Are you curious about exploring your wild darker side but embarrassed or afraid to seek out a professional Mistress? Or perhaps you have already dabbled and have had a negative experience but still feel that quiet incessant urge to explore? We get so many inquiries from people who are new to BDSM or fetish. For further information as to what fetish, BDSM, kink, role-play and fantasy play are all about you will need to do some serious reading throughout this entire site. Start at our introduction page and work your way through.

Many people who are into fetishes often have no idea of the origins or even a reason as to why a fetish activity appeals to them. They spend a great deal of their lives believing that they are 'strange' or 'unusual' in some way because there is this one thing or series of things that strikes an erotic chord deep within them. Society does its damndest to try to ensure that each and everyone of us is a good little 'vanilla' boy or girl right from the instant we are born. As we grow older we become acutely aware of our 'non-vanilla' desires. You may feel that if you were to reveal your secret desire to your partner or your friends that you would be shunned by them.

For those who have had the courage to explore their secret desires - bravo! For those who have not yet done so - what are you waiting for? Your dark desires are not going to go away - they are an intrinsic part of you and should be embraced and understood so that you can achieve balance. If you don't feel you can share your secret with your partner we advise you to seek out a professional Dominant or submissive to assist in your journey.

It is of paramount importance that you understand that we only condone activities between adults which are safe, sane and mutually consensual.

In case the above sentence isn't already crystal clear we will explain further in detail - just to make sure that you absolutely get it! Any activity must be between persons over the age of 18 - the minimum legal requirement. As to what age a person should begin exploring their fetish side really depends on their own readiness and level of maturity. We will have no hesitation in reporting anyone to the relevant authorities we have suspicions of having any sexual involvement or potential sexual involvement with persons under 18 or with animals.

Next is safety. If the Mistress you are visiting works from a legal BDSM commercial venue you are already quite safe. Legal venues are subject to strict health standards both with the people who work there and the building itself. Also you can be confident in the fact that the Mistress you are seeing in one of these venues has the training to ensure the best possible safety measures are in place with regard to equipment being used, your health, her health and how far she can go with any given person in any number of different sessions. In the event that something should go awry she has the backup from other Mistresses who are ready to assist.

Now to sanity. BDSM, fetish and fantasy involve a great deal of mind games and can often be extremely mentally challenging for the submissive. The submissive is often vulnerable when they are in their special 'head space' and special care needs to be taken to ensure that they 'play' within their limitations both mentally as well as physically. Again as I have said in the previous paragraph a commercially trained Mistress has the training to recognise this and take you on a mind-blowing journey without pushing you over the edge. She'll push you to your limits but not past them!

Mutually consensual means that you both are in agreeance as to what is to occur and what is permitted within your session. We will not do anything that you do not want us to! This is perhaps the very issue that many first-timers and novices are most frightened of. Some mistakenly believe that once they submit themselves to a Mistress they are going to be thrashed to within inches of their poor naive little lives. This is just not true! A professional Mistress will listen to your fantasies and desires and attempt to make them a reality.

Rest assured that anything you have fantasised about is, most probably, what we do on a daily basis.

How to make a booking with a Mistress

Firstly check out our staff page and peruse the individual profiles of the staff at Fetish House. If one (or more) resonate with you go then to our staff roster to see when she/they are available. Then telephone us on 9544 8384 to either make a booking or speak with the Mistress in person (if you wish to discuss any component of your session, pricing quotes, or even if you just want to see if you 'gel' with her over the phone to give you a little bit more peace of mind. You may also email her but we prefer that you telephone. Please refer to all our rules on emailing Mistresses on our Bookings & Enquiries page.

What will happen when you come in

Once you have arrived (if by car you will drive straight into our internal carpark and park your car discreetly and safely) you simply walk to our front door and ring the doorbell.

Please note: We will always expect you to confirm on the day via telephone. We do not accept bookings or confirmations via email. We expect you to be on time and if you are unable to make it or you are going to be late telephone us as soon as possible to let us know. Otherwise if you are not here within 15 minutes of your booking time we will assume you are not coming and the MIstress will take another booking should the opportunity present itself.

Once you have rung the doorbell you will either be directed to push the door open and come in or you will be greeted at the door by our friendly Manager. They will show you to a waiting room and then notify the Mistress that you have arrived. Whilst in the waiting room we have a few rules: that you do not masturbate whilst waiting for the Mistress (don't laugh it happens!) and that you do not photograph or video images in our waiting rooms or the Mistresses themselves. If we suspect that you may be photographing or videoing without consent we will be very grumpy!

The Mistress will then greet you and discuss your requirements or fantasies and then offer suggestions of how she thinks she may assist you. She will also ask other questions about you so that she can get a good idea of exactly what will occur during the session and any relevant health questions that might also be in order - depending on what activities you have indicated you might like to explore. She may have additional fees that she charges for certain aspects of your session. You are not obligated to proceed with any activities that incur additional charges if you do not wish to. Just let the Mistress know you are happy to leave those activities out.

The Mistress usually allows 10 to 15 minutes for pre-session consultations. This is separate to your actual booking time. Your session doesn't actually start until you have showered and the Mistress walks in the room and formally initiates the session. If you require longer than this or have a big list of requirements that you wish to be filled or even a script, then she may choose to deduct this time from your actual session or charge additional fees.

Understand that the Mistress is not going to do anything that you don't want her to do. She will also negotiate a 'safe' word with you and, at any time, you can use this word to either halt or alter the session. Communication is always encouraged and the key to a successful and mind-blowing session.

She will then organise the payment details and then take you to a room from there. If you wish you can ask to have a look at the other rooms and if you prefer one room over another you can let her know.

Once in the room she will direct you to undress and then lock all your personal effects and clothing into a lockable box in the room. This is for your peace of mind as well as ours. A few naughty persons have, in the past, attempted to secretly video the session with the Mistress and thereby forced us to implement this policy to ensure that it can't happen again. If you wish to be modest and leave some clothing on - or even dress in something else altogether please advise her.

She will then direct you to shower in the actual room you will be sessioning in. Don't worry we have full heating and cooling facilities and enough hot water for everyone. If you have already recently showered and don't feel a shower is necessary please advise the Mistress. She may ask you to re-shower if she feels it is required.

Once the Mistress re-enters the room the session begins at this time (unless other arrangements have been made). Remember to always communicate and if something is not to your liking use your safe word.

After your session the Mistress will have a post-session discussion with you to determine what you liked about the session or anything that you didn't like and any ideas you might have for next time. You are not obligated to engage in a post-session discussion and if the Mistress senses that this is the case she will not pressure you. Some of our clients just like to escape as fast as they can after a session without any discussion and this is fine by us - as long as you are happy to do so.

You will then be shown to the door by the Mistress you saw - hopefully a very happy, satisfied and much more relaxed human being.

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