Sir James

Sir James is available 7 days a week by arrangement via [email protected].

Sometimes you just need someone who does what they want with you. Sometimes you need a Masculine Dominant who can put you in your place. Sometimes you need a force from whom there is no escape and no chance of resisting.


“I can’t tell you how freeing this experience with you has been. Even when my marks fade, it will be impossible to forget you.” – Jacqueline

“I can’t stop thinking about you, especially when I sit down.” – Rebecca

“I feel entirely safe and trust you completely, which is so important to me. You have again given me such a gift in our sessions.” – Joseph

You deserve the best, and that’s the sort of premier experience I am here to provide. Put your faith in me, submit to my Domination, and I will make you feel like there’s no one else in the world.

I am a massive, strong, rugged man and I use all that to my advantage to take you away from the real world and transport you somewhere safe. When you’re with me all you need to do is say Yes Sir. I want you to feel the strength in my hands, the pressure of my body and the heat of my sexual desire. You’ll leave knowing that I had you totally under my control and you’ll be all the more satisfied for it.

My preferences are always to engage people at close range. I love using my hands, as well as paddles, canes, crops, floggers… Anything that lets me feel a strong connection. I love to see people bound in rope and leather. Whatever I choose it is always for the same goal, to put you where I want you and see you experience something genuine.


BDSM First Steps:

Have you secretly wanted to experience BDSM but you’ve never felt ready? I love nothing more than to share that first experience with someone discovering the joys of Domination, Manhandling, Impact play and Bondage. If you want to make sure your first BDSM experience is the best it can possibly be then you should put yourself in my hands.

I will listen to your body and find what makes you happiest at your core.

Masculine Dominance and Manhandling:

You know what you want, and it’s very clear that the only thing that will satisfy you is a good dose of my heavy, unbreakable will pushing down on you. Your arms pinned above your head, pressed to the wall, hands on your throat, hips pushed against you, my scent in the air.

If this is the sort of fantasy that keeps you up, and you need a man who is uncompromising in his expression of his physical power then you should contact me today.

Heavy Impact Play:

Your love of pain and marking your body with beautiful bruises is a passion you can’t hide. I have all the toys we need and an arm that never gets tired. I will leave you, purple, striped, exhausted and fulfilled.

If you like impact play it would be my genuine pleasure to give you all you can handle.

Couples Coaching:

I have trained many couples in the subtle styles of BDSM and it’s the most rewarding thing in the world. Helping couples find the path to their best and happiest sexual desires is amazing. Having an experienced Dom guide your hands with in depth tutorials is very empowering for new Dominants. Best of all it allows exploration of complex ideas while keeping fantasies Safe Sane and Consensual.

If you’re a couple who would like to explore their relationship further then make sure to contact me today.

Other areas of interest:

Whilst the above areas of play are the most popular requested of me I also enjoy:

• Cuckolding
• Electrical play/Violet wands
• Cock and Ball Torture
• Edging and Orgasm Play
• Extended Spanking
• Leather Bondage
• Rope Bondage

If there’s something you didn’t see on this list then don’t be afraid to ask, my interests and experience are long and varied.


I am available 7 days a week but bookings are essential.
Call outs are a possibility depending on the state of enquiry so feel free to ask for more information.

Email me today to make your fantasy a reality.

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