We are adding two new services to Fetish House's vast repertoire!

Glory hole

In the front foyer we now have the voyeur box for Glory Hole services.

Price: $90 per 10-15mins - giving or receiving. You do not get to choose the service provider but we will allow requests for particular anatomy or a particular gender.

This does not include Mistress/Dom Interaction. If you wish this then this can be negotiated on top of the fee - ie if you want someone directing or encouraging you.

Deluxe lock and leave

Similar to the basic lock and leave but allowing for more complex bondage, or the use of electrics etc. This is priced at $200 per hour.

You will not get to choose a SP for this, but are however able to preference male/female.

**Please note that safer sex practices are used. This means that anyone receiving oral will be using a condom/dental dam. If you are unsure what a dental dam is please ask one of our friendly managers to explain this to you.

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