Bookings and etiquette

Booking information and etiquette

Bookings are not essential but are recommended – especially if you wish to see a particular Fetish Provider or if you want a later session time.  Please read this page thoroughly on the correct etiquette for making bookings, communicating with Fetish Providers and the actual booking itself.

If you wish to make a booking with a particular Fetish Provider please check our Roster for available days and times. Our Fetish Providers are happy to consider sessions outside of their usual rostered times. Sessions negotiated outside of rostered times must be of a 1 hour minimum and require a minimum $50 deposit. In the event of a no-show the $50 deposit is forfeit to the Fetish Provider. Check out our Deposits and Payments page for further information. Cancellations are only acceptable with a minimum of 24 hours notice and thereby a credit issued for a future session.

Making your booking

Please telephone us on (03) 9544 8384 to make your booking. Please also notify the receptionist of any special requirements or preparation the Fetish Provider needs to know about for your session. Note: If you simply wish to meet a Fetish Provider and may not wish to proceed with a session immediately you may book an Introductory Consultation at the cost of $20. This cost is deducted from your session fee if you follow through with that session immediately.

Bookings via email

We do not take bookings via email. You must telephone us to book your session.

Confirming your booking

It is house policy that all bookings must be verbally confirmed on the day of that booking. In the event we do not receive your confirmation we will assume you that are not arriving and may give your session time to another client. There may be circumstances where it is impossible for you to verbally confirm on the day. Please advise us at the time you make your booking if this is the case.

If you are running late

Always telephone us to let us know if you are running late. Often there are other Fetish Providers who rely on being able to use the room after you in a timely manner. We generally allow a 15 minute ‘window’.  Later than this without any notification from you and we will assume that your scheduled booking is null and void.  We may then give your appointment time to someone else.

If you need to cancel

We understand that sometimes life throws us curve balls.  So if you need to cancel your booking please telephone us and give us as much notice as possible. We do not accept cancellations via email. If you fail to provide adequate notice the Fetish Provider may charge a cancellation fee or require that any further bookings made be in conjunction with a deposit.


Trolling is unacceptable. There are many email inquiries which we believe are an attempt to solicit masturbation material from our Fetish Providers – rather than actual precursors to a real session. It is unfortunate but we have no alternative but to adopt a zero tolerance approach. Emails that are likely to go unanswered by Fetish Providers are as follows:

  • More than 2 brief emails.
  • Requesting information which describes intimate details of a session or of what a Fetish Provider will do in a session.
  • Attempts to solicit information which describes intimate details of the Fetish Providers body or body parts beyond a reasonable amount.
  • An expectation of an overly detailed or lengthy reply.
  • Identical or similar emails have been sent to other Fetish Providers for which there has not been any actual session forthcoming.
  • Any requests for activities that are not within our ‘safe, sane and consensual’ guidelines.  Please visit our page for First Timers and Novices for further information on this.
  • Any other reason that may lead a Fetish Provider to think that you may not be genuine.

Please pay with cash whenever possible

Wherever and whenever possible please pay for your session with cash. You can obtain a quote before arriving to ascertain how much your session is likely to cost.  Then simply drop in to one of many local ATM’s before arriving. Thank you for your consideration, Fetish House Management