We are thrilled to introduce our 3 New Apprentices. Mistress Ada, Mistress Rose and Mistress Marie.

Apprentice Mistress Ada

'I’m your Amazonian wet dream and will have you at my feet or wherever else I wish you to be. I’m a nationally competitive bodybuilder and I am always in phenomenal shape. Femdom literally is my life. I live it breathe it 24/7 and if you’re fortunate enough to session with me I’ll have you hooked.'
Email: [email protected]


Apprentice Mistress Rose

Rose: 'I’m Mistress Rose, your quintessential English Mistress who oozes class and sophistication from every inch of her very tall, toned and, quite frankly, perfect size 10 body. I’m articulate, educated, and energetic, with a desire for an emotive connection with others. I have a genuine fascination with the world that kink and BDSM has to offer, which to me is about adrenaline, passion, excitement and creativity all rolled into one. I will use these elements to create a truly unique experience that will challenge you and leave you blissfully satisfied.'
Email: [email protected]


Apprentice Mistress Marie

Marie: 'I may be an apprentice, but I have a passion for domination well beyond my years... A sensual Aphrodite incarnate; a fetishist and rubber lover’s dream. I’ll enjoy getting into the depths of your mind and lingering long after our time together.'
Email: [email protected]


Check our roster for their availability and contact them or Fetish House ([email protected]) if you're interested in a session or being a training sub... or both!

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