Customised Sessions

Expertly curated content to suit your requirements

All sessions at Fetish House are crafted to suit each client's needs - as fetishes are as individual as you are. Below is a list of activities that we often practice in session at Fetish House. If you don't see your desires here - please contact us directly to inquire about your session idea.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: With the implementation of the new laws surrounding sex service providers we have noticed an exponential increase in requests for "natural" services. These are, in fact, requests for services that could potentially endanger the health of the Service Provider as well as yourself - and also any people in your personal life that you may be intimate with........ When you ask for "natural" services you are, in fact, really asking for 'dangerous' services. The fact that you refer to it as "natural" does not in any way diminish the risk. And asking for unsafe services in this manner is sleazy and disrespectful. We do not engage in dangerous services of any kind at Fetish House!

Having a Fetish Provider don a strap-on and use it on you is another extremely popular activity. We have strap-ons of varying shapes and sizes, so that the perfect one can be found for you.

You may also prefer to try other forms of anal play. We have varying sizes of butt plugs available as well as dildos and vibrators. Or you may just prefer a finger or even a fist (gloves are always used!). There are some inherent dangers with anal fisting that you should be aware of before you try it. The tissue in the rectum (anal passage) is very delicate and can easily be torn. A great deal of time and care (as well as plenty of lubrication) is needed in order to achieve the end result. You may need to embark on a series of ‘anal stretching' before you are ready to take a fist. We will certainly not force the issue and if there is too much resistance or discomfort for you we will not continue for the well-being of your health. If this is something that you would like to partake in then you do so at your own risk.

If you are interested in any forms of anal play, please try to have a clean and clear passage prior to commencement. A full bowel has an extremely unpleasant odor when objects are inserted and removed afterwards. There is also an increased risk in breaching hygiene standards when we have a large proportion of fecal matter to deal with. Try to go to the toilet and empty the bowel prior to your session. Otherwise you may request or be required to have an enema. We provide disposable micro enemas freely. However if you wish to use a disposable water enema a small additional charge applies.

Hygiene is of paramount importance. We always exercise the utmost in hygiene standards. No item (including fingers) is ever inserted into any orifice without first being covered with a condom or latex gloves. If we are inserting dildos, vibrators or butt plugs into any orifice we always ensure that they are covered with a condom first and lubricant applied prior to insertion. Condoms are carefully removed and disposed of so as to not touch any other surface and a fresh condom applied before insertion into another orifice. We always wear latex gloves for these purposes and also for fingering or fisting.

In babyism or infantilism water sports are an absolute essential. For these fantasies we use special adult-sized disposable plastic coated nappies which are a delight to the touch and feel for babyism enthusiasts.

Whether you would like to be the baby and your Fetish Provider be the Nanny, have them be the baby, or both of you babies - the choice is yours.

Our in-house Nanny, Aunt or Uncle will put you in nappies and read you nursery rhymes whilst you suck on your bottle. They will check your nappies and change them when they are wet - not forgetting to give you a thorough wipe-down with baby wipes and a good dousing with baby powder.

They may also put you over their knee for a sound spanking if baby is misbehaving. This is always sure to quiet even the noisiest of babies. Or you may be given ‘time-out', left in your cot in the nursery with your dummy strapped firmly to your mouth. If you are a particularly naughty baby they may even decide to take further punitive action!

At any rate your Fetish Provider always ensures that baby is happy and bouncy at the end of your time together. Happy, well-behaved babies almost always have a pleasant rub as they settle down for sleep.

A number of our Fetish Providers have personal slaves that they are able to include in your session, with prior planning. If you have ever wanted to play with another person in a safe, guided environment, our staff will be happy to assist in facilitating your desires and curiosities.

Quite simply this is where any part of the Fetish Provider's body is worshipped - usually by mouth and tongue but can also be by other means. Body worshipping can also include articles of clothing such as Their magnificent feet encased in stilettos, or leather boots. The worshipper may use any part of their body that has been pre-negotiated in order to worship the Fetish Provider, but the most common worshipping tool is definitely the tongue!

Most sessions incorporate some degree of body worshipping. It can form more (or less) of the session depending upon individual tastes and desires.

Of course it goes without saying that prior agreement is negotiated as to which parts of the Fetish Provider's body is permitted for worship.

Intimate Body Worship: Like switching, not all Fetish Providers allow intimate body worship (meaning pussy, breast, arse or cock worship). It varies from Fetish Provider to Fetish Provider. Some will allow it if it is a small part of a larger session - when placed into context, a Fetish Provider may very much enjoy allowing you to be their pleasure slave, after you've earned the privilege!

Please also keep in mind that our Fetish Providers do charge extra for (the very special honour) of intimate body worship. The best route to take is to email or call to make sure.

There are several forms of bondage. Some of these are:

Rope: The most popular form of bondage. Rope bondage ranges from simple wrist and ankle restraint right through to elaborate ‘rope art' which incorporates the entire body.

Leather: Comfortable leather wrist and ankle cuffs are especially convenient for those who definitely cannot risk any telltale signs afterwards. Leather bondage also comes in a variety of other straps, sheaths or harnesses for other parts of the body and slings and spines which are a series of leather straps which encase the entire body.

Metal: The most common being hand cuffs but also can include ankle shackles, chastity belts

Plastic Wrap: Akin to mummification by glad wrap (with breathing holes of course).

Latex Body Bag: For the ultimate in bondage - this incorporates sensory deprivation.

Collars: Are very popular for denoting one's position as a submissive and putting them in that ‘frame of mind'. These are mostly made from leather or metals and can either be lockable or free-release. They should always have a D ring for the purposes of attaching a leash or hooking on to any other implement or device of the Dominant's choice.

Blindfolds: Leather blindfolds or even silk scarves serve the purpose.

Gags: Ball gags, flat ball gags, pipe gags - there is no need for any explanation.

Cages: For locking the submissive up - naked or otherwise, public or private - there is no escape.

Stocks: Allows easy access to the submissive's body whilst isolating movement of the head, wrists and ankles. Also perfect for corporal punishment, humiliation, penetration, electrical play etc. etc.

Whipping Horse: Allows easy access to the rear of the submissive whilst isolating all other movement. Also perfect for corporal punishment, humiliation, penetration, electrical etc. etc.

Cross: Mounted against the wall allows access to any part of the submissive depending on which way they are trussed. Also perfect for corporal punishment, humiliation, electrical etc. etc.

Wheel: Again this is mounted against the wall to heavy duty steel posts. The submissive can be trussed to this wheel and spun in the same manner as the ‘wheel of fortune'.

Suspension: Partial or full - the ceilings of Fetish House have been designed with this in mind and can accommodate a light to heavy male with ease.

As far as discipline is concerned, this is meted out by the Dominant to the submissive to an agreed and consensual level, which has been negotiated prior to commencement of the session. It can incorporate any and all forms of corporal punishment, as well as verbals and chastisement for wrongdoings by the submissive (whether real or fabricated). The submissive either gratefully or begrudgingly accepts the discipline in the knowledge that it is ultimately for their ‘own good or betterment'.

Full toilet slavery, for those who have an urge to experience their chosen Dominant's "caviar".

NOTE; Not all Fetish Providers at Fetish House offer this service - we recommend that you ask the Fetish Provider of your choice whether they provide this service, as well as what financial deposit and booking notice is required. This is a session type that requires planning, and cannot be offered on the same day.  Therefore these sessions MUST be booked in directly with the Fetish Provider you would like to engage. All Fetish Providers require a non-refundable deposit to be made for this service and 24-48 hours notice.

HYGIENE is of paramount importance. We always exercise the utmost in hygiene standards. Fecal matter can contain the hazard of possible infection. A number of nasty bacteria and infections such as hepatitis, staph and HIV may occupy the anus. You partake in a brown shower entirely at your own risk.


  • Single brown shower/scat play sessions incur an added $100 Room Hire fee, as extensive sanitisation/airing required post-session exceeds the assumed 30mins cleaning time
  • Multiple brown shower sessions/scat play incur an added $150 Room Hire fee, as extensive sanitisation/airing required post-session requires an additional 60mins cleaning time.

We have a huge array of whips, paddles, canes, cats, straps and other devices for the purposes of corporal punishment. Some, such as the soft suede cat, can be swung with great gusto yet leave no residual, if any, marking. Others, such as the cane, must be used with great care as the risk of marking or causing injury with these is high. Of course, you may enjoy the heavy-handed use of a cane and delight in the marks made by it. It is important prior to commencing your session that you communicate accurately with the Dominant the level of corporal punishment you require. These levels, of course, can vary during the course of your session - this is where our ‘code words' (green, amber & red - see the section on code words in ‘Do's and Don'ts' further on) are particularly useful.

For those new to receiving or delivering corporal punishment please remember that in EVERY case it is essential to prepare the flesh to minimise the risk of injury and marking. A good 10 minutes of light surface spanking with lots of rubbing and squeezing until the area is pink and warm to the touch indicates that the area is ready for a light to medium session. More preparation time is needed for submissives who require a heavy session.

Of course if the submissive does not wish to have a warm up and wishes to proceed immediately into a heavy session it is entirely their choice. Generally if they are at this stage they are well and truly aware of the consequences and do not mind.

If you would like to switch, and try your hand at being a Master/Mistress and have no previous experience, we would strongly suggest you place yourself at the receiving end (i.e. as a submissive) before you embark on a role as a Dominant so that you may gain a clear understanding of the correct use of each implement and, more importantly, what they feel like. Masters/Mistresses, please read the section under ‘Submissives' for further information.

With all levels of corporal punishment special care MUST be taken to avoid some areas of the body. These areas encase delicate organs and should be either avoided completely or treated with due care.

Very Dangerous areas include:

The Lower Back - The kidneys are attached directly to the muscle and can be easily bruised or injured.

The Spine - Every tiny millimeter of the spine should be avoided - including the tailbone (the beginning of your bum crack or ‘coin slot' as some people like to refer it).

The Neck - The neck and surrounding areas should always be avoided.

Hip Sides - Care should be exercised during a vigorous flogging of the bottom not to allow ‘whip wrap' to occur. The sides of the hips have many nerves - not to mention bone close to the surface.

The Face - Caution should always be exercised here. Although the face is a popular area for striking or slapping as part of humiliation it is extremely delicate with so many fine bones close to the surface. Careful negotiation between a Dominant and a sub prior to commencement of a session will ascertain whether this activity is acceptable and to what degree. Some subs, whilst they enjoy a good and heavy spanking, will vehemently dislike a slap on the face - no matter how light!

Moderately dangerous areas include:

The Penis, Scrotum & Vulva (Pussy) - Great care should be exercised with these areas. The soft suede whip is the safest choice and should be used extremely lightly at first to test the tolerance of the submissive. Heavier implements can be gradually introduced throughout the session at the consent of the submissive.

The Upper Back: The upper back (on either side of the spine) is usually protected by dense muscle. Flexible devices (leather and rubber) should be the first choice for use in this area. Avoidance or special care should be taken with paddles and canes as there are also bones close to the surface which may be easily bruised by these inflexible implements.

Safe areas include:

Ass or Bottom - This area is well padded and is the most popular area for corporal punishment. The ass is an erogenous zone and is therefore a natural choice - as well as being delightfully round and pleasing to the touch for the Dom.

Thighs - As is the ass, this area is also well padded. However your submissive may require that you avoid this area if they are worried about telltale marks being seen - especially in summertime when they are often wearing shorts.

Breasts & Chests - Breasts and chests are mostly fatty tissue whilst the nipple and surrounding area contains sensitive nerves. Individual people vary tremendously in their sensitivity so it is essential to communicate whether this area will be included in your session prior to commencement.

Couples of all genders and orientations are invited to attend Fetish House either for private use of any of the rooms, or for a session with one (or more) of our highly skilled Fetish Provider.

We have a huge robe, makeup and dressing facilities for cross dressing at Fetish House.

Cross dressing enthusiasts can have either a partial or complete transformation. The degree to which you would like to be transformed is your choice. Some cross dressers are happy to dress themselves and apply their own make-up and then begin their session once they have completed this. Others prefer a Dominant to be in attendance at all times throughout the transformation as part of their overall session. Please advise us of your requirements prior to coming in.

Once you have undergone your transformation to your desired level, think about what you would like next. Are you now a sissy slut that should be treated as such? Should we don our strap-on? Should we incorporate other aspects of anal play into your session? Are you now a lesbian who wants to play girly lesbian games with us? Do you require full instruction in all aspects of feminisation (i.e. deportment and presentation)? Or do you simply want to be dressed and act in your own manner?

We are, of course, happy to oblige in whatever you choose.

Cuckolding is a fetish where a person gets turned on by watching or hearing their partner (or even make-believe partner in a role play scenario) interacting sexually with someone else. This can also involve the person watching to be the subject of humiliation - whether verbally (i.e. teasing or taunting you) or in some sort of deed (i.e. being forced to be involved in humiliating ways.

When you fantasise about hearing your partner moan with pleasure while they have sex with another person, and you feel bad - then good. When you fantasise about being told by your partner that the person they are having sex with is MUCH better than you, or has much better 'equipment' than you which makes you feel even worse - but then wildly sexually turned on.... Then Cuckolding is something you should explore.

Some of our Fetish Providers work very closely and comfortably with other people. They provide services for clients whose fantasy it is to have a genuine cuckold interaction with a sexy and experienced couple.

The Fetish Providers and their counterparts who offer these services are intensely sexual by nature, and you are guaranteed a wildly wicked encounter. They have deviant minds and a sensual manner.

These sessions can be customised in any way you like. You need only negotiate it in person with the Fetish Provider of your choice, and they will organise the rest.

Telephone us to discuss which Fetish Providers have 'significant other' counterparts they work closely and intimately with.

By far this is our most popular request. For you novices this means, quite simply, that a strong, and commanding Fetish Provider has control over you for the duration of your stay at Fetish House. The level of domination and discipline that you require from your Fetish Provider varies (extremely) from one person to the next.

There is a common naive perception out there amongst ‘non-scene' people that a Dominant simply beats, whips or bludgeons their submissives out of sheer contempt for them. This is so untrue! Of course there are ‘horses for courses' and some submissives may delight in having this kind of a session - but generally they are not hugely popular.

Our skilled Fetish Providers can take you on a kinky journey of erotic tease that will make your toes curl and the hair stand up on the back of your neck. It can be the most erotically intense experience without marking you or causing you any pain whatsoever. You may leave your session just as this or have elements of pain, restraint, humiliation and role play introduced. It is completely up to you. Our aim is not simply to cause pain and discomfort, but to use them as a medium to take you on an intense sexual journey.

You should be honest and always remember to communicate with your Fetish Provider each and every time you have a session with them. There may be times when they cannot 'read your mind' and so you will need to discuss your needs and requirements. Grovel at their feet and beg them to listen to your suggestions if that makes you feel more comfortable. It won't affect the mood and all our Fetish Providers are extremely open-minded. Remember that if you are embarrassed to ask them something, they have more than likely encountered and acted on that same request countless times before with other submissives.

Above all, remember that you should always be respectful towards your Fetish Provider. If you become an annoyance or treat them disrespectfully in any way, they will not be amused!

For most electrical torture activities we use what is called an IFAS High Frequency Machine (or a violet wand). It is high frequency ultra-violet electricity (or static electricity) and is completely harmless whilst giving a tingle or a tickle right through to a wild zap that'll make your toes curl.

So how is it safe if it is electricity? The IFAS High Frequency Machine produces high frequency oscillations in glass electrodes. These oscillations are produced by a Tesla coil, which is in effect a very low power, high frequency, high voltage transmitter which is tuned by a fixed capacitor and an indicator in an electrode handle. These oscillations are transferred from the handle into either a vacuum heat resisting glass electrode or a neon filled heat resisting glass electrode for violet or neon ‘therapy', respectively. By exciting the ions in the partial vacuum or neon gas within the appropriate electrode, the current passed to the electrode is controlled by a weak/strong coarse control switch, and is finely adjusted by controlling the current through the Telsa coil. Got all that??? Just as well we're not testing you on it later!

Electric current transformed to High Frequency in this form can be applied without risk of shock to the nervous system.

Also more commonly known as ‘violet wands' these do not pass any current (or amperage) through the body. According to several sources, it only takes about one-third of an amp to stop the heart. Caution must be taken with the use of electrical devices such as TENS units and other Electro Stimulation devices. These toys do pass amperage through the body and therefore should never be used above the waist and not at all on any person who has a heart defect. High frequency is also used in many health and beauty applications and has numerous benefits in these areas. It is easy to distinguish high frequency ultraviolet electricity by the crackling noise it emits, the wild violet sparks emanating from each attachment and the smell of ozone in the air when it is being operated.

TENS units can be set at many different levels of intensity and there are also a number of bizarre and wicked looking attachments which is sure to make even the most hardcore of electrical devotees tremble at the knees.

If you want to awaken your senses and experience something kinky on the lighter side, you might want to go for this. A Dominant will tease and tantalize you while you are lightly bound to our bondage bed. This is a great way for novices to be introduced to BDSM through light restraint and all sorts of other optional activities such as light spanking, light anal play, ice, tickling, light scratching/biting/pinching etc. etc. Of course you are not obliged or compelled to partake in any BDSM activities at all if you wish & simply opt for a sensual tease. This is equally enjoyable for serious players who fancy a change every now and again.

There are various devices and methods used for genital torture - for cock and balls, and for pussy and breasts.

Some of these include:

  • Hot Wax & Ice
  • Electrical
  • Deep Heat
  • Whipping, Strapping & Slapping
  • Pinching, Stretching & Twisting
  • Trampling
  • Needles/Piercing
  • Catheters
  • Alcohol Infusion
  • Insertion of Objects
  • Rope & Twine Bondage

We now offer Glory Hole services in the front foyer which is made private by a curtain drawn across the area when you arrive.  The mystery of receiving oral pleasure from an unknown person whilst ensconced in our Voyeur Box is a new level of eroticism for many.

  • The price is the same for giving or receiving.
  • You do not get to choose or see the Service Provider but we will allow requests for particular anatomy or a particular gender.
  • Fetish House is a safe sex venue - meaning condoms are used for all sexual activity.  You will be required to wear a condom (that we provide) for your glory hole experience.
  • You must telephone beforehand to ensure this service is available at the time you wish to come in.

This does not include Mistress/Dom Interaction. If you wish this then this can be negotiated on top of the fee – i.e. if you want someone directing or encouraging you.

For some the feel, look and taste of warm urine gushing from their Dominant is an absolute delight. Of course, it is not compulsory to drink the golden nectar - some are happy to just have their body or part of their body showered.

Any floor surface in the play rooms are suitable for water sports play. The concrete floor has been completely sealed and coated with a durable waterproof, anti-slip coating. Please, however, be mindful of equipment and remove any items (especially leather) that are susceptible to damage prior to urination. The floors are cleaned thoroughly after these activities so you can be assured of hygiene.  Multiple golden shower sessions are always carried out in either Room 1 or Room 5 spa bath.

Whether you want to come to Fetish House purely for a golden shower only, multiple golden showers, or have a golden shower incorporated into your session - the choice is yours. Whilst it is not compulsory it is advisable for you to telephone ahead AT LEAST half hour in advance so that we may ‘drink up' and have a full bladder upon your arrival. (Please note: some Fetish Providers charge an additional fee to incorporate golden showers into their sessions. Please ask the Fetish Provider directly BEFORE your session if an additional fee is applicable.)

Note: At Fetish House we provide the highest standards of hygiene (both of our facilities and our staff) and so there is no cause for concern. However some establishments may have a lesser degree of hygiene standards for their premises and staff, and there are always inherent dangers with poor hygiene.

This is the perfect type of session for sissies, girly maids, or slaves wanting to practice the art of servitude for a short period of time…
That said, you don’t need to identify as a slave or as a submissive to enjoy this session – you may just enjoy spending time in the fantasy that is Fetish House.

For 3 hours (sometimes 4), you will become our House Slave – meaning that you will be serving the Fetish Providers and House when required.

When you arrive you will be given an introduction – we need to familiarize you with our practices, know your likes, dislikes and any relevant health information, so that we’re able to have a rewarding experience together.

At this point you are welcome to ask us about additional services*. There will be two 40 minutes sessions, each sessions content can be cumulative (i.e. they can do your session in increments in between other sessions, or as a double session).  You do not get a choice of Fetish Providers, and during your time at Fetish House they are free to take on other sessions whilst you are here.

At other times you will be given tasks that you will be responsible for completing to our satisfaction. You may be asked to do any of the following: cleaning, running errands, assisting in the training of apprentices, ‘stunt cock’ in other sessions, testing of new equipment. We may also decide to put you into bondage or lock and leave whilst your Fetish Providers may be busy.

You will not be asked into sessions unless required and you are happy to do so as well.

At no time are our clients requested to participate in activities that they have indicated they are not comfortable with (consent is very important to us!).

This experience is of a different structure to our one-on-one sessions. You will be supervised and also requested to complete tasks unsupervised. We will take into account your list of likes in rewarding you for good service. You are expected to do your best to please and bring a smile to our faces.

While you’re here you are a Fetish House slave and you will be made to feel part of the family.

Call us to reserve your place.

*Our ‘House slave’ offer includes activities that our clients may experience in a basic session. Additional services such as anal play, intimate body worship, golden showers, latex, wrestling or switching still incur additional fees as they would do for any session.

If you fancy yourself as a humiliation enthusiast be sure to discuss any limitations thoroughly with the Dominant PRIOR to your session. Have a good think about what you would like your humiliation session to encompass. Be careful to be as detailed as you possibly can be. For example: some enthusiasts enjoy face slapping but for others this is a complete turn-off. Some may enjoy penis belittlement while for others this is a turn-off. There are different levels of humiliation in a variety of different settings. These are:

Verbal: Verbal humiliation can be teasing and light through to very intense and harsh. Enthusiasts may require a blend of verbal humiliation and display humiliation, or either of these on their own. The submissive is subjected to varying levels of verbal scorn, ridicule and contempt by the Fetish Provider. This can be confined to one body part (or parts) or confined to degrading or derogatory remarks about the subject's personality or performance ability of some sort. For example: The subject may delight in penis degradation yet may request that no degrading or belittling comments be made about the rest of their body - or vice versa.

Physical: Physical humiliation is where the Fetish Provider directs the subject to perform various acts, or inflicts or performs acts on the subject for the purposes of humiliating them. Physical humiliation can also include directed bi-sexuality where the subject is commanded or pushed to perform or receive sexual acts by another person of the same sex. Physical humiliation can be confined to one body part (or parts), or confined to performance of degrading acts (or both). Face slapping is also a form of physical degradation and humiliation and invokes powerful feelings and reactions within the subject. It is an activity that is often either openly requested or a hard limit.

Verbal & Physical: A combination of both of the above.

Display (Private): The Fetish Provider displays the sub in such a manner so as to effect an unhindered view of any embarrassing part of the sub's body, or activity they are performing. This may be achieved through discipline or the threat of discipline alone or through dressing, caging, binding or trussing the sub in a manner to support this. Humiliation of the submissive may also be achieved through various activities as directed by the Fetish Provider (with, of course, prior consultation with the sub as to what activities are acceptable). The sub's body and actions are subjected to the inspection and scrutiny (and sometimes ridicule) by the Fetish Provider.

Display (Semi-Public): As above, however all the other Fetish Providers, staff and patrons of Fetish House may also bear witness to the submissive's humiliation - as well as actively participate if they wish.

Display (Full Public): Again the same scenario applies as above except this is for the ‘heavy' humiliation enthusiast. We will make you available for open days and other events (in-house or at any other location) where anyone may see you. They may whisper and snicker or laugh thunderously at you. They may even actively involve themselves with you to intensify your experience.

In a public setting favourite humiliation activities have included (please note any of these activities can also be requested in a private or semi-public setting in-house):

  • Being made to shop for feminine hygiene products.
  • Being made to wear women's clothing.
  • Wearing nappies under clothes where it is obvious that nappies are underneath the clothing and verbal references being made loudly about this so that the public can hear.
  • Having shop staff provide information on where the subject can have their nappies changed.
  • Having food thrown on or at.
  • Wearing signs which degrade or denote sordid sexual preferences or invite others to use subject in a particular manner.
  • Sissy Slut Training (Directed Bi-sexuality, Strap-on & Anal Play, Instruction in Deportment & Etiquette)
  • Being 'gang-banged' by others.
  • Body Worship (intimate, shoes, boots, feet etc...)
  • Being made to perform or receive sexual acts on or by others.
  • Behave like a dog, a piece of furniture, an ashtray or anything else negotiated.
  • Being a human toilet

Concealed or Discreet: The sub may be taken into a public setting such as a restaurant or café with the Fetish Provider and have any manner of concealed bondage or devices in place under their clothing. The Fetish Provider may make reference to these facts at any stage. The Fetish Provider may reveal these secrets to whomever they deem suitable to also be privy to this knowledge. In this same public setting the Fetish Provider may also have particular ‘code' words which discreetly call the sub into some manner of service to them. The sub may find this particularly embarrassing but nonetheless must comply.

Shopping & Beauty: The sub may be required to shop for a particular item of clothing (i.e. lingerie, corsets, high-heeled shoes, makeup, wigs) and be directed to make it known that the item is being purchased for their own personal use. This may also include an appointment to have beautiful false nails applied or even a professional makeup application.


If you require a Fetish Provider to take you into a public setting away from Fetish House there are some rules which MUST be adhered to. These are:

  • Travel time to and from your public destination (wherever that has been negotiated) is included and chargeable at our standard hourly rates.
  • Method of transportation to and from destination is negotiated directly with your Fetish Provider. They may be comfortable using their car, or you may be comfortable using yours. However neither party is obligated to use their own private transport and if neither is available for any reason, a taxi will be utilized at your expense. Please note: a taxi is a public place and, as such, these rules and guidelines also apply whilst in the taxi.
  • Once at the public destination you will not be dressed or act in such a lewd manner that may cause you or the Fetish Provider to come to the attention of security personnel or Police. If you require a high level of sexual degradation you will need to negotiate and make yourself available to attend an appropriate nightclub or other venue with your Fetish Provider where open sexual expression is accepted.
  • We will NOT consent to any activity or destination which could potentially put the Fetish Provider in any danger of any sort. This includes open sexual or other activity in a public area (i.e. such as a park, a car or a street alley etc.) in which the risk of being seen is possible, and thereby poses a physical danger/risk of exposure. All open sexual and lewd activity must be conducted in an appropriate venue where sexual expression is acceptable.
  • Your Fetish Provider reserves the right to dress in an appropriate manner in accordance with the standard dress codes of the public venue.

We require a $50 deposit as a sign of goodwill BEFORE we are prepared to negotiate a public setting humiliation scene. This is because there have been MANY instances where we have spent a great deal of time negotiating details of public humiliation session ONLY to find the person we have been talking to or emailing has NOT been genuine and has simply intended to procure free fantasy phone or email sessions.

Price is completely negotiable with the Fetish Provider and is dependent on length of time, time of day, destination, level of interaction and attention required.

Commonly requested humiliation and/or degradation activities include (but are not limited to): sexual servitude, spitting, face slapping, cuckolding, objectification, smoking, forced bi-sexuality, cleaning dirty body parts, cleaning dirty undergarments, forced feminisation, forced animal impersonation, forced baby/infant impersonation, forced roleplay, human toilet etc. etc.

For some the look and feel of latex is an absolute essential among fetish enthusiasts. The rubber, polished to a brilliant shine, is the embodiment of SM kink.

Most Fetish Providers have their own selection of latex items and clothing and are more than happy to don their polished rubber for a latex loving submissive.

For the submissive who adores the feeling of total encasement in rubber we have a latex body bag - complete with a gas mask type head piece. The ultimate in latex sensory deprivation!

Be aware, there is an added fee involved in latex use, due to the involved preparation and cleaning both before and after session. Please contact your chosen Fetish Provider prior to these sessions to ensure that they have prepared the items that are required.

We have costumes, equipment and an entire room dedicated to medical enthusiasts. Medical fantasies usually involve extensive role-play. There is a high level of sexuality involved with this type of role-play. You can choose to have your Doctor/Nurse perform all manner of invasive, sexual and deliciously painful procedures on you, or reverse the roles and be the Dominant yourself.

Of course, if you wish the Fetish Provider to be submissive or Dominant the same rules and pricing structures apply as per the previous section on Submissives and Dominants.

There are an array of clamps available which are perfect for nipple torture:

Adjustable Bell Clamps: Probably the most gentle of clamps - these have tiny bells which tinkle as the submissive moves around (light).

Adjustable Clamps: Can be adjusted to suit a person's individual pain threshold (light-medium).

Peg Clamps: Pretty much your standard clothes peg (medium).

Teeth Clamps: Give a nasty sting (heavy).

Weighted Clamps: Lots of pressure with an added weight for extra impact (heavy).

Other forms of nipple torture may include:

  • Hot Wax & Ice
  • Electrical
  • Deep Heat
  • Whipping, Strapping & Slapping
  • Pinching, Stretching & Twisting
  • Biting & Needles/Piercing

We have facilities and costumes available for both Medical role play, and School role play - we have Fetish Providers who are happy to cater for any and all role plays, which are as varied and unique as our clients are.

Perhaps you wish for your Fetish Provider to be the School Teacher and you the chastised student? Perhaps you wish to play Doctor? Or perhaps your role play idea is a little more on the taboo side... all the better!

Of course, if you depending on if you wish to be the Dominant yourself, or the submissve, rules and pricing structures apply as per the previous section on Submissives and Dominants.

Sadomasochism is the giving or receiving of pleasure - often sexual - from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation. A subset of BDSM, practitioners of sadomasochism usually seek out sexual gratification from these acts, but often seek out other forms of pleasure as well. While the terms 'sadist' and 'masochist' specifically refer to one who either enjoys giving pain (sadist), or one who enjoys receiving pain (masochist), many practitioners of sadomasochism describe themselves as at least something of a switch, or someone who can receive pleasure from either inflicting or receiving pain.

The abbreviation S&M is often used for sadomasochism, although practitioners themselves normally drop the & and use the acronym SM or S/M. Sexual sadism within the context of mutual consent should not be mistaken for acts of sexual violence or aggression.

The term "Sadomasochism" is complicated by the diversity of intent in its application. These terms were often loosely used to refer to cruel individuals or those that brought misfortunes onto themselves. However, these definitions are misleading. Richters and colleagues (2007) examined the common belief that people with sadomasochistic sexual interest are damaged or dangerous. Their research found that BDSM is simply a sexual interest, and it is not a pathological symptom of past abuse or difficulty with sex. The two words incorporated into this compound, "sadism" and "masochism," were originally derived from the names of two authors.

The term "Sadism" is derived from the name of Marquis de Sade. Not only did he practice sexual sadism, he also wrote novels about these practices (best known is Justine ).

The term "Masochism" was named after Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. He practiced masochism and wrote novels expressing his masochistic fantasies. These terms were first selected as professional scientific terminology, identifying human behavioural phenomena and intended for the classification of distinct psychological illnesses or malicious social and sexual orientations. The German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing introduced the terms "Sadism" and "Masochism"' into institutional medical terminology in his work Neue Forschungen auf dem Gebiet der Psychopathia sexualis ("New research in the area of Psychopathology of Sex") in 1890.[5] In 1905, Sigmund Freud described sadism and masochism in his Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie ("Three papers on Sexual Theory") as stemming from aberrant psychological development from early childhood. He also laid the groundwork for the widely accepted medical perspective on the subject in the following decades. This led to the first compound usage of the terminology in Sado-Masochism (Loureiroian "Sado-Masochismus") by the Viennese Psychoanalyst Isidor Isaak Sadger in his work Über den sado-masochistischen Komplex ("Regarding the sadomasochistic complex") in 1913.[6] In the later 20th century, BDSM activists have protested against these conceptual models. Not only were these models derived from the philosophies of two singular historical figures, but Freud and Krafft-Ebing were psychiatrists. Their observations on Sadism and Masochism were dependent on psychiatric patients, and their models were built on the assumption of Psychopathology.[7] BDSM activists argue that it is illogical to attribute human behavioural phenomena as complex as sadism and masochism to the 'inventions' of two historic individuals. Advocates of BDSM have sought to distinguish themselves from widely held notions of antiquated psychiatric theory by the adoption of the initialized term, "BDSM" as a distinction from the now common usage of those psychological terms, abbreviated as "S&M".

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For girls who prefer to play with girls or would like to try - or boys who prefer to play with boys or would like to try. We have Mistresses, Sirs and Trans-Doms of all sexual persuasions who are experienced and delight in same-sex play.

Quite simply this means restricting the submissive's ability to use their senses - whether it be sight, hearing, touch, smell or even taste during play.

Mild forms of sensory deprivation include blindfolds, gags and hoods. Heavier sensory deprivation enthusiasts may like to try our heavy duty latex body bag with internal arm restraints. This body bag has the gas mask type head piece which can be easily blocked by the Dominant to also control the sub's breath intake.

Further sensory deprivation may also be achieved by locking the submissive into a special bondage box or into a coffin.

Sploshing refers to the activity where food items are smeared over the body, squashed with the feet or between the toes, or crushed with the body. Sploshing leaves room for endless combinations and possibilities, but all leave the participants messy in the end!

Submissives are available for light, medium and heavy sessions. Pricing varies according to which level you wish to attain with your submissive. The submissives are usually presented to you dressed according to your taste. If you have a particular outfit you would like them to be wearing (including a collar and/or leash) please let us know prior to your arrival. Your submissive will have code words (i.e. Green, Amber & Red) which MUST be respected at all times. An overview of these code words and their meaning can be found in ‘Fetish House's Ten Commandments for the sub' above.

Please Note: If you would like to experience being a Dominant and are new to the BDSM scene we would suggest you first offer yourself as a submissive to a Dominant so that you will gain a sound knowledge of what it is to be on the receiving end first. However if you simply have 'cruel' intentions you will not be welcome at Fetish House. BDSM is not about abuse! As has already been mentioned, BDSM is often extremely erotic and mutually satisfying for both the Dom and sub. It is very common to see genuine and lasting friendships develop between people who have conducted sessions together.

SAFE SEX & HYGIENE - ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS!!! Male Dominants - apply a condom or have your submissive apply it for you as soon as you find yourself hard. The lubrication (or pre-come) that comes out of your penis as you begin to feel excited is just as potentially volatile or dangerous as your semen. Also if you are inserting dildos, vibrators or butt plugs into any orifice you must ensure that they are covered with a condom first and lubricant applied prior to insertion. Condoms must be carefully removed and disposed of so as to not touch any other surface and a fresh condom applied before insertion into another orifice. Always wear latex gloves for these purposes and also for fingering or fisting. The last thing you want is the inability for your submissive to relax because they are worried about your safe sex or hygiene practises.

Please be aware that if you wish to partake in a heavy session with a submissive lady you must be experienced as a Dominant. Keep in mind that even heavy sessions are always safe, sane and consensual and code/safe words and limitations must always be respected - regardless of the intensity of the session.

If it is your desire to simply be cruel and abuse the submissive you will NOT be welcome at Fetish House. We will have abusers forcefully removed and banned forever more!!!


Please note the following:

  • The rates quoted for the services offered by our submissive ladies are for light to medium sessions only. This does not include marking the submissive or other heavy painful procedures. Fetish House considers marking a submissive to fall into the realms of a heavier session and the price is adjusted accordingly. If your submissive sustains marks or she is subjected to heavy painful procedures during the course of the session you have with her there is an additional fee applicable between $100-$400 depending upon the severity of the marks or pain.
  • Warming up the submissive with a series of light smacks, hand spanking, rubbing and squeezing of the area you intend to administer to is essential in order to avoid marking. Generally a good 10 minutes is sufficient but you should ask your submissive what she is comfortable with.
  • The submissive lady will trust that you will not mark her if you say you will not. Therefore she will not be monitoring your progress. If you notice that she is becoming marked you must stop immediately and communicate this with her. If she is happy to proceed she will let you know but there may be additional fees applicable at this point.
  • If you are not an experienced Dominant please acknowledge that you will need to take some instruction from another experienced Dominant or the submissive themself as to how to conduct the session. We can offer training and demonstrations to this effect. Please feel free to ask for further details.
  • In order to gain the maximum benefit from your experience with a submissive it is imperative that you build a level of trust and rapport with her. The session will be rewarding and fulfilling for both Dominant and submissive if they know they can relax with you. For these reasons please do not expect to be able to gag and blindfold a submissive on your first sessions with them until this has been achieved.
  • You must respect the submissive's limits at all times. Please establish ‘safe' words prior to the session and discuss with her exactly what you propose to do and to what degree so that they are well informed.

Please note that not every Fetish Provider is happy to switch - some may enjoy it very much, and others may keep it to an individual basis and dependent on the relationship she has with you. It is all very individual and it is best to email or call a Fetish Provider first to see if they are willing to do it, or what their requirements for switching are.

Suspension is where the submissive is either completely or partially suspended via some form of bondage rendering them particularly helpless and often depriving them of spatial awareness. Suspension may be achieved quite comfortably via use of a steel cage or a leather spine or uncomfortably via a horizontal steel bar which attaches either wrists or ankles in leather cuffs.

The play rooms have been specifically designed to incorporate safe suspension with strong solid supported cross-beams from 11 foot ceilings.

Restrain a willing submissive to either of our bondage beds then tickle them to within inches of their sanity... The enjoyment from this type of session is watching them squirm and thrash about throughout this unbearable, yet harmless act. They can't escape, can squeal and scream - to no avail... Or perhaps you would like to be the ticklee instead of the tickler - it's your choice entirely! We have some submissives who are super sensitive to the tickle torture and their extreme reactions are guaranteed, as well as Fetish Providers who are highly skilled in finding all your 'sweet' spots!

Voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviours, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.

Perhaps you might just like to watch as two sexy nymphets play, or watch a Dominant in session with a submissive or slave. We are more than happy to organise this type of session for you. Please remember that all voyeurism activities are conducted with the full consent of all the participants.

Voyeuristic delights guaranteed to put a pervy smile on your face might include:

The naughty schoolgirl/boy - being chastised and disciplined with over-the-knee spanks aplenty by the strict School Teacher

Doctors/Nurses - Conducting all manner of bizarre and kinky experiments on their patients

The Dominant - In-house sessions from the dungeons with our very own skilled Fetish Providers and their slave(s)

We are also more than happy to take suggestions from our viewers or customise a session to suit your particular tastes.

We have left one room sparsely equipped specifically for wrestling purposes. In order to minimise injury we have padded gymnastic mats on which to roll around. Your wrestling Fetish Provider may be dressed in lingerie, leotard... or another imaginative outfit. For your safety and also for the preservation of the mats we do not wear high heeled boots or shoes during wrestling sessions.
You can opt to wrestle on a bed if you prefer for very light sessions, but extra care will need to be taken to not fall from the bed or cause damage to any item in the room.

Wrestling sessions are strictly by appointment only. They are extremely physical and therefore have a higher price. Your Fetish Provider, more often than not, will have to shower, completely re-do their hair and make-up after a wrestling session which, of course, takes extra time.

There are number of different levels of wrestling available, through from light/erotic, to semi-competitive, and even competitive. Each Fetish Provider will of course have their own skill-sets and rules for these wrestling styles, and so we recommend that you contact them to discuss the details of your wrestling session.

For further information see 'Advice to Guys on Mixed Wrestling' at This offers the best sound advice on what to expect, limitations and the different types of wrestling available.

Also specialised and sometimes extended sessions include the submissive being trained and/or required for the following tasks:

  • Canine Training
  • Equestrian Training
  • Footstool
  • Seat
  • Ashtray
  • Table
  • Statue
  • Clothes Hanger
  • Table Decoration
  • French Maid
  • Masseur
  • Toilet Attendant
  • Toilet Receptacle
  • Hide and Seek "Prey"
  • Public Display

These sessions more often than not involve being ‘muted' and sometimes even motionless.

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