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There is only one Fetish House!

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Fetish House is one of only a small number of legally permitted and licensed BDSM venues in Melbourne. Running since 2000, Fetish House is a custom-built fetish venue featuring 6 fully equipped play rooms.

Fetish House is a converted warehouse in Oakleigh – 30 minutes South-East of Melbourne’s CBD. For your discretion, from the outside it appears as an ordinary red-brick plain warehouse. The internal building is equipped with all modern facilities to keep your comfortable during your visit. Car parking is discreet and undercover on site.

At Fetish House you can find a Mistress, Master, submissive or play partner to bring your desires into reality. Our Service Providers are some of the most talented and well-trained in Australia with many dedicated fans and worshippers. We welcome you to experience the tantalizing world at their fingertips, whether you are new and curious or have years of experience under your belt.

We also offer private room hire and you are more than welcome to come in for a guided tour. Our aim is to demystify fetish and fantasy in the attempt to encourage people to be tempted to try a little ‘kink’.

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Fetish House Service Providers

We Do Room Hire Too!

  • Room 1 - Cross Dressing
  • Room 2 - Dungeon
  • Room 3 - Dungeon
  • Room 4 - Bondage Room
  • Room 5 - Bedroom
  • Room 6 - Medical Room