"Cutting through the plenitude of red-tape to turn Fetish House from fantasy into reality was an epic journey - to say the least. It took years of blood, sweat and tears to finally achieve! There were many occasions when I thought that My journey, which was fraught with disaster and disappointment, would come to a screaming halt!

I was extremely busy indeed since leaving My last dungeon in South Melbourne in July 2000. I was frantic in My attempts to find another suitable premises. I vacated the South Melbourne place because the greedy (and slippery) landlords expected far too much rent for what the building was worth. It was poky and leaked in several spots when there was heavy rain. I also forgot to mention the dubious electricals, heating and air conditioning - hmmm!

To cut an extremely long story short I found something perfect only a month after leaving South Melbourne. I began negotiations on the building (that is Fetish House today) in October 2000. It was a very frustrating time indeed - so much needless procrastinating on the part of the owners and real estate agents. I had a difficult time keeping enthusiastic enquirers at bay. I feared that many of you may have come to the conclusion that it was never going to happen. As I have said before, there were times where I also thought the whole project was futile!

After eight months of negotiations (or needless to and fro'ing) I finally closed the deal. It was then time to take on the Council. Needless to say there was quite a bit of opposition. Some naive people just automatically assumed that I must be some sort of underworld crime figure and that I would be bringing all sorts of criminal activity into the fair suburb that is Oakleigh South. I think I took persistence and patience to a whole new level during that time. (Does that then make Me virtuous? Hmmm!!!) I finally obtained the Council Permit and a full license to operate unrestricted.

Then along came the next lot of hurdles - the building process. Here was a whole new set of glitches to contend with. More financial obstacles, difficulty with some tradesmen, long delays, Council building hassles, plans etc. etc. Pretty much your standard sort of stuff when it comes to building unfortunately.

It was a difficult road and I am sure there were times where I was close to checking myself into the lunatic asylum but I am very pleased that I saw it through. But, even now, there are still aspects of Fetish House that are not complete. As I wade through My mountain of debts and expenses these other things will be taken care of - eventually. People who have been visiting us over the years will have seen it evolve considerably.

Fetish House is fully licensed and fully permitted. You can visit us and partake in your heart's desire without the worry of legalities..."

- Mistress Tara

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