Mistress Pandora

Mistress Pandora is available via prior arrangement on days where she is not rostered on. Please email Mistress Pandora directly to arrange a mutually suitable time.

BDSM is a strong part of me and I work on the discipline of swinging between pleasure and pain. I have a great interest in role playing, corporal punishment and cross dressing others, though I am keen to try anything so long as I get pleasure from it.

My whole life I have been dominant in personality and always enjoy hearing and seeing others bend to my will. I like being pleased and can be unforgiving when disobeyed.

Even though I am a strong, empowered Mistress I do enjoy the challenge of breaking someone and occasionally gently being broken by others as a submissive in a role playing situation.

I can be fun and playful or harsh and cruel depending on the level of servitude and respect I receive.

I enjoy a variety of activities however I have a real interest in foot fetishes, caning, role playing and sensual erotic play. I enjoy people who are as specific with what they want like as I am and who can communicate what they want.


Hair colour: Brunette
Body: Slim, size 10
Age: Early 30’s
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 163 cms
Shoe size: 7 (Australian)


– Anal play
– Bastinado – foot torture/whipping
– Body worship
– Bondage and restraint (light, medium and heavy)
– Canine/puppy training
– Cock and ball torture (CBT) – pegs, abrasion, crushing, impact, bondage, needles
– Corporal punishment (light, medium and heavy)
– Couples – where one participates or both (including guidance, co-topping, domination of both)
– Cross dressing
– Erotic tie and tease
– Fetish bi double sessions
– Fetishes – tell me yours and I will let you know if it’s something I would like to indulge in.
– Foot/Boot fetishes
– Gags – ball, hook, dental, panties
– Humiliation – objectification, disdain, private, semi-public or public (mild to moderate-heavy upon consultation)
– Impact play – flogging, spanking, slapping, rough body play, etc
– Instruments of pain and torture (electrical, needle play, catheters, weights, clamps, hot wax, fire play, abrasion/scratching etc)
– Kidnapper and/or extortionist
– Medical scenarios (doctors, nurses, patients)
– Nanny/Mummy (Adult baby)
– Nipple torture (light, medium and heavy)
– Role play, psychological play and fantasies
– School mistress, naughty school boy/girl
– Scripted role-play (please email me to arrange)
– Sissy maid training (etiquette and deportment)
– Switch/submissive sessions (light)
– Tease and sensual play
– Tickle play and torture

Hard Limits

– I am not a smoker and don’t allow smoking during my sessions.
– I do not perform brown showers, scat play or farting fetish sessions.
– I will not session you if you are intoxicated in any way.


I love fetish toys such as creative paddles, vibration toys and light erotic sensation play toys.


You can email me directly on [email protected] to organise a booking and details.

If you wish to speak with me via telephone you may call when I am available at Fetish House.

Please refer to our Etiquette guidelines before you initiate contact.


Mistress Pandora

I simply can not put into written words what an amazing time I had with you yesterday afternoon!! I have never felt so feminine, girly and graceful but more importantly I have never been so warmly treated or felt so close to a Mistress as I did you.

I am sure you must get billions of compliments so I hope mine might be just a little ‘different’ when I say your approach, your grace, your warmth your understanding was just stunning and I consider myself hugely privileged to have shared time with you. I am not blessed with opportunity to experience much intimacy and so your grating me the privilege to hug you, kiss you and worship you I will never ever forget!!

Stay safe and warm

your newly devoted friend

yvette xxoo

Mistress Pandora,

You are amazing! You blew all my expectations clear out of the water. i have never in my life been made to feel so submissively humiliated or even come close. Coming out of our session my head was over the moon and my mind was moving a million miles a second. You are easily the most sexy dominant Mistress i have had the pleasure of meeting. i can’t get You out of my head and can’t wait to see You again.

The strapon, the gagging, the slutty outfit, Your teasing, the cage, the blindfold, the tickling sensations, Your feet, Your shoes, the cane, the pain. Everything about it was so unbelievably far beyond my expectations. You are exceptional. Magical. Powerful. Dominant.

And i would like to thank Mistress Zoe for her involvement also. It really did a lot to add to the humiliation. i’ve never felt so objectified. It was incredible.

Your slave,


P.S. You were perfect

Mistress, I want to thank you for an INCREDIBLE session. The first two hours were fantastic, they were exactly what I wanted. The third hour was incredible; I’m still thinking about the tickling, which was hell, but a beautiful hell, while I also love that I made you cum, and our conversation was amazing. (There actually wasn’t a single disappointing thing about the session.)

I would love to see you again later on in the year, however I’ll e-mail you once I decide when I want to do it, and what I want to do. Again, thanks for the session, it truly was wonderful.

With reverence Dan


Hi Mistress Pandora and Miss Cherry!

Thanks to both of you for another absolutely wonderful session. It was fantastic being allowed to please two such lovely Mistresses, and I love the way you interact with me and with each other, too. I hope you really enjoyed our session, and I will be looking forward to seeing you again; not sure when but I certainly will try to make sure I’m in Melbourne with some spare time soon 🙂

Very best wishes,

hello Mistress,

just wanted to say thankyou again for such an unforgettable afternoon. I had no idea how sensual and exciting tickling could be 🙂

can’t stop thinking bout you and your cane 🙂

hope to see you again in the future.

with sincere gratitude and admiration. and lots of slave devotion xxxx

polite curtsey xx

J xx

Hi Mistress Pandora,

Just wanted to say thank you for earlier today. Limited to a few responses, I wasn’t sure if my thanks and adoration came across as much as I’d have liked Mistress. It was an honour and a privilege – especially being allowed to worship your feet. And thank you again to you and Mistress Cherry for such a unique introduction to the fetish world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – I hope you’re able to enjoy some time to yourself over summer.



Hi Mistress Pandora

I had to write to thank you again for a really wonderful session.

You are truly beautiful, more so in person than even in your really nice Fetlife photos, and that, plus your really great mistressing skills made it spectacular. It was wonderful to be able to give you orgasms, when I did that I felt sort of like I imagine a master musician feels when playing the flute for a packed concert hall, it was intensely satisfying.

I so wish I could have had another session with you, but I that will have to wait for my next trip to Melbourne.
Very fond best wishes,

Ron 13/3/14

Hi mistress pandora
Thanks for today. I really like the way you do the session . I try many mistress form all over the world . But you are really very good . Hope see you very soon .
Thanks again

Tony 24/2/14

Dear Mistress Tara, last year you gave me permission to return to Fetish House and meet the Mistresses. I have followed your advice and renewed my submission to Fetish House with a short getting to know session with Mistress Pandora, it was a perfect remedy for my last week of high stress. The ‘ chemistry’ is there with Mistress Pandora so I will be submitting to her again as well taking your advice on submitting to other Mistresses to strengthen my bond with Fetish House. Thank you humbly slave kym 3/2/14

I just wanted to thank Mistress Pandora for the wonderful session today. She is amazingly confident and quite skilful. I was very impressed with her enthusiasm and strong commitment to the role play. She is beautiful, she is very friendly and the role play seems so natural to her. This session was a great experience, and I am looking forward to seeing her again.

Kind Regards,
Alex 24/12/13

Thank you SO much you were perfect. I really wanted to give you a hug after the session but I wasn’t sure if that would have been inappropriate. The roleplaying was very fun, I was lost for words quite a few times when you and Mr Lee were talking to me but trust me I was taking in and enjoying the experience the entire time. I especially loved the extended session we had, you transition from dominate to intimate very naturally. I was smiling on the entire train ride home and still am. Worth every penny and I’ll definitely be back again. Thanks mistress. 4/11/13

Hi Mistress Pandora

I wanted to thank you again for the session we had tonight. It was the best session that I’ve had so far at fetish house! Whilst I wasn’t expecting trampling to be the central part of it (I don’t know what I was expecting!), I think it worked so well and I liked that elevated table prop! I love how you have been running the sessions so far and I feel your personality really works with what I’m after. You make me want to come back not just because you’re great at what you do, but because you make me feel comfortable in the presence of you and fetish house. So thanks!

I am already thinking about different things to do in our next session! 🙂


Simon 17/6/13

Hello Mistress Pandora!

I would just like to thank you for the session last night! It was amazing! If I could some it up in one session why I loved it, it would be the combination of different tickling techniques while being helpless combined with a lot of the affection I love! The best of both worlds! I especially loved when you used your cuddles to trap me and tickle me. I love your techniques!

Can’t wait to see you again for more tickle torture and of course, more cuddles!

Luke 🙂 7/5/13

Hi Mistress Pandora,
It’s pet dan here. Hope You are well.
Just wanted to let You know it’s been one week on now from our session and i’m still thinking about. i’ve even had a wet dream over it.
Thank You so much for a trully memorable session. i’d love to do it again, and again, and again.
You worked my nipples as if You have always known them. Everytime You tortured, twiated and bit them i got so excited.
You are one of the Mistresses i would move toward for pain. 🙂
And when You licked and bit my ear that was so erotic… It really got me going…
Thank You so much Mistress.
pet dan 20/2/13

Hi mistress.
I just want to thankyou again for the best fun today with the inflatable and oil. You have an amazing body and was an honour to be at your feet.
Thankyou again.

Hope to bounce and slide soon.

Ben 30/1/13

Thank you miss pandora!!!!!

That was absolutely awesome.
U exceeded my expectations, and the way u can role play what I asked was mind blowing.

I Will be sure to see u again soon once I have worked out what I would like to do next with my naughty little niece.

Mat 3/12/12

Hello Mistress Pandora!

Just sending an extra big thank you for the session! As usual I loved it! I loved it how you tried tickling me unbound yet it was still hard to escape and I was still very ticklish! I also loved the cuddles too! I look forward to seeing you again for more tickles and cuddles! And of course, seeing what tickle tools and other ideas you come up with next time.

Mike 25/11/12

Hi Pandora,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the three sessions we had. I had a completely mind blowing time and loved the way you added unexpected twists – every session was like embarking on a different adventure! Wish I could just hop over from London for more… But I guess I’ll have to dream about it until next year. 😉

Great to meet you and good luck with the singing – looking forward to hearing how you get on with that as well!

See you next time,

Allan x 13/9/12

Hi Mistress Pandora,

Just wanted to thank you for the fetish CD session this afternoon, it was a wonderful way to start spring! You were as warm and friendly as ever and the golden shower was a magnificent gusher 🙂

Irving 2/9/12

Hi Mistress Pandora

I just wanted to email to thank you again and say what a fantastic session I had on Saturday, I’ve tried to replay as much of it again in my mind as I can. If that first time boot fetish session is anything to go by, I can’t wait to explore it more and even maybe step things up to another level as discussed! You made my previous first time experience from three years ago that didn’t end so well, nothing more than a distant memory.

I’m looking forward to coming in again for another session hopefully in a couple of weeks. Until then….

Jason 20/8/12

Hi Mistress Pandora,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the session that we had on Saturday. That role play scenario turned out better than what I had hoped and I will definitely be looking to explore the relationship with my kinky sisters in law further. The next time that I’ll be able to catch up won’t be for another three weeks due to a course I’m on but I’ll get in touch earlier that week to confirm with you. Would you and Mistress Odette like to come up with the scenario for our next session? Once again, I’m happy to be a training tool and you already know my favourite activities. Blood, piercings and pain (as opposed to mild discomfort) are places that I’d prefer not to go but I’m certainly happy to discuss other activities. Oh, btw, did the dildo I brought you end up fitting the harness that is already there? We definitely have to explore that. 🙂

When you asked if I minded having an apprentice observe and participate in the session I was a touch nervous initially but thought, no, I trust you and your judgement and we all have to learn. To say that I was happy that I agreed with your suggestion is an understatement. You both are absolutely beautiful young women and worked well off one another. To have the pleasure of the company of you both and to see how our little group dynamic develops is something I am very keen in doing time and again. I believe that Mistress Odette will develop nicely, while she develops her confidence to verbalise things more her quiet tone is complemented very well by her expressions which held my attention. I think this is a natural strength for her and once that should be developed.

I have to say that I was a bit surprised actually when you mentioned that I was actually pretty advanced in my anal play. I guess I never really envisioned myself as being particularly adept but I will defer to your experience there. I can actually accept wider dildos but not the length and a few years back now I was playing with a petite woman who did manage to fit her hand in me. That was an astonishing experience, I think I was as surprised as she was and the orgasm I had still rates at the most intense of my life.

As you may have guessed, I do take pleasure in giving pleasure. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to bring you to orgasm and redeem myself from Sat. I’m still disappointed that I didn’t quite get you there 🙁 . If I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to please you both, well I think I could nominate myself as the luckiest man in Melbourne ….. probably Australia actually. 😛

Well, enough of my ramblings. I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your shift, I got to bed at 6am after finishing mine and was then back up at 9am for a motorbike ride with some friends. Oh how I wish the warmer weather would hurry up and get here!


Peter 20/8/12

Dear Mistress Pandora

Thanks so much for the session yesterday. Once again I really enjoyed my time with you. You played the role of naughty schoolgirl beautifully. Well done! I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Yours gratefully

Paul 7/8/12

Thanks so much for the session yesterday evening. Your friendliness and enthusiasm was wonderful and made my time with you very enjoyable.
The session was great and exceeded my expectations – well done 🙂
I look forward to visiting you again soon.

Yours gratefully
Paul 9/7/12

I hope your well.. Just want to thank you for an amazing session that really blew my mind.. Your Hot and you have the sexiest feet that i could massage,kiss and suck for hours
Thanks for your patience also you never made me feel rushed. Will definately be back for more soon x Henrique 5/7/12

Just emailing to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed our session today
– you made a VERY convincing schoolgirl who was good at roleplay and
being seductive! :O)
I should be back in a few weeks’ time and would like to do a similar
roleplay along the “schoolgirl at the bus stop who ends up in the
wheelie bin theme”.
Not sure if I asked but how did you like sitting on the schoolbag? Did
you prefer any particular position?

Hope you enjoyed the session too…

Peter 2/6/12

A brief note to thank you for tonight’s session. For an apprentice I have to say you are very talented. The paddling and spanking was not quite severe enough but everything else was great. The honour you allowed me of rimming you was sensational. PS next time I want to see your magnificent breasts (and be smothered by them). Thanks once again for a fun time.

Thanks for the session. I had a wonderful time. I was a bit nervous as your profile on the website said you are new to BDSM. After the session it felt like I am new to BDSM.

You structured the session really well. I loved every bit of it. Hope to see you again soon and will like to experiment more with the toys on dungeon wall.

Nick 30/5/12

I just wanted to say thanks, it was a great session and you made it very intense!!! Loved it! haha
I will get in touch again when I get back from my holidays in Thailand….

Martin 29/5/12

Thank You Mistress Pandora, You are very generous and honest with Your feedback I found You irresistibly attractive on Tuesday night and wanted desperately to pleasure You. Your lips and face were so pretty, i can see why You attracted attention as an Exotic Dancer. More importantly, You easily occupy the BDSM head space, noting that my tastes are fairly vanilla in a sense, but with a heavy emphasis on Female sexual domination of…men (me? Powerful, weak, average, men like me will always want to kneel before Ladies like You).
Jimmy 29/5/12

All I can say is, wow!! I had a lot of fun!! I have been to thousands of tickle sessions in my life but each one is different! The Fetish House is my favourite place to go to as all the girls there are lovely. You were very lovely and warm. You asked if I needed any help and made sure I would be ok with my disabilities, I really appreciated that. As for the session itself, it was fantastic, you sure got me laughing. Also it was interesting how you left the genital tickling until the end, starting from when i was face down. That made it more suspensful and more exciting! Some things I had never experienced before for example when you tickled in between my bottom and actually went inside my underpants. It was all very exciting. Then once the pants came off more excitement came followed by the hand relief! But I was glad that you didn’t do that stuff throughout the whole session, as it would of worn off, you left it until the end 🙂 You can see also I am very ticklish face down, especially on my ribs and underarms and back, I love that though 🙂 Other mistresses have a lot of fun tickling me face down!!
You need to be commended for the great session, and you are a lovely person too 🙂 I can’t wait to see you again!!

Thank you Luke 25/5/12