Booking information and etiquette

We strive to offer professional and exemplary service at Fetish House - no matter who you are dealing with and via what method.

If you wish to have a session at Fetish House (and even for existing customers) we would encourage you to read this page in it's entirety. It was developed out of necessity to explain in greater detail what our expectations are of you and what you can, in turn, expect from us during the process in the lead-up to having a session with anyone at Fetish House.

When calling to discuss sessions know that the Manager is welcoming and non-judgemental. We have all been associated with the kink community for a very long time. So please feel free to speak plainly – however know that we do not entertain vulgarity or disrespectful comments over the phone.

Bookings are not essential but are recommended - especially if you wish to see a particular Fetish Practitioner or if you want a later session time.

If you wish to make a booking with a particular Fetish Practitioner please check our Roster for available days and times. Our Fetish Practitioners are happy to consider sessions outside of their usual rostered times. Sessions negotiated outside of rostered times must be of a 1 hour minimum and require a minimum $50 deposit. In the event of a no-show the $50 deposit is forfeit to the Fetish Practitioner. Check out our Deposits and Payments page for further information. Cancellations are only acceptable with a minimum of 24 hours notice and thereby a credit issued for a future session.

Making your booking

Please telephone us on (03) 9544 8384 to make your booking.

Please also notify the Manager of any special requirements or preparation the Fetish Practitioner needs to know about for your session. At the time you are making your booking we may ask you for a basic run-down of session content. This is so the Fetish Practitioner can prepare for you as well as have an idea of how much time needed to allow between other sessions so they don't end up running behind. Even if you have sent an email please try to give us some idea (or even a code word) as our Fetish Practitioners may be on the fly and not able to connect your name to an email instantly as they receive so many. If you are, however, unable to provide session content or don't wish to, just let the Manager know when making the booking and there will be no pressure on you to do so.

Consultations: If you simply wish to meet a Fetish Practitioner and may not wish to proceed with a session immediately you may book an Introductory Consultation at the cost of $30. This cost is deducted from your session fee if you follow through with that session immediately.

Brown Shower sessions: These MUST be booked directly with the Fetish Practitioner you wish to engage. We no longer take bookings via the desk because these sessions require planning and preparation specific to the Fetish Practitioner.

Honouring your booking

Please understand that whilst everyone at Fetish House is genuinely passionate about what they do - they do it as a means to derive an income to make a living - just like a normal job. Therefore if you don't show up for an appointment you have made (or in some cases you deliberately make an appointment you have no intention of keeping) you may have, unwittingly, greatly diminished the Fetish Practitioner’s income for that day. It also takes up the time of our hard-working managers in cancelling and rescheduling bookings and then trying to fill spaces where there has not been any confirmation on the day at short notice.  If these unreliable bookings hadn't been made in the first place then we would have had the opportunity to fill the places with someone who is reliable.

We may determine to charge you a cancellation fee under these circumstances.

Often there are extenuating circumstances or valid reasons for having to cancel or postpone a booking and we accept this within reason.  However if you have a history of cancelling or rescheduling your appointments we will require that you pay a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit.  If you do not wish to pay a deposit or are unhappy with forfeiting a deposit if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or do not show up at all we will only be able to take any further bookings from you as an unconfirmed booking.  This means that should any other client wish to book the Fetish Practitioner you wish to see at the same time you have made your booking, preference is given to the client who has a history of reliability over unreliability.  In other words your booking is not secure and can be given away to someone else if the situation so arises.

So for anyone who has made appointments on a few occasions and then not confirmed or not showed up - or cancelled without sufficient notice - we will be requesting deposits to be made as a show of goodwill.  These deposits will be subject to forfeiture if you do not cancel with at least 24 hours notice or have a legitimate reason.

Of course the exception is if you have extenuating circumstances that that are beyond your control and are unable to show for your booking.

Confirming your booking

It is house policy that all bookings must be verbally confirmed on the day of that booking. In the event we do not receive your confirmation we will assume you that are not arriving and may give your session time to another client. There may be circumstances where it is impossible for you to verbally confirm on the day. Please advise us at the time you make your booking if this is the case.

If you are running late

Always telephone us to let us know if you are running late. Often there are other Fetish Practitioners who rely on being able to use the room after you in a timely manner. We generally allow a 15 minute 'window'.  Later than this without any notification from you and we will assume that your scheduled booking is null and void.  We may then give your appointment time to someone else.

If you need to cancel

We understand that sometimes life throws us curve balls.  So if you need to cancel your booking please telephone us and give us as much notice as possible. We do not accept cancellations via email. If you fail to provide adequate notice the Fetish Practitioner may charge a cancellation fee or require that any further bookings made be in conjunction with a deposit.

Email enquiries

Answering emails is also part of the Fetish Practitioner’s work. If you were expected to do your job (or parts of your job) on your time off which is outside of your normal working hours imagine how you would feel? So when a Fetish Practitioner is 'between shifts' we ask that you be gracious and patient and understand that when they do respond to your enquiries outside of their regular shift they are doing it in their own personal time.

With an ever-increasing number of people becoming technically savvy, we have found that all of us at Fetish House are regularly inundated. It is unfortunate that some people don't seem to understand that our time is precious to us and therefore, in order to cope with the ever-increasing demand of communication via this method, we have no choice but to put limitations on the number and length of them or to impose small fees for them in some cases.

One or two emails or telephone calls back and forth is acceptable. Any more than that and it is the Fetish Practitioner’s prerogative to charge a fee or they may choose not to continue to communicate via this method at all. You will also need to keep your emails as brief and to-the-point as possible. Long-winded emails which require much of the Fetish Practitioner’s time may incur additional fees.

Whilst we all endeavour to answer your email enquiries as quickly as possible you will also need to understand that we are not glued to our computers and outside of Fetish House we have busy lives with many other commitments and/or social engagements. Therefore if you send us an email we may not receive it until the next day or even the day after. It is better to telephone us on a day when the person you wish to communicate with is on and ask to speak with them (briefly) in person. This way you are guaranteed to have your enquiries addressed without further delay. But we make no guarantees on communication time frames if you persist in emailing. We find it very rude when we experience impatient and surly attitudes because we have not responded to an email (or several emails) in the short time frame someone assumes we should have. So in the name of maintaining a good rapport we ask you to please be a little more gracious with your time expectations. If you have something urgent you wish to convey and you have not heard back from the Fetish Practitioner yet please telephone us on 9544 8384 and ask our Manager to get a message in person to the Fetish Practitioner.

Trolling is unacceptable. There are many email inquiries which we believe are an attempt to solicit masturbation material from our Fetish Practitioners - rather than actual precursors to a real session. It is unfortunate but we have no alternative but to adopt a zero tolerance approach. Emails that are likely to go unanswered by Fetish Practitioners are as follows:

  • More than 2 brief emails.
  • Requesting information which describes intimate details of a session or of what a Fetish Practitioner will do in a session.
  • Attempts to solicit information which describes intimate details of the Fetish Practitioners body or body parts beyond a reasonable amount.
  • An expectation of an overly detailed or lengthy reply.
  • Identical or similar emails have been sent to other Fetish Practitioners for which there has not been any actual session forthcoming.
  • Any requests for activities that are not within our 'safe, sane and consensual' guidelines.  Please visit our page for First Timers and Novices for further information on this.
  • Any other reason that may lead a Fetish Practitioner to think that you may not be genuine.

Bookings via email: We do not take bookings via email unless we have a special pre-existing agreement in place with you. You must telephone us to book your session.

When you arrive

Please note the entrance to our building is from the big open roller door on Milgate Street. If you are driving you may park your car directly inside, discreetly and safely, in one of the designated car parks. In the rare event our car park is full please just park your car temporarily anywhere in the car park and notify the Manager on shift. She may be able to direct you to park somewhere behind someone else who is staying longer than you or may even be able to move a car out for you. Just let us know. If you are arriving on foot please proceed directly to our front door and ring the doorbell. Our friendly Manager on shift will let you in ASAP and show you to a waiting room.

Whilst you are in the waiting room

Whilst you are waiting we require that you adhere to the following:

  • Do not take photos or videos. Taking photos or recording without permission is an offence and we will report you to the Police.
  • Do not attempt to touch any person who comes into the waiting room to meet with you. Touching any person without their consent is an offence and we will report you to the Police.
  • Do not behave in a lewd manner (i.e. do not masturbate). Don't laugh... it happens! Unless you have been expressly requested by someone from Fetish House (or pre-negotiated) to act in a lewd manner then you are prohibited from doing so. If we catch you masturbating we will deem this to be a session and charge you an appropriate fee accordingly.
  • Do not behave in a rude or aggressive manner. It's not going to get your session off to a very good start (if at all!) if you have an attitude before you begin.

Under the influence?

BDSM or fetish scenes conducted whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be extremely dangerous. You may think you need a little 'dutch courage' or enjoy the sensation of experiencing fetish or other BDSM services whilst you are under the influence but it may seriously impair your judgement or alter the correct sensations you should be feeling during any scene. We may choose not to session you if you appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs in any way. We certainly reserve the right to restrict certain activities which we deem may be potentially dangerous to you in your 'altered state'. If you must indulge in something - make sure it is not much at all and nothing that would put you over the limit to drive a car.

Making bookings (then changing your mind once you arrive)

Please think carefully when you make a booking with a specific person. We encourage you to make contact prior to coming in to ascertain appropriate remuneration as well as to ensure that you and the person you intend to see have the rapport or 'connection' you are seeking (if this is important to you). If you arrive for your booking and then decide that you no longer wish to stay with the person you have made a booking with we consider that to be a cancellation and, therefore, a $50 cancellation fee is applicable. The person you have made an appointment with has often passed over other bookings to make themselves available for your timeslot - so if you change your mind it means that they are now out of pocket.

Pre-session negotiation

We typically allow 10-15 minutes for a pre-session discussion so that we can accurately determine what you require for your session and make sure both parties understand each other's boundaries as well as any other circumstances which may affect you or your session in any way. We think this amount of time is fair and reasonable and this time allowance will NOT encroach on your actual session time with the Fetish Practitioner. If you require more than this time the Fetish Practitioner may charge you additional fees or deduct this time from your session.

Complex sessions

All the Fetish Practitioners understand that sessions require a certain amount of preparation time and then clean-up time afterwards. However if you have session requirements which require the Fetish Practitioner to spend a good deal of time preparing and setting up for you before you arrive and then a good deal of their time in cleaning up after you please expect that it is fair and reasonable that additional fees will be charged. Preparation & clean-up time which EXCEEDS HALF AN HOUR will be chargeable at a rate which will be negotiated directly between you and the Fetish Practitioner you intend to see. If you do not wish to pay additional fees for her time you have the option of arriving early yourself to set up for your session yourself and then you can also stay behind after your session to clean up. It is not fair that you should expect the Fetish Practitiner to do this on your behalf when you have only paid them to engage for the time that you are actually in session with them.

Negotiating services and fees

Firstly please refer to our Rates page for an idea of what you might expect to pay for a session. As each person at Fetish House is an independent contractor they may set their own fees for certain services. This can vary from person to person. You will find that some at Fetish House are happy to provide certain services whilst others are not. What you will also find is that your demeanour and attitude greatly affects what each person may be happy to provide or not provide. The better the rapport you are able to strike with the Fetish Practitioner BEFORE your session, the better your chances are of them being more liberal with you DURING session. There may also be other considerations which might affect certain services someone is prepared to provide or not (i.e. such as being an inappropriate time of the month).

Heavy or intense sessions

If you wish to include heavier or intense play or don't wish to have or use a safe word in your session please understand that you are engaging in Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Under some circumstances we may deem it a requirement that you sign a Disclaimer so that we will not be held liable in any unforeseen circumstances.


The transaction for your session usually takes place in the waiting room during your pre-session discussion and after you have negotiated what services are to be provided. Please note if you are paying by EFTPOS or Credit Card a small levy (the card cost of acceptance) is applicable. We accept all eftpos, Mastercard, Visa and AMEX credit cards only. If you do not agree with paying this levy you are welcome to use any nearby ATM before you come in. We charge the levy on ALL cards now because we only have a small amount of cash on the premises at any given time. If we receive a number of payments by card or a particularly large payment by card it means we do not have enough money to refund for the Fetish Practitioner to get their payment from you. So they have to miss out on being paid until they are next in - of which needs to be organised by Tara in person. So the levy is as much an administration fee as much as it is a fee that also covers bank charges.

Please pay with cash whenever possible

Wherever and whenever possible please pay for your session with cash. You can obtain a quote before arriving to ascertain how much your session is likely to cost.  Then simply drop in to one of many local ATM’s before arriving. Thank you for your consideration, Fetish House Management

Deciding on a room

The person with whom you are having your session will recommend an appropriate room for your session. You may enquire or ask to see what other rooms are available and indicate your preference if you feel something else is more suitable for you. However room preferences MAY be affected by availability. We will endeavour to give you the room that you prefer but it may not always be possible. This does not necessarily need to affect the quality of your session at all. A good Fetish Practitioner is able to be versatile and conduct almost all ranges of sessions in any room - giving you the quality that you would expect no matter what the room. If you absolutely must have a particular room please indicate this to the Manager when you telephone to make the appointment and also again when you telephone to confirm so that they know to put a Reservation sign on the door for that particular time.

Once in the room

If you are in a room which has a great deal of equipment there will a lock box which the person who is to conduct your session will ask you to undress and put all your personal effects in and lock it afterwards. This is for your security as well as ours. If you wish to remain modest you may request to leave your underwear on or, if applicable, you may request to be dressed in an entirely different outfit from our costume room (after your shower of course). If you have a bag with you containing your own equipment or otherwise you will be asked to get out the pieces you wish to use during the session in front of the Fetish Practitioner and then the bag itself will be locked away with the other personal effects.

If you are in another room which may not have a lock box the person who is to session you will expect to be able to tuck all your personal effects neatly away in some part of the room where there can be no likelihood that your personal items may interfere with the session.

We understand you may feel odd about us locking or placing your goods out of the way but we take these additional precautions particularly because of the high incidences now of illegal video recordings of intimate encounters. Nobody at Fetish House wishes to become part of anyone's private porn collection or, worse, find that they are on the internet somewhere - so it is a necessary evil in this day of spy technology. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

You will then be asked to take a shower. We allow an additional 10 minutes on top of your session time for you to have a shower before and after your session. If you have already showered recently and don't feel that you need a session please let the Fetish Practitioner know who is conducting your session. If at some stage a shower does become necessary they will, at their discretion, ask you to take another.

During your session

Always remember that communication is the key to any good session. Don't ever be afraid or ashamed or embarrassed to use your safe word or to ask for the session to be steered in some other direction. The Fetish Practitioner does not have a crystal ball and if they ask you to do something or does something that you are not happy or comfortable with speak up.

After your session

The Fetish Practitioner will have a post-session discussion with you to find out how the session went for you and to address any concerns or ideas you might have for future sessions. If you don't wish to have a post-session discussion that's absolutely fine and the Fetish Practitioner will assist you to expedite your hasty exit if that's what you require.

Alternatively you may be experiencing a phenomenon we call 'sub drop'. If you have achieved 'sub space' during your session with a Fetish Practitioner then coming back down to earth needs to be handled delicately by your Fetish Practitioner. They are well qualified in identifying this 'state' and you will be given additional time and the nurturing you require to bring you back down safely and securely.

Your Fetish Practitioner will then unlock your personal effects after your shower and after you have dressed will show you to the door.


If you have had an awesome session with anyone at Fetish House why not write them a testimonial? We will never put your personal details and we will only refer to you by your first name or just the first initial of your first name if you require it. Just let us know what you prefer.


  1. Thou shalt inform the Dom of any injuries, phobias, heart problems or any other physical defect prior to commencement of the session.
  2. Thou shalt never participate in a session whilst under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  3. Thou shalt discuss the session in detail with the Dom both before and after the session to determine whether needs and desires are met - the Dom cannot ALWAYS read your mind.
  4. Thou shalt be clean and fresh before presentation of one's self to the Dom. Where appropriate, passageways should be clear and free of debris - otherwise the Dom may, at their discretion, choose to take specific action to rectify the situation.
  5. Thou shalt be mindful of and ensure all practices are conducted safely and hygienically.
  6. Thou shalt be aware of and actively practice the following code words during a session:
    Green - Thou shalt be in favour with the Dom. It means "please don't stop" or "harder please".
    Amber - Means that you are approaching your threshold and the Dom should be mindful not to push you over.
    Red - Indicates that you have surpassed your threshold and do not wish to continue with the current activity. If gagged thou shalt adopt a series of grunts or other gestures which give the same information as above.
  7. Thou shalt always be respectful to the Dom and not become a nuisance. Thou shalt lose favour with the Dom very quickly in the event of constant phone calls, emails, impromptu 'dropping in' just to say hello or confess undying devotion, agonisingly long letters of love and devotion etc. etc. (Yes, you know who you are - don't you!!! Haven't you been able to tell by My steely reception of you that My patience is wearing excessively thin!!!)
  8. Thou shalt arrive and leave in an orderly and quiet manner.
  9. Thou shalt submit your name and contact details if thou wishes to be a volunteer for public events, ladies afternoon tea parties, cleaning, cooking etc. Let us know if you are interested and I will email an application form to you.
  10. Thou shalt have a wickedly fun time!

Prior to engaging in any activity you have a legal and moral duty to report to the Fetish Practitioner any illnesses, disabilities, injuries (whether past or present), impairments, heart or other bodily defects you may have. Fetish House will not be held responsible for failure to report health defects.

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