Apprentice Chasey Devil

Devil by Name, Devil by Nature

I welcome you to join me on my journey of self discovery. Having dabbled in kink for years, it is now time for me to expand my horizons, demonstrate what I have learnt, and create new experiences for those that wish to join me. My next chapter is about exploring the kinkier side of my life, and even after being in the sex industry for 5 years, I feel there is so much more to learn.

I will entice you to join me with my cheeky smile, lure you in with my steel grey eyes, and tease you with a touch that is tender yet electrifying. But do not think I am all sweet and demure. I am your temptress, seductress, Mistress, and sensual deviant ready to explore your deepest darkest desires. I not only enjoy taking control in the dungeon, but also in the bedroom. I thoroughly enjoy more intimate encounters, regardless of gender, age, or sexuality.

Being an apprentice, I will require subjects to train on, and with. If you would like to assist with an activity I do not have experience with, do not hesitate to contact me for training opportunities.

I am also happy to offer submissive/switch sessions to guests who have become known to me.


Age – Early 40s
Height – 5’3″/160cm
Build – Curvy in all the right places
Eye Colour: Steel grey, framed by my signature glasses
Adornments – Piercings & Tattooed
Shoe Size – 8.5-9
Dress Size – 10-12/ 12DD bust

In session I willingly and thoroughly enjoy:

-Corporal Punishment (light-medium)
-Erotic Sessions
-Sensory Deprivation

* I do not allow any marks to be left on my body*

Hard Limits

-Intoxicated Guests
-Age Play/Adult Baby
-Brown Showers
-Roman Showers

*No Anal on me*


Email: [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter: @MsChaseyD