Working at Fetish House

Opportunities currently exist to work at Fetish House as both Fetish Practitioners and Managers. Both roles require life experience, an open mind and emotional maturity. You will also need to be well-grounded, balanced and empathic as we deal with deep levels of a person's psyche and often delve into their innermost secrets and vulnerabilities. We see this as a privilege that someone feels comfortable enough with us that they are willing to share their kinks with us and allow us to nurture and encourage those urges.

Before you apply for either role it is of vital importance that you read through our website from start to finish. On many occasions we have encountered negative reactions from people who didn't realise that we do the things that we do here... Make no mistake that we are very much part of the 'sex' industry and that we provide the full spectrum of bdsm, kink and fantasy scenarios. Therefore make sure that you truly understand all that we offer here and that you are 100% comfortable before you apply.

Working as a Fetish Practitioner

BDSM and fetish activities form very much a large part of any individual's sexuality and therefore are very much part of the sex industry. Anybody making the decision to enter it would need to be very comfortable with this and super comfortable in your own skin. Almost all of our clientele request the following services on a regular basis:

And in the case where we have Masters (I.e. where they are Dominant and you are submissive - if you CHOOSE to offer submissive as part of what you are happy to do) they almost always want:

Although nobody at Fetish House is obliged to offer any services that they choose not to, you would need to understand that this would very much narrow your expectations for making money as your potential client base is very much limited if you are limited in the services you are happy to offer. Certainly Fetish Practitioners with a history in the sex industry who are comfortable with the sexual nature of what we do have a much easier transition into the fetish industry.

A lot of prospective Doms underestimate the sexuality of bdsm and many others have a 'man-hater' attitude and think they can get away with just whipping or even beating someone.  Not so.... A good Dominant practices bdsm lovingly and with the sub's wellbeing always the top priority.  So pain and pleasure are provided in equal measure.  If you think that working at Fetish House will just enable you to immediately do hardcore, ballbusting sessions with very little or no erotic content then this is NOT going to be for you…

All our new Fetish Practitioners undergo an Apprenticeship which you can expect to be on for at least 8 months. We have structured training workshops run by the senior Mistresses which Apprentices are required to attend. If you show good aptitude for learning you can expect to conduct some basic sessions on your own in a very short time of being here and therefore derive the same earning capacity as any other Fetish Practitioner here for those sessions. Otherwise you continue to learn from other Fetish Practitioners who may, from time to time, agree to have you come in on sessions with them to watch and/or participate for which we attempt to get you a tip depending on your level of involvement.

With the aforesaid paragraph in mind it is important to understand that training and the sharing of knowledge that experienced Fetish Practitioners provide is laborious and time-consuming.  Should your intentions be to learn the skills so that you can practice privately then you will need to engage Fetish Practitioners and pay them at their standard hourly rates for instruction and learning opportunities.  We are only prepared to offer you an apprenticeship if we have a clear understanding that you intend to remain with us once you have acquired the appropriate skills to be a Fetish Practitioner in your own right.

We are only ever interested in prospective Fetish Practitioners who present well and are professional at all times.  Please do not apply if you are vulgar or sleazy and have a hidden agenda or ulterior motive.

Apart from that we have general guidelines in place which are common-sense and in place for your protection as well as ours which you would have to acknowledge and agree to in order to become part of our team.

If you would like to discuss working at Fetish House further you are welcome to telephone us on 9544 8384.  The manager on shift will be able to give you any further information you require or put you in touch with someone who can assist you if they can't.

Once we have all the relevant initial details we can organise for you to come in for what we call 'Watch and Learn'.  This is a very informal way of you being able to just get a feel for what we do here and get to know the other Fetish Providers that work here.


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