Volunteer House Assistants Currently Required

We are seeking reliable Volunteer House Assistants/Slaves come in on a regular basis to assist with the day-to-day chores.


  • You must be known to us already and be well liked by everybody at FH.
  • You must be willing to stay for the entire shift or at least a significant portion of the shift towards the end.
  • You must call us a week in advance to put your name down for any particular day.


  • Laundry (washing, hanging and drying towels)
  • Cleaning rooms after use
  • Fetching lunches/meals
  • General cleaning
  • Errands (as directed and as listed on laundry wall)

Please let us know if you would like to participate and which Fetish Provider we need to ask to verify your eligibility.

Terms and Conditions

We receive many requests from people who wish to be volunteers. If you are a volunteer it is on a non-paying basis (i.e. you don’t pay us and we don’t pay you). However you must be authentic and be happy to work (and do a good job). If you make a nuisance out of yourself or we suspect that you are simply trying to get free sessions without having anything genuinely of value to offer us in return you will be asked to leave and you will not be allowed back. Again I will reiterate – we receive hundreds of offers from men wanting to be volunteer slaves. But time and time again we are disappointed to find that they have no intention of being very helpful at all but still expect free sessions or other sexual favors.

How to become a volunteer

We don’t just take anyone! These positions are usually reserved for people who have been previous paying clients (unless you have a trade by which we can organise to barter – see below). We will be happy to consider you as a volunteer but only after you have had a session or have been a house slave and a Fetish Provider is happy to recommend you. The ‘house slave’ arrangement is a special deal that you can refer to our rates page or call Fetish House for further information.

How to obtain a slave volunteer application form

You must attend Fetish House to complete a ‘Volunteer Application Form’. It is a requirement that we meet you and that you have paid for at least one session with a Fetish Provider here before we are prepared to accept you. There may on occasion be some circumstances where we are happy to waive this condition. We will determine your worthiness at this time so please make sure you are respectful, appreciative and polite!

The barter system (i.e. service exchange)

With the above paragraph in mind I will point out that if you have something of genuine value to offer us (i.e. website design, computer technician, carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing, leather work, steel work, flooring, roofing, tiling, air conditioning/heating, sewing, art & craft etc. etc. or anything else that may be of genuine use to us) we are more than happy to operate on the barter system and will give you sessions in return for your services. This arrangement is entirely different to being a volunteer and it became apparent to Me after receiving a particular email that a distinction should be made. Please let us know if you think you have a skill or trade that we would be happy to trade-off against. Please note: Being good at “giving oral” or any other sexual activity on us is not something we consider a trade that we would barter for. If we feel you are attempting to elicit sexual interaction with us personally (no matter how good you believe you are at it) we will not be amused.

Being a volunteer  does not mean you receive free sessions or sexual services. There may be instances where we will require you to participate in sessions if that is something that you like to do (such as forced bi-sexuality or humiliation sessions) but this is infrequent. If you want a session you must pay for it like anyone else. Fetish House is not a charity and needs to make sufficient money to cover substantial overheads. So many times I have been disappointed by volunteers  where I have discovered that they have an entirely different agenda in mind!

Volunteer positions available at Fetish House include


You would be required to do general cleaning and hygiene tasks in-house at Fetish House and, if required, at the private house of a consenting Fetish Provider if they feel you are worthy enough.

Running errands

This involves running around town picking up anything that we have need of. you must have a car for these purposes.

House assistants

Occasionally we have need of male submissives to participate in sessions with other male submissives. These sessions involve forced bi-sexual activities under the direction of a Fetish Provider. These activities are mutually consensual between you and the other person and you will not be required to participate if you do not wish to. you MUST be able to provide a contact telephone number so that we can reach you in a hurry if we need to.

Public and private functions

Our Open Days and private get-togethers have plenty of call for volunteers. you must be reliable, clean, presentable and, above all, respectful to everyone.

Massage therapists

Volunteers who are qualified masseurs are a delight indeed! We will ask to see proof of your credentials. If we detect any tiniest, remote evidence of sleaziness we will kick your ass out the door!

Tradesmen or other skills

We are often on the lookout for anyone who is skilled in particular areas who might like to be a volunteer or even trade for our services (see the above paragraph about barter arrangements). If you have any of the following skills contact us to discuss:

  • Professional Website Designers
  • Excellent computer skills (technicians)
  • Mechanics – for servicing or fixing our cars
  • Air-conditioning Service and Repair
  • Carpenters
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Electricians (you must be qualified and able to provide a PIC certificate)
  • Plumbers
  • Tilers
  • Professional Painters
  • Gardeners (must have good horticultural knowledge)
  • Leather Goods (the making of) and sewing (costumes) or arts and crafts
  • Fetish Gear & Equipment – Impress us!
  • Something else we might have missed??? Let us know…

Again we reiterate, you must not assume that being a volunteer entitles you to free sessions. Do not ask us for free use of our time unless you have something truly valid to offer us in return.

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