Terms and Conditions


By entering Fetish House and consenting to partake in any activity with any of the Service Providers You do so at your own risk.  You agree that Fetish House or any of its constituencies will not be held liable in the event of injury occurring from any activities you have requested from a Service Provider.

Whilst every Service Provider is trained and all care is taken to ensure your safety we cannot guarantee that there may be, at times, extenuating circumstances where injury may occur or other consequences may arise as a result of your pre-negotiated activities.

You acknowledge that there may be a risk to your health and safety or otherwise and waive Fetish House and any of its constituencies from legal or financial responsibility.

Activities such as the following (but not excluding) are of particular relevance:

  • Cock & ball torture
  • Insertion of catheters
  • Piercing
  • The wearing of costumes, shoes and any other apparatus that makes movement,
  • breathing or walking difficult
  • Anal play (i.e. fisting and the insertion of other objects into the anus)
  • Smothering & trampling
  • Wrestling
  • Heavy flogging
  • Suspension
  • Remote Sessions (i.e. via email or telephone)
  • Psychologically-based sessions

Prior to engaging in any activity you have a legal and moral duty to report to the Service Provider any illnesses, disabilities, injuries (whether past or present), impairments, heart or other bodily defects you may have. Fetish House will not be held responsible for failure to report health defects.

Created on 07/02/2012
Last updated on 15/07/2019

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