push just a little further. Whether you want to include painful sensations or not, I will keep your lustful interests aroused, and focused on me.

My most rewarding work involves getting to know my clients in an intimate and trusting way. Being a genuine and caring person, I tend to attract people who are looking for a Mistress they can build an ongoing relationship with. I enjoy helping those who are shy or inexperienced to open up to me. I also love introducing you to experiences you have never tried before; pushing you to a level of intensity you never thought was possible.


I am in my early 30s, long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, voluptuous, juicy and very busty (naturally).


Corporal Punishment: Nothing pleases me more then a polite and well-behaved, genuine masochist! I take enormous pleasure from giving you that delicious agony your body craves. I will be your governess, your sexy principal, or your strict auntie who must punish you over and over for your naughty indiscretions. Whether you want a strict and stern disciplinarian or a sensual and loving Mistress, I relish in my role and delight in your reactions. I have a large collection of canes and other implements. With precision and skill I can measure my strokes to suit your level, whether light, medium or heavy. I also enjoy hand strapping, and Bastinado.

CBT: I like needles, electrics, sounds, binding, crushing, ball busting and weights. Imagine me binding and crushing your balls, adding electrical cock bands into the mix; then bringing you almost to the brink of orgasm but denying your climax, writhing in an exquisite combination of pain and pleasure. My interest is in exploring a wide variety of different sensations, everything from hot wax and cock ties, to the crown of thorns and post orgasm torture for the heavier players.

Bondage: I enjoy the creative aspect of bondage. You can be the centre of my elaborate scene in which I immobilise you, tease you mercilessly and use your body for my enjoyment. When you are tied up, it gives me the ultimate power. While I will always respect your limits, I like having the freedom to move around you while you are restrained. Whether you like rope, leather, pallet wrapping, chains, silk scarves or latex, I can restrict and tease you or put you in a predicament that pushes your limits.

Face sitting, smothering and intimate body worship: Time goes by quickly when you are caught under my voluptuous body, worshipping my most intimate areas. If you are honoured with this privilege, I expect that you will do exactly as you are told. If you don’t pleasure me the way I desire I’ll be quick to correct you. You will be my object and I will use you for my pleasure.

Chastity Key Holding: The idea of having complete and total control over your cock excites me like nothing else! I want to have the key to your cage hanging from a chain around my neck. I will decide when you will be allowed out, and if you are allowed to cum at my discretion. Together we will set your chastity goals and plan and agree to the punishments I will give you if you fail. Between sessions, I will be in contact with you via email, perhaps to give assignments designed to test your willingness to remain chaste, and sometimes just to hear how you are doing. This is a very special kind of fantasy and I expect you to have the highest regard for etiquette, if you enter into this type of relationship with me.

Wrestling: This session can be as erotic and sexual as you desire, but regardless, I am not a serious wrestler. I do it to have a good time, get sweaty and just enjoy the physical contact. I like making it a game, where we get to roll around on the mats and I try to get the upper hand. I will pin you down and push my body against yours, then let you try to pin me. I like to laugh and squeal a lot during my wrestling sessions. I am happy to wrestle nude and like to use oil but please keep in mind that these will include additional fees and I need prior notification for oil wrestling.

Cross Dressing: I love dressing you up in women’s clothing and teaching you how to be a lady. Full or partial transformation is available. Once your transformation is complete, I take great pleasure in showing you off to other Mistresses and I dream of someday taking you on outings to have our nails done at the salon, shopping, or go out for a ladies’ lunch.

Foot Fetish: I absolutely love having my feet worshipped! I will train you to worship my feet to my liking. When done well, it feels like an electric current runs from my toes up my legs and ignites a fire in my most intimate area. I enjoy all aspects of foot fetish, including trampling, worship, and foot jobs. I wear a size 7 or 8 in US sizes. You may contact me if you would like to see my toes painted in a particular way and I will consider your request.


The following is a list of activities I am currently happy to offer. If there is something you would like which is not on this list please contact me as I may be open to it. I offer my services to people of any gender and to couples.

– Anal Play (digital and fisting only)
– Ball busting
– Biting
– Body Slides
– Bondage and restraint
– Breath play (light to medium with informed consent)
– Chastity key holding
– Cock and Ball Torture
– Corporal punishment
– Cross dressing (full or partial transformations)
– Crushing and trampling
– Directed Masturbation
– Dirty words and swearing
– Electrical play
– Erotic Tease and Sensual Play
– Fetish – tell me yours I’ll let you know if I want to participate
– Face Sitting, Queening, Smothering
– Face slapping
– Foot Fetish, shoe fetish and stocking fetish
– Golden Showers (please give me notice so I know to drink up)
– Hair pulling
– Hair fetish (it’s naturally long, blonde and beautiful)
– Humiliation
– Instructional sessions where I teach you how to do an activity
– Latex Vacuum bed
– Medical play
– Nipple tease and torture
– Needle play (temporary piercing only)
– Pet play
– Role play
– Sensory deprivation
– Sexual denial
– Sounds
– Spitting / drooling
– Sploshing and other food fetishes
– Submissive – by negotiation
– Temperature play
¬ Tickling – on you
¬ Wax play
– Wrestling (semi competitive, nude or with oil)
– Selling used panties and bodily fluids (please give me notice)

Hard Limits

– I don’t do brown showers, roman showers or filth play.
– I don’t session with adult babies.
– I don’t allow smoking in my sessions or the use of amyl.
– I will not session you if you are drunk or high.
– I do not receive anal penetration.
– As a submissive I do not receive marks.


Lingerie (ask me for my size), sex toys and fetish gear, healthy vegetarian food, books, potted plants or flowers.


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at [email protected]

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our Etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.

Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeDemure


“Mistress Zoe,

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s session. It met and exceeded my hopes, and has marked a significant evolution in my personal and sexual identity.

Everything from your voice, your body and the way you treated me was my idealised version. Your attention to detail and continuity to the role-play was more than I could ever expect. And your enthusiasm – in every regard – but in particular the physical contact, has me overwhelmed.

The intensity of the hour wasn’t fully realised for an hour or two after – I was still buzzing, drunk on endorphins and piss, so exhausted I had to sleep. Although in the session I was soiled and debased, afterwards I felt cleansed and had gained a stronger sense of myself. Our mock therapy session actually did what it pretended to do.

I realised after I left that I didn’t thank you enough for the golden shower you gave me. It was very generous and I can’t thank you enough for offering that to me.

Now I’m in the cool club with all the other perverts and deviants from history – all the artists, writers and poets that enjoyed corrupted and filthy sexual lives that I’ve envied for years.

Thank you for taking me there.


Dear Mistress Zoe and Mistress Alani,

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for yesterday’s session.
You are both warm, soft, sexy, mercilessly cruel and absolutely wonderful. The session was excellent from start to finish and I am highly tempted to do the same session again.
I was thrilled at how well you brought my session to life, even the parts that I wasn’t able to describe particularly well.
Your warmth and openness was also much appreciated and made me feel comfortable and welcome to explore my fantasies which is particularly special.

Once again thank you both and looking forward to when I can see you again.


A” 18/10/19

Mistress Zoe

Our session was amazing as usual . It was as you say full of pain and pleasure.
I can tell you that if it was possible I would have a weekly session . You have awoken a sleeping inner being inside of me . When I call to make a booking I then have a few days of sleepless nights wondering what will happen in the session.
Your look as you have me where I can not move almost brings me to a climax on my own which I have to fight. You are an amazing beautiful mistress who knows how to control the situation. I thank you for all of the sessions we have had and look forward to many more

Faithfully G

Hi mistress Zoe ,

I would love to thank you for the session on Thursday night, I’ve had many sessions at fetish house and while never really having a bad one , the one I had with you was amazing. Totally blew my mind. I cannot wait to book another session and hope to further my bdsm knowledge, thank you so much for the effort shown everything was perfect, you are super cute but super sexy at the same time. Your shoes, your outfit and your attitude were all so damn sexy. Thanks again for a wonderful session an I cannot wait to be under your command once again.

Xxx bambi xxx


“Hi Mistress,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the session on Monday night. It was a fantastic session and we seemed to have great energy and connection during the session. Your strokes of the Canadian prison Strap were exceptional and perfect at every stroke. Being gagged for the first time was also such a high I was buzzing for hours after our session.

Have a great Christmas and I look forward to sessioning again in the new year.



“Dear Mistress Zoe,

Thank You for taking the time to communicate with me before and after we met, and for recognising me as a person not just a client.

Thank You for running your fingernails over my skin as I stood before you with my heart beating out of my chest.

Thank You for being so sweet as you shackled me naked in your dungeon and flogged me without mercy.

Thank You for being non-judgemental as you helped me learn to enjoy the delicious darkness of your domination.

Thank You for understanding that being a good sub isn’t as easy as it sounds, and for being patient and indulgent of my clumsy efforts to be one. You have made me happier and more confident to be who I am.

Thank You for giving me a couple of the best fucking orgasms of my life.

Thank You for putting so much thought, effort and passion into playing with me when you didn’t even know me or know if I would come back.

I will come back, for as long as you find me worthy. You rock.

Yours, A”


Dear Mistress Zoe,

Thank You very much for an exceptional time on Thursday.

The session was all i had hoped for and more, with just the right amount of ‘carrot and stick’ throughout and Your adeptness at finding one or two limits i wasn’t aware i had was definitely an eye opener. Something i think You / we may need to work on (extending them, that is).

There was absolutely no reason for my nerves that had persisted from waking up until such time as we met in the waiting room and all trepidation faded away to be replaced with excitement and anticipation. Your immediate presence and personality on entering the room saw all my irrational historical fears and suspicions (from a very average session many many moons ago in another city) evaporate like snowflakes in a fire ; blink and they’re gone.

Your portrayal of the role in question was fantastic and i certainly wasn’t expecting to feel as close a connection. If it wasn’t for your brilliant roleplay (possibly well assisted by your other interests) i don’t think that things would have ended up being as enjoyable as they were. i also greatly appreciated and enjoyed your creativity within the confines of what was discussed and most definitely was worth opting to incorporate a couple of things never previously tried by myself into the session (namely the electrical chastity cage and the golden shower).

Your own personality and deviousness throughout shined throughout the session and although i’m certain that there are other Mistresses that could have just as readily filled the role just as effectively, Your bringing in of Your own external skills from other aspects of life rounded out the character portrayal to the point where i was not sure whether i was in a session with You at Fetish House or in a consultation with you at Your office ; definitely not something i was prepared for beforehand!

Not even about two hours in the long-weekend cross town traffic nor a night’s rest have yet to take the edge off the euphoria or start taking the lightness out of my step as yet from yesterday – i’d definitely call that a win in anyone’s view and it all comes down to Your skills and more importantly, Your personality and presence both in and out of the session.

In all honesty, i’m ecstatic that i trusted my gut instinct and first impressions when meeting with You on to discuss my wants/needs and i’m now madly dying to be able to arrange another session with You (if You’ll have me).

Again, thank You for a fantastic time that left me euphoric, spent and yet still craving more.


Hi Mistress Zoe.

I just wanted to thank you for a amazing couple of hours with you. I have seen your twice now and both times have been awesome. You are absolutely stunning and so beautiful you are so sweet and thoughtful. For some one like my self who is new to bdsm and very shy and nervous you really no what you are doing and How to have anyone in the the palm of your hand within seconds. I still can’t stop thinking about you and your beautiful touch using your sexy body hands mouth you have me completely whipped I can’t wait to see you again and go deeper into the world of bdsm with you. As I can completely trust you with anything and everything you are so perfect at what you do. Omg I absolutely love your accent as well thank you so so very much for an incredible experience with you I will be in to see you asap and can’t wait until then.

Yours sincerely Bren.
With lots of kisses and hugs.

Thanks again for session yesterday Mistress Zoe. I really enjoyed it. I was very nervous in the waiting room so apologies for any confusion about the session and costs. I really appreciate that you ended up doing more than what I paid for.

I continued to learn more about what I enjoy so thanks for expanding my horizons. Whilst I enjoyed pussy worshipping (apologies if I’m not much good at it) I really enjoy looking into your eyes as you have such a seductive and teasing look about you as well as being simply gorgeous. The short time being blindfolded was also exciting but I think I most enjoyed your touch, putting the tip of my cock into you and the manner in which you really engaged yourself into the session. You really have a skill in the art of tease and seductive.
Whilst it is difficult to get to Oakleigh I will be working hard to try and get to see you again soon and am already planning what I’d like in the next session.

N. 9/7/15

Hi Mistress Zoe,

Thank you so very much for beautiful time Tuesday night.

You are a fantastic bubbly person who had me in the palm of your hand from the start. Your soft touch,playful way and beautiful eyes melted me.

I’m so glad we had the time together for my fist time, it’s something I’ll often think about fondly, until our next encounter.

Thanks so much once again,

By the love, love your accent

To Mistress Zoe,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for our session yesterday. The mix of needles and sensual play was the ultimate way for me to relax. I loved that you where always 2 steps ahead of me in the brat department. You read me like a book and you always seemed to know what I needed in terms of managing my fears and also making me orgasm. 🙂 Thank you also for the pretty pictures! You give the best cuddles too! I certainly left full of endorphins. 🙂

Kindest regards,

Mistress Zoe,

What can I say? Stumbled across The Fetish House on Melbourne Backpage I think it was. Read a bit about the place on The Fetish House web site and was certainly intrigued. Thought about it a bit and figured I could be missing out on an experience that I could really enjoy. As such, my fears or misgivings of any sort shouldn’t prevent me from exploring a bit, especially when it was clear that limits can be set when defining a booking or session and safe words can be used to stop things during the session. Given I had that type of control, why not book and give things a try.

I called The Fetish House and spoke with Axel. He was very helpful and helped calm my concerns regarding a booking and my control of the session further. He also directed me to a couple Mistresses with whom he felt I may click with. After some exploration with each Mistress via Email (both were very responsive, thorough in their reply and helpful), I decided to book with Mustress Zoe. She and I had several communications and she was excellent at assessing my health limitations, my interests, etc. Based on my Emails and the interests I expressed, she proposed that I have a sensual erotic type experience for my first booking and I felt very comfortable turning my first booking over to her to plan. We would then discuss it in person again on the day.

I rocked up to The Fetish House 5 minutes ahead of time to find very private and discrete parking was available. The greeting by service-providers was cordial, facilities were nice and clean and I was soon introduced to Mistress Zoe. We went over some physical limitations that applied to me, discussed again the nature of the booking and sorted out the pricing and payment. We were then off to our room.

After a quick shower, my booking began. Mistress Zoe began creating a body harness on my naked body. While it wasn’t expected, even the act of having the rope laced around me in a fine weave hardened mini-me. After this was completed, including rope around mini-me and his two friends, I was laced on the bed and was tied to all four corners as well as side beams, including extra ropes between mini-me (standing at attention) and each of the end bed posts. The ropes were secure but not so tight that it was painful.

Mind you, Mistress Zoe was playful during the whole process, keeping my interest in the whole process for certain. Once I was secured, Mistress Zoe placed a blindfold on me so that my sense of touch became more dominant. I believe that was the reasoning. I would also be unaware of what would happen next and where, heightening the experience when things occurred. She also used a vibrator on me and the ropes, with the vibrator feeding vibration through the ropes at various locations which stimulated me in different ways and at different locations on my body. I couldn’t believe how great these rope vibrations felt.

Zoe also used her hands and mouth to stimulate me and moved the vibrator around my body to elicit various responses. She certainly knew what she was doing! I have difficulty describing what happened exactly as I was literally in the dark and the recipient of numerous forces and excitation all over my body, be it due the ropes restraining me or rubbing against me, ropes vibrating in all sorts of directions, Mistress Zoe’s hands (gently scratching and caressing) or her mouth gently or passionately kissing me (my body or my mouth) or providing oral sex.

Mistress Zoe turned the experience Into an incredibly erotic session where the sensual stimulation overloaded my senses and I found myself expressing other fantasies I would do with her. I was expressing a willingness to submit totally to Mistress Zoe. She had me incredibly horny and going a bit crazy with desire. At that moment I was hers. I was hers and only her kindness (and limitations we agreed to) constrained what I was willing or asked to do. I was willing to do just about anything to have an orgasm. She eventually relieved me as agreed and it was the best orgasm I can remember ever having. Just amazing!


Dear Mistress Zoe,

Thank you for an amazing session yesterday afternoon! I am an experienced submissive, but this was definitely one of the best sessions I have ever had. I was able to surrender completely to your skilful and extremely erotic instincts. You are a natural! I haven’t stopped thinking about the special place you took me to.

You got inside my head. Once there, made the most of it by playing with my thoughts and driving me to the edge of insanity. I felt completely under your control.

Zoe you have an amazing ability to understand a man’s thoughts and feelings and I am certain your powers will continue to expand!

I will certainly be back to see you soon!

James 8/7/14

Hi, I had a fun session with Mistress Zoe today. I was told before the session started by the receptionist that she was not a mistress. I was weighing up in my mind that comment and Mistress Lauren’s advice to me that she could do all the things I had said I was interested in. I am glad I took Mistress Lauren’s advice. For the type of “light” session I wanted she was fantastic – able to use the strap and tawse as required – but sexy enough to have fun with. Thanks for a great session Zoe, I will be back to see you real soon.

John 2/3/14

Dear Mistress Zoe,

Thank you for a pleasant afternoon at Fetish House. You understood my urge to be abused. I enjoyed your control over me. I needed to be put down. You deserve better for your slaves. I had no idea you switched. You certainly appear to have more experience than your apprentice title.

Mistress Zoe, your touch was to die for. Certainly erotic tease is a speciality. You have the prefect dominant look with lovely blonde hair. Your new boots look wonderful. Those blue eyes are truly hypnotic and controlling. I certainly felt a connection with you. I can only wish I could see you more often.

I will Mistress you so much. You will make many men cry.
Best wishes with your apprentices and enjoy the local talent in Melbourne.


“Sorry Soul” 3/2/14