Mistress Cherry

Mistress Cherry is also available on Saturday’s via appointment.

I am a fetishist with years of experience under my belt, and I’m looking forward to exploring your fantasies, and making your darkest wishes come true.

If you are looking for a 1950’s curvaceous pin up/alternative model who’s lingerie, outfits, and role-playing style lends heavily from Bettie Page, then I’m your girl!

But what about you? Are you new to the kink scene and want someone to give you a helping hand get started? Have you been around the block a few times and want someone more experienced to really push your boundaries? Do you have a significant other that would like to be part of a couple session? Do you want to dominate, or be dominated? I can cater to all of the above and more, just come in for a chat and we can work something out.

I understand that every client different and unique, and I love to put a smile on your face after your session by fulfilling your desires.

As I am medically trained, I have chosen to specialise in medical fetish, as I myself thoroughly enjoy the sensual to even erotic torture that is Medical Play.

I can be gentle and sensual with patients wanting to explore the more erotic side medical fetish, or I can cater for more extreme sessions for experienced players and masochists. A multitude of treatments and procedures to transport you deep into subspace and pleasure. Your innermost body cavities invaded by my probing fingers and instruments as explore your body and mind while strapped to the restrain of exposing gyno chair.

I love dressing up as 50’s nurse of your most titillating dreams (or nightmares!).

I also immensely enjoy role playing in my sessions, so much so that I have my own costume collection which are all of high quality and some made especially for me out of latex. Being also a comic book geek, cosplayer, I enjoy superhero, heroine and villain role plays as my favourite. I will also make sure the scene, background music and dialogue are a part of your session so you can have out of this world experience being captured and tortured by your favourite villain or heroine. When I’m in costume, I will make you shudder, weep, and beg for more.


I have a curvaceous hour glass pin up size 14 figure with DD cup bust.


Adult baby/Diaper play: I can be your 1950’s Mummy/Babysitter/Aunt – come be my baby. From diaper play, discipline, butt plugs, nursery rhymes, dress ups and more.

Costumes: Poison Ivy, Bat Girl (latex), Spider Girl, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman (latex), Black Widow, Harley Quinn, Silk Spectre latex), Sailor Moon (latex), Lara Croft and many more…

I also do superhero/villain doubles with Mistress Pandora and Mistress Misty.

Please email me or call Fetish House to give me 24 hours notice to make sure I will have everything for your role playing session.

Medical play: Nurse/doctor and patient role play, catheters, enemas, needle play, gyno/speculum play, surgical to heart fetish. From light to hardcore I love my medical play.

Switch/switch sexual services: As a submissive I enjoy bondage, tie and tease, role play, spanking (I have a very spankable bottom).


– Adult baby/diaper play
– Anal play
– Body Worship
– Cock and ball torture
– Corporal punishment
– Cross Dressing (partial and full transformation)
– Couples
– Fetish bi double sessions
– Fetishes – I love fetishes, I’ll make you feel comfortable whatever your fetish maybe, from heartbeat, stocking, saliva, and feet and more. I’ll make your fantasy come true.
– Food play
– Medical play
– Mummification
– Restraint and bondage
– Role play – Student/Teacher, 1950’s style housewife to Bettie Page style fetishist, Doctor/Nurse/patient, Goddess/slave, Superhero/Comic (Barbarella, Poison ivy, Wonder woman etc), Queen, Amazon woman or let me know what tickles your fancy.
– Sensory Deprivation
– Sissy maid training (etiquette and deportment)
– Tie and tease
– Trampling
– Water sports/golden showers
– Wrestling – Did I mention I play roller derby and have thighs of steel? Come challenge me if you dare.


Pin up/50’s-style lingerie, corsets and pretty 50’s rockabilly heels 🙂


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at [email protected]

If you wish to speak with Me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our Etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.


Miss Cherry went out of her way to calm the nerves of this first-timer. After outlining the general scenario and discussing the details, Miss Cherry led me away and filled my senses for 90 minutes. Without her sweet yet assured encouragement, I would not have lasted the distance or enjoyed it as much as I did. I have already started thinking about my next visit!

A big thank you to Miss Cherry and the FH service-providers for their welcome.

L. 21/12/15

Recently I had the pleasure to spend some quality time with the beautify Miss Cherry. For some time I have wished to play out my “hysterical literature” fantasy. Fortunately for me, Miss Cherry also wanted to indulge in the same fantasy.

Plans were hatched and the time came for our session together. We discussed the details and set ourselves up in an office.

Miss Cherry took to a chair at the desk while I stayed under the desk ready to distract her from reading. All the while leaving the door open so that anyone walking past could see in. As she started reading I started to use a wand between her thighs and listened to her lovely voice read a passage from the book. Hearing her being only slightly distracted, I increased the vibrations of the wand and Miss Cherry also guided me to where she wanted it. It didn’t take long before her voice quivered and it became difficult for to read. She stopped reading suddenly and her body tensed, breathing changed and then Cherry came suddenly.

With our fantasy complete we retired to a room for even much more fun.

Miss Cherry is a beautiful woman. With sexy curves, come hither eyes and seductive lips, Miss Cherry is irresistible. With a passion for indulging in a variety of fetishes, Miss Cherry is an amazing person to meet.

Jerry 16/10/15

Hi Mistress Pandora and Miss Cherry!

Thanks to both of you for another absolutely wonderful session. It was fantastic being allowed to please two such lovely Mistresses, and I love the way you interact with me and with each other, too. I hope you really enjoyed our session, and I will be looking forward to seeing you again; not sure when but I certainly will try to make sure I’m in Melbourne with some spare time soon 🙂

Very best wishes,

“I was shown into the waiting room by the receptionist and a few minutes later Mistress salina entered. She greeted me and immediately I felt her dominance envelop me, I looked into her piercing eyes, and another emotion overcame me, one of calmness and trust something in the back of my mind told me I would be safe with the Mistress. She asked about my previous experence I babbled something I forget what, she smiled her knowing smile and bade me to follow.

Then she showed me into Her domain and with Mistress Cherry gave me such an amazing time that I will not forget, and i am only awaiting the opportunity to return into Her control once again. Being an older guy I often need the little blue pills, but for some reason I forgot them and didn’t have the time to return home i needn’t have worried as both Mistress’s were so sexy and wonderful that i left a very happy man.”

L. 9/12/14

Hello Mistress Cherry,

i just wanted to say a big thank You for joining Mistress Arcana and I in our session on Monday. I had the most amazing time!

Being kidnapped in the waiting room was such an amazing feeling. Playing with someone I had never met before was super intense but it added so much to the experience. I felt very shy being stripped by a total stranger and I found myself trying to hide behind Mistress Arcana alot hehe. But feeling genuine shyness added so much to the experience! I really felt like a naughty little school girl! 🙂

I really love Your style and the way You dominate. Your soft and sweet demeanour was the perfect contrast with Mistress Arcana’s mean and shouty ways. 🙂 I also really loved the catheter!

I feel so lucky that I was able to play with two amazing beautiful talented dominatrixes! I hope that I will be able to see You again the next time I am in Melbourne.

Alice 14/07/14

“Over the years that I have seen professional dominatrixes, I have grow more accepting of my sexual proclivities. Your sweetness and kindness throughout our sessions has helped me take this self-acceptance to a new level.

When I think of our session, particularly the hug you gave me as I left, I feel a sense of contentment that is all to rare for me. Thank-you.

David 24/03/14

“I am kneeling in a medical gown when Mistress Cherry enters. Instantly embarrassed because of the bulge in the gown. I tried not to perve but my gaze was drawn to Mistress Cherry’s hotness.

And then I was fully strapped in to the Fetish House’s own gyno chair. I was totally at Mistress Cherry’s mercy. Mistress Cherry had full access to my mouth, nipples, arse, and my cock and balls. And now a gag was paced in my mouth, forcing my lips wide open to accept whatever Mistress Cherry might choose to put in me. And my cock was embarrassingly throbbing as Mistress Cherry performed cruel nipple torture. I cried with pain but my throbbing cock told another story. Suction cups were applied to nipples as Mistress Cherry moved on to other things.

And now Mistress Cherry is walking right up, between my spread out legs. She has a catheter in hand. In a few moments I will be wetting myself, but not how I had imagined. Mistress Cherry said she was going to empty me before torturing my cock. My nipples were throbbing, in pain, my cock was throbbing in pleasure as my piss was drained.

And now I have become confused. I can’t remember the exact order of things, with the sensory overload. My nipples were pierced. Sounds were placed deep into my cock, the final one, an electric sound. Mistress Cherry was electrifying the inside of my cock. I cried out from pleasure as much from pain

In amongst all the pleasure and pain, Mistress Cherry paused to offer me a drink – of her golden nectar. It was almost cruel the way Mistress Cherry seductively leaned over. With all that going on I still found myself perving at Mistress Cherry’s hotness. It was truly enough to make me want to cum, knowing she was standing so close. I wanted to drink in her sheer stunningness. Instead I was drinking in her golden nectar through a syringe. Mistress Cherry was most generous and I swallowed greedily.

And now Mistress Cherry is fucking me, First with her fingers, opening me up so she can insert a large electric plug. When Mistress Cherry turns it on I feel the most intense sensation as the electric pulse grips the walls of my anal passage. Mistress Cherry leaves the plug in, slowly adding to my sensory overload.

My cock is swabbed and now Mistress Cherry is piercing my man meat. She has turned it into her plaything and is decorating it with needles. She only pauses to change the settings on the plug deep inside me, causing my back passage to spasm in the deepest pleasure. I lose count of the amount of needles Mistress Cherry has inserted. I just know I don’t want her to stop.

And now she is finishing me off. Mistress Cherry has turned me into a pathetic pile of mush. Mistress Cherry is teasing me with a hitachi wand. She trips me over the edge so easily.

And now it is a few days later and I’m still hard, even though I have wanked non-stop since then. Ooh, Mistress cherry, you took a little trip with my mind. Thank you :)”

October 24, 2013 Fern

Thank you for the awesome session Mistress Cherry, you have such very strong thighs (you weren’t lying about your thighs of steel!) You are a fantastic Dominatrix, Wrestler and a fantastic person. Aden 20/4/13

Mistress Cherry has unimaginable strength and power lurking just under under those womanly curves that must be felt to be understood. She is also a quite a tease which just added to the wrestling session, and surprised me with being able to tie me up spread eagled whilst wrestling me!!

Cameron 11/3/13

It was my first visit to Miss Cherry and I was a little nervous no need to have been. From meeting, to saying goodbye Mistress was fantastic very easy to get on with. After i was undressed, the hour and half just flew, I had several tastes of BDSM, electrics, sounds, bondage and my favourite medical play. Can’t wait for my next session with you and I won’t be as shy next time

David 27/1/13

Dear Mistress’s Onyx and Cherry,

I am writing to thank you both for the fabulous session I had with you both yesterday.
From the time you ordered me to lie down, and pierced my nipples with multiple needles (six in the right nipple) to the finish, as I drove home with four sutures in my left nipple, I was subjected to beautiful, exquisite pain and enjoyment.

You squashed my cock and balls, used TENS electric shocks on my cock, catheterised me, and figure painted all over my body with my own blood from my nipples, then washed it off with my own urine so that Mistress Cherry could suture my cock to my leg. Mistress Onyx soothed me by allowing me to lick her beautiful breasts and suck on her nipples and Mistress Cherry sutured my damaged left nipple together.
You were both outstanding in your work, fun to be with and very sadistic in a pleasant manner. Thank you both very much for a pleasant painful experience.

Peninsula Peter 9/10/12

“hi miss cherry
Thank you for a great session today, i enjoyed it. I find it good fun to escape every day life with some good role play. I love medical and to meet somebody who likes it just as much is a real blast. I liked the way you got into the session and played as we discussed. You’re a great person with a passion for what you do. I enjoyed playing with you (and meeting you) today. Looking forward to our next session. C ” 14/5/12