Customised session content to suit your requirements

All sessions at Fetish House are crafted to suit each client’s needs – as fetishes are as individual as you are. Below is a list of activities that we often practice in session at Fetish House. If you don’t see your desires here – please contact us directly to inquire about your session idea.

Having a Fetish Provider don a strap-on and use it on you is another extremely popular activity. We have strap-ons of varying shapes and sizes, so that the perfect one can be found for you.

You may also prefer to try other forms of anal play. We have varying sizes of butt plugs available as well as dildos and vibrators. Or you may just prefer a finger or even a fist (gloves are always used!). There are some inherent dangers with anal fisting that you should be aware of before you try it. The tissue in the rectum (anal passage) is very delicate and can easily be torn. A great deal of time and care (as well as plenty of lubrication) is needed in order to achieve the end result. You may need to embark on a series of ‘anal stretching’ before you are ready to take a fist. We will certainly not force the issue and if there is too much resistance or discomfort for you we will not continue for the well-being of your health. If this is something that you would like to partake in then you do so at your own risk.

If you are interested in any forms of anal play, please try to have a clean and clear passage prior to commencement. A full bowel has an extremely unpleasant odor when objects are inserted and removed afterwards. There is also an increased risk in breaching hygiene standards when we have a large proportion of fecal matter to deal with. Try to go to the toilet and empty the bowel prior to your session. Otherwise you may request or be required to have an enema. We provide disposable micro enemas freely. However if you wish to use a disposable water enema a small additional charge applies.

Hygiene is of paramount importance. We always exercise the utmost in hygiene standards. No item (including fingers) is ever inserted into any orifice without first being covered with a condom or latex gloves. If we are inserting dildos, vibrators or butt plugs into any orifice we always ensure that they are covered with a condom first and lubricant applied prior to insertion. Condoms are carefully removed and disposed of so as to not touch any other surface and a fresh condom applied before insertion into another orifice. We always wear latex gloves for these purposes and also for fingering or fisting.