Apprentice Mistress Vanity Chains

‘Join me, as I make mischief, navigating your desires. Tip toeing, ever closer, to your own
personal heart of darkness’

Built like a svelte vixen, I am a commanding presence. Playful locks, framing a cheeky smile, will
lure you into my world. Olive skin, covering my athletic frame, will electrify you. My ferocious
appetite is exhilarating to taste first hand, and will always outlast yours. My hunger to learn
more with you, will keep you coming back for more.

I’ve always been talented in the area of selecting what a person should imbibe or devour. I
now turn these refined skills towards those with a more unique carnal palette. My personal
cravings have been fuelled by my own voyeuristic tendencies. I naturally gravitate towards
visuals that explore transgressive desires, music that provides the soundtrack for rebellion
and B-grade films that inspire a lust for filth. All this has led me to the doors of Fetish House,
to deepen my exploration of fetish and erotica.

Tie and Tease:

Surrender your body to become my erotic plaything. Every naughty squeeze, slap, pinch or
stroke will bring you closer to an explosive climax. Witnessing your breath quicken, and your
toes wriggle, indulges my controlling impulses. Your desperation fills me with lust.

Golden Showers/ Bodily Fluids:

I feel pure, reckless abandonment, as the first hot splash hits your skin. The taboo of
free-flowing bodily fluids, so dirty, yet so pure. Let me drown you from head to toe in my
golden piss. Satisfy my primal urge to cover you in my filth.

Face Sitting/ Body Worship:

Let all my deliciousness surround your face, as I allow your tongue to explore every kinky
corner. There is no way to disguise my excitement, as juices dribble down your neck, and
you feel me quiver.


Let me facilitate your wildest cuckold fantasies. Watch the entire erotic scenario unfold. I
want to watch you desperately stroke yourself, as another man thrusts deep inside me,
making me squeal with satisfaction.

These are simply samples. If you have an uncontrollable urge, please contact me for a


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