Working at Fetish House

On occasion, opportunities exist to work at Fetish House as both Fetish Practitioners and Managers.  Both roles require life experience, an open mind and emotional maturity.  You will also need to be well-grounded, balanced and empathic as we deal with deep levels of a person's psyche and often delve into their innermost secrets and vulnerabilities.  We see this as a privilege that someone feels comfortable enough with us that they are willing to share their kinks with us and allow us to nurture and encourage those urges.

Before you apply for either role it is of vital importance that you read through our website from start to finish.  On many occasions we have encountered negative reactions from people who didn't realise that we do the things that we do here...  Make no mistake that we are very much part of the 'sex' industry and that we provide the full spectrum of BDSM, kink and fantasy scenarios, therefore, make sure that you truly understand all that we offer here and that you are 100% comfortable before you apply.

Email us for more information.

Please note - We are currently at full capacity with provider intake.  In the meantime, we invite you to utilize the rental options at Fetish House!
See our Private Rental page for more information.

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