Deposits and Payments

To pay for your session we accept cash or card including VISA, Mastercard and AMEX however we do not accept Diners. A surcharge applies on all credit cards and EFTPOS transactions that is equivalent to the Cost of Acceptance rates that are charged by the banks.

To make a deposit for a future session or any other reason this can be done by:

Cash: Come in and drop off the cash in person. We will store it for you until you are ready to have your session. Do not send cash via Australia Post. We take absolutely no responsibility for loss via post.

Direct Bank Transfer: You must notify us when you have made a Direct Bank Transfer and provide us with an easily identifiable reference. Remember that Direct Bank Transfers take up to three business days to clear.

Account Name: Fetish House (National Australia Bank)
BSB: 083-266 Account Number: 57 002 1380

Money Order: Must be made payable to Fetish House – for those of you who wish to use a more discreet business name please contact us for details.

Personal Cheque: Must be made payable to Fetish House – for those of you who wish to use a more discreet business name please contact us for details. If you wish to pay by this method we must wait until your funds have cleared before you have your session.

Credit card:
We accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX but we do not accept Diners. A Cost of Acceptance surcharge applies on all credit card transactions.

To complete your deposit via credit card we require that you email us an authority to deduct the agreed amount from your nominated credit card. Include the amount you are authorizing us to deduct, your credit card number and expiry date. This is to provide us with security against fraud.

An example:
I, John Smith, authorize Fetish House to deduct $273 from my Mastercard
Card Number: 1234 5678 9101 234 Expiry: 10/19


Deposits may be requested as a sign of goodwill that you intend to honor the agreement you have made with the Service Providers. This deposit also covers the time and preparation work a service provider or Management may have had to invest in you in order to plan for and provide your session. If you do not show up on the agreed day and time of booking the service provider has, at their discretion, the right to retain your deposit by way of compensation in lieu of lost income for the time they have already invested. If, however, you are able to provide at least 24 hours notice and a valid reason for requesting cancellation of a session we are happy to apply your deposit to another service provider or refund your deposit minus a small admin fee. Any other reason for cancellation within the final 24 hours that you believe constitute a valid excuse for a refund will need to be discussed with the service provider and management and is not guaranteed.