Private Room Hire

Freedom to express yourself

All our rooms have shower facilities, intercom and are fully heated or air conditioned. We fully welcome private hire by general public, kinksters, other Mistresses and Masters to use our space for their enjoyment. You are free here to express yourself in safety and in a friendly environment that is not judgemental in any way.

Conditions of use

We require that you agree to these conditions prior to you entering the room. Please do not hesitate to ask the shift Manager any questions you may have. After you have fully read, understood and agreed with our Conditions on this page please visit our Gallery for pictures of the rooms and equipment available at Fetish House.


Rates are payable on entry before you begin your session. An additional $50 deposit may be requested which will be refunded upon the Manager's inspection of your room when you leave to determine there has been no damage or missing equipment and satisfactory condition of the room.


  • 1hr - $150
  • 1.5hr - $220
  • 2hr - $260 (Normally $300: $40 discount)
  • 2.5hr - $320 (Normally $375: $55 discount)
  • 3hr - $370 (Normally $450: $80 discount)
  • 3.5hrs - $410 (Normally $525: $105 discount)
  • 4hrs - $460 (Normally $600: $140 discount)
  • 4.5hrs - $510 (Normally $675: $165 discount)
  • 5hrs - $550 (Normally $750: $200 discount)
  • 5.5hrs - $600 (Normally $825: $225 discount)
  • 6hrs - $640 (Normally $900: $260 discount)



  1. You must park outside the building and when you are ready to leave you show yourself out through the Milgate Street pedestrian door.
  2. You must arrive 1hr before closing time to organise payment and for orientation (i.e. orientation includes location of panic button in case they accidentally press it, hygiene practices, damage control etc.)
  3. If you do not wish to leave your credit card and license details the Manager on shift may agree to stay back and remain on premises for the duration of your stay. This will need to be negotiated well in advance of the day in question and you will be required to pay them a rate of $50 per hour for every hour they are required to remain on premises after our normal closing time.
  4. There must be no more than 3 in your party. More participants incur additional fees.
  5. You must leave your credit card details and Drivers License details on file for security in the event of damaged or stolen items or if a huge mess has been made that requires additional cleaning.

You will be provided with an overseeing Manager's number in case of emergency.

  • 1hr - $150
  • 1.5hr - $190
  • 2hr - $230
  • 2.5hr - $270
  • 3hr - $310
  • 3.5hrs - $340
  • 4hrs - $370
  • 4.5hrs - $400
  • 5hrs - $430
  • 5.5hrs - $470
  • 6hrs (or overnight) - $500 (must vacate by 10am the following day). Overnight stay-overs are not available unless credit card details and license details are able to be left on file. You will need to provide your own bedding for the bed in Room 4 which is a standard double bed mattress on a bondage bed with a suspension/bondage frame. Please refer to Gallery for photos.

Price variations that may be applicable

  • Additional fees are applicable for 4 or more people.
  • Discounts may be negotiated on longer sessions (i.e. more than 2 hours).
  • Discounts on Rooms 4, 5 and 6 are available on days where there may be little or no demand for these rooms (refer to after hours room hire rates for discounted rates offered on these rooms)
  • After hours hire is available by negotiation and prior consultation at the standard rates above plus an additional minimum $50 per hour payable to the Manager on shift beyond the time we would have normally closed.
  • Additional fees are applicable if your room has been left untidy, dirty or soiled equipment, or an excessive amount of towels have been used.
  • Spa use incurs an additional $20 to cover our cleaning/flushing of the pipes afterwards.

You may wish to have a Fetish House Fetish Provider join you in your session. Please advise the Manager on shift if you are interested. Additional fees apply.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

Alcohol or any non-prescription drugs are not permitted at Fetish House under any circumstances. Unfortunately it is a legal condition of our License. It is also not permitted to smoke cigarettes in our rooms. If you need to smoke this can be done outside in our car park area.

Pre-session induction

Before your session you must ensure that the Manager on shift has given you a tour of the room you are hiring and explains all the applicable conditions.  We require that you acknowledge that you understand and agree to them.  This includes:

  • The location of the intercom and panic alarms and operation of such.
  • Our procedures in the event of an emergency (i.e. medical, fire, duress etc.)
  • The location of the dimmable light switch and ceiling fan switch just outside the door.
  • An acknowledgement that if you cause any damage that you agree to pay for repair or replacement (or professional cleaning if applicable).  This is particularly relevant to sharp objects (i.e. stiletto heels or other sharp objects being used on/against padded surfaces and punctures that may occur as a result), breaking or damaging any equipment available within the room, damage to walls, floors or carpets.
  • Understanding cross contamination prevention protocols with regard to using lubricant, insertibles, condoms, bio-hazards etc.
  • Instruction in cleaning afterwards and appropriate use of disinfectant cleanser and disinfectant.
  • Ensuring the ceiling fan is switched on for showers or spa.
  • No defecating in the showers or spas.
  • Keep water within the shower cavity or spa.  Do not allow water from spa to overflow onto carpet or showers to spray any part of the room beyond the shower cavity or spa.
  • We expect that any person hiring our rooms treats Fetish House property with respect and will not knowingly damage walls, equipment, floors or other structures.

Room etiquette

Please leave your room in a clean and tidy condition after you have finished with it. Common courtesy by leaving the room as close to how you found it as possible when you first entered is appreciated.

Please clean any equipment you have used then leave the items placed neatly on a towel so that we may further disinfect and clean the items.

When you are ready to leave

When you are ready to leave please buzz the manager to let them know. The Manager will inspect your room and, after ensuring the hallway and car park are free of any other clients, escort you out.

Please do not let yourself out and wander into the hallway. This is because there may be other clients present who would not wish to be seen by you. We reserve the right to charge additional fees if an excessive number of towels have been used or the room and/or equipment have been left a mess.

Use of equipment

Whilst you have use of any room at Fetish House you are responsible for any equipment you use during your stay. If you damage any equipment you will be required to pay for its repair or replacement. In these circumstances we will ask you to pay an estimated amount for repair or replacement of the damaged item. If replacement or repair comes to less than the amount you have paid we will reimburse you the difference at a later time. If you are unsure as to how to use any piece of equipment please do not hesitate to ask the Manager on shift. Take note especially of sharp objects (i.e. stiletto heels etc.) on padded vinyl (i.e. the mats and bondage box).

We do not supply personal use items (dildo's, gags, insertables etc). If one happens to be in the room please do not use it. Using an item for insertion (any body orifice) will incur an additional cleaning fee. If you have used an item for insertion without a condom over the part being inserted, this will also result in you having to pay for that item to be replaced.

Spa use

If you are going to use the spa please ensure you have the exhaust fan running at all times you are using it and continue to run it until all the steam from the hot water has disappeared. You can find the fan and light switch just outside your door.

Please ensure you do not wear your shoes or stilettos in the spa as this with scratch the surface. Please ensure that nothing else sharp or abrasive is used in the spa either as this may also scratch the surface.

We will require you to pay for any repair or replacement of furniture or equipment if you damage it through neglect.


It is important that you make every effort to arrive at your designated appointment time. If you are going to be late please telephone us. There are often circumstances where the room has been allocated to be used by someone else after your appointment time.

Keep in mind that during the week we can close anywhere from 7pm to 10pm. Therefore, whenever possible, please make your booking times earlier rather than later and negotiate the booking time with us.

We are happy to stay open longer for you but there will be additional fees applicable if we are required to remain open past closing hours. If you arrive late and are not able to pay an additional fee the Manager may need to deduct the amount of time that you are late by off your total booking time.


By entering Fetish House and consenting to partake in any activity of your own accord or with any of the Fetish Providers you do so at your own risk. You agree that Fetish House or any of its constituencies will not be held liable in the event of injury occurring from any activities you participate in.  Please click here for further information on our Terms and Conditions.

Sessions with non-Fetish House people

Any person who does not appear on our Roster or is not featured on our Fetish Provider page is deemed not to be affiliated or accredited by Fetish House.  We cannot and do not endorse the qualifications of any person who privately hires our rooms. Any person who hires our rooms is an independent contractor who may not have received any formal training with Fetish House.

You enter into your own contract with the person who is conducting your session and it is your responsibility to negotiate your own terms, requirements, conditions, limits and remuneration directly with the person (if any) who is to be paid for conducting the session.

Fetish House accepts no liability for your private activities

Fetish House accepts no responsibility and will not be liable for your activities within the room you have privately hired and negotiated with any third party.

All care must be taken to ensure your safety. We cannot guarantee that there may be, at times, extenuating circumstances where injury may occur.

You acknowledge that there may be a risk to your health and safety and waive Fetish House and any of its constituencies from legal or financial responsibility.

Activities such as the following (but not excluding) are of particular relevance:

  • Cock and ball torture
  • Insertion of catheters
  • Piercing
  • The wearing of costumes, shoes and any other apparatus that makes movement, breathing or walking difficult
  • Anal play (i.e. fisting and the insertion of other objects into the anus)
  • Smothering and trampling
  • Wrestling
  • Heavy flogging
  • Suspension
  • Extortion fantasy scenarios or role play

Pre-scene disclosure

Prior to engaging in any activity you have a legal and moral duty to disclose any illnesses, disabilities, injuries (whether past or present), impairments, heart or other bodily defects you may have. Fetish House will not be held responsible for failure to report health concerns.

Upon reading these ‘Conditions of Use' for Private Dungeon Hire at Fetish House you agree and accept all the terms therein. If you do not accept all the terms of the ‘Conditions of Use' you are required to leave Fetish House immediately. You will not be permitted to take part in any activities on the premises under these circumstances.

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