Mistress Jazz

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”Lewis Carrol
My name is Jazz. I am an adventurer and thrill-seeker in every respect. The world of fetish has so much to offer a person like me, and so I dedicate myself to discovering its every delight.
To some I am Mistress. To others, Goddess. But no matter my title, I am a playful and decadent dominant by nature. I enjoy tease as much as I enjoy torment. I will whisper sweet nothings in your ear as you wince in pain, and laugh whenever you show weakness. I like to strip you down and expose the animal within. The dungeon is my playground, and you are my plaything.
I have a special interest in erotic torture and domination. I believe there is an intimacy in discipline that is unlike any other. Should you ask politely, I will demonstrate to you the pleasure that accompanies pain and the sweet relief of total surrender. No session is ever the same. Each individual has a different mind, different desires. Give yourself to me fully, and I will breathe life into those desires.
I am a petite Mistress in my 20s. Though slight, I have a divine hourglass figure, a smooth, pale complexion and mischievous green eyes. I am a performer at heart and love to captivate my audience. I therefore love to dress in many different forms of fetish wear and other fashions, from the sharp and edgy to the soft and feminine. I am especially fond of latex.
Let me guide you through the dark to a secret paradise, where we may taste it’s forbidden fruits.
I welcome people of all genders, body types and sexual orientations in session.


Among my many and varied interests, the following are my favourite:
Anal play: whether your session involves a little, or a lot of anal play, I will thoroughly enjoy making you writhe with pleasure.
Rope bondage: I have an affinity for all things artistic, and rope bondage is an activity that allows me to be both creative and intuitive.
Caning: I can’t help but love the sound the cane makes when it kisses the flesh of my submissives.
CBT and nipple play: the manipulation and punishment of some of your most sensitive parts – divine.
I also love to work in cooperation with the other Mistresses of Fetish House.


Adult Baby
Anal play: digital, toys, strap-on, fisting, speculums, vibrators
Bondage: leather, handcuffs and manacles, chain, tape, rope, silk, pallet wrap, stress and predicament bondage
Castration fetish
CBT: impact play, bondage and binding, crushing, stretching, weights, devices, electronic stimulation, slapping, squeezing, scratching, ice, pegs, parachutes, humblers/Perspex
Corporal punishment: spanking (bare or gloved hand, with hairbrushes or wooden spoons, over-the-knee), paddling, strapping, flogging, cropping, caning
Couples sessions
Cross-dressing: partial and full transformations
Boot and shoe fetish
Dirty talk
Enemas and enema play
Electro play: tens, violet wand
Face slapping
Gags (ball, bit, silk, panty and plug gags)
Latex fetish (clothing, vac bed)
Nipple torture
Orgasm play and erotic torture: edging, ruined/denied orgasms, post orgasm torture
Panty fetish
Pet play: ponies, puppies and more!
Sensory overload and deprivation
Slave training
Spitting: all over
Golden showers/water sports
Telephone sessions
Voyeurism and exhibitionism
Wrestling (light)
Roleplay (by negotiation)
Sounding (straight, rosebud)
Tie and Tease
Trampling: barefoot, shoes and heels (assisted and unassisted)
Sissification/slut training

Hard Limits

I do not offer roman showers or smoking fetish sessions
I do not offer intimate body worship, oral, kissing or sex in session
I will not session those under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
I do not offer outcalls


Chocolate, carnations, lingerie and EB games giftcards are safe bets. I also love anything weird or nerdy.


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at [email protected]

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our Etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.

To arrange a session outside of my rostered hours, please contact me directly via e-mail or by phone during my shift hours at Fetish House. I require a minimum 1.5 hour booking, though may be willing to agree to shorter sessions depending on their content.