Current starting prices for sessions

***PLEASE NOTE: We will be implementing a small price increase as at 1/5/23. Our prices are still extremely competitive with what you will find in the private operator's sector who charge exponentially more than us. These new prices are reflected here.***

Session prices change depending upon duration of time spent and services requested. Fetish Providers at Fetish House are all Independent Sub-contractors and therefore negotiate their own fees directly with the clients that engage them. We are legally not able to quote final rates on behalf of any Fetish Provider. The below prices only serve to provide a rough estimate only. To obtain an exact quote, please communicate directly with the Fetish Provider you’re interested in engaging.

Fetish Providers do not all offer the same services and any similar service offered between Fetish Providers – as well as price - can and does vary. Fetish Providers determine what activities they are each prepared to engage in which can vary also from client to client.

PLEASE NOTE: If your session is going to render the room unusable for longer than the standard 30 minutes we allow for showering and cleaning then additional room hire fees are applicable as well as any additional amount the Fetish Provider may charge. This is particularly relevant to messy sessions that require extensive cleaning or airing (i.e. brown showers/scat play, vomit, sploshing, other bio-hazards) or sessions which require extensive set-up and pack-up afterwards.

All rates include GST and are subject to change without notice.

Dominant Sessions

This style of session is where a Fetish Provider assumes a Dominant role. Included are activities in the areas of: BDSM, Fetish, Fantasy, Role Play, Smothering, Trampling, Cross Dressing, and more.

Please note again these prices are rough estimations and generally starting prices. You will need to discuss your desired session content directly with your Fetish Provider for a quote.

15 minute
30 minute
45 minute
1 hour

Submissive or Switch Sessions

This style of session is where our Fetish Providers assume a submissive or Switch role.

Dominants must respect all boundaries and safe words. Sessions must be discussed and negotiated in detail with submissive prior to commencement of session.

This fee is subject to a great deal of variation. For example, if the Dominant wants a particularly heavy session where the submissive will be marked or is particularly painful and/or uncomfortable the submissive will require additional remuneration and will negotiate this with you either before or during the session.

If you mark a submissive’s body where it has not been pre-arranged for you to do so there will be an additional fee determined by the Fetish Provider at that time depending on the severity of the marks.

Please note again these prices are rough estimations and generally starting prices. You will need to discuss your desired session content directly with your Fetish Provider for a quote.

15 minute
30 minute
45 minute
1 hour

Vanilla With A Twist

A sexy experience for those not wanting Dominance or submission, but to fulfil a naughty fantasy… Ever imagined having a playful romp with a naughty school girl in a dungeon setting? How about a delightfully wicked nurse in our medical room? Fetish Providers at Fetish House are ready to explore your wildest and wickedest fantasies with you.

Call us to speak with a sexy Fetish Provider on what is possible for you in a session like this and for a quote on services.

15 minute
30 minute
45 minute
1 hour

Wrestling Sessions

This style of session is where our Fetish Providers usually assume a Dominant role. Please note again these prices are rough estimations and generally starting prices. You will need to discuss your desired session content directly with your Fetish Provider for a quote.

15 minute
30 minute
45 minute
1 hour

Private Room Hire

Room hire is offered for play partners, couples or visiting Kinksters, Fetish Providers, Fantasy Providers etc. Before you book in private room hire please ensure you have read, understood AND AGREE TO our Terms and Conditions.

If you wish to engage a Fetish Provider (Mistress, Master, Switch, submissive or play partner) for a portion of your room hire, please indicate this to our Manager when making your booking. We will then put you in touch with the Fetish Provider so that you may negotiate session content and a price for their services.

* Room hire is subject to availability.

30 minute
45 minute
1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours
2.5 hours
3 hours

Additional Services and More

These services generally incur additional fees which are to be negotiated directly with your Fetish Provider:

  • Intimate body worship
  • Heavy or extreme content
  • Anal play (including strap on play) and/or fisting (one hand)
  • Fisting (extreme)
  • Golden showers
  • Brown shower: (must be booked directly with Fetish Provider and a deposit paid in advance) Visit our Activities page (sub-section Brown Showers) for further information that relate specifically to brown showers.
  • Scat play: with session (min 30 mins) Visit our Activities page (sub-section Brown Showers) for further information that relate specifically to scat play.
  • Latex body bag
  • Latex vac bed
  • Needle play (temporary)
  • Sessions which require extensive preparation or clean up afterwards


  • Catheter: $10
  • Nappy: $5
  • New stockings: $15
  • Needles: $10 per box
  • Speculum (sterile plastic): $10
  • Water enema: $10 (Micro Enemas are free)

Starts from $40

$450 for 3-4 hours*

This is the perfect type of session for sissies, girly maids, or slaves wanting to practice the art of servitude for a short period of time. That said, you don’t need to identify as a slave or as a submissive to enjoy this session.

For 3 to 4 hours, you will become our House Slave – meaning that you will be serving the Mistresses, Masters etc. and House when required.

When you arrive you will be given an introduction, we need to familiarize you with our practices, know your likes, dislikes and any relevant health information, so that we’re able to have a rewarding experience together. At this point you are welcome to ask us about additional services*.

A House slave may be asked to do any of the following: cleaning, running errands, assisting in the training of apprentices, ‘stunt cock’ in other sessions, testing of new equipment, and more.

At no time are our clients requested to participate in activities that they have indicated they are not comfortable with (consent is very important to us!).

This experience is of a different structure to our one-on-one sessions. You will be supervised and also requested to complete tasks unsupervised. We will take into account your list of likes in rewarding you for good service.

*A ‘House slave’ session includes activities that our clients may experience in a Dominant session. Additional services such as anal play, intimate body worship, latex, wrestling or switching incur additional fees as they would do for any session.

This session is subject to availability. If we are busy or short on Fetish Providers for any particular day we may not be able to offer this service. Please ensure you have read the further information on our Activities Page about being a Day Slave before applying.

Pricing for this service varies depending upon the length of your stay, the number of golden showers delivered and the price of those golden showers.

A single golden shower from one Fetish Provider (no session) incurs a $50 room hire fee and the Fetish Provider’s fee is an additional price to be determined by the Fetish Provider at the time of making the booking.

For multiple golden showers (no session), there is a $110 room hire fee and an additional amount for each golden shower (to be negotiated at the time of making the booking). Multiple golden shower bookings will also incur an additional $30 cleaning fee. We require at least 1hr notice for golden showers to guarantee them. The availability of this service will depend on how busy we are at any given time, so please call in advance.

Every effort is made to ensure our clients receive a golden showers from each person that they have requested. However, this may not always be possible and we take no responsibility for the final number delivered or availability of requested Fetish Providers. In the interest of Fetish Provider health we especially cannot guarantee golden showers if a client arrives late for their booking.

$110 for 10 minutes or until climax (whichever occurs first)

In the front foyer we now have the voyeur box for Glory Hole services.
The price is the same for giving or receiving. You do not get to choose the Fetish Provider but we will allow requests for particular anatomy or a particular gender.

This does not include Mistress/Dom Interaction. If you wish this then this can be negotiated on top of the fee – i.e. if you want someone directing or encouraging you.

$80 per hour

This experience is where you are locked away somewhere in the halls of Fetish House.

The location of Lock and Leave is restricted to spaces outside of our rooms.

If you’re interested in being locked away inside one of our rooms this can be arranged and is charged at room hire rates. We reserve the right to move you to another location if required.

Additional fees are applicable if you require any Mistress to monitor you before, during and after this time. This includes any set up or cleaning as a result of your booking. Any additional services incur additional fees to be discussed with the Manager or your Fetish Provider.

$200 per hour

This experience is similar to our standard Lock and Leave session, but allows for more complex bondage, and the use of such extra items as electrics.

Please note that if your lock and leave requires further input from a Fetish Provider they will negotiate an appropriate price directly with you.

Half Page $70
Every half page thereafter $70

10 min $70
Each 10 minutes thereafter $70

Please call us in advance to organise these sessions and have your credit card ready. If you don’t wish to pay by credit card you may send advance payment by money order or bank cheque payable to Fetish House. You may also deliver cash in person – we accept no responsibility for cash sent via the mail. For more information about payments, please see our Deposits and Payments page.

$20 per month

For those who cannot risk having their most private of possessions found at their own home we offer you your own private locker so that you don’t need to worry.

Wherever and whenever possible please pay for your session with cash. You can obtain a quote before arriving to ascertain how much your session is likely to cost and drop in to one of many local ATM’s before arriving.
Thank you for your consideration, Fetish House Management

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