Frequently Asked Questions

The folks here at Fetish House are passionate about BDSM, fetish and great experiences. We’ve included the following information that we at Fetish House are asked on a regular basis to boost your awareness and make your experience with us as excellent as possible.

General questions

What is the difference between a licensed venue and a privately operating Mistress or sex worker?


Insurance: Legal venues are required to have liability insurance whereas a Mistress or sex worker operating from their own premises most likely does not have any insurance. This means that if you sustain an injury whilst on the premises you are not covered.

Health: Licensed venues (such as Fetish House) are required to conform to stringent health standards and are regularly visited by the Health Department to ensure ongoing compliance. This also includes regular medical checks for all service providers for which they are required to produce a clearance certificate from their doctor. Privately operating Mistresses or sex workers who are operating without a SWA License are not regulated at all by the Health Department and may not follow appropriate procedures for ensuring your health safety.

Risk of prosecution: Being on the premises owned or provided by a person where there is not a Certificate issued by the Business Licensing Authority which clearly shows a SWA number followed by a ‘B’ or ‘BE’ is also illegal. If Police attend the premises whilst you are there you will also be charged for engaging in illegal services.

Safety: You risk your safety in a venue which is illegal and therefore is not subjected to adhering to any safety guidelines. The person you are visiting may also be untrained or unqualified to provide the services you are seeking. And as the person you are seeing is likely to not have any insurance there is no recourse for you if you sustain any injuries whilst there.

How can I tell the difference between a legal or illegal operating Mistress or sex worker?

For any service provider (whether they be a Dominatrix or a sex worker) to be able to legally provide services from ANY venue it must be licensed in accordance with the Victorian Government’s Sex Worker Act. You can easily tell if a person is operating legally or not by the existence of a SWA number followed by the letter ‘B’ or ‘BE’. All legal venues are required BY LAW to display a certificate from the Business Licensing Authority which is visible as soon as you walk into the venue which shows the SWA number followed by the letters ‘B’ or ‘BE’. If the person you are visiting does not have this Certificate on display you are visiting an illegal venue and if you are found to be on the premises by Police you will be arrested and possibly charged.

What is BDSM?

Contrary to popular naive belief BDSM is not all about “beating the crap out of someone”. In fact it is nothing about that!

your session can be as sensual and gently erotic as you like. Ever fancied just being tied to a bed, blindfolded and lightly tickled and erotically teased? We can cater to your deepest, darkest fantasies. Don’t be scared to ask!

Sessions can be as simple as a 15 minute spank or a golden shower right through to extended lock-up. For further information on particular features of Fetish House check out the ‘Bulletin Board’.

We can gently torment you with erotic tease or be severe and nasty – its your choice. you should discuss your needs and desires honestly, frankly and not be embarrassed to leave out any detail. For those who just want a little of the ‘vanilla’ stuff we have two or three ladies (available on selected days) who are happy to provide a full sex service. Please note: these ladies are not Mistresses – they can kink things up for you and do some role play and fantasies but they are not actually trained as Dominatrix’s.

How long does my session need to be?

The length of your session is completely up to you. You can make it as long or as short as you like, however, be aware that if you ask for a wide arrange of activities and then only book a half hour session, you are limiting your own experience. The Mistress or submissive will do her best to include as much as she can, but cannot guarantee that you will get through everything.

If you would genuinely like advice on how long you should book, email a Mistress or call Fetish House and let them know what is included in your session to get an idea of how long you will need.

Who should I see?

Although we can give recommendations based on your session description chemistry and compatibility plays a vital role in a session, and even the most experienced Dominants, submissives and Switches cannot guarantee that you will have an explosive experience. All Service Providers at Fetish House endeavour to make your session as wonderful as possible. They take pride in their work and feel just as satisfied as you do when coming out of a good session.

Please visit our Service Providers page, look over the profiles, and see who you feel would be most suitable for your session ideas.

Do you have people who provide full service?

Yes, we do. They are able to incorporate parts of fetish and fantasy into your session. Please call us to see who is available.

Sessions with a Dominant

Can I have sex with the Mistress?

For some Mistresses, yes, that is an option but this must be negotiated with the Mistress prior to the session taking place. Keep in mind that the Mistress will have additional fees applicable for more sexually explicit sessions. Not all Mistresses are open to this and others will determine whether they are on an individual basis and simply just how they happen to be feeling on any given day.

How can I incorporate sex into my session?

Firstly please refer to the paragraph above which addresses whether one can have sex with a Mistress. However under other circumstances we can organise for a ‘submissive’ or ‘fantasy girl’ in for an additional fee. This lady will come in for 10 – 15 minutes to do this part of the session.

Am I allowed to orgasm in the session?

Yes, you are allowed to orgasm in session. The way in which you achieve climax depends on the scenario you have negotiated with the Mistress. It may be more erotically-based, forcefully-based or directed. Some people even choose not to be allowed relief and to savour it for later. The choice is yours.

How hard will the Mistress go on me?

Although you are the submissive in the session, you are still in control of your boundaries. Before the session, the Mistress will ask you what activities you’d like to do and how intense you require them to be. You will also have a safe word during session if something should become too painful or uncomfortable. It is of vital importance that you understand the Mistress is not going to do anything to you that you don’t want her to. All sessions are safe, sane and consensual.

Sessions with a submissive

Do all subs allow sex?

Not all submissives are sexual subs, and some subs prefer to develop a rapport with you first before allowing sex in those sessions. Again, it is best to discuss this individually with each submissive.

How hard can I go?

Again, this differs from person to person. Intensity of a session must be negotiated beforehand with the submissive, and a safe word will also be nominated. It is vital that the safe word is adhered to and the submissive’s boundaries respected. Most of our submissives are quite capable and have a decent tolerance. All sessions are safe, sane and consensual. If you do something to our subs during the course of the session that she has not consented to (i.e. mark her when she has said she cannot receive marks or any other activity she has not agreed to) there will either be financial or other harsher penalties.

Can I mark the submissive?

Not all submissives allow marking and those that do usually charge additional fees depending on how much marking you would like and where you would like it. Again, please email the individual submissive to discuss this.

Can I have a Mistress participate in the session too?

Yes, you may certainly have a Mistress participate in the session either actively or as a guide. A Mistress in your session can enhance the voyeuristic elements of your session while you watch her dominate the submissive, or can show you how to correctly administer your torturous fantasies on the submissive and help you with the safety issues involved.

If you prefer to keep your session private between you and submissive, our subs are very experienced and can also guide you along the way.

Other notes

Fetish House’s male in-house assistants

Fetish House has a couple of male assistants that are a permanent feature at Fetish House. There have been the odd occasions where someone has expressed discomfort at being shown in by them or answered the telephone by them. So I felt this issue should be addressed. These people are extremely open-minded and well versed in all that goes on here. So don’t be shy to speak to them in a direct manner as you will not be telling them anything they haven’t heard before. However, if you are uncomfortable with speaking with them simply let them know and ask to speak to a Mistress.

Email Replies from Mistress Tara

I do endeavour to answer all emails personally however I do not check them every single day. If you are sending Me an email of a session you are interested in please allow a minimum of 3 days. At any rate it is almost always better to get on the telephone and call us instead.

I simply do not have the time to respond to emails in any great detail and I am also not so charitable as to give out free email sessions. If you have sent Me an email and have not received a reply for a while it may be that I have received an error with your own email address or it could simply be that I did not find your approach appropriate or respectful enough!

Volunteer slaves

I receive many emails and phone calls from men who state they are willing to freely offer their services for cleaning, functions etc. but, in reality, are expecting the constant attention and contact they would receive in a fully paid-for session. If you are a non-paying volunteer you should be grateful for anything you receive – even if it is nothing! Any submissive’s who wish to offer themselves as a volunteer should come in and complete a ‘slave volunteer application form’. I don’t send copies of this form out – you must come in so that we can see you when you complete the form. For further information go to our Volunteering & Service Exchange page.


At Fetish House we have Dominants, submissives and play partners of all sexual and gender orientations. Please feel confident in speaking with us when making enquiries over the telephone – we pride ourselves on being open and non-judgemental. If you are a little shy you can always drop us an email and our managers will answer it as soon as possible.

Employment and apprenticeships

Fetish House has trained some of the finest Mistresses in Australia. We provide a warm, supportive and friendly environment for our Service Providers.

Due to the PCA 1994 laws in Victoria we are not permitted to advertise for Service Providers.