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  • Fetish House Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven is always pushing boundaries, with a lust for life and sexual pleasures.

Enter her dark, erotic world to play out your fantasies. You will embrace your true self as Mistress Raven enters your psyche and you explore the world of BDSM together.

Come and play with me as we indulge your darkest fantasies together. Let me make you melt under my touch and squirm under my control. I will transport you to new plateaus of pleasure, the likes of which you could never possibly conjure and, whenever I deem fit, I will send you crashing back down to earth, a puddle of relief and thanks on the floor of my dungeon. You will give yourself to me and in turn I will intuit the depths of your depravity, my fingers carefully mapping out the path to your undoing. When I have you where I want you, completely helpless, gasping and begging for more, perhaps, if you’ve been good, I’ll let you meet my eye and offer you a coy smile. And in that moment you’ll know that it was all worth it.

I am a carnal seductress of the highest order; creative, compassionate and precise. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you enter my world of play, but be warned that you’re also at the total mercy of these hands too. I can be frighteningly sadistic if I deem it fit and if you offend me I will make certain that I revel in your misery. I also delight in unlocking my playful side, gently teasing you until you’re totally wrapped around my wicked little finger. My sessions are intense but very safe and once you open yourself and give your trust to me, the results will take your breath away. I get a thrill out of injecting intimacy into your suffering, offering a closeness and warmth that envelops your mind as well as your body.

​With porcelain skin, a slim figure and a perfect arse. While my beauty draws you in, my acerbic wit will hold you in check as we come to understand each other and I finally allow you to indulge in my one of a kind style of sexual domination. My sessions are catered just for you and I demand to get just as much satisfaction out of them as you do. If you can promise to be open and responsive then you will learn to embrace your true self as I enter your psyche and we explore the dark and thorny side of life together.


– I stand at 5’4″ (without heels)
– Size 8 to 10, B cup bust
– Mid twenties
– Black hair, pale skin
– Glowing green eyes
– Size 7 feet


– Adult baby
– Anal play
– Ball Busting
– Biting
– Bondage
– Boot worship
– Breath play
– Catheters
– Chastity
– Corporal punishment
– Couples
– Cross Dressing
– Crushing
– Cuckolding
– Directed everyday tasks
– Electrical play; Violet wand, TENS machine, E-Stim and plenty of attachments
– Enema play
– Erotic tease and sensual play
– Fantasies (human furniture etc)
– Financial domination
– Foot fetish
– Gender exploration – all bodies and all minds welcome
– Golden showers
– Human furniture
– Humiliation
– Latex vac bed
– Leather fetish
– Lock and leave
– Menstrual play
– Needle play
– Nipple torture
– Orgasm denial/play
– Orgasm play/ torture
– Pet play
– Selling used items
– Sensation play
– Sensory play/overload
– Session without domination (power play)
– Silent domination
– Sissification
– Smothering
– Sounding
– Spanking
– Spitting
– Sploshing (BYO food items)
– Tickling
– Tie and tease
– Trampling
– Wrestling (light erotic/competitive)


– Anal play
– Electrics
– Corporal Punishment (light to heavy)
– Sensory Deprivation

Hard Limits

– I do not perform roman showers
– I will not see you if you are intoxicated in any way


Lingerie (ask me for my size), sex toys and fetish gear.


If you wish to make a booking with me, I would appreciate if you read through our etiquette page.  Please also refer to the online roster to confirm my weekly shifts.


If you wish to email me personally you can do so at [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter: @MzRavenMercury


Hi Mistress Raven,

I just want to thank you once again for your awesome session today. You surpassed my expectations. Like you said to me it is hard to find people in your everyday life which can help satisfy your kinks. It has been awhile since i have experienced such a release as you provided for me today. I had forgotten how much i need that release, i have been relaxed all afternoon. I will definitely be back again.


“I’ve been seeing Mistress Raven regularly for awhile now and she has taken me from a nervous beginner who was ashamed to be an adult baby to being confident in my own skin and curious to try new things. Raven makes an excellent mummy she always makes me feel little and brings out my cheeky side. I absolutely love being sent to the naughty corner for misbehaving! Our last session together I was curious to try bondage corporal punishment and electrics. I think Raven could sense I was nervous about electrics so when it came to that part of our session she talked me through what was happening and how the machine worked which put my mind at ease. Raven is definitely a skilled mistress and mummy I would highly recommend seeing her if your a nervous beginner like I was.”
– M 8/18

Dear Mistress Raven,

My first session with you leaves me with only one regret. Why did it take me so long? To be in your beautiful, seductive presence. To enjoy such an erotic, amazing experience.

You were so responsive in every way to my request to try the latex vacbed for the first time and so bringing to life ” My slutty sex slave suctioned in a sack” session.

The vision of you entering the dungeon, all shiny and black in your figure hugging mini dress and stockings was absolutely stunning.

The sensuous way you stripped me of some of my lingerie prior to having me slide into the vacbed was so intimate. The scent of a woman is like nothing else.

You sensitively prepared me for the sensation of being ‘vacuum packed’. I tried to imagine what it would be like, however to be encased in translucent latex was sensational. I felt secure and relaxed. My sense of touch was highly elevated.   

I didn’t have to wait long before you began the most erotic play with your slave.

Your hands exploring, everywhere, polishing the latex as you went.  My bound cock and balls thankfully were teased in the most delicious way. A pause, then came the vibrator. Yum! I waited expectantly. Now the weight of your body. Lying on me . Sliding over me. Grinding against my cock and balls. More fingers- gripping my nipples. My moans must have nearly drowned out the sound of the vacuum.

Then the ‘Piece de resistance’. Facesitting. Barely enough air but who cares.  Mindblowing!

I almost lost track of time. Not sure I wanted it to end. Vacuum off I transitioned to lie on the towel you laid out on the floor.  You caringly made sure I had time to adjust. Then more sensational C&B and nipple play. Thank you for the privilege of shining your magnificent legs and body.  

Hedonistic Heaven!

Thank you so much Goddess Raven. Simply unforgetable.

Your devoted slave,


Mistress Raven

I want to thank you again for a great session. I gave you a little information on how I was feeling and what I thought I needed and you expanded it into an amazing session. You gave me just what I needed. The sheer joy that you showed while causing me intense pain just helped me ignore the pain and just revel in the experience.

It was clear to me that you were enjoying every minute of the session. I just fed off your feelings and just wanted you to do more and more. We had so much fun together.

I will see you again very soon.

Thanks again.

Thank you again so much for my session earlier today.  I was so nervous walking in as it was my first bdsm session but as the session went on I felt more and more at ease.

Everything we did was an absolute blast, though especially loved the foot and body worship, as well as being tied down and blindfolded and would love to take those activities further next time.  The corporal punishment was definitely the most challenging part of the session but I felt so happy and proud for making it all the way through.  I’ll definitely be coming back in the new year, and I can’t wait until then.



I saw Neve last night for two hours that I gave myself wholly to her and were two of the best hours of my life. She tested my limits in many ways and knew my limit just before I did.

It was a mind blowing experience, not to mention the physical satisfaction. My nipples are still recovering and tingling.



Dear Mistress Arcana and Mistress Neve
Just wanted to thank you for the mind blowing double session last night, I am still buzzing from the afterglow. Both of you looked devastatingly glamorous all decked out in tight leather and lipstick, sexy dark glasses and heels to die for. From the beginning I was trembling with intense desire under your sexy leather gloved hands, caressing one minute, then stinging from a swift slap across the face the next.
After being blindfolded and bundled into a car, I was overpowered and engulfed by the soft sensation of your skin and leather, the silky smoke of your cigarette smoke and the sweet touch and scent of your bright red lipstick. In such a confined intimate space I had no escape, no choice but to surrender to the intensity of your domination and I was rendered helpless…
A session that I will never forget…
Until next time,


Dear Apprentice Neve and Mistress Lauren

Just a note to say thanks for the wonderful time last Thursday at our session.

To have two such captivating mistresses shackle me and play with my wang was pure heaven. But heaven quickly turned into hell as the two playful temptresses before me turned into wicked snarling she- demons intent on torturing their hapless victim and keeping him alive so that his suffering would never end.

Mistress Lauren, you offered me respite from my torment for which I shall be forever grateful. Your beautiful bum cheeks descending on my face was breathtakingly awesome and left me calm and speechless; until the torture started all over again! But what will remain most memorable is your energy, humour and lovely playfulness.

Apprentice Neve, you had such a wicked, wicked grin as my cries and violent struggles on the torture table spurred you on to inflict pain on me . You were right, this was not a role play, my pain was real, my cries were real, my struggle to escape was real. Your pleasure was deliciously palpable. And your dancing on my chest like a delighted Pixie was a very lovely sight to see.




Hello Mistress Neve,

It was a great session with you mistress.

You are the perfect dominant mistress.

That golden shower into my mouth and i did not miss single drop of that, it was such a incredible one. Your hands are so powerful as i was slapped hardly and caning was one of the best.

Thank you so so much mistress.

I would like to do sessions with you again and again


Dear Goddess

On the spur of the moment, late this afternoon I thought I’d try booking you for a session.

I was fortunate that you were available.

I enjoyed every second of our session.

I found it to be intense, challenging & highly erotic.

You are so very very sexy!

Thank you, & looking forward to next time.

Cheers & thanks




Hello mistress neve,

It was a great session with you mistress.

You are the perfect dominant mistress.

That golden shower into my mouth and i did not miss single drop of that, it was such a incredible one. Your hands are so powerful as i was slapped hardly and caning was one of the best.

Thank you so so much mistress.

I would like to do sessions with you again and again


Hi Mistress Neve,

Just wanted to say a big Thankyou for our session last week. I was extremely nervous to come there because I had no idea if I even really fit into the world of kink or not but you made me feel welcome and relaxed as soon as I called you. I mentioned that I was there for the link of a soft foot fetish and not in a submissive way, and I also just briefly said that I liked body contact…the way you took these on board and gave me a session that fit what I was after so perfectly was unbelievable. You just gently pushed my boundaries but stayed well within my comfort zone, and in the end you were able to live out a fantasy I’ve had for the last 20 years with out a hint of disappointment.

The fact that you were one of the most gorgeous Ladies I’ve ever met was just a brilliant unexpected bonus

I will absolutely be back to see you and can’t wait for the opportunity.


Hi Mistress Neve

Just wanted to say thanks again for an absolutely wonderful session. You are a really cute, lovely, sexy woman and a magical domme; I really would love to belong to you in real life. The splashing and foot and leg worship was wonderful, you have gorgeous little feet and licking them clean was a joy, as was licking food from your lower back and your wonderful smelling armpits!

Thank you so much too for allowing me the great privilege of worshipping your body; you are a joy to worship and pleasing you gave me enormous pleasure. Last but far from least, thank you very much for the truly delicious golden nectar; I really appreciate your making the effort and I loved it; it’s wonderful to have taken something of you away inside me.

I’ll certainly come and see you again the next time I am in Melbourne, and I’ll be trying to get back there as soon as possible!

Best wishes until next time,


Hi Mistress,

I just wanted to say thank you for the session today. You were amazing. I loved the way you teased me and kept me on edge the whole time and getting to worship your armpits and feet was divine.

Your photo on the Fetish House site doesn’t do you justice by the way, you are far more beautiful in person.



P.S. After the teasing today, I think I’m developing a fetish for New Zealand accents